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3/ 5

Creator: Mat Bush
Type: Cloud Software


Super easy to use, lots of templates, easy to customize video


Not good if you need a very specific script

Today I’m taking a look at a new software called EZ Review Videos   Actually I just lied to you (sorry about that). EZ Review Videos is not really a new software. In fact its essentially the same thing as the EZ Spokesperson software  I reviewed last December (click here to read about it). In […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I’m taking a look at a new software called EZ Review Videos


Actually I just lied to you (sorry about that). EZ Review Videos is not really a new software. In fact its essentially the same thing as the EZ Spokesperson software  I reviewed last December (click here to read about it). In fact its the same site, the same members area, essentially the same functionality the same well just about everything from a software perspective. I realized this as soon as I got my review access. When I went to the site, my browser had already auto filled in the log in page that where saved from when I reviewed EZ Spokesperson. When I went to the my videos section I saw my old tests. It was quite clear that this was basically the same thing.

However there is one major difference, which I will point out in a second, before I do though I want to make something very clear. Even if this was exactly the same software I would NOT think its a bad thing. Its a good software and relaunching or continuing to sell a platform is not a bad thing.  Of course if the platform has no changes you need to make it clear to the existing users so they dont buy something they already have, but that is not the case with EZ Review Videos. There is a big change:

While the software and its functionality are essentially the same, the big difference is the templates. EZ Review Videos has all new templates. This might not sound like the big change I said it was but you need to consider that in a system like this what you are buying is actually the templates. The software is really just an add on, a way to edit them. But its the templates that are where the real value and time savings comes from. EZ Review Videos comes  with 80 new templates on the FE (front end) purchase with an upgrade option to buy even more.

Its also very important to mention that this is an add on, not a replacement. Though the software itself originally launched under a different name with different templates the origional customers still have what they paid for. No one was left out in the cold.

So what exactly is EZ Review Videos anyway? Well if you read my EZ Spokesperson review (here) you already know all about it. But for those who have not or do not want to let me give you a quick over view:

EZ Review Videos is a template based video creation software. You start by selecting a template (many of which feature Todd Gross which is cool because you can capitalize on his reputation) and then make changes to the template such as add your own custom background, add your own lower third text or graphic, add one of the provided  (or your own) audio track, and add in any additional videos or graphics that you would like to be a part of the final rendered video. Here is a test video I made just about 2 hours before I started writing this review:

The upside to a system like this is that you can quickly create high quality, branded videos that feature a professional presenter. The downside is that you can’t get the exact script that you want in your video.

But why not just get a video made from someone on Fiverr? There are plenty of people doing stand up video gigs on Fiverr and if you use them you also get the advantage of having your script be very specific to your product or service. A

Well there are two issues with this. The first is time. Most of the gigs on Fiverr, by the decent vendors at least, have wait times of a week or more. So if you need a video now your out of luck. Unless of course you pay for an expensive gig extra (the ones I came across ranged from $25-$50 for a speedy delivery). Gig extras in general are another big issue. A long time ago things actually cost $5 on Fiverr. But these days $5 is more like the ‘entry fee’. Just about everything is an extra now. So if you want background audio, well that’s an extra $10. Want a custom background, thats’ an extra $15. Before you know it, to get a video like you can make with EZ Review Videos, you will have spent a lot more than $5. More like $35 in fact, and you have to wait a week to get it (unless you pay even more). What this means is that for just the price of one Fiverr gig you could have bought the entire EZ Review Video platform.

When I tested this software under its original name with its original templates I liked it. Given that EZ Review Videos is essentially an  add on that gives you more of something I liked I of course like EZ Review Videos as well.  One thing I keep trying to get people to understand is that software is a tool, and a good tool saves you time, money, or just in general makes your life easier. EZ Review Videos can do all three. Now of course if you absolutely must have a video with a custom script than this is not going to work for you. However if your ok with selecting from a wide variety of premade videos made by a well know and professional presenter that allow customization of the visuals than this is going to be a very solid investment that is well worth considering.







BONUS: Matt and Todd have allowed me to give the following very cool bonuses away to anyone who picks up EZ Review Videos though my link:


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    Nice review. Thanks. Did you happen to notice whether there any templates with actors with British accents?

    Roy Fielding

    Thanks for being so honest as always Brett.. Looks like Todd did it again… Great for folks that want nice video lead ins but have no clue how to make them or all the technical hassles of doing themselves even if they are an advanced marketer…


    Is there a Dentist Review template?

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