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Great time saver for Facebook fan page users


Some GUI issues, does not work with groups

Today I’m doing a review of a new cloud based Facebook tool called Reach Multiply.   So what exactly is Reach Multiply? We to put it simply it is a tool that is designed to make it much easier to find and post relevant content to your Facebook fan pages. Now while I personally prefer […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I’m doing a review of a new cloud based Facebook tool called Reach Multiply.


So what exactly is Reach Multiply? We to put it simply it is a tool that is designed to make it much easier to find and post relevant content to your Facebook fan pages.

Now while I personally prefer Facebook groups over fan pages I know quite a few people who are using Facebook fan pages  and a while back I reviewed  a product that convinced me that fan pages are still viable for marketing, especially marketing that is outside of the IM / MMO niche. The problem with fan pages though is that you need to post to it very regularly in order to build up a following. This can require a lot of time it can also be an inconvenience.  First of all you have to search the internet to find relevant thing worth posting. Then you have to remember to post them each day (or even more often).

At the start of this review I said Reach Multiply is a ‘new tool’ and that is exactly what it is, its a tool designed to make your life easier by solving the time / content problem that all fan page owners will have sooner or later. It allows you to find content for your pages very easily and then to queue them into a campaign that will automatically be posted to your page at regular intervals.

Using Reach Multiply is quite easy. To start you need to click a button to approve the Reach Multiply app (make sure you approve all the permissions). The software will then pull in all of the fan pages that you own or are an admin of. You can then click the ‘campaigns’ button to see a list of all your current campaigns (sorted by fan page) or create a new one.

Creating a new campaign is fairly easy but there where some bugs in the user interface and some things that honestly did not make any sense at all to me.


First let me cover the things that I thought did not make sense.

In order to create a campaign you need to enter a campaign name. This is normal. However you also have to enter in a description of the campaign. This to me seems redundant. There is no where else that I could see where the campaign description is used. Also the sensible thing to do is enter in a descriptive name. Honestly I can’t see any valid reason why the system would require people to enter in a description of what each campaign is for. Now to be fair, this is not a huge issue, its just a silly annoyance that did not have to exist.

The second thing is more of a problem (to me at least). Reach Multiply can find and auto post all kinds of content such as images, videos, links etc. However when you create your campaign you must select just one kind of content for that entire campaign. You can not have a campaign that is a mixture of images and videos for example. Instead you have to create multiple campaigns for each content type that you want to auto post. Honestly I cant see any valid reason for that. Its also annoying because it makes the user have to do more work to set up what really amounts to a single campaign (its just multiple for each content type). Further this is not explained well in the tutorials. (Side note about the tutorials, make sure you watch them, or else you might get confused, I did a couple of times until I watched them).

Finally you can see that there is a ‘start time’ and an ‘end time’ for your campaign. This makes perfect sense because you need to tell the system when it should start making posts for you. However the end time actually makes no sense when you think about it. Let me explain. Lets say I create a campaign and set a start time, then I set a end time for 30 days after the start time. Ok fine so my campaign will run for 30 days right? Well what if I only put 10 pieces of content into the campaign? Well in that case it will end in 10 days. So really the end time is pointless, because the end time is really determined by the amount of content that I put into the campaigns queue. There is no need for that option at all.

Now for the bugs:

You might have also noticed that when setting up a campaign you select the time that posts from this campaign are made. However not only does the system not tell you what format the time should be entered in it also lets you enter in text that has nothing to do with a time. In fact in one of my tests I entered in “this_should_be_a_time_picker” and it saved that as a valid setting. Pretty lame actually. This really should be a time picker, or at the very least should have basic sanitization that prevents you from entering in invalid characters. I mentioned this to the vendors who said they would correct it. However at the time of this writing it has not been done.

The second actual bug I found has to do with when finding videos to add to your campaign. When searching for videos you have several options for content source. You also need to select the fan page and the campaign you wish to add the videos you find to.

The bug I found however happens if you try to run a search query without actually selecting a campaign first. If you do the software just returns you to the home page. There is no error, no warning, no message or indication at all of what you did wrong. In fact in my first few tests I actually thought the search functionality did not work because of this and my original notes on this software had that listed. After further testing I realized that the bug is that I was doing something wrong, but the software was not telling me what it was. It would have been super simple to use JavaScript when the search button is pressed to see if a campaign has been selected and if not show an alert box saying that one must be chosen first. However instead it does something much more aggressive which is take you back to the site home page without so much as an explanation as to what happened. Not to use friendly are we?

Now you might be thinking at this point that I don’t like this software. Well you would be partially correct. There are things I for sure do not like about it. Things that are not the end of the world major things, but things that are just silly and could have been done better. The system and especially the interface / flow of the software can for sure be refined and done better.

However at its core it does work as described. It allows you to quickly and easily find content for your fan page, queue it up and in essence put your page posting on autopilot. This is going to be a huge time saver for anyone with a fan page. Also to be fair to Cyril this is a SaaS (software as a service) so it is something that is easy to update and improve on based on user feedback (yours and my own). Further I happen to know that Cyril is a very hard worker and is open to feedback and has no issues with doing ongoing improvements on his systems.

While I definitely think the interface for Reach Multiply does need to be refined a bit, given that it works well at its core, that it allows you to quickly and easily find all kinds of relevant content for your fan pages and have them post automatically, I think it is worth considering if you have (or intend to have) a fan page. That it will save anyone using a fan page a lot of time and a lot of effort, I’m going to say that this is something worth considering. The price is quite low, it is not a monthly price like most competing systems, and frankly the time you save with this software is likely going to be well worth the investment.


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    You mentioned about not being able to have different items i.e. videos, images, text all in one campaign. That functionality is included in the OTO which is a tad expensive.


    BTW, I didn’t see where any of these items being posted had a link back to a site one might have as a traffic driver or did I just miss the fact that it does.


      No you missed the point of these posts, and frankly the proper way to do Facebook marketing with fan pages. One out of very 8-10 posts you make should be the promotional posts. You make them manually. This is for posting the multitude that are just for content etc.


    Will I need to click in every post individually or with one keyword I can generate many posts?

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