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Tonight Im taking a look at a new cloud based system called DFY Chief First check out the demo below, then continue reading to learn what I think about DFY Chief   The whole concept of DFY Chief is to allow people to sell websites to local business owners. This is a valid concept. By […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Tonight Im taking a look at a new cloud based system called DFY Chief

First check out the demo below, then continue reading to learn what I think about DFY Chief


The whole concept of DFY Chief is to allow people to sell websites to local business owners. This is a valid concept. By now we should all know that things like ‘yellow pages’ or other phone directories are about as dead as dead can be. Very few people use them anymore. When someone needs to find a local professional what do they do? They head over to Google and do a quick search. In fact I recently needed to find a oral surgeon to finally get a painful wisdom tooth taken care of and what did I do, you guessed it, I searched online.

Ok so we know that every local business needs a website.  Also to be honest, most of them know it as well, they just have other things to worry about, things like, you know, running their business. That actually brings up an important point to make note of when doing sites for local business. Your not targeting large business’s. In fact your not even targeting medium sized ones. Your targeting the owner operator business. The plumbers, the electricians, the dentists, chiropractors, message therapists, small car dealers, appliance repair person, florist, small caterer, basically any business providing a profitable professional service that is largely owner operated. There are three reasons these are the ideal target market, a) they have money to spend b) they are services people search online for c)  being owner operated they don’t have time do things themselves but are not large enough to hire a high end firm.

Now offline / local marketing is nothing new and lots of local businesses already have a website. However, assuming you dont live in the US mid west, in a one street town, there are still plenty of potential customers to be had, and if you do things the right way you can not only make up front money, you can also make ongoing income. Let me explain:

When I first head about DFY Chief my first honest first thought was “Well why don’t people just create sites for clients using WordPress and a $30 theme?”. However after a bit of thought I realized that this might not be so easy for a lot of people.

First of all you will have to buy a lot of themes up front or at the very least spend a long time (think days) searching through thousands of free themes to find several decent ones that are good enough to add to a portfolio (you need a portfolio or else you have nothing to show a potential client pre sale) Second of all the chances that a client is going to want a website that exactly matches a theme you have are almost zero. They are going to want customization. For anyone who does not know, customizing a WordPress theme can be tricky (to say the least), I’m a software developer and I avoid doing it whenever I can because its just a pain. Finally your going to need your own hosting, and if you have several clients your going to need either hosting for each of them, or your going to need at least a mid level hosting plan.

DFY Chief solves all of those problems. It gives you ready made templates (lots of them in different niches), it gives you the ability to edit them easily, it even gives you hosting. In short it has everything you need to get started with your business.

Most everyone who knows anything about me knows that I am a software developer, and that I use to work as a freelance programmer for several years before starting my own full time IM business. However what most people do not know is that when I was learning to code my intent was to work for local business, building websites for them. In fact I’ll share my general business plan with you:

I realized that a website can bring local businesses customers and that this has a lot of value. So of course local businesses need a website (this get more true every year as tech savy youth grow up and become adult consumers) . I also realized that a website brings a local business ongoing value. They can continue to get customers from it over and over. So my plan was not to charge them $1000, or $2000 to make a website for them. I did not like that idea because a) the more you charge for something the harder it is to sell and b) I would be giving them something that brings ongoing value for a one time payment. Because of this my plan was to charge a low initial ‘setup fee’ and then an ongoing monthly fee. This way I could get a little upfront cash initially to cover my time building their site and I could get ongoing payments every month from each client (which could end up being a lot of money after I built up my client base).

Obviously I ended up not following  though with this plan. I ended up getting really into things like database work, logic programing, and bug fixing, which made me an ideal person to become a freelance programmer (and them move on to developing my own online software) but that does not mean my initial plan was a bad one. I have no doubt that every local business should have a website, I have no doubt that providing this service to them is a solid business model. With DFY Chief you can get everything you need to jump into this business and because of that its easy to mark this one as:







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Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.


    Aleksandr Ivanchin

    cool review and generous bonus =)
    I am in

    Bruce Baker

    Hi Brett

    I saw this. Nice concept. And your idea of small upfront setup fee, plus ongoing hosting (or whatever) is a great one.

    What I wondered as soon as I saw “hosted in cloud” (or on a platform) was “what about SEO?” Local businesses especially have a whole set of SEO boxes to check. I’ve heard that sites on Wix, for example, are basically unable to do much SEO.

    So…what do you figure for DFY Chief? I wouldn’t want to sell local businesses a site that has little chance of showing up well in search (or being able to try to tune for that).

    I may still grab it. (But I’m a several times past customer of yours, including Profit Canvas WL.)

    Thanks. And…Enjoy!



    Is this part of Divi from Elegant themes? The builder is the same and we are directed to learn from the Divi tutorials. Can someone please explain the connection to Divi?

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    Peculiar article, just what I was looking for.

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