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Creator: Vivek Narayan
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Decent concept


Much better products already exist

Today Im doing a review of a new desktop software called Commission Jacker I made a detailed review video of this software, but when I went to edit it, the audio was all messed up. It seems there is something wrong with my microphone. Because of this I’ll have to do a text only review […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today Im doing a review of a new desktop software called Commission Jacker

I made a detailed review video of this software, but when I went to edit it, the audio was all messed up. It seems there is something wrong with my microphone. Because of this I’ll have to do a text only review on this one. Ah well, no use crying over it I guess, so lets just jump right into it.

To start off I want to show you a bit of the sales page for Commission Jacker that makes some very bold claims.


So in essence they are saying that without any of the basic tools required to make money online, you can start using this software and earn up to $1657.32 a day. This is a particularly bold claim for me to hear because I’m pretty well established at this point and I don’t yet earn this much a day (while I gross over $2000 a day , my daily profit is under $1657 per day).

So what exactly is Commission Jacker? Well even though the vendors call it a “revolutionary new marketing software tool that instantly brings high-target, ready-to-buy customers directly to your offers” the sad truth is that this claim is total nonsense. Commission Jacker is nothing new at all. There are many products that do basically what this does. Only Commission Jacker manages to find a less professional way of doing it.

So what is the basic concept? The basic idea is to pull in a authority site to your webpage, and then put your affiliate link popup or optin form over this pulled in page. The idea being that visitors will see the authority site, this will earn their trust, and make them more likely to optin or click your affiliate link. Basically you are ‘jacking’ a authority sites credibility.

When testing this software right away I noticed a couple of things that are worth noting.

First of all the software does not actually come with an installer. It was provided to me as a zip file. When I unzipped, there was a short PDF manual (which I did not need), the executable file, and the program support files. Clicking the executable just ran the program, there was no installer and because of this I had to manually create a desktop short cut for it. Not terrible not what I would expect from a professional level software.

Once I had Commission Jacker running I quickly noticed a few other things.


First off there is no tutorials, help or support contact built into the software. Sure it came with a PDF manual in the zip file I was given but that is not enough. In my mind there is no reason not to have support / tutorials built into the software. At the very least there should be a link to a web page that has tutorial videos and a link to a place to contact support. This has nothing.

Also I noticed some strange words: “Created with Software Product Magic”. These words where clickable so I clicked them, and I was taken to a page for a product that is designed to allow non developers make software. Now I will admit I’m a bit bias because I’m a developer personally, but to me this is just really lame. I dont believe that a top quality, professional level software product that matches what can be produced by a skilled developer can be made with some kind of ‘insta-software builder’. Also I have never even seen any other vendors take approach. If you want to make software and sell software, hire a skilled developer.  Taking such a shortcut as using some kind of instant software creation software is all but going to ensure that your final product is low quality and its going to make you look unprofessional as well.

However moving forward I went about testing this product. Its basically a fill in the blanks system where you enter the requested setting and them move on to the next step. The first step is shown in the image above, it asks you to enter your authority site. This is the site who’s reputation you want to jack. Since I’m in the IM niche I chose Digital Marketer as my authority site.

Following that you enter your page title, this is the title of the web page that this software will create (Ill explain that in more detail shortly)

It then asks you what kind of pop up you want to have. There are two choices, on exit, and time delayed. Since I chose time delayed I was also asked how long of a delay I want. This is also where I noticed the first aspect of this software’s low quality.1

For this setting I’m suppose to enter a integer value, a whole number, which is the number of seconds I want to wait before my delayed pop up shows. However it allowed me to enter text and even worse it allowed me to move on to the next step and saved this incorrect data. What we have here is a lack of sanitation. In software development sanitation, among other things, means making sure the correct kind of data as is expected is entered. It’s a very basic concept of programming. However Commission Jacker totally leaves it out in this step.

The next step asked me for something that kind of confused me for a second.


I was not quite sure what “enter the URL to the page you want to pop up” was suppose to mean. But then I realized whats going on here. As I said the basic concept of software like this is to pull authority sites into your domain and then put an optin form and pop up with an affiliate offer etc over those authority sites in order to jack their reputation. Now in almost every other product I have seen of this type there was some kind of way to build these pop ups. Either you can enter your own HTML code, or it had a pop up builder (often with templates)  or there is a form builder with autoresponder integration. However Commission Jacker has none of this at all.

What Commission Jacker does is simply IFRAME in some other domain and use that as the content for the pop up. What this means is if you want a cool pop up or an optin form, you have to build it with some other tool, have it hosted somewhere, and then you IFRAME it into Commission Jacker.

Well my first thought was I thought you did not need a website? How are you going to IFRAME in your optin form or pop up if you dont have a website? But really for that matter how are you going to use this at all without a website? Besides that thought I was really insulted at how generic the pop up integration is. Every other product of this type that I have tested had some kind of way to build your pop up / optin form or clickable link that you put over your jacked pages. But Commission Jacker chose to not only provide no functionality for this of any kind, it chose to use the most basic, low tech integration programmatically possible. The IFRAME.

For my test I put in a link to one of my squeeze pages that I use for list building.

The next two steps where entering how wide and how tall I wanted my pop up to be. The default settings where 800X500px and of course there once again was a total lack of sanitation in these inputs.

The final setting was asking me to enter the URL of a graphic from the authority page I was jacking.They explain this is for social sharing, so that the graphic will show as part of the share post.


Getting the URL of a link is easy enough. Just right click on any image in your browser and select view image info, or open image in new tab (depending on your browser)

After entering all the settings you can then output your work. The software will ask you to select a directory on your computer to output to and will create a HTML file and a few supporting files.


You can then use FTP to upload these files to your website (but I thought you don’t need a website) and begin sending traffic to the URL you upload them to. To complete my test I uploaded to a sub directory on by blog. This is the result.


While it did indeed load my authority site (in an IFRAME just like the pop up content) and the pop up did trigger as it was suppose to there where several problems.

First is the issue with the extra spacing around my optin form. This is caused by the fact that my optin form is IFRAME’d into the pop up and the pop up is not the proper size to best display it. Now I could go back and forth, through trial end error, and change the sizing settings in the software, export the HTML, and FTP over and over until I get it sized correctly, but honestly that would be a real pain and I just don’t want to do it.

The second problem is again caused by the fact that the pop up uses an IFRAME and that is the scroll bars. These are super ugly and generic looking, like a throw back from 1998. Its very easy to add CSS to an IFRAME so there are no scroll bars, but they didn’t. Why? I cant think of a reason why.

Finally a third problem that you cant see is the caused by the video in my optin form. Its set to auto play. What this means is that you can hear the video playing in the background even before the pop up displays. A competent developer could easily solve this by having the IFRAME load on the fly just as the pop up shows. But once again they did not do this. Perhaps because this was created with some insta build it software maker tool and not a competent developer?

At this point I’m sure there is no doubt what I think about Commission Jacker. Sure it’s not a new concept,  however there is nothing bad about reviving an old concept, provide its solid and you can do it better than existing products. However Commission Jacker not only does it worse, it does it in a very generic way that borderlines amateur level.

In fact that’s the word that I feel best describes this software. ‘Amateur’.  This is not a professional level software and certainly not something that should cost the $67 they are asking for it. Frankly I would not give this thing away for free if I owned it because I would not want people to think that this is the kind of software I produce.

Honestly this kind of product launch gets under my skin. A poor quality software that is backed with an over hyped sales page that not only misleads the potential buyer but in many ways is downright deceptive. Its launches like these that give the IM business and particularly the IM software business a bad name. People like this degrade my profession and my niche and bring little benefit to anyone. They even hurt themselves as they are not going to build up a good reputation with bad over hyped products.

Commission Jacker does have two distinctions though. Its the first product I have reviewed in 2016 and it is also the first one that got marked:








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UPDATE: Recently I changed my review after watching a video by Andy Brocklehurst. In it he points out that I should not have said that I 100% guarantee that no top shelf product can be made with an instant software builder system. I agree, that was to strong, since no one can 100% guarantee anything.  Because of this I changed the review to say “I don’t believe” instead of “I 100% guarantee”.  I changed the review because even though he chose not to contact me directly with his concern, I have the professionalism to admit when I am wrong, and in this review, that statement was to strong and I should not have made it.







 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    This is not new Brett. Since early last year and even around thanksgiving they’ve been trying to sell that crap.


      Oh I did not know that, I had not heard about it until the vendors hit me up on Facebook for a review about a week ago, what a real shame, they had time to make it better 🙁


    I think many of your points are justified but you do say this
    ‘I can 100% guarantee you that there are no top quality, professional level software products that are made with some kind of ‘insta-software builder’. Also I have never even seen any other vendors take approach. If you want to make software and sell software, hire a skilled developer.’

    I think I should in fact point out that the revenue of products built with Software Product Magic and other similar tools is probably now in excess of $1m and in fact I’m aware of one person that is in the top 1% as a vendor on Warrior+, has 15 Deals of the day, and 42,303 over 65 products. Of those a large percentage were made with Software Product Magic and other similar tools.

    Several of these have in excess of 500 sales, and at least 4 in excess of 1000 sales


      Most software vendors would consider 500 sales to be a total failure and 1000 sales to be mediocre results. Also the number of sales has nothing to do with the quality or level of professionalism of a software (as people often learn after buying a hyped software). Still I really appreciate your insight and your point of view. I guess it depends on how you decide if something is ‘top quality’ and ‘professional level’.



        Personally I don’t think the revenue that this vendor has generated with using these tools of $250k+ should be dismissed. My point is software does sell and has a higher perceived value than ebooks, or video training on their own. You don’t have to hire a developer to achieve this and indeed if you combined this with some of your own software development it could be another way of delivering a product with a Windows Desktop App and solve some of the challenges that product vendors can have with product delivery and support. I’m not disagreeing with your review of the specific software you are referring to just that ‘there are no top quality, professional level software products that are made with some kind of ‘insta-software builder’’


          Well I personally think their revenue claims should be dismissed given the fact that they outright lie in other parts of the sales copy. Here is a tip, just because someone says something, does not mean its true, and these guys hurt their credibility quickly with their sales material. Again as I said, what you consider ‘professional quality’ and what I consider ‘professional quality’ might be two different things. Different people have different quality standards.


            I don’t think Jonathan was referring to the vendor who is the subject of this review, but to David Cisneros whome he referred to in his comment.

          Ray The Video Guy

          Microsoft made $Billions selling Windows7… yet it was considered a complete piece of garbage.

          Personally, I am tired of the really crappy looking stuff that many of these guys are putting out using these software builders.

          Brett is right. In most cases, they are junk.

    Ken Reno

    Thank you for the detailed review Brett!

    One of the main problems with ALL of these ‘jacker’ tools, is the claim that it will bring you thousands of laser targeted visitors to your offers.

    In reality, you have to send the traffic yourself. You’re not getting traffic ‘from’ MSN, or any other site you use this tactic with. Not a single visitor.

    Keep up the good work!

    Tony Brayley

    Hey Brett, hope you had a good Christmas and New Year’s Eve. I own a copy of Software Product Magic. I haven’t used it. Actually, I’m in the midst of returning it. Once I figured out what it’s capable of doing, or not doing, I was disappointed.

    Having said that, kudos to you for your honesty. A rare quality in the IM world.

    Cheers, and wishing you much peace and prosperity in 2016!

    Tony Brayley.

    Barry McCoy

    What a lame way for a “developer” to get a product out. This product is just a quick money grab…that actually hurts all of us on IM. I have seen a lot of “products” launched that are obviously made by crappy developers or as you mentioned – instant product creation sites.


    Thanks for the honest review….


    thanks for saving my money…..


    thanks for the honest review


    What I know about SPM is it’s supposed to be kind of like the multi-media authoring systems from the early days of Windows before the Internet had really taken hold. I’m amazed someone tried to write a WordPress plug-in with it.


    I had fun reading this… lol

    Darryl Bufford

    Thanks for taking the time to review this….

    Gary Stenzel

    I’ve had bad experiences with Viveks’ products in the past. He does have some good ones, but generally not. He’s been on my “Do Not Buy From” list for quite a while now.
    Great review, Thanks!


    Another marketer put out a warning about Vivek Narayan and his very poor products a while back so I now avoid anything he offers.

    I find it pretty amazing that they asked you – The Much Appreciated, Most Honest Reviewer – to check it out. What were they expecting you’d say? 🙂

    Oh, I shared your Facebook post in an effort to warn as many as possible about the ‘quality’ of their product .

    Thanks Brett, for being our ‘Go To Guy’. What would we do without you?


    Hey Brett, great review. Thanks for the link to the Jack Jacker, I notice that it works with a banner top, is there anyway of integrating a sign up form? Or have you had greater effect with click throughs from the header? Look forward to hearing from yuo.


    Hello Brett
    Thanks a lot for your great neutral review. There is another launch similar to this product called “Viral Traffic Hack”. What do you think about this product? Is Jack Jacker still the only one which works?
    Thanks a lot.
    Best Regards
    Peter Huber

    Robin Carlisle

    As a tech writer who wrote user guides for Scientific Games (90% of the world’s lotteries) and American Honda’s power tools division, I think it’s pretty clear that Software Product Magic had nothing to do with this promoter’s shakey product and somewhat shady promotion of it.

    Clearly, he didn’t follow Andy Brocklehurst’s easy instructions for creating easy to use wizard type products such as Commission Jacker. The seller didn’t even put out the little extra money to buy the “brand-free” edition of this simple software maker! I mean… how unprofessional is THAT??? Really tacky!

    And poor Andy Brocklehurst gets the blame? I don’t think so. Software Product Magic is an appropriate means to deliver certain kinds of information and simple-to-generate web pages, plugins, etc. It is an ingenious delivery system that helps build lists for those smart enough to use it… correctly.

    Obviously, this “developer” did not read the instructions… did not test his own software… did not follow any kind of system for making sure ONLY one type of input could be entered in each box… and generally demonstrated to you and everyone else his total lack of professionalism… as well as lack of ethics in falsely promoting it. On that issue, I think we all can agree here without a doubt.

    But I would never go so far as to blame Andy Brocklehurst or his Software Product Magic in any way for this. It’s just a tool… and actually a pretty good one when used as intended. In the hands of idiots, however, any tool can be used to create a half-finished royal mess. And that’s what happened here.

    In the hands of folks like David Cisneros and others, who really try and succeed in using it to deliver useful info, training, etc. to their targeted niche, it’s truly been priceless. So much so that SPM is directly responsible for putting Dave in the Top 10 list of best product producers on the Warrior Forum this year. (I just voted; yall should, too).

    As an editor, I cringe when I read shoddy copy that makes a vendor appear totally indifferent to professionalism, so I know it makes you cringe to see crappy software like this… especially when the over-the-top promotion will no doubt make this guy lots of undeserved money. But I would never blame the WordPress theme creator for the seller’s unprofessionalism… nor blame Andy for the unfortunate use of his really useful simple software maker.

    The funny and very ironic thing about your review is… of ALL the internet marketers online and of ALL the software developers online… it is YOU TWO… you AND Andy… that most of us rely on for BLATANT HONESTY and sometimes BRUTAL OPINIONS on the never-ending onslaught of products that get crammed down all our throats… daily!

    BOTH of you are brutally honest about what your own products can and cannot do and BOTH of you tend to make products that help the rest of us produce things we could NEVER produce and/or deliver without the aid and help of your products.

    In sum, you two guys are two honest peas in a pod… a rare and royal online Committee of Two… and I can’t imagine NOT listening to and reading you both BEFORE making a purchase online. So sorry that seller was so cheap he failed to buy an unbranded copy of Andy’s software. But that’s definitely NOT Andy’s fault. 🙂

      Mel Bel

      Yes, I agree with you as well, Robin. Although, I wouldn’t say Brett was “blaming” Andy – just instant software makers in general.

      I have to say, though, that I’ve seen some really crappy software created by developers as well. I would agree with Robin that SPM is a tool – just like any developer uses tools and code snippets, etc..,to get things done easier and faster. Put the tools in the right hands, you get a good result; put it in the wrong hands, you get a bad result.

      This product was created by someone who didn’t take the time to use SPM correctly. SPM DOES have “sanitation” features. As Robin pointed out also, Commission Jacker was made with an unbranded version of SPM, which has less features than Andy’s excellent Enterprise version.

      Quality for me means this – the software works to fulfill the expected outcome of it as advertised. Commission Jacker does not. But neither does Video Jacker, which was created by a developer and was crazy buggy.

      The fact is SPM DOES create good software – maybe not complex software, but Andy has always said its intention was to create “simple software”.

      SPM is a “recipe” (tags) based software.

      You can take any text-based script, replace text elements with tags, load the tags in SPM, and from that create a piece of software that allows users to provide information that changes those tags of the script. Then the software outputs a copy of the script with the user’s customization changes.

      That’s the gist of what SPM does, and it does it PERFECTLY. If your script sucks, the output from SPM is going to suck too. If you’ve got a good script, your output result from SPM is going to be good too. It’s a tool, period, and a great one for its intended use.

      Some sellers have tried to make SPM do things that takes much more sophisticated development to do properly. And such is the case with Commission Jacker, as you pointed out in this review.

      Good review of this product, Brett, and a good discussion as well. 🙂

        Mel Bel

        I meant to write that Commission Jacker was made with a “branded” version of SPM, not “unbranded” as I wrote by mistake.


    I had a ques please, does commission jacker works with mobile site /traffic? I mean does it work with mobile like it work with Computer?


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