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3.5/ 5

Creator: Andrew Darius / Sam Bakker
Type: Web Software


Can be a great way to build a list and do marketing without an autoresponder


Setup is a bit complicated

Today I’m doing a review of the new Chat Response software. (NOTE: After our interview Sam informed me that the group integration is not fully tested and as such will be omitted from the release. So to be clear you need to link your initial chat / app up with a fan page, not a […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I’m doing a review of the new Chat Response software.

(NOTE: After our interview Sam informed me that the group integration is not fully tested and as such will be omitted from the release. So to be clear you need to link your initial chat / app up with a fan page, not a fan page or a group, also a correction, the UNLIMITED plan to Chat Response is for unlimited messages, it has a 5000 subscriber limit)

Probably the best way to explain Chat Response is to compare it to an autoresponder because in essence that’s what it is. Only Chat Response uses Facebook messages instead of emails. However at its core it has the same functionality as a regular email based autoresponder. People can optin to receive your messages. You can send mass messages. You can schedule messages. You can create message sequences. Finally of course if people do not want to get your messages they can opt out. It works, as I said, excatlly in the same way as an autoreponder works. Only it does not send emails, it uses Facebook chat to deliver your messages.

Now you might be wondering why would anyone want to send their marketing messages via a chat instead of though email? Well there are a couple of advantages:

First of all getting people to signup is a lot more simple. Why? Because they do not actually have to provide you with personal information. With a normal email autoresponder marketers will build a squeeze page and ask people to opt in with their email address in exchange for a free gift. In essence they are asking people to provide personal information, their email address. With Chat Response people do not have to do this. All they need to do is send your fan page a message and they will be subscribed automatically  to get your future chat broadcasts. How will you get people to send you a message? Simply make a post telling people that they can get a freebie if they send the page a message that says “I want it” (or anything else, it does not matter what they say). Then have an autoreponder message set up with Chat Response that instantly replies with a thank you, and a link to download the free gift you offered them (tip, you can use the software I have in the freebie section of this blog as your give away). This way they optin in to get your chat broadcasts, it’s less obtrusive for them since they did not have to give you their email, and you can instantly deliver the freebie you offered them without lifting a finger.

The second advantage of a system like Chat Response for sending broadcasts is that people will get a Facebook notification that they have a new chat message and people always check these notifications. This means your message is more likely to be read and any links in the message are more likely to be clicked than traditional email that often gets lost in the clutter. Also since millions of people have the Facebook messenger app they can instantly get your message even if they are not at their computers. In short the deliveribility of messages sent with Chat Response is likely to be higher, and when you couple that with the fact that its easier and less intrusive for people to opt in to get your messages, it’s not hard to see how this can be a great way to build a list and do marketing outside of the traditional email platform.

Now there is one slight downside to Chat Response and that is the fact that you need to set up your own Facebook app to use it. This would not be a really bad thing but the app needs to set up in a specific way that is a bit different than setting up a new app. You have to edit several settings and copy and paste a few codes between the app and the Chat Response system. While setting up your app is not something I believe any of my readers are incapable of doing, it can be a little confusing if you do not follow the tutorials the include carefully and to the letter. For this reason I suggest people first watch the tutorials on setting up your app. Then when they are actually setting it up, keep the tutorials in a separate browser so you can refer to them as you go. As I said, this is not something that a reasonable intelligent person can’t do, you don’t need to be a tech genius or anything, but you do need to do it correctly / to the letter or else the system will not work.

One thing I normally do not do is talk about the OTO’s in my reviews. However Sam mentioned them when I was interviewing him, and I also questioned him about them more in depth after the interview so for this review I decided to cover the OTO’s as much as I know about them.

The front end version of Chat Response has 3 pricing options. The lower priced first two have limits on the number of subscribers you can have in the system. The third option, initially priced at $27, has no limits to your subscribers or the number of lists you can have. This is going to be the option that makes the most sense to pick up. Unlimited, one time fee, for a single $27 price is just the obvouse choice.

The first OTO is for a messaging system that allows you to respond to individual chats and segment incoming chats. It also comes with a ‘developers’ license that allows you to use the system for other people. Honestly I’m not so sure I would pick this up personally. The messaging system did not sound to interesting to me when I was questioning Sam about it (not that I’m saying its bad, just that it did not excite me), and the developers rights are not going to be something you will need if you get the OTO 2 which I will be strongly suggesting you consider.

The second OTO is for a white label version of Chat Response. They will allow you to link up your own domain to their system. Rebrand their system with your logo and name, and sell it to people as your own product. This will allow you to build your buyers email list and make money at the same time by selling it. I always tell people that having your own product to sell is super important and this is a very easy way to get your own done for you product to sell, branded to your own name / company for a fraction of the price it would cost to hire a developer. The white label version will be priced at $97, which is quite low to own a software like this. Also the fact that I feel the white label is worth investing is is the reason that I say if your going to follow my advise and get it you wont need the developer rights in the first OTO. Why would you need developer rights to their platform if your going to have white label rights to sell it as your own product? (FYI: I confirmed with the vendors that if you pass on the developer rights you will still be given the opportunity to buy the white label).

Finally there is a 3rd OTO which is a bundle deal on two totally different software products. For this one I am unfortunately lacking in information and I will have to let you decide on your own if its a worth while investment. Quite simply I did not have time to test the two different software products in this bundle deal so I really do not have an opinion on them one way or another. Sorry about that.

So what do I think about Chat Response over all? Well I really like the concept. I like the fact that you can in essence build a list, without asking people to enter their email address. I like that fact that its a fresh way to communicate with people and one that will likely get great engagement. Finally I like that it is in essence a full featured autoresponder with scheduled broadcasts and the ability to make premade sequences. Because of this things I think Chat Response is something that is worth considering:’



 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    Hey Brett, I think white label right should be $197 not that $97 one you mentioned.

    I check from the funnel in jvzoo.


      Sam said it was $97 in the interview I did with him, unless I miss heard him.

        Patrick Montgomery

        Just checked and OTO2 is priced at $97. This gives you the rights to purchase the software at a 50% discount, the resell it under your own domain name. It does not say what price you will be paying with the 50% discount.


    Looks very interesting. It seems an easy way to get your message or your site out to the masses who live on FB. The white label would be interesting but versus setting that one up, I would think a business opportunity would be present here to sell the service to others and you do it for them. Especially if you can segment and vary which response you send out. Looks good.


    I always take a look at your reviews for two main reasons. One – its a no BS, honest and straightforward review of whats good and bad about the product. Two – because you don’t usually give the same bonuses as everyone else meaning we can often get access to your great software. This time the bonuses above are the same as the others and Sam always gives those same products away with most launches. Where’s the Brett secret sauce and your own approach to bonuses?


      If your buying something just for a bonus then Im not doing my job. My job is to give you the information to make a well informed decision on if something is a solid investment for your business. In exchange for the time I spend testing products to do my reviews and being one of the few people who points out the good and bad aspects of what I promote, I ask that if people decide to buy, they consider buying though my link. My intent is not to dazzle you with a bunch a bonuses to get you to buy something you don’t want or need. Sorry if that’s what you expect. Now you are correct I do sometimes give one of my own products as a bonus, but obviously I cant do that all the time because I can only write my own software so fast.

      All of that being said, I do have a product that I think will go quite well with this, and I’m considering giving it away as a bonus (I keep going back and forth and cant decide). If I do end up giving it Ill let everyone know and of course people who already bought will get it also.


        Totally get that Brett. I stop by because of your analysis and honesty. That said, I always appreciate that you give more thought to the bonuses you add. Even sometimes saying “I won’t give you a bonus ‘cos you don’t need to get distracted.” That’s gutsy and the right thing to do Was just expecting you to add your own magic to this bonus package too.


          Im still considering giving one of my products as a bonus. The only thing that is making me not want to is that when I do that, I naturally get support tickets for my own product, which Im glad to answer, but I have a launch coming up in 2 days and I need to be sure I can handle the influx of support from 2 products at once 🙂


            Can’t believe you get support tickets for your products – they’re too well made 😉


              Well I dont want to sound like Im complaining but about 60% of them are from people who dont check out the tutorials, 30% of them are people who want me to train them since they made a purchase from me. 5% are feature requests, and the rest are actual issues 🙂 ALL of them need to be answered in a reasonable amount of time though.


    Can we upgrade to the whitelabel after testing the product out?


    the front end $27 is 5000 subscriber limit or unlimited subscriber ?

    Alvin B


    I have an autoresponder with Aweber with an old small list which I hardly use. Do you believe that If I purchase the Chat response I would still need Aweber?


    larry hayden

    BRETT: Please explain in more detail what you meant by “you need to link your initial chat / app up with a fan page, not a fan page or a group)Thanks, Larry


      When setting up your app, you link the app to a Fanpage , so that people who message the fan page get signed up to get your chat broadcasts. The chats they get will come from the fan page then (in its name).

    larry hayden

    Also, do you know if “groups” will be added later? Larry


    This is interesting as there are limitless opportunities to get this to work.

    Just a quick question, the unlimited plan has a subscriber limit of 5000, is there any way to expand the number of subscribers if you want to build a larger audience?

    Besides, do you have any idea on why the number of subscribers are limited in the unlimited plan?

    Also, is there a way for subscribers to unsubscribe?



      Yea thats not what Sam told me. He said there was going to be no limit to the subscribers. I think this might be a Facebook limit that he was not aware of (like the friends limit Facebook has). Im going to ask them for clarification.

      UPDATE: I spoke to the vendors, they said that it is not a FB limit. By unlimited they mean unlimited messages. The limit is 5k subscribers, however their is a upgrade option to raise that to 25K. They said it was not practical to allow unlimited subscribers with a low one time fee. I can understand that and it seems reasonable to me.

        Lani Lou

        Hi Brett. I plan to buy chat response through your link. You mentioned there’s an option to upgrade to 25k and so on? If i buy a developer’s licence, is it just limited for a max 5k per client… or as a developer I can manage the number of subscribers for my clients? Appreciate your reply. Thank you.


          I believe your clients get the 25k max

            Lani Lou

            Hi Brett, just noticed your reply. I was just about to purchase this now and noticed that it says 14.95 monthly. 🙁

            Is there a way i can get this without the monthly? Do you have a whitelabel I can purchase? Sorry I’m late just been busy with my baby. Now I’m ready to get things moving. Appreciate your help.


              I dont think so actually, but I will say this, if you believe this will help your business and are serous than what is $14.95 a month. It amazes me how some people will pay $175 for cable TV a month, but wont invest $15 in their business (then claim they are serous about their business)

    larry hayden

    I don’t know if it is a browser problem or what, but I didn’t receive access to some of the bonuses. Who do I contact about that please? Larry


    Hey Brett,

    Great review as always. I believe I saw a post when reviewing another product that you would be coming out with your own autoresponder. Waiting on that one as your products rock! Correct me if I’m wrong? Thanks!

    Tim Munro

    This is not a new product and important for people to know who may have already purchased under a different name. Andrew Darius released this originally as FB messenger module as a part of his Push Response product. It provided 25000 subscribers (with option to upgrade to more numbers).


      .. and thats not a bad thing that its not a new product because that means a) It has been tested and used by real people already and b) Andrew obviously does not abandon his software after the initial release.

    Jim Redmond

    Brett, When Sam told you that group integration was not going to be in the release. Did he mention whether it will be added later?

    Thank You, Jim R

    Jim Redmond

    Thank you


    I’m interested in getting this from you. Can I also become an affiliate for ChatResponse? If yes, how do I get my own affiliate link? Thanks

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