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A great tool for anyone who owns or works with an offline business (or wants to work with / sell services to them)


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Today I’m doing a review of a new software called Text Response   So what exactly is Text Response? Well to put it simply it is a full featured autoresponder. Only it uses text messages instead of emails, and when I say full featured that’s just what I mean. It has all of the features […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I’m doing a review of a new software called Text Response



So what exactly is Text Response? Well to put it simply it is a full featured autoresponder. Only it uses text messages instead of emails, and when I say full featured that’s just what I mean. It has all of the features you would expect. The ability to add subscribers manually or via an optin form (there is a warning about abusing the manual add, so its best to have people opt in). It has double or single optin. You can create groups to email to (lists). And of course people can opt out of getting future messages (by texting STOP back). Finally though I did not see a way to schedule a single message there is a way to set up premade sequences of messages that go out at specific times and intervals.

I tested this multiple times and as always, I do one final test just before writing my review. In this final test I went though the entire process. I opted in via a form. This sent me the double optin confirmation text. I responded with YES to confirm my optin. Then I sent a mass text, which also went to me. Finally I opted out by responding with STOP.


Everything worked exactly as it should have and as I expected. There was one thing that I thought might not work and that was the opt out. However sure enough my number was removed from this list within seconds if responding with STOP. It was no longer on the active subscribers and list and instead was moved over to the ‘unsubscribed’ list.

Now sending mass texts is not a new thing. In fact my local radio station constantly broadcasts a number for its listeners to join their promotional text list. However what is unique is the way that Text Response actually sends the texts. The reason why business’s want to use texting to communicate with customers (and potential customers) is because its just so effective. People almost always read their texts. I mean think about it. Have you ever heard your phone ring an incoming message and not looked at it? Most likely you looked at it right away, and its very unlikely you never looked at it at all. Also since people tend to carry their phones with them everywhere your likely to have an instant contact with people. On the off chance that they don’t have their phone with them, or that they have their phone turned off, when they pick it up again, your text will be right there waiting for them. Honestly when you think about it, texting can be an amazing way to contact people.

Normally people use a 3rd part service to facilitate the actual texting. These services generally cost around 3 cents per text that you send, which might not sound like a lot but that means just sending a single message to only 100 subscribers is going to cost you $3. Sending to 500 subscriber is going to cost you $15. It does not take much imagination to see how this can quickly become very expensive, especially if you have a decent sized list of subscribers or want to send multiple messages a month.

However Text Response allows you to send unlimited texts without paying on cent. Thats right there is no per message charge at all. If your wondering how they can do this, and a little skeptical, don’t worry so was I at first.

The way it works is that Text Response is actually a two part system. A web based platform where you manage your subs, send texts, basically do everything you would do in a normal autoresponder. The second part is the Android app. You install the app on your phone and its the app (and your phone) that actually does the sending. So when you log into the web platform and instruct it to send a text, the web platform communicates with the app on your phone and its your phone that does the actual sending. It’s simple, clever, and it means that you can send as many texts as you want without paying any per message fees.

Now of course for this to work your going to need to have a phone plan that has unlimited texting. If you don’t have an unlimited texting plan than you are going to be limited by the plans limit. However I don’t see this being a problem as most people have unlimited texting by now (if not you can get unlimited texting for about $10 a month and join the modern world). It also means that your phone will have to be on when your sending a text with Text Response. But once again I don’t thing this is going to be a problem. Most people that I know, including myself, rarely if ever actually turn off their phones.

So the only question left is who is this going to be good for? Well I will be totally honest. I’m not 100% convinced this will be great for people doing internet marketing or people in the MMO niche. However I think this can be amazing for people who own or work with offline business’s. The first thing that comes to mind is a restaurant texting people lunch specials. Or a store texting people about a special sale. Or sending people ‘coupon of the day’ codes. There are a lot of possibility’s even for people that do not own a business themselves as exiting business’s will pay cold hard cash for you to send texts for them. In fact I did something similar to this a very long time ago when I use to mass fax lunch specials for a couple of local business’s to offices in my area that opted in to get them. I charged restaurants $199 per month for this service, and that was almost 12 years ago, I could probably get more now, and texting is even more powerful than faxing.

One thing I would caution people about though: this can be a very powerful way to contact people, don’t abuse it, make sure people actually opt in to get your texts before messaging them.

Because texting can be such a powerful marketing tool when used properly, because this is a clever system that lets you send unlimited texts without paying any per message fee, and because it has moral things like the double opting confirmation (it can be turned off) and the ability for people to instantly opt out of future messages I honestly believe that this is going to be a great tool and a solid investment for anyone who owns a brick and mortar business, works with them, or wants to sell texting services to them.

Text Response has 3 plan options. These are one time fees and come with unlimited messaging on each option. The only difference is the maximum number of subscribers you can have (across all your lists combined). I also have special discount coded for two of the options for anyone who wants to get this software. The plans available are:
#1: $47   –   3,000 Subscriber (honestly most people will be fine with this)
#2: $97   –   8,000 Subscriber (for someone with, or expects to get multiple clients) Get a $5 discount with code: 5off
#3  $197 –   25,000 Subscriber (for the hard core marketer who expects to have several active clients) Get a $10 discount with code: 10off









Bonus: Andrew has provided a bunch of bonuses that most marketers are going to be offering if you grab Text Response though their link. Honestly, everyone will get them no matter who they buy from. Also they seem to be PLR, which while not bad, was not good enough for my readers and subscribers. So I told him I wanted something extra special and he allowed me to give away white label / reseller rights to two of his other software products. Honestly even if you don’t want Text Response its worth picking up just to get the white label bonuses listed below (you will get the bonuses no matter which package you select)

White Label bonus #1 Double Click Leads



White Label Bonus #2 ContentLynk 


Click here to get Text Response and these exclusive White Label bonuses. I will add access instructing to the bonuses right inside of JVZoo for anyone who gets Text Response though my link

 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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    good morning bret , doest text response work outside of U.S ? on any country ?

    andrew h.

    Will You be Doing a Review on “Leads Flow Pro” which Launched today?

    Aleksandr Ivanchin

    Hi, Brett!
    Its a cool deal.

    How many licences are included into the DCL White Label package?


    Hey Brett,

    Great review. Thx. Could this work as an SMS where
    Someone can text a keyword to a number? Or how does the opt in process function? Thx


      No it does not work that way I believe. I think they need to enter in their number in a landing page, but I will double check with Andrew because when I think about it, texting “YES” to the number might work actually.


    Hi Brett,

    How do you get the cell phone number of the people that you intend to send text messages? Do you ask for it on a landing page instead of asking for the email?


    Hi Brett. If I am getting this right it uses email carrier rather than long codes or short codes?
    I think texting overseas can cost .50 per recipient.
    I have an iPhone so I think I am already out of the game.


      You will need an unlimited texting plan for sure. Also as I said this will be best for people working with local business (or who own one) so really ‘ever seas’ should not be much of a problem (a local resturant is not going to want to send specials to someone across the ocean) I believe this is Droid only but Im going to double check to be sure.


    This software loses a lot of $$ since it’s only for Android Users. How about the IOS users?


    Is this app only available for android phones what about IOS


    Great just what us offline marketers need. I sell text message marketing to local businesses and now all the online marketing spammers will destroy the text marketing like they did to email.. I use Twilio and OpenVBX with is awesome.. Just keep the damn spammers away from text marketing and all will be fine.. Oh wait; Good luck with that eh.


    Can the system send text messages but display the phone number of choice instead of the android phone’s number?


    Doesn’t unlimited text messaging offered by mobile companies for individual subscribers comes with a condition not to be used for marketing purposes?

    Ben Yost

    The one thing that you need to know is that you will need to get/use a separate phone for this to work (Peeps all over their FB Group- are asking if there is a way around this). When you download the app on your phone (this is from FB Group): “TestResponse takes over SMS so you can use for call but will not be able to use SMS for yourself in same phone.”. It replaces messenger in your phone. Other than that looks great.

    Howard Vale

    Hi Brett

    A bit of feedback purchased this downloaded the Android app it forces me to use Tex Response as the default sms messager but when I press on the text response icon it just says I am logged in no way of sending message. Plus they have no support for this product can you help please. Thank you v much


      I know they 100% for sure have a support team, and provide a support email in your receipt. Also there is a link in the software itself that takes them you to their support desk. So I dont know what you mean when you say “they have no support” as the certainly do.

      The FAQ on their sales page clearly says they suggest you have a separate phone for use with this system.

        Howard Vale

        Thank you for the quick reply appreciate it. I already have an unlimited text allowance. The way I see it the problem will still exist in that I cant use text response to send sms all I get is a screen saying that I have logged in. Great review

    David Hebert

    The platform is very limited, with a one time fee this usually means a short life span or the product or service, you need use another phone also, why go through all that hassle to save a few dollars? you can sigh up for several great SMS services pay a monthly fee knowing if you need support now not in 24 or 48 hours you have it. Be honest with your self, you know any fees you incur with money services or SMS charges are passed on your clients.


      I pay $500 a month to my hosting company and they generally take 48 hours or more to answer a support ticket. 24 hours is standard. You might be surprised to learn that people have working hours, and there are more than one timezone in the world. As for saying they will have a ‘short life span’ because they are selling it during the launch at no monthly fee. Thats a presumptuous comment that borderlines ignorance (lack if knowledge). I say this because you neglect to understand that many people do an initial launch with no monthly fee to raise capital, then move to a monthly via other sales channels for the long term income. In fact I personally do this, because it works well. If your going to speak negatively about someone, please make sure you understand the business and model before you speak.


    No iOS, and need a separate phone? I’m out.

    Sucks cuz sounds good other than that.


    If we were to use this as an offline consultant… can we sell it as a service to multiple clients (i.e. the software can cope with multiple source phone numbers) or is it for use with a single phone number (i.e. 1-2-1 relationship between the source phone and software)? Or is there a white label version?

    Also, I’m wondering what are the OTOs and are they worth getting, in your opinion Brett??



    Brett, you should compare this the more professional platform Mark Thompson just released, Text Receive.

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