You do NOT have a traffic problem.

Posted June 19, 2017 by Brett Rutecky in Training Articles

Think you have a traffic problem keeping your internet marketing business down? Well guess what. You don’t!

You do have a problem, but its not traffic. In this article I’m going to try to explain what the real problem people have is. It’s very contrary to what most people have been told (and I’m going to explain that as well), so try to keep an open mind. I will do my best to make you understand the real issue.

It’s the number one complaint of everyone just getting started. I have heard it a hundred million, trillion times. Ok perhaps not that much, but I have for sure heard it more times than I can remember. “I have no traffic”. Well guess what, that’s total bullshit. No one in the world has a traffic problem. Everyone in the world can get all the traffic they can possibly want any time they want it. Traffic is easy in fact. Let me show you.

Head over to Facebook, create an ad, upload a graphic or video for the ad, and put in a budget of $100. Even a very poorly converting ad will get you around 150-200 clicks, probably even more. Need more clicks? Increase your budget. In fact enter in any number you want for your budget $500, $5000, $50000 it does not matter. Facebook can accomidate any amount of traffic you want to buy. So can Google, and YouTube, and Instagram, and Bing, and tons of other paid traffic sources.

Now I know what your thinking to yourself. Yea I tried paid ads once (or twice, or more) and I got clicks but I did not get any optins or I did not get any sales. If that has ever happened to you then far from proving me wrong, you actually proved me right. See if you ever ran an ad, any kind of ad, and got clicks, even if you did not get sales, you are living proof that you have no traffic problem. Why? Because you got the traffic.

If your not making any money (or getting optins) then the problem is not the traffic. Because you got the traffic. As we have just shown we can get traffic any time we want, as much as we want through paid channels. So what was the issue? It was one of two things.

Either A) You got the wrong traffic. Traffic that was not interested in what you where giving away or selling. This is quite possible, fortunately its easy to fix with some trial and error.

More likely though your issue is B) You have a bad offer or a poor squeeze page. In short the most likely thing is that you have a funnel problem.

Think about what I am saying for a moment. If anyone can get traffic from a paid source, say Facebook ads. But some people can not make the ads profitable, then what is the most likely problem? Is it the traffic? Possibly. But most likely its the offer, the product, or the funnel that is the problem. Most likely its not that people are not going where you want them to, its that your not sending them to the right place.

So many people waste so much time with the idea that they ‘cant get traffic’ that they totally ignore the fact that they can get all the traffic they want and their real problem is that they ‘cant convert traffic into profit’. Thats the real issue. Thats the real problem people need to be focusing on. How to build better squeeze pages. How to have more enticing offers. How to set up a proper funnel. How to turn traffic into a profit effectively.

Perhaps one of the most frustrating thing I see is new people who keep wasting their time looking for some instant traffic nonsense. They buy ‘back link’ software and ‘instant video rankers’. The spend money on SEO plugins and instant traffic training courses. They waste all kinds of money trying to find some secret method to get free traffic without ever considering that even free traffic is useless without a decent funnel and that once you have a funnel that produces a positive ROI you now have unlimited traffic because no matter how much you spend on ads you will continually make more than you spend back.

I want you to think about what I just said: Once you have a funnel that gives you a positive ROI you have unlimited traffic. Consider that for a moment. If you can get traffic from Facebook for 70 cents a click (just an example) and you find that each visitor to your funnel is worth $1 over the long term, then guess what you can spend any amount you can possibly spend and still be golden. In fact in that situation your biggest problem would be that you cant spend enough because you would probably want to buy all the traffic you possibly could since your making almost a 43% return on your ad spend.

Of course its not so easy to get a funnel set up like that. However the fact that its not easy does not change the fact that the real issue people have is their funnel and not their traffic. Nor does it change the fact that instead of looking for some traffic gimmick they should be spending their time learning how to build optin pages that actually get optins, how to build sales pages that actually get sales, and how to build funnels that maximize the ROI from everyone who enters it. It also does not change the very clear and simple fact that no one has a traffic problem, anyone can buy as much traffic as they want, if you cant buy traffic and make a profit from it then your real issue is not traffic (because you did get that), your real issue is your offer and your funnel. That is what you need to be worried about.

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    kashif Irshad

    Brett,do you have any offer or funnel which i can buy and use and make money?.


      Make sure your on my list and watch out for when I offer agency access to my software (done for you re-seller), if offer these occasionally and when I do its for a limited time.

    Reg E.

    Food for thought and action. Definitely hit the nail on the head.

    Gary Pettit

    One of your best articles Brett….the traffic dilemma you describe is so true! Traffic is all around us..we just need to make sure out optin pages and funnels are created correctly for the traffic sources we put them in from of. Thanks for the pearls of wisdom…Gary P

    John Zulaikha

    Well said! Thanks Brett

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