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3/ 5

Creator: Ray Lane
Type: Video Training


Short, sweet, and to the point


Best for people who have offline clients

Today I asked Ray Lane to have a live chat with me and explain his new Tube Caller training product. So what exactly is Tube Caller? Well the name really explains it all. Tube Caller is a training video that covers some advanced featured of Facebook. Specifically how to use annotations and YouTube cards to […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I asked Ray Lane to have a live chat with me and explain his new Tube Caller training product.

So what exactly is Tube Caller? Well the name really explains it all. Tube Caller is a training video that covers some advanced featured of Facebook. Specifically how to use annotations and YouTube cards to add click to call functionality  inside of any YouTube video.

The way this works is you use annotations or  YouTube cards to link back to a page on your website. On that webpage you put a special JavaScript code (it works on WordPress as well) which then activated the click to call functionality. What this means though is that you will have to link up your website to your YouTube account so you can add clickable links, annotations and cards over your videos. Fortunately though the training very clearly explains how to do this.

When reviewing the training, I noticed a few things. First the videos where very short and to the point. There are also not a lot of them. The main training is only five videos long and takes a total of about half an hour to go through. The only thing I did not like about the training itself was that it had a little intro animation before the content of each one. Personally those are a pet peeve of mine because I think its waste of time to have to watch the 20 second into over and over. However besides that one thing (which might not bother you personally) the training was well done, clear and easy to follow.

As for the code which you put on your website that makes the click to call functionality work I had a look at that. First of all I was surprised at how simple it was. In fact the entire training is quite simple once you understand how it works. What your paying for with this product is the time that Ray spent figuring out how to make this work and how to make it easy for other people to do. I did however find a flaw in the code. A flaw that would make it not work on some peoples websites. Fortunately though I am a developer so I not only fixed this flaw for Ray, but I also made his code much shorter. In fact I was able to reduce it down to just 3 lines of Javascript. Now I can say for sure it will work because I rewrote it.

So who do I think this training is going to be good for? Its going to be good for anyone who has their own brick and mortar business or anyone who works with offline clients that want people to call them. Restaurants quickly come to mind. Also people who work with lawyers, accountants, any type of contractors or repair services etc. If you dont have your own brick and mortar business or dont work with offline clients you might be still interested in this training just to learn how clickable annotations or YouTube cards work but really this training is centered around those that work with physical businesses and I think that is who its most going benefit. Video is the content of choice and adding a click to call functionality inside of a video is going to make it more easy for people to call. Making it more easy to call is going to lead to just one thing. More calls.




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Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    Hi, Your banner on the bottom is too strong so i dont read your review…sorry!


      Not sure what you mean by ‘to strong’ or why that would prevent you from watching the review video or reading the review, but thank you so much for your feedback.


        Lmao! I’m not gonna have to worry about any competition from Plinfos!

        Anyway, another great interview about a product that couldn’t fit my business plan any better. Thanks for putting this in the spot light. I get a crap ton of stuff everyday in my inbox promoting everything on planet earth but I’ve really gotten used to opening your emails due to your honesty and detail of your reviews….thanks Brett.

        Keep up those “too strong” banner reviews and I’ll keep checkin in with ya! Glad I found this product through your due diligence!

    Tom McGaughan

    I really like that you are doing interviews now…you’re good at it!!


      Thanks for the kind words, Im not as refined as some of the guys who do them, but Ill get better. For training an interview is better often. With a software I can show you the software, point out the good / bad things etc. Its harder to review a training since I cant show the training since that would be giving away the product. Thats why I decided to start doing so interviews when I review training products.


    What changes did you make to improve and shorten the javascript? Do you know if Ray will automatically update the download files? Thanks for the review.

    Shawn S.

    This training is perfect my clinic, so thanks Brett, for reviewing this product and providing the context of use. The videos seem straight forward and without a lot of fluff. As Brett said the videos are short, but since this isn’t rocket science, I felt everything was explained to my satisfaction.

    Another useful tool in my marketing belt to get more patients. Thanks again!


    The YouTube Caller had some issues and Ray couldn’t resolve them and I requested refund within the first 30 days. Ray didn’t honor his guarantee and wouldn’t respond to my email missives.


    Dear Ray Lane,

    I tried all the email addresses: and and as well as your FACEBOOK forum.

    I assumed my telephone number in your code would generate a direct link to SKYPE with the respective number. I need to click on the box for SKYPE and then manually enter the telephone. I understand that the calling feature is meant for cell phones, not desktop. I still have to put in the phone number with Skype… You replied that is unusual and didn’t have a work around.

    I then requested a full refund as your promo page stated:
    Money Back Guaranteed
    Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

    Could you please refund me the full amount for my purchase of both Tube Caller & Tube Communicator which was purchased 27th January. I requested the refund within the 30 day period.

    The Purchase Details below :

    Purchase Details:
    Product: Tube Caller
    Price: $14.00
    Payment Id: AP-2DJ332240F375543D

    Purchase Details:
    Product: Tube Communicator
    Price: $14.00
    Payment Id: AP-9GU17223RK4614224

    Michael J. Duke

      Ray Lane

      Hi Michael,

      I actually do recall that, and you are correct, what you were seeing was unusual, and not what was happening for me and others.

      When someone on desktop clicks a number, it should automatically use either FaceTime on the Mac to make the call, or Skype on the PC (if Skype is set up as the default tool).

      Please be aware that, if Skype is not coming up and making the call, it means that something on your machine is not set to make click-to-call. In other words, ANYWHERE that a click to call is used, you will likely have that same issue. There is nothing proprietary, or unique about the protocol we use, only in how we are using it.

      As for the refund, I thought we had done that ages ago, so I will check into it now.

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