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2.5/ 5

Creator: Devid Farah


Has some basic training included


The main product is basically just a list of generic search terms

Today Im reviewing Tee Niche List by Devid Farah Everyone by now has heard of TeeSpring on Facebook. Lets be honest though, its yesterdays buzz word. A while back some people made decent money selling TeeSpring shirts on Facebook and suddenly there where dozens of TeeSpring training products for sale. Honestly when Devid contacted me […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today Im reviewing Tee Niche List by Devid Farah


Everyone by now has heard of TeeSpring on Facebook. Lets be honest though, its yesterdays buzz word. A while back some people made decent money selling TeeSpring shirts on Facebook and suddenly there where dozens of TeeSpring training products for sale.

Honestly when Devid contacted me to review his product I was not very excited. TeeSpring has been done and redone. However he claimed that he had some thing great. In fact his exact words where:

“For real:) I have identified a HUGE problem that teespring marketers are having rite now and i have put together an ENORMOUS niche list for their teespring campaigns. “

Well that got me interested in this product enough to at least take a look at it. Unfortunately it did not take long for my interest to fade. Why? Well let me explain.

First of all this ‘enormous niche list’  really isn’t a niche list at all. What it really is, is little more than a list of very general search terms with the number of global searches for that term. Some examples are “marriage photos”, “sample wedding ceremony’, and ‘photo kisses’. These are supposedly the ‘sub niches’ that are listed under the niche ‘dating and relationships’. The problem is that  these are not sub niches. They are generic keyword search terms. They are not going to help anyone sell t-shirts on Facebook.

I actually asked Devid several times how knowing that ‘after divorce’ was searched for 301,000 times is going to be of use to anyone trying to get into the t-shirt business. He could not give a direct answer.

Besides the fact that the so called niche list is not a niche list at all there are  other problems with it.

First of all as I said its a huge generic list. You access this purchase via a very large zip file and the list comes in several .pdf (or Excel) files. What this means is that you cant search through them very easy. Given that it really is just keywords there is no real advantage over just using any of several keywords search tools. In fact this is actually more difficult.

Second of all Devid claims that he spent 6 months doing research on these so called ‘niches’. Well that means that a lot of these results are several months old. The first ones he started recording would be old results since he saved those up to 6 months ago. Now I asked him about this and he said he just updated the niche list not long ago. But this makes no sense. If it took him 6 months to build the list, how did he update it so quickly? Perhaps Im not understanding something but that just does not seem to add up to me.

Now I want to be totally fair and say that this product does come with a little more than just the ‘niche list’. It does come with some training that I was able to find thrown in there. However to be totally honest I did not see anything really great about the training. It was not bad. It was just really basic. While it might be of some use to some people its really not going to give any insider tips or tricks.

I have spoken to Devid a lot about his launch. He seems like a really nice guy and while I wanted to like this product I just cant. The niche list is nothing more than generic keyword search counts. The training is very basic. Also lets face it Facebook TeeSpring has been done many times over (and better). This price is very low, only like $7, but why would you want to throw any money away? Even a couple of dollars. If I had bought this I would have felt that I wasted my money. Because of this I’m going to suggest that my readers pass on this one. (Sorry Devid)



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Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    It’s a scam. The product is totally different with the sale page describe. I try to contact but didn’t have a respond.

      Daniel Bean

      You mean you bought the product Bryan?


      Bryan, it’s not a scam! And you got a refund, so what are you bitching about?


        Well ‘scam’ might be a strong word. However when a seller promises to deliver you a super hot, well researched, list of TeeSpring niche ideas and all they give is a huge list of generic keywords and their monthly global search count I could understand them feeling ripped off. And if they feel ripped off I can understand them using the word ‘scam’. Also getting a refund has no bearing really. If someone steals something from me and then I get it back it does not change the fact that I was stolen from. Similarly if someone sells me something that was not what they described, but then gives me my money back, it does not change the fact that the seller mislead me in the first place.


    Hi Brett,

    At this point in time, you are not likely to fine one tee course that will help sell t-shirts on teespring. That said, the only area where you and I differ is that you can still make relatively easy money with teespring and outside of the hype of it all most people don’t do it right. If you get caught up in the nonsense screenshots of 10K each month in paypal with teespring or supertargeting overpriced api fb software you will spin your wheels and lose money…no question. However, if you can identify an interested audience; choose a message that resonates with that audience; charge a fair price on the shirt; create a fanpage for that audience; spend 10-12 dollars per day on FB ads targeting that audience using a PPE ad… that is all it takes. In 48-72 hours if you aren’t selling a t-shirt, end the campaign and find another niche repeating the process above. If you are successful (profitable after ad-spend and campaign end) stop all ad-spend and let things run organically and consider building the fanpage and/or identifying another niche. It’s like any other online business. If you follow this process, I have found that you can make a nice side income having a successful campaign 30% of the time..so 3 out of 10 attempts success all done in my spare time. There’s really nothing else to teespring, it’s that simple.

    Love your reviews Brett and that SqueezePage tool you recently released is just KILLER!!


    I agree with your review, just read the comments on the sales page. I almost bought it until I read those comments.
    BTW, his name is Devid with an “e” not an “a”.


    I made several thousand with Teespring but that was 6 months ago. Teespring used to be HUGE, but it certainly isn’t “dead”. I know a few marketers who are still crushing it with Teespring. However, those people are far and few between now. Facebook really clamped down on it’s rules for advertising and this has affected Teespringers–especially the name and age and team sports campaigns and we can no longer “scrape” for custom audiences. As for me, I have moved on to a different platform to sell tees. What is trending now is creating your own tee store, so you have total control.

    As for finding hot t-shirt niches, this is an issue people seem to struggle a lot with and I don’t know why. It’s really as simple as finding something people are passionate about and designing a shirt that is so unique and so awesome, that people “gotta have it.” For example, people are passionate about their pets (especially dogs and especially pit bulls) but people think the dog niche has been beaten to death, but really–if you come up with a really cool design that makes a statement, the shirt will sell.

    PS. David has issued refunds to everyone who has asked for one.


    Hey Guys,

    I’m not for or against this product but isn’t the point of it to stimulate someones thinking with ideas? I wouldn’t look any further into it than that.



    Well Brett, I am sorry but I have to disagree with you here.
    I bought this product and I love it! I’m actually the type of gal that sucks at niche research and this product has given me lots of ideas for my T-shirts. I’ve already gotten some good ideas that I hadn’t thought of before. I hope people will get lots of good niches from it. Plus, Devid really is one of the nicest guys I’ve had the pleasure to talk with, very helpful and amicable to deal with. I think there has been a huge misunderstanding here. This product is great to stimulate your thinking about niches, nothing more, nothing less.

    Best wishes,


      Well we are all entitled to our own opinions. However it is a fact that this is not a niche list. Its just a bunch of generic Google search terms. When this product first came out there actually was a Facebook comment section on the sales page. It was quickly removed as it fast filled up with people complaining that this product is just what I said. Nothing more then generic search terms. But if you have found value in it thats great! Even though we disagree I for sure respect your opinion and appreciate you taking the time to post it here.


    I bought the list, and as Bryan and Brett said, it is only a huge generic list of keywords. If the guy selling this was honest, and filtered the list down so it was an immediately useful t-shirt niche list, that would have been a worthwhile product.
    But he didn’t.
    It’s not entirely a scam — But it is shady — and very disappointing.

    Emily Johnson

    Thank you Bryan for awaring us!

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