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Creator: Tom Yevsikov (and others)
Type: Video Training


Totally risk free to try (no costs involved), good for side income


Probably going to be a bit hard to scale to larger monthly incomes

Today I am doing a review of a training that claims to be: “The Easiest System Ever”   About two weeks ago Tom messaged me on Facebook and asked me if I would take a look at his newest training product titled “The Easiest System Ever”. Honestly with a name like that how could I […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I am doing a review of a training that claims to be: “The Easiest System Ever”


About two weeks ago Tom messaged me on Facebook and asked me if I would take a look at his newest training product titled “The Easiest System Ever”. Honestly with a name like that how could I not be interested in at least checking it out. I was intrigued, so I agreed to have a look, and asked him to send me review access.

After creating my account and logging in I was shown the screen above, an invite for a ‘Free training”. Well lets be totally honest here, this is a ‘back end webinar’ where they are going to try to sell some kind of mid – high ticket product to the people who buy “The Easiest System Ever”.  Thats not a bad thing, but it it was not relevant in any way, so I totally ignored it and clicked the “Main Training” link in the top navigation.



The training is broken up into 4 main modules, there are 6 total but I am not counting the Introduction or the bonus section.

I noticed that the videos are not the normal type of training videos. Normally training videos in the MMO space are done ‘screen cast’ style. These are not done this way, they are done ‘interview style’. In fact the entire course is basically one long interview. I personally dont care for this to much. I feel like a training should be more of a teacher teaching something, not someone interviewing someone.

Also the person being interviewed is frankly not very good at interviews. Often, in a few of the videos, every .. ummm .. other … ummm … word .. ummm .. that he … ummm says … ummm  is ‘ummm’, something I found super frigging annoying (it might not bother you as much, I understand that I am easily annoyed).  A few times he rambles on and on with an answer when there was no need to. Also he makes mistakes in the videos a few times: For example one time he talks about making a $3.92 profit on a sale, then says he understands that its not a lot of profit but if you do 20 sales a day then that’s $196 a day. But of course that’s not correct. You would need to make 50 sales a day at that profit to make $196. In fact he is showing a calculator on the screen and shows himself typing in 50X$3.92 even though he just said 20 items a day and not 50 items a day.

It’s these kinds of silly things that make me not like the ‘interview’ format of training. The videos cant be edited and thus will not be as clean or refined. While the content is good content, its not presented as good as it could be. Its rough, unedited content. This as I said is a consequence of the chosen training format.

Also I should mention that the video players they use for the training have no controls. You can play or pause the video but you cant fast forward or rewind them. I dont get the reason for that but I think its kind of stupid: people should be able to rewind a video to see something over at the very least.

You might have noticed that I said that you make sales with this system. So your probably wondering what people doing this are selling and where. The what is physical products, the where is on Ebay. This system is basically Amazon -> Ebay arbitrage (it teaches sources other than Amazon as well). I can summarize the training like this: Find products on Amazon, list them on eBay, when it sells on eBay order it on Amazon and have it sent directly to your eBay customer. This way you can sell products you never have to buy with your money, store, or ship yourself. Of course there is a little more to it than that in practice, however “The Easiest System Ever” training does go though all the steps needed, from creating your eBay account, to find products, to completing the sale.

After going through this course I had a few questions, some of the answers I got from the vendors, some I got through my own independent research:

1st) I wanted to know about listing fees. I sold some stuff on eBay along time ago and there was an ‘insertion fee’ that eBay charged to list a product.

There are actually two ways around this. First you can get an eBay store (about $25 a month) which will let you list your products without a fee. Second even without a store you can list up to 50 items for sale on eBay without a fee (I found that out by searching through eBays site).


2nd) What are the profit margins for this type of arbitrage:

I actually got this answer from going through the training videos in detail. The target margin is 10%. Sometimes it is higher, sometimes it is lower. But generally you shoot for 10% (after eBay fees). What this means is if you are doing $10,000 a month in gross sales, you can expect to be profiting $1000. That’s something I want everyone to keep in mind as well as I have no doubt that the sales page is going to show screen shots of large sales amounts. However those amounts are not the actual profit you get. The person doing the teaching, said from his own mouth that the target margin is 10% profit.

3rd) Is this something that other people have done, is this a proven system:

The vendors had all kinds of proof for me, but I wanted some info that was outside of what the vendors provided so I jumped over to Google and spent some researching this sales tactic. It turns out its not new at all. I found several articles describing it. Most of these where general descriptions, not nearly step by step training, however I did find one article that mentioned a specific seller on eBay who is doing the buy on Amazon -> sell on eBay arbitrage.

Since I now had a example seller who was not connected to the vendor I went over to eBay to look up that vendor. This is what I found:


The seller who was featured in the article has been selling for almost 10 years and has over 333,000 sales.

Now I have no way of contacting this seller to see if they are still doing Amazon -> Ebay arbitrage as is taught in “The Easiest System Ever” however I could check out their listings. So I went over to their store and clicked on the very first listing. Then I went to Amazon to see if that product is listed on Amazon as well.



Sure enough the very first product I checked in their store is a marked up listing on Amazon. They even used the same image. Because of this I feel its safe to say that this vendor is still doing the Amazon -> Ebay style of arbitrage like what is taught in “The Easiest System Ever”.

So what do I think about this over all? Well I spent a lot of time debating on this product. In fact right now its 11:30pm and I started reviewing this several hours ago. I kept going back over the training videos. I kept double checking my facts and my notes. I really had a hard time deciding if I should endorse this or not. Personally I dont like the ‘interview’ format style the training is presented in. Also being quite frank I realized that with a 10% profit margin this is probably not going to make you rich. Sure you can likely do a high 3 figures to low 4 figures a month in actual profit, which might be enough for some people, but its going to be hard to scale to the 10k .. 20k .. 30k level without getting some VA’s (virtual assistants) to help you.

Despite the things I don’t like about this there are several things I do like about it. I like the fact that I have no doubt in my mind that people can make money doing this. I like the fact that it requires almost no tech skill and I like the fact that you can get started with no up front investment at all. Because of these things, after weighing the pros and cons for quite a while, I decided that this one is:







 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.


    Stephen Thomas

    Thanks Brett, I just picked this up, I was looking for something easy to make a few hundred a week and this looks like it might be just what I want. Plus I will be looking forward to selling your bonuses as well. Awesome!!


    Thanks for the review; very helpful and concise. think I will take your Agency Access items. I think they sound better than the Easiest System Ever.


    Does the creator of this product show the marketer how to find popular items that sells on Ebay?

    Prices on Amazon are not static and if the price goes up and if the marketer does not realize the price change, he or she will earn less or probably go slightly negative. Does it come with software to monitor price changes?

    For the first time sellers, doesn’t Ebay hold the funds for a short time before it is released?
    At least that is my understanding and I might be wrong.


      Finding products is covered.
      This is a possibility, the cover a few solutions, no it does not come with software, which is why I did not say anything about a software.
      That is only in some categories (such as electronics), the do not suggest you sell electronics by the way.


    You’re right, this is not a new idea. When I saw it suggested a lot of people wondered if it
    was against Amazon’s TOS. And wondered what the customer would think of getting the item from Amazon.

    It might be worth getting just for your bonuses.


      Its not against Amazons TOS, when you buy something what you do with it is your business. How can a retailer tell you that you cant sell something that is yours? As for the customers getting an item from Amazon. Send it as a gift so there is no receipt.


    I live in the UK, and here when I receive an item from amazon, it clearly shows that it is sent from amazon as they have their logo and stuff on the parcel, so wouldn’t the customer wonder why s/he is getting the item delivered by amazon and yet s/he bought the item from ebay?


      Well they might .. but I think its more likely that they will be happy to get what they paid for quickly and as described. As I said in my review Amazon -> Ebay arbitrage is not new, people have been doing it and making money with it for years.



    Thank you for very detailed review. I too am annoyed when I cannot use the controls within a video. I can understand no controls on a sales video but don’t understand why someone would not allow control on a training video. For this reason I will not be looking at this product.


    Thanks for the honest review Brett. This was the best and most honest review of the product I’ve seen. It actually highlighted several things that I think do not make the product a good fit for me. I’m going to pass. Great job providing honest feedback.


      Well my goal is to help people make an informed purchase decision, not to ‘fast talk’ them into buying 🙂 I’m SUPER glad my review helped you with yours!


    Thanks for the honest review Brett.
    I had skipped buying the product when there was an early bird price of around $27. But after going through your review and a ton of emails from other people selling it (with their bonus) I decided to buy it from you. Not because of your bonus but just because I liked your style of reviewing the whole thing.

    Good luck to me now 🙂 am off to check out the product.

    P.S. – I am new on you blog and was wondering if you have put out reviews of stuff you do not approve out here – will check it later..



    Louis here…do you know what happened to this product? Its not in the JVZoo marketplace for sale anymore.


      Lots of vendors remove their products from JVZoo after the launch. Between JVZoo and Affiliate fees, its costly to sell that way. Many just use it for an initial ROI and to get initial attention (hence the term ‘launch’).

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