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Make money in a way I know for sure works




by Brett Rutecky
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Today Im taking a look at Digital Product Machine by Alex Jeffreys.

So what exactly is Digital Product Machine? Well its a complete training course that will take the total newbie step by step through the process of creating their own digital products to sell. Its a high quality and all inclusive course that is an amazing value for anyone who wants to start selling their own digital products.

The question that comes to mind is this: do people actually need to be worried about selling their own digital products? Should they even bother? The answer is 100% without a doubt, for sure, anyone who wants to make money online should be selling a digital product. Why? Because quite simply nothing comes even close to the profit that you can make from selling a digital product. Let me explain how I know this for sure.

I have been making my full time living online for several years. However what I was doing a while back is very different from what I do today. You see for a long time I was a freelance software developer. In fact I was one of the top freelance software developers. I was rated in the 99.5th percentile on vWorker. I have a 98% recommendation rating on Elance, and a perfect 5 star customer rating after over 120 completed projects. On average I was working about 60 hours a week (including time spent writing proposals and bidding on jobs) and I was making someΒ  very nice income.

However I did not want to freelance anymore. After a few years doing it I realized it honestly wasn’t that great. I still had a ‘boss’, my clients, in fact I had tons of them, each client was a new boss and some of them where not that nice. I still had deadlines I had to meet. I was taxed as a business and since I was technically self employed I had no unemployment insurance, had to pay for my own health care, and had no retirement plan. Basically I had all of the negatives of having a job with with no real benefit. To top it off I was only making about 30% more than what I would have earned if I worked for a firm, and most of that income went to paying my self employment taxes and health care.

So I decided to give affiliate marketing a try. I got myself some PLR, put up a squeeze page and started running ads to it. This was not so great. The ads where expensive, the people who opted in where mostly looking for freebies and when I mailed out an affiliate offer I normally did not make much money. Sure I got a bit of income like this but not much at all. For sure not enough to quit freelancing.

Then something just popped into my head. I don’t know where it came from but once it occurred to me it seemed so obvouse that I just could not believe I didn’t get it from the start. You see as an affiliate I was still working for someone else. I was working for the guy who I was affiliating for. I was sending him sales. Sure I was getting 50% of the sales price, but he had dozens of people sending him traffic and sales. He was getting 50% of the sales price from dozens of people (without even doing anything) while I was working and spending money to get my 50% just from my efforts. It just clicked in my head. I needed to be selling a digital product because then I can have other people making me money (while I do something else) instead of me working to make someone else money!

That was a little over 18 months ago, fast forward to today and I no longer work as a freelance developer. I make enough money each month that paying my health care premium is not even close to a problem. I just bought a house (last November in fact). Ok to be fair its not an awesome house being only a town home, but I did pay cash for it (something I never could have done before). Basically that one realization changed my life.

While I obviously do still earn some money on affiliate commissions the real money is in selling my own products. Why? Because as I said, when you affiliate you get 1/2 the sales price normally, but only from your own efforts. When you are the seller you get 1/2 of the sales price from all the combined efforts of all of your affiliates. In fact as of right now I have 1172 approved affiliates working to make me money!


Sure some of them don’t do well and send me no sales. Some send me a few sales each month and a few send be a bunch of sales. But honestly thats not very important. I get paid anytime any of them make a sale. These guys are like my own sales team! I’m going to share some of my income stats with you because I want to really drive home in your mind how awesome having your own digital product can be. Let me show you what I earned just last month from selling my own products:


Of that I paid 50% to the affiliates promoting for me for a personal income of $7714 and here is the thing. I didn’t do much of anything once I created the product. The affiliates did all the real work and they keep doing all of the real work while I keep getting paid from their efforts. I earned over $1900 a week on top of other things I do for additional income. $1900 a week does not make me a millionaire or anything but thats no joke. Its the equivalent of working a full time job and getting paid $47 an hour. Only I dont have to work, but instead can spend my time making money doing other things as well or creating more products to sell, or if I feel like it just doing nothing much. And Im not even ‘big time’ yet.

So how does selling my own products compare to affiliate marketing? Well if we look at a couple of days reporting from JVZoo we can see that selling my own products is far more profitable than affiliate marketing (and it takes a lot less work). If you have never seen a JVZoo report before each graphic has 2 sections, the income from your own sales on the left, and your income from affiliate commissions on the right. For example in the first gaphic I made $312.50 from selling my own stuff and $66.62 in affiliate commissions.


Ok so why am I telling you all of this? Well because I want to explain the reason I strongly support Digital Product Machine. Because its a great training program that teaches you how to make money in a way that I 100% know for sure works. I know it works because its how I make money. This is quality training by a product creator that does so many sales that he makes me look like a ‘small fry’ and teaches a way that is for sure proven to make money. I really cant say anything bad about it. Even the price is awesome. Its about $10. Heck even the upsell is awesome. The upsell is $17 for a live training with Alex. That’s a fantastic deal in itself and I recommend you strongly consider it.

Im going to finish up by saying that just a little over 18 months ago, while I was making my living online, I was freelancing which is basically still working a job. Taking the step of creating my first digital product really did change my life. It is quite simply one of the most profitable things you can do to make money online. I firmly believe everyone should be doing it.





 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

About the Author

Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    I know it’s a long shot to win the bonus but with your testimonial and he cost it was a no brainer for me to buy. Looking forward to the material.


      David even if you dont win the ‘JV with me’ bonus I can tell you for sure that selling your own products can be super profitable. It really is the best way to make money online. Ill be totally honest. Selling your own products can also help with you earn extra income as an affiliate. How do you think most of the top affiliates build a quality list? They sell something to get the customers email πŸ™‚


    Hi Brett, once again awesome review, for a great product, and the opportunity to possibly work with you would be great, I hope I am chosen, would love to pick your brain and learn from someone who has truly been there. Thanks again.


    Hey Brett, as David said, your testimonial was enough for me to click buy too – even with NO experience in creating digital products. The course will be eye-opening for me!

    The big bonus for me here is the chance to win your bonus and work with you. That would be monumental in my success, no doubt in my mind! Thanks for the opportunity!

    Dean Hall

    Hey Brett, thanks for the heads up and great review of Alex’s course, I’m in. And I hope that I am the winner of the bonus! πŸ™‚



    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I win that awesome bonus you are offering as like many others I would really want to work with you. Thanks.


    Hello Brett!

    I’ll chime in as well. πŸ™‚

    I sent you an email, letting you know I got the Digital Product Machine and OTO through the link on your review. Now, I’m waiting to see if fortune favors me with a win of your bonus!

    ‘Good luck to all….


      Wilton, though one person only will get the bonus and have me create their first product for them (for free). Really there is no reason why everyone cant come out of this winners. Study the training. It takes you through all of the steps needed. Then take action. All of the time I have people asking me how they can make money online. Well here it is. Product creation IS probably the best way. Honestly I cant endorse it enough since its exactly what I do. Also just a FYI, you dont have to make a software. All sorts of things can be sold as a digital product. I firmly believe that everyone has something to offer other people. I just do software because I happen to be a software developer.

    Mary Elliot

    Hi Brett,

    I’ve joined the list of hopefuls who would love to win your bonus, but I also know of Alex and his reputation as a great teacher, so I shall enjoy this product even though I’m not sure I’m quite ready to create a product!


      Mary even if you dont win me creating your first product, you can still win big from this. Follow the training and take action! This really can make you some decent money.


    You’re right about having your own product, I appreciate you leading me to this. I bought the product and reviewing it. I need some decent money.


    Phil Cullum

    I agree with you on both counts, Alex Jeffreys’ new product is worthwhile and having your own product is a key to improved earnings. That’s why I decided to buy from your link and enter the contest for your product.

    Best Wishes,


    well well
    why not offer us a service to create a product for us instead of waisting our time reading a course ? i prefere to pay a developer to create a product for me rather than reading and reading and studying …


      Do you think that creating the product is the only step to success? Do you think that you just hire some freelancer and the suddenly you magically get great affiliates and tons of sales? Im sorry to say that’s not the case. You need to have a plan of action. Fortunately though the steps are well defined and clear (if you know them). Which is why I recommend training (to learn the proven steps to success)

      It seems what you are really saying is you dont want to be a success (in product creation) bad enough to actually put in a little time and effort. Im not trying to be rude or anything but you actually just said that learning how to successfully sell digital products is a ‘waste of time’. That of course is your opinion and you have a right to your opinion. But I just have to say: Wow good luck! With that attitude honestly you might consider doing something else because to be blunt it does not seem that this business is for you.


    Hi Brett
    no I did not say this …but this course is not complete we need not just learn how to sell and find affiliate to help us sell the product we create we need someone to create the product for us , I have been in this online business for long and have seen many dudes selling similar products from learning how to sell in WSO and how to sell in JVzoo and the list goes on ..but none of them saying who to contact and where to get the product created from and that the missing part that no one willing to share with the people

    basically the course is missing the vital part which is the source and the cost effective way to create the product


      Make it yourself, Elance,, Warriors for hire. Courses tend to not focus on where to get your digital product created because thats the easy part. There are freelancers all over the web you can hire. They tend to focus on the hard part. Which is what to do with the product once you get it and how to make money with it. Anyone can go to a freelance site or post on a forum and hire a freelancer. The difference between ‘anyone’ and those that make money though is what you do with your product once you have it made and of course the prep work that you do before you even get your product made.

      Dont over think product creation. Its easy. In fact I just gave you 3 alternatives to making it yourself for free.

    Jake Reynolds

    Brett your story and review are both amazing. I wanted to ask you as a person who has never made any money with the im niche, and wants to make a product like Facebook training or something but feel they have the knowledge to help others. What would make people buy my product if I have no prove of success


      Well if your going to do a training product then it should be something that you know very well and have success in. The key to getting people to buy your product is to put a TON of value in it. You need to make it such a great deal that buying it is a no brainer. A good example of this is my Tab Engine software. It started being a drag and drop builder to make tabs on your fan page. But I ended up adding deals, sweepstakes, coupons, group search, timeline posting .. and several other apps / features to it. I actually spent around 6 months developing this software and I sold it at a low cost. However because it was such a huge value I sold over a LOT of copies / memberships and earned a nice profit (high tens of thousands). Always remember that when selling a digital product the entire world (via the internet) is your customer base. You make your money on volume. So really the key is huge value combined with a great price.

    Jake Reynolds

    So is this a product for people with no experience at all with any specialization for any niche. If a person is just starting out how can this work for them


      Jay, if your just starting out there are tons of products you can create that dont require you to have niche experience. WordPress plugins come to mind. This product is training, to teach you how to sell digital products. It covers the process step by step and does include how to get ideas for things to make / sell.

    Jake Reynolds

    Sounds great I understand completely what you mean. So if I am good at marketing Facebook meaning I have a great looking wall and some connections but haven’t made money in my company just yet can I still do a training /product for that


      I honestly wouldn’t. I would wait until you have made some money first. Then teach people how you made that money. Now you say a great looking ‘wall’, first Im going to assume you mean ‘timeline’ as the wall does not really exist anymore. Second Im not sure what you mean by ‘great looking’. If you are getting lots of engagement then you can make a product telling people how you get the great engagement. If you just mean that your cover photo is nice well then no that would not warrant a training product.


    Hi Brett
    I’m a great fan of yours,just for your honesty.

    What do you make of Paul Nicholls Membership-Pls. review for me.




    Just wanted to share that this product by Alex, and your review of it, were a significant part of me getting off my butt to create FAST my first product launching very soon (a video course/coaching program). I’d recommend Digital Product Machine without hesitation to anyone considering how/whether to do product creation.

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