How to build a ‘list machine’ in under one day

Posted August 20, 2015 by Brett Rutecky in Training Articles

In this quick and easy tutorial I’m going to give you a simple blueprint to start building an email list for free on autopilot.

You should be able to set this up in less than one day and likely in as little as a few hours. Watch the video to see exactly how its done!

If you dont already have the free version of the ClickBar plugin you can get it from the  ‘freebies section’ of this blog. You will then need the premium GOLD version to monetize the list you build by giving away the free version. You can get the GOLD version, with a complete resellers package as my bonus when you get the Super Product training through my link.


Don’t like watching videos? You can read the text instructions instead:

Every month I get emails from people that often say the same thing. They have been in the IM business for years trying to make it work. They have spent thousands of dollars buying this product and that product and still they cant seem to get any traction.

Now I hope at this point I don’t have to explain to everyone that the money is in the list. If you have a list you will make money, if you dont .. well you still might, but its going to be a whole lot harder.

So knowing that we need to build a list and that having a list is essential to our online success the question then becomes, how do we build our list? Or more specifically how do we build a list without spending a whole bunch of money?

The answer is we set up a ‘list machine’. A list machine is a sequence that starts with a paid advertisement, sends people to a squeeze page, then automatically follows up with a paid product of your own (its important that its your own product). The process here is simple:

1) You create a squeeze page that gives away a free version of your premium product.

2) You send people to the squeeze page with low cost ads (I personally like Facebook).

3) You follow up with the optins and offer them a special deal on the ‘premium’ version of the free product you gave them.

4) You then feed that sales income back into the advertising campaign , rinse and repeat.

This is a ‘list machine’ that is self sustaining and builds your list for free, largely on auto pilot once you set it up. In fact you may be able to earn some income from this while your building your list.

 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    Amazing deal here. I wanted to ask you, which is more important, the list or having your own digital product. I saw your review of the super product and I wanna take action on that too. Which should I do first?


      The list is the most important thing. However you should also have your own digital product. Having your own digital product is how you build your list and how you monetize your list.


    So we can start building a list without the product correct. And then bring the product to attract new buyers


      I think you missed the point of this training. You need 2 products, you need a free product to give away and you need a paid product to monetize the list. Using this strategy I teach you cant start building a list without a product because what are you going to give them in exchange for the optin. Also you will need the premium version as well so you can monetize the list quickly. I’m sorry if that is not clear in the training.

    Robin Fenchel

    As I understand your video, we can use your product to build our email list using your free giveaways. Am I correct in this? BTW, I have sent you the receipt for Alex’s product.


      Use the free version of the plugin (which you can get from the freebies section of this site) as a giveaway to build your list.
      Set your auto-responder to send out an automated email to this list a day or two later offering them a ‘special price’ on the GOLD version of the plugin that you get as a bonus for buying AJ’s training through my link. This way you make money from the follow up sales to keep paying for the ads and keep building your list at no out of pocket cost.

      Note: This will work with most any two products (provided they are good), but of course Im going to use my own in the example 🙂

    Dave Sweney

    Hi Brett,

    Thanks for this bonus offer, I have taken you up on it, just purchased the product you review here, and now am looking forward to downloading the premier clickbar GOLD version (I have the free version already) bonus and implementing your advice, to grow my list more rapidly. I have been focusing on several angles online since entering this new world, with varying degrees of success.

    A bit of background: I am more a traditional business minded person, and that was my approach/perspective when starting to pursue online marketing. I have seen the value in offering your own product over, say, affiliate marketing using blog posts/product reviews, which can take quite some time to have much success with.

    Having been involved now online about 4 months (in regards to selling), I have listened to what seems an endless list of presenters on what is the best approach and an even bigger list of materials on how to do what they recommend…I have wasted more than a bit of money quite frankly, from some of these marketers out there that are still selling strategies and programs that are simply outdated (but still make them money so why update?)…

    So at the end of all this I have determined a four pronged approach to this online marketing business is the best for me:

    (1) Affiliate marketing (through my blog site),

    (2) Product Offerings, such as your’s here,

    (3) Online stores, using my own web sites and affiliation with online stores such as Amazon (I think building my own sales using my own sites is important in case you are ever banned from the big online stores as I have heard happens), and

    (4) Service products such as SEO and FB marketing services for local businesses in three locations (Philippiines, Dubai, and Florida)…and one more that I will not share here, but is a massive opportunity…

    Sorry so long, but just wanted to say thanks, your site and reviews have become a “must check” part of my routine for online marketing activity, and this will continue to be the case. I am looking forward to seeing how this clickbank product offering does, it makes a lot of sense..Kudos, cheers and have a great day!

    Kind Regards,



      That blog for affiliate marketing is a follow up after you build your list. 90% of the people who read my blog are on my list and 100% of them have one (or more) of my products. When I started my blog I decided to do reviews of IM products and be totally honest in my reviews even the the point of making note of the flaws in the products I review and sometimes even suggesting people dont buy. When you start your own blog I highly suggest you be upfront and honest as well. Never forget you can make money online, in the MMO niche without compromising your morals.

        Dave Sweney

        Appreciate the advice and agree on the not compromising integrity…
        You can lose credibility quickly if you do…Counterproductive to say the least…

        Quick question on the clickbar gold…Should I only have/useone version on my site? I have both on my one site now, but when trying to activate the upgrade, I get a message saying there is a conflict…

        Cheers and have a great day!

        : )


          Yes having both will conflict with each other since the GOLD version is built on top of the free version adding to its code not replacing it. So both have a lot of similar code. There is no real reason or advantage to having both either since the GOLD can do everything the free can (and more). Sorry I did not mention that.


    Bret – A key part of a successful FB ad (boost) is the audience and targeting. Please tell us more about how you targeted the post boost in the video. Thanks!


      I personally target people who have visited my blog (retargeting) however before I had lots of users visiting my blog I targeted interests that made sense for the product I was giving away. Im in the IM space and give away IM products so I targeted people with interests such as “make money online, internet marketing, affiliate marketing: etc.


    Thank you, Brett, for sharing with us your knowledge…..Short, clear and straight to the point.
    Not only you are sharing your secrets, but you are also providing us with the tools to execute this knowledge straight away, so thank you for the great bonus too.
    have to say this is a true complete done for you (knowledge + free product + the upsell + members area, the sales page and all the concise and clear instructions to set it all up including an effective traffic generation method …God bless you, my friend..


    Hi Brett, Thanks so much for your post , i have taken action and am sending you my receipt id for the premium – but I have one problem. I had followed one of the im courses (cpa giveaway frenzy) and on the 2nd day itself got my fb ad account banned – I wrote to fb 3-4 times asking them to tell me what i had done wrong so that I don’t make the same mistake again…. but they won’t budge, they say my ad account is disabled. How do I get another ad account for fb?


      That is the only downside with Facebook. They are so ‘big’ they dont care about the individual. Just use someone elses account, someone you trust like a spouse for example. Also please make sure you follow Facebooks rules, a training is not going to ‘get you banned’ anymore than your car is going to ‘get you a speeding ticket’, what got you banned is something you did wrong in the ad you where running. One tip: Dont make earnings claims, in fact dont say the word ‘money’ at all, also be aware that the rules apply to the site you link to and not just your ad.

    Barry McCoy


    You have to really check out all of Brett’s Blog posts and training to really get the “Big Picture” of what he is saying in this training about product creation/ownership and that important correlation with List Building.

    In a nutshell – you need 2 versions of your software product – a “Free” version and then a “Premium” version. (Note, like Brett stressed – software products work the best..but I have had success using a “Free” Training PDF as a teaser, then Inside that actual Freebie – I clearly promote the Full Blown Version of the respective Training they just received, Or I offer it as a OTO (One Time Offer).

    You have to create a Squeeze/Sales Page that clearly states the FREE offer – but, you have to make your header really “Highlight a problem” that your software/product actually solves…

    The rest – as Brett has illustrated – gets you started.

    Don’t make this harder than it needs to be – and you will see success. Facebook is great for advertising, but try as many other sources as possible and test the results.

    I struggled like many of you – but, I learned to stop buying all he new shiny “tools”, and just follow the training like Brett’s and others – and make things happen. You really have to give some effort to get results.

      Barry McCoy

      I struggled like many of you – but, I learned to stop buying all THE new shiny “tools”, and just follow the training like Brett’s and others – and make things happen. You really have to give some effort to get results.

    Jason C.

    Fantastic video and better information.

    You always over deliver, thanks!


    Great training, thanks.

    Jochen Marcus Löffler

    Brett you are the best:-)

    So cool:-)

    Thank you.


    Thank you Brett. I was using the free version. Didn’t know the difference, but I like the Gold version with the added features. Plus like the ‘done for you’ sales package that we get as a bonus to buying AJ’s product. Thanks for this.


    Hi Brett,

    Following your blog with interest, some great non BS info on your blog.

    just curious, what’s the difference between the Free and GOLD version of Clickbar?

    Thanks Brett


      Gold has more features, for example it: lets you enter a custom message to display when the countdown ends, it lets you put the countdown at the top or bottom of the page, it lets you set the countdown to a specific date and time (in free you can only pick the time), it has built in stat tracking etc….


    Hi Brett, aside from being a fan of yours I watched Alex’s webinar last night. As a matter of fact, I watch a lot of Alex’s webinars until they become repetitive. Some of them I can almost mouth the words from memory. That’s why I purchased his Super Product through your website. It’s a steal! It’s such a great offer, not only because I know what is contained inside, but also because of what you are offering along side to sweeten the deal. If anyone doubts the value of this offer, go and listen to Alex’s Super Product video. Brett Rutecky is offering you the connective tissue to complete the building blocks for a great hands-free list building machine. We know most of us have a problem with finding something to give away. Well here’s a double whammy with a little revenue to boot for affiliates. It is a perfect storm.
    Now my only problem is I don’t know how to attach my proof of purchase to this comment.

    Bamdad Sky

    Hi Brett

    Awesome results as always. I always follow you and Mike reviews even if I’m not interested in the reviewed course or software just for the sake of learning.

    I have seen you do FB ads which mostly should be done based on FB retargeting feature. Unfortunately I haven’t used the power of FB ads in my newly established online business yet and that’s why I’m gonna ask you if there is any course which you suggest me to go through to learn how to engage different FB marketing features in my business?

    Thank you advance


    Well Brett, I am glad to see this post…. I don’t have any $moolah until Monday and the countdown timer on the other software scared me as it was gonna run out before Monday! I am not really interested in the Super Product, just your premium bar so thanks for adding it to something cheap! (I have been in the IM market for many years and it appears to me like the info selling is something I already have known for ages.) Well we all have to start somewhere LOL Thanks for this ‘other’ link which I will click ON Monday to start the timer again heheh.
    David (from Oz)


    Hey thanks for this. Just purchased.
    I hope you win!!!



    Excellent idea on how to build a list. But it’s not exactly “free” is it if we have to buy the traffic?


      If you follow the training it is free because you will make your money back in sales (and possibly some extra). If I buy a soda at the store and then a day later they send me a check for the price I paid for the soda, its fair to say the soda was free.


    Hello Brett
    I just buy the course nthrougth your link, and Iwant the plugin you show in the video, can you letme know were I can get your bonus with the plugins thanks a lot


    adekola olaoye

    hi just got the super product through your link. sent it through the contact me bar thanks


    Thanks Brett….had to pay $17, but well worth it when considering your bonus!

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