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3/ 5

Creator: Dan Green
Type: WordPress plugin


Very easy to use, integrates directly with PayPal so it works with direct sales and any affiliate network.


No way to manually create accounts (as of this writing)

Today I’m doing a review of a new WordPress plugin called Member Pal. First have a look at the very well done walk though that the developer of this plugin made, then I will give you my thoughts on this plugin. One of the best things I have ever in my internet marketing business is […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I’m doing a review of a new WordPress plugin called Member Pal.

First have a look at the very well done walk though that the developer of this plugin made, then I will give you my thoughts on this plugin.

One of the best things I have ever in my internet marketing business is sell my own products. I really cant stress that enough. It really is the number one thing that you can do. Evidence for this is the fact that it took me just about 3 years to go from a totally unknown person, with no list, no contacts, and no real world experience to being a 7 figure marketer and a top 10 affiliate (out of something like 60,000 registered affiliates) on the JVZoo network. My rise to success has largely been do to the fact that I did the #1 thing from the beginning (I sold my own digital product).

Now lets be honest. I had an advantage. I was a software developer, so it was easy for me to make my own digital product. However in recent times vendors have given people many opertuities to overcome the fact that they are not software developers. They often give away ‘white label’ software, or ‘reseller rights’.  Also with freelance sites anyone can hire a software developer to make a software for them. Finally with some simple screen recording software and perhaps a webcam anyone can make a training. In short its now easier than ever for people to create their own digital product, or get one provided for them.

However one thing is still missing. You still need a way to deliver your digital product. Also it needs to be a secure  method of delivery as a simple web page that is not secure will just get shared all over the ‘black hat’ sites resulting in loss of sales and people stealing your product. Most vendors choose a membership to deliver their digital products. Its safe, secure, and you can create it in such a way that only people who have made a confirmed purchase can access the members area.

Now if your a software developer you can create your own membership site by hand (ie type the code) for each of your products. This is the method I use (and frankly even though I can code fast, its still kind of a pain in the ass). If your not a developer than you will need to either hire someone to make a members area for each of your products or you will need a system that lets you create membership sites / areas without needing to code.

This is where MembersPal comes in. Its designed to let anyone ‘lock’ specific pages of your site so that only verified paying customers can get access.

In order to verify that the customer has made a purchase it uses the PayPal IPN. At first I thought to myself “wait this does not even integrate with JVZoo the platform that they are using to sell it” but then I realized that thinking that was silly. Most vendors on JVZoo or on any other network are going to use PayPal. So by integrating with PayPal directly via its IPN it in effect supports almost any affiliate network or platform.

Using the plugin is very easy, the instructions for setting it up are clear and not difficult. Once it is set up it simply a matter of creating a new MemberPal post. You add your content, download links etc to that post and that content will be locked. People wanting to access it will have to ‘log in’ with the PayPal email address that they purchased with. (tip: you can upload a zip file to WordPress via the media up-loader and then put a link to it inside of a post to deliver a software)

While the instructions where easy to follow, the one thing I did not really like was the fact that the tutorials where in the members area for this software. They where not built into the plugin itself. This is something of a pet peeve of mine. I strongly feel that the tutorials should be built into the software. I mentioned this to Dan and he agreed that it made sense. So he changed MemberPro based on this suggestion.



One of the biggest advantages to selling your own product is the fact that its a great way to build your buyers list. You in essence get paid to build your list. The creators of MembersPal understand this important aspect and have designed it with autoresponder integration so your customers can automatically be added to your list.

Initially this integration supported Aweber, GetResponse and SendLane. I asked them to support my MailIt plugin as well and they agreed.



So if your a customer of any of these services, or if you use my MailIt plugin you can automatically build your list by selling your digital product (one one that you have reseller rights to). This is going to be especially important for people selling ‘trip wires’ to build their list.

The last thing I noticed that I did not particularly care for was the inability to create access for people manually. The way it works is that people log into the secure pages with their PayPal email. MemberPal will only accept emails from people that it knows are confirmed buyers of your product because of its PayPal API integration. However what if you want to give someone access for free? You cant.

I mentioned this to Dan and while he agreed that the ability to manually add people is likely to be useful he was also upfront in telling me that it was to late for him to add it to MembersPal at this point. I can understand that as we where speaking less than 48 hours before the launch and making a change to the system would require him to test all over again to make sure no bugs where accidentally introduced. He did say he would ‘try’ to have it done by launch, but he was honest in saying that this might have to be something that is added in the first update.

Overall though I really like MembersPal. Its easy to use, user friendly and fast. I know how important it is to sell your own digital product. I know that a lot of people get white label or reseller rights to different software or they want to make a training to sell, but they have no way of securely delivering them. If your a software developer creating a customer membership site for each of your products is probably going to be ideal. However if your not a software developer MembersPal is a reasonably cost alternative that is easy to use and very ‘non techy’ friendly.

UPDATE: Use coupon code ” 5off ” at checkout to get $5 off the listed price of MemberPal







Bonus: In the interest of having your own product to sell I got Dan and Simon (Dans launch partner) to allow me to give away reseller rights to two of their social software products:



You can buy the unlimited reseller rights package to both of these software’s for $97 right now if you like:


Or you can get them both 100% for free when you pick up MemberPal though my link. I have added the access instructions to these bonuses right inside of JVZoo so you can get them

right away. Click here to get MemberPal and this $97 value reseller bonus package bonus.


 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    My concern is that what if someone knows the email address that a popular person uses to buy products and uses it or even blackhat markets that address to others for payment, linking the login to the Paypal purchase number would be better if that was possible to program in.


      Well I guess people could randomly try other peoples email address’s in the hopes they enter one that is a persons who bought. If they know lots of other peoples email address’s. I think its a bit of a stretch though to worry about that.


    This looks just like a product called Download Express by Mark Hess that I tried and could not get to work.


      They are kind of similar I guess yes. They do the same basic thing, but there is more to MemberPal. But really Marks product has no bearing on this one at all so I’m not sure why you felt the need to say this. (FYI: I reviewed Download Express and it worked well for me)


      As a matter of interest what is the problem you had with Download Express. I’m using this on around 50 products and never had any issue

    Johnny Andrade

    In the sales page It is mentioned several times that this plugin allows to create Full membership sites. But still is not clear to me if it does it or not. I mean, is like a replacement for WhishList or the like? Thanks Brett


      I have not used WishList, however yes you can create full membership sites, by locking all the pages on your site. When someone logs in to access one page, it will cookie them so they can access the others.


    I hope this doesn’t happen to people, but I got this product and can’t get it on to my wordpress site. Now I’m waiting for support to get back to me.

    Installing Plugin from uploaded file:
    Unpacking the package…

    Installing the plugin…

    The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

    Plugin install failed.


      Shoot them a support request, Im sure they will assist you. FYI: I downloaded my review copy right from the members area (so its the same one your getting) and had no issues installing it.


    Thanks for the review. I like the simplicity of MemberPal. In their Demo video they say it integrates with any autoresponder but there are only three autoresponders listed and now your’s. Second, there’s only one membership level the way I understand it so free memberships and the possibility to upgrade memberships do not seem to be supported.

    Maybe MemberPal is a little bit too simple. It can be difficult to change to a new membership plugin later on if you want expand your membership site.


    Although MemberPal may be good for a large number of folks, it will not be good for anyone who is using a shopping cart like SamCart or ThriveCart. PayPal only has room for a single IPN Url. In my PayPal account, it is currently being used by my Thrivecart IPN, making the software almost useless for folks who use shopping carts.

    I purchased, but only because I wanted the bonuses you had, MemberPal will just sit on the shelf for now.

    David Jubb

    Hi Brett I am one of your customers. I think this sotware is excellent, it makes the last step of payment processing (what’s holding me back) easy to achieve.
    But, my PayPal email address I have used for years is not my normal email address nowadays and I am happy with that because I don’t want the whole Internet to know it.
    I like the last person’s idea, having to refer to the PayPal purchase confirmation number.
    But I can live with this problem because they have provided an ‘Export’ option so that I could put those email addresses into another list.
    But overall one of the best thing to come along for the small businessman (I can see me selling small reports for $1 to $5 with my links in).

    Daniel Hemenway

    The reseller rights page “no thanks” link is not working. Thanks and I picked this up.


    Thanks Brett, nice review

    Jim Robinson

    Tragic mistake…. I purchased before I read your review or got the discounted $5Off or the extra software from your link. I’ll learn to check with you first man. As always, I really appreciate all you do.

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