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1.5/ 5

Creator: Pat Flanagan
Type: Wordpress Plugin


None really, a good example of how not to make a product


Everything from concept to execution

I had not heard of this plugin up until a day or two ago. I came across it because I saw Pat posting about it a lot in the affiliate groups and in the MunchEye Facebook group. I had known Pat a bit since he did launch management for two of my Aussie friends who […]

by Brett Rutecky
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I had not heard of this plugin up until a day or two ago. I came across it because I saw Pat posting about it a lot in the affiliate groups and in the MunchEye Facebook group. I had known Pat a bit since he did launch management for two of my Aussie friends who also launch WordPress products (the Stringers), so I decided to hit him up for a review copy and check it out.


Now after looking at it I have to say: every once in a while I come across an exceptional product, one that’s not only based on a sound concept but also is polished with excellent execution. Bumpasaurus is neither. It a ridiculous concept (that Pat himself does not even use) coupled with sloppy execution. In fact its main value is as a learning tool showing us all how not to create a product.

First let me explain the concept of this plugin. It’s designed for people doing product launches and bills itself as a ‘new twist’ on the proven technique of dime sales. The idea is that instead of just putting a purchase button on your site you set up a ‘sequence’ of purchase buttons so that your price increases on a ‘per visitor’ basis. For example I can offer you personally a product with this at say $10. But then if you dont buy it and happen to come back to the sales page instead of seeing a $10 price you will see a $15 price, then if you dont buy and come back a third time you might see a $20 price and so on as much as I like.

I’m going to put aside the fact that this plugin like so many others has no support at all built into it. No tutorials, quick start or even a way to contact customers service and instead jump right into the concept.

It makes no sense at all. First of all how are these people going to get back to my site at all? This cant help with that. But lets assume that somehow people who visit my sales page do manage to find their way back to it. Why in the world would I want to show them a higher price then what I did before? This totally goes against basic sales strategy.  Think about it, lets say you go to a electronics store looking to buy a new TV. You see a nice 60 inch that would just look great in your living room. The sales person tells you its $1000 for today only. You like the TV but you decide to pass on it, the price is just a bit high for you right now. Three days later you go back to the same store and the same sales rep runs up to you and says ‘Hey great news, that TV is $1500 now, for today only!” .. tell me are you going to jump to grab it now? Probably not.

Basic sales strategy is to offer people a discount if they don’t make the initial purchase, not to raise the price and offer them the same thing again at a higher cost. Its silly to think that would work. This also shows that  Pat does not fully understand the concept of a ‘dime sale’. Dime sales are designed to create urgency. “If you dont buy this now the price will go up”. Sure Bumpasauras can create the same urgency but it does not do it any better than a normal dime sale does and since dime sales are something that are built into every affiliate network there is no need to buy a plugin to do it for you.

But what if your using PayPal and not using an affiliate network? Well then I guess it might be slightly useful to create urgency and be honest about it (if the price does not really go up your lying). But even then your kind of being a jerk. Since the price only went up for 1 person and not for everyone. You see Bumpasauras uses a cookie to raise the price for just the one return visitor not for everyone (like a real dime sale). So basically that one guy will see the higher price while everyone else sees the lower price. In essence the price didn’t really go up. Your just charging that one guy more. That is your ‘rewarding’ him for coming back to your site by charging only him more.

Now this plugin might have some use if you do the exact opposite of what they designed it for. If you set the price of your product at say $10 an then if they came back offered them a 1 time discount deal for slightly less (like $8) and then if they pass on that from then on the price goes back to the $10 amount. That would make a lot more sense. As I said this is the exact opposite of what the creators of this plugin designed it to do.

But even then there are problems with the plugin. You see it cant actually ‘raise’ or ‘lower’ the price. What you have to do is add a new product for each price point. For example if your using JVZoo or W+ for your affiliate platform, you would have to set up a new product, with a new funnel for each front end price point. Also affiliates would have to get approved for each front end product. Sounds like a lot of work for the vendor to me and I can guarantee you that the affiliates are not going to like having to get approved for a bunch of FE products. Also which one do they mail out for to ensure they are properly cooked? What if they miss on of them, mail out a promo for your product, but your seeing a buy button for a higher priced / product because you where on the sales page earlier? They could loose their commission. Its just a lot of nonsense, work and hasle with almost no benefit at all.

As for the plugin itself. It is functional but it is also featureless. Also it is of course only usable if you actually use WordPress for your sales page.

The sales copy for this plugin is much better than the actual product. It makes some big claims about how you can “Give Your Buyers An Almost Uncontrollable Urge To Click Your Buy Button”. Umm yea right. Interestingly enough Pat does not use this plugin on his sales page for this product. I guess he does not want his buyers to have that uncontrollable urge to buy eh. I asked him why he does not use it himself. He side stepped the question.

So what do I think about this plugin over all? Well obviously I dont suggest that people buy it. I have to believe that they made this quickly without any real thought because there is no way someone with IM experience can honestly think this is a good idea. I really think they spent more time on the sales copy and video then they did on the plugin.

What we can do though is use this as a learning experience.When you create a product it must be based on a sound concept. You have to really think it through. Then you need to test your concept to make sure its a good one. The best sales copy in the world is not going to mean much if your product is based around a sketchy concept with no proof.

The creators of this product made several mistakes:

1) Poor concept

2) No research of concept prior to sale

3) Poor execution (of the poor concept)

4) Tried to compensate with overly hyped up sales copy.

5) Priced way to high

6) Limited target market to sell to

.. and they a reaping the fruit of these mistakes.


They are getting very little traffic to their sales page, and the traffic they are getting is converting horribly.

When thinking of a product idea always remember it must:

1) Solve an actual problem that people have

2) Be well made and flexible

3) Have a large potential audience

These are three key things a good product needs to touch on. Bumpasauras misses each one of them.

I have said it many times that product launching is a very good thing to do and Im glad that Pat is moving back from just managing other peoples launches to creating his own products under his own name. But this is a WordPress plugin that the world could just do without.


an Give Your Buyers An Almost Uncontrollable Urge To Click Your Buy Bu

A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.


    Adam Payne

    Tell us what you really think Brett.

    I’ve seen this bumping around the forums too (no pun intended).By the sounds of it, 25 sales is actually an achievement.

    Thanks for the review.




    Exactly my thoughts when I was inundated with eMails from people pushing this product – people who obviously were more interested in their “cut” than promoting a product of value and, just as importantly, HAD NOT even thought about what they were pushing.
    Thanks for confirming my thoughts and publishing an objective review of value.

    Gary Stenzel

    Wow. I had never heard of this product. But even with me being a relative newbie to IM I would have thought it was a bad idea.
    Thanks for calling a spade a spade.


      Well I mostly wanted to have people use it this review for an example. I keep telling people that having your own product is a good thing, and it is, but I wanted to get across that you can make some quick product, based on an unsound concept, slap up a bunch of over hyped copy and expect to make a lot of sales.

    Mark Watkins

    Brett, I wish you had 36 hour days so you could review every IM product out there. I’m afraid I bought into the hype on this one. Didn’t realize that you had to create all the buy buttons. I do better when I wait for your review first 🙂

      Mike Winston

      I actually put in for a refund, they were pretty quick about it, but asked to give a reason why, after they posted my refund. My secret shall never be revealed!

      Though mostly it was the program itself, Brett’s reviews are always eye-opening. He’s definitely the “Shiny Object Killer”!


    Thank you Brett for another honest review. I’m sure that everyone here is so grateful for the work that you are putting into these reviews. I honestly don’t know how you manage to find the time to do all of this. Top man, thank you and have a great weekend.

    Steve Matsukawa

    Brett is the man, that is for sure! He gets a lot of flak from marketers for his honest reviews, but if it weren’t for Brett, we all would be getting ripped off.

    Support Brett and he will will repay you with honest reviews, good and bad.

    Jim from Maryland

    The problem that most of us newbies have is we are compartmentalize and we tend to get disconnected from all of the good sources that will aid us in making good purchasing decisions.

    Thankfully we have Mr. Brett, which leads me to ask another question and that is how long do we remain in this state of being a Newbie, when will we spot BS products on our own a mile away?

    George S Petley

    The key to benefiting from this review can be summed up in the words , ” a good example of how not to sell a product ” It is obvious that the creators of this product had not taken Brett’s great course , ” HOW I EARN MONEY ONLINE ” , if they had , they would not have fallen into one pothole after another . For example , if they had searched the sales as Brett suggested in his course , using the guidelines Brett has laid out they would not have come up with a poor concept ( which got them off on the wrong foot to begin with )

    What guidelines should they have followed ? Well , that’s what Brett covers so well in his course they would have first searched for a product that had been on the market for at least a year and had made at least 1000 sales , but it wouldn’t end there . There is more to analyzing a product than just studying the sales .Hey , Brett covers all this in his course .and he makes it so easy to understand Too bad but our creators of this product had CLEARLY not taken Brett’s course .That’s why if you haven’t taken it , you need to !

    There is an old adage :” If you want to be successful , DO what successful people do ” Hey using Brett’s formula , we will find a a product that will BE PROFITABLE . . We just need to follow the guidelines laid out before us . It’s all there for the takin !

    What do we do ? MODEL it , not copy it We need to develop something SIMILAR ! Get the idea ?

    If ya wanna be a winner , follow the winner and do what he does !


    Hi Brett,

    I did recieve a email about this product I thought it was a little weird, but I could see how a product owner could be enticed by the sales letter. My computer loves to randomly update itself when I’m not looking. Imagine going back to the website after your computer reboots and you would have to pay more.

    My initial thought about the developer of this product was people are either going to love him or hate him for thinking this one up.

    As always look forward to your reviews.


    Barry Rodgers

    Hi Brett,

    Just wanted to add something here to put another slant if that is OK..

    I think if you are framing this product just for use in product launches, then you are fully justified in your argument. I would not use it for that purpose. Here is where I see a use for this (and other “scarcity tools”….)

    I like to offer my own products to my subscribers at a better price point than everyone else for a limited time in my AR sequences. No-one else gets to promote those reduced price deal pages – it’s a “perk” just for my subscribers & customers. They have a set period of time (with a timer) to decide if they want the product and to take advantage of the discount. When the time period finishes the page redirects to the regular sales page with the regular price. This is done using an evergreen timer so everyone gets the same opportunity starting from when the first land on the page. A dime sale would not do this.

    Bumpasuarus is another way to execute this (as is Easy Deal Builder, Countdown Monkey, Scarcity Demon et al).

    Scarcity focuses the mind and makes people think seriously about making a buying decision. Whilst I agree that this is NOT the tool for a product launch, that is not to say it does not have some valid applications.

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