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2.5/ 5

Creator: Alex Jeffreys
Type: Video Training


Fairly decent content


Very poor execution

Today I’m doing a honest review of Rapid Email Profits The Rapid Email Profits sales page preview I was given is full of hype about making $300 per day without any work at all. It shows screen shots of JVZoo accounts that have little to do with making money with emails and over all its […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I’m doing a honest review of Rapid Email Profits

The Rapid Email Profits sales page preview I was given is full of hype about making $300 per day without any work at all. It shows screen shots of JVZoo accounts that have little to do with making money with emails and over all its just an extravagantly written sales pitch designed to make people think they are going to make tons of money without putting in any effort. Which unfortunately is far from the truth.

As for the training itself. Well I personally have a two conflicting thoughts on that. One one hand the content of the training is not bad. Though Alex tends to talk fast and sometimes likes to ramble the information he is teaching is good solid concepts. Its nothing new or groundbreaking but it is solid, fundamental content, with the occasional extra useful tip thrown in. If your totally new to IM or email marketing this would be good content to get you started. If your experienced it would be largely a review though there is still stuff in the training that more established marketer can benefit from.

The thing I did not like about the training one bit is the execution. The sales page says the training is broken into 5 modules. But in fact the main training is just one video that is nearly 3 hours long. I’m not sure if Alex things people are going to sit there and watch the 3 hour video through in one setting or if he thinks people are going to write down where they left off so they can leave and come back or what but I cant think of any good reason to have an entire training course in one long video.

Normally people making video training break the training into bite sized chunks and groups those chunks together into relevant categories (aka modules). This is so you can digest the information at a reasonable pace as you have time and so that you can easily pick up where you left off or revisit content later. But Alex did not do this and though I tried to think of a good reason the only one I could come up with is laziness. I personally like training videos to be short, sweet and to the point. I could deal with a 45min – 1 hour video provided the content was engaging and worth watching. But listening to Alex ramble on for 3 hours was almost painful.

The reason it was painful is not only due to the fact that this is one huge training video. It was also due to the quality of the video. The audio is terrible. Alex sounds very distant, you can hear his breath and popping noises when he pronounces certain words (the result of having a low quality mic or no pop filter). Even worse he coughs into the mic about 500 times over the course of the training. In short, from a technical aspect, the videos where not pro quality one bit.

I think its important to understand Alex’s general business model with these launches. You see he does not make money on them. In fact he actually looses money. He gives 100% commissions to the affiliates and looses money by paying additional affiliate prizes. Why would he do this? Well because all he really wants is the customers email address. Your email address. he only wants the leads from the launch so he can try to sell them on high end coaching later.

Now there is nothing wrong with list building or even launching a product just to build a list. There is nothing wrong with selling a high ticket back end training. But I firmly believe that everything a IM vendor creates and sells should have maximum effort put into it. Just because a product is for list building does not mean you should cut corners and release a low quality product. In fact I personally think that its super important to impress new customers with a super amazing product. However I’m starting to think that Alex does not agree with this way of thinking.

I have reviewed and promoted several of Alex Jeffreys training products however recently it seems to me that he is putting less and less effort into them. Finally we have gotten to the point where I just have to say it:



A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.


    Shawn S.

    Well, there it is. I hope Alex takes note of your review, because plainly those who are a part of his inner circle aren’t giving him constructive criticism. I’ll just mosey pass this offer… Thanks again for your honest review!


    I agree Brett. I have several of Alex’s products in the past and I liked them. I haven’t seen this actual product but I went over to the JV page and watched Alex’s video there to get more info.. He was talking SO FAST it almost was like the sound was put on high speed or if he was on something…lol. Anyway, it was so annoying I clicked off the video in less than 1 minute. Just couldn’t take it!


    Thanks for the honest review.

    I have to say I haven’t cared for several of his products this year and so I have stopped buying them. I knew his strategy because he actually created a WSO about it.

    While an interesting strategy, I agree with your assessment. If you cut corners on a $7 product, what makes me think your 1K product will be any better?

    There are actually only a few marketers that I now buy products from…and Brett, you’re one of them. 🙂 Always high value.


      Kathy, I totally agree with you and I also stopped buying products from Alex and have unsubscribed from his lists. It got really annoying just pitching product after product all fluffed and hyped.


    Hello Brett

    When I first got into online marketing I purchased one of his products and it was great for newbies however the quality was lacking even at that time but information was decent for a newbie. I have have been suckered into buying further products only to find the quality very poor. One item I purchased I could tell was just a transcription of a webinar or video product he may have done and I know they did not edit it one bit as they had the ummms and ahhhs left right in the product he sold. Pure garbage. I steer clear of any of his products. Always appreciate your honest reviews.


    Hi Brett,

    Wow, I have even more respect for you now Brett.

    AJ is a Big Cheese in the IM World. But lately the products from Alex are the same as the previous products. Past achievements are brilliant, but should not become complacent.

    The easy option for you Brett would have been to “APPROVE” the product or not write a review at all rather than “REJECT”, despite the fact, In the past you have done well promoting Alex’s products.

    It is refreshing to see your honesty and stick to your principles. RESPECT !!!!

    Mark Watkins

    I tried in vain to get a copy of the sales page prior to launch to know what I was promoting and was told by Ian it would be posted and as of this AM it was not. This is two launches in a row for me that there have been similar issues. I have received value from Alex’s products in the past and I do hope he looks at his operations. Thanks for the heads up Brett!


    So straight and so cool Brett,…
    Nothing to say more…
    You save many pocket here…


    Hi Brett, was following your Blog since first time come accross your Product and all I can say is “Respect”! Honesty is all it matters.. therefore now when i’m scanning my emails, I never skip yours.. reading your blog and looking at your reviews every online and offline marketer as myself can learn a lot on what aspects matter when it comes to Product Launches.. wish i seen your blog long time ago, many thanks for what you do..



    Thanks Brett

    You do a great job. ~ L


    When I stepped in to the Internet Marketing world about 6 years ago, the buzz was, there was 1 Marketer who was the best… Alex Jeffreys. He was close to God….
    Now-a-days he launches far too much products.
    To me; he’s not the Special One anymore.
    In 1 year he’s throwing away what he has built in 10 years!
    In the Netherlands we say: “Trust comes on foot, but leaves on horseback”!

    Gary Stenzel

    Thanks for this Brett! I also have noticed a decline in Alex’s quality. I havent looked at this one yet, but his sales pages have become kinda “cookie cutter”. Laid out the same way with a few changes here and there. His reviews are always from the same people saying about the same thing as the last time he sold something.


    Alex Jeffreys is one of THE most overrated “gurus” in IM. He’s the butt of jokes in forums where there are people who really know what they’re talking about.

    He couldn’t pay ME to spend time with any of his products while listening to his self-aggrandizing bullcrap.

    Good call, Brett…


    Call me a curmudgeon, but it really brings me joy when you find a product that you s**t all over.


    Thank you Brett, for another honest review.

    Tom McGaughan

    Well…I haven’t seen that ‘Rejected’ pic in awhile…!!
    Thanks for another honest review, if only some of these product
    developers would run their launches by you (for a fee…of course)
    prior to throwing the crap out there. It certainly would be a win-win-win!!
    Thanks Brett…


      A lot of software developers are doing that, which is why Im rejecting software less, because a lot of vendors are getting to the point where they are asking me for my critique before they launch and making changes based on it. If it leads to better products being released Im glad to help, I don’t charge a fee for that.

    Robert Hebel


    Thanks for the truth and I always hope you stay with the truth no matter how painfull it would be to you or anyone else.


    Hello Brett,

    Thank you for a very enlightening review. Alex was a protege of internet marketer, Lee McIntyre and Lee’s info products and sales pages and training were thorough and chock full of value. Lee’s training modules was broken down into short videos and brief PDF’s. I am surprised that Lee’s presentation style didn’t rub off on Alex.

    Brett, I got even more value from your review here because, not only did I get your feedback on Alex’ product, but I also was reminded of the “standard” by which we marketers need to adhere to in giving true value to the customer. Even a lesson in marketing ethics.

    Keep up the great job in your constructive reviews. You saved me hundreds of dollars in the past year!


    Wow… I am surprised to see a rejected sign on Alex products. I purchased many of Alex’s products in the past and found he did have some good content to present. To see Brett to put a disapproval on this one really says a lot of things about Alex’s complacencybin releasing products that please both customers and affiliates…

    Good review again, Brett. Thanks loads!!!


      Yea I have promoted several of his products and honestly I made a lot of money doing so. I could have made some good cash on this as well, but Alex seems to be really going downhill on the quality of his FE products and I’m not going to tell people to buy something bad just so I can make money.

    Ted B

    Absolutely hilarious. Didn’t expect the review to go in that direction. The frustration with the pop-filter, mute button, and coughing issues caught me by surprise, but it’s so real I just had to laugh out loud. (lol – but I felt the need to spell it out.)
    Cool as always.


    Hi Brett,

    Your honesty is enlightening!

    I’ve purchased one or two of Alex’s offerings, but I do find that he goes on and on in his never-ending monologues.

    Lewis Thomas

    I personally think Alex just refused to grow his skills at the rate which the IM is moving.

    Gone are the days when you can just crap up a content and expect people to buy. I have refused to open 89% of email from OfferVault over a long period as I certainly know from the subject that the Sh**t email is promoting Alex Jeffrey’s crap products even before I open the mail.

    We can see how Gurus below have maintained consistent top quality content in the industry:
    Neil Patel
    Dave Naylor
    Eric Ward
    Andy Beal

    I instantly unsubscribe from Alex Jeffrey email list immediately I noticed he was not adding a bit to my knowledge; so I didn’t want to waste his time nor that of mine.

    It is not always about the money, but he must appreciate that reputation is very key here!


    Hi Brett, thanks for the honest review! I received this offer from several affiliates and was already thinking of buying it just out of curiosity. However, when I saw that you have written a review, I wanted to read it first. Luckily I did, I simply couldn’t stand listening&watching low-quality 3-hour video where somebody is just coughing and rambling! So time (and money) saved. Thank you!

    I completely agree that all products should be made as high-quality as possible. It’s a shame that Alex didn’t do that, he is respectable and could have very easily created a high-quality product. (He surely can afford a truckload of highest-quality microphones if he wants to!)


    Thanks Brett, your emails are under the few I’m willing to read and of course the connected reviews. This one proofs why! You’re kinda light-house in the IM-darkness, especially for newbies like me 😉


    Brett I’m truly new to the game of IM but I must say I look forward to your honesty and the best reviews I have ever seen in the business. Most guys like Todd Gross, I think that’s his name, say’s everyone product is great and I hate that, that’s why I unsubscribed his ass all the time because he is so fake. But I have learn so much from your honesty and products. I’m asking you to please tell me is there a true step by step course to teach a person how to record videos like you do and put them online are on there WordPress site.
    I want a real teacher and not a sales man to just rip me off but don’t teach me how to truly make money online.
    I always look forward to you support and help. Please give me some advise to get myself and others started in online marketing in video’s online as a review video are training video.
    Thank you Ken


    I am so relieved to read your take on this one….if it had been positive- a speedy unsubscribe would have followed. AJ has saved me an enormous amount of time in that if someone consistently promotes his products- I consistently unsubscribe from their list..
    Thanks for being real Brett!

    Pradeep Kanuganti

    Hey Brett

    Thanks for your honest review…I know there are lot of guys who buys Alex’s products without even reading whole sales page but just because simply its an Alex product…

    I about to going to buy this product, but after reading your review, now I don’t buy it…

    Dave Sweney

    Hi Brett,

    I appreciate your honest review of this product. I think everyone can have a swing and a miss, and apparently this is one. Alex Jeffries is a guy I personally respect, he has accomplished a lot, so this comes as a surprise..

    I will say that there have been others in the online marketing niche I have noticed go through this same cycle, and unless an intervention takes place and a positive change results, it often does not end well…

    It goes to show you that the old adage holds true…in EVERY business I have been involved in over the years, you either:

    (1) Stay engaged (innovate, set the standard, create positive disruption) and stay ahead of the pack, you…

    (2) Do NOT stay fully engaged and fall back, getting lost in the middle of the competitive pack somewhere, or…

    (3) You totally disengage from this reality and become irelevant…

    Every organization falls into one of these three categories I feel, and this warning shot you provide here should be taken as a welcome wake up call, not only for Alex, but by all of us. As others have said, some of the tenants you mention apply to everyone…

    The basics have to be covered for information products sold – people are just too discerning nowadays, and their expectations are high…The more the many online products evolve/develop, the more expectations are raised for follow on products…It is jeapordizing your brand, name and reputation to do less…

    Constructive criticism is never easy to take (or give out for that matter)…The phrase itself seems not to make sense (criticism by nature is negative in nature?) and appears to be an oxymoron…But it is so important to a business/person…

    Your constructive criticem was provided in the best way possible – you approached it from a business standpoint, backed up by facts…Good job and thanks…I agree that associating your name with a less than ideal product will cost you more than 100% of any commission you may receive…



    I very much have to agree about the get all 5 or however many modules in the one video, it took me days to go through his launch bible product due to falling asleep (do I care what time you got to a hotel or do I need to know other crap like that? not at all…) So between the Monster videos, 2 or 3 hours of constant talking, getting completely off topic, talking about how much he makes and how great he is….well put the stuff about marketing in a PDF and I would read it in 10 mins top!

    The other thing I am sure about is that he owns or has large shares in JVzoo….every time he launches they send at least 5 promo emails about his new amazing product!

    Gary G

    Alex Jeffrey’s comes across as one of the lads and your best mate, not professional and ethical like yourself Brett.

    There is little substance to his claims, but I give him some credit for making money online, but not the way that he achieves it!

    I respect you for speaking the truth and truly looking out for your customers

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