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CPA is a proven way to make money, as old as the internet itself


It will require a small investment $25 or so. But really any true business that's not a scam is going to require some investment.

Today Im taking a look at Hidden CPA Loophole. First of all I want to quickly cover what CPA is for anyone who does not know. CPA stands for Cost Per Action. Its a type of affiliate marketing that does not require you to actually make sales. Instead you work with people who are willing […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today Im taking a look at

Hidden CPA Loophole.


First of all I want to quickly cover what CPA is for anyone who does not know. CPA stands for Cost Per Action. Its a type of affiliate marketing that does not require you to actually make sales. Instead you work with people who are willing to pay for the traffic that you send which takes a specific action that they want. The example I always use is NetFlix. They had a CPA program where they where paying $3 or so for any traffic you sent to them that would start a free trail.  This is a win / win for everyone. First its more easy for you to get someone to start a free trial then it is for you to get them to pull out their credit card and buy something. Second its good for the customer because they get a free trial. Finally its good for NetFlix because for the $3 that they paid you they get a shot at a having a long term customer.

CPA is not a new way of marketing. Its actually one of the oldest ways of paying affiliates on the internet and people have been doing it for a very long time. Its a sound and proven business model. Also it is important to note that as the affiliate your part is basically just to send interested traffic to the offer. You dont actually have to have a sales page or anything. You simply drive interested traffic to the CPA offer. The key though is that the traffic needs to be potentially interested in the offer your promoting. Fortunately though there are CPA offers available for just about anything you can think of.

So what exactly is Hidden CPA Loophole? Well its a 8 module video training course that covers running ads on the POF website to send traffic to relevant CPA offers. What is the POF website. Its “Plenty of Fish”. Plenty Of Fish is an very popular dating website. It has an Alexa ranking of something like 250 which means it gets millions of hits per month. Running ads on it is very low cost as well. This is important because CPA is a numbers game. You need to send traffic at a low cost so that the ones that convert and get you a CPA commission not only cover the ad spend but also earn you a profit.

Since the POF website gets so much traffic it makes it a good resource, the ads are low cost it means you can drive traffic to the CPA offer with only a small ad budget. In fact the training suggests that a good budget to start with is $25. You then earn some CPA commissions and reinvest them into more ads, getting more commissions, rinse and repeat until you are making a nice income and can start to draw a profit from it. This is actually not a new tactic. Its how you run any business. You start with an initial small investment and use your profits to expand until you get to the point where its not only self sufficient but also able to draw a salary. I really like that the training is teaching solid business practices and not some hyped up get rich quick scheme.

It first I thought that there might not be room in the POF website for a lot of people. That many people running ads might saturate the market. But I quickly dismissed that thought. With millions of users, and tens of millions of hits per month, the market is huge, and there is plenty of room for people there.

Another thing that’s great about this kind of marketing is that your job is basically to set up the ads, monitor the profitable ones, and delete the non profitable ones. Basically you dont have to spend much time at all on this. Perhaps 1 hour a day or so. This makes it great for people that dont have a lot of time, that are looking to make side income, or that just prefer the freedom of not having to sit at a desk all day.

So what did I think of the training itself? Its very clear and easy to follow. It explains everything you need to know in detail and does not assume you know anything. Its good for the beginner as well as the moderately experienced marketer. If you already have a well established online business then you might not want to start a new one and could probably do without this product.However if you are not yet making money online, if your only making a little bit, or if you would like a viable, second source of income, I would suggest that you consider Hidden CPA Loophole. The price is very low. The investment required to get going is very low. Its based on a solid concept that’s as old as the internet and the guy who wrote the training has actually done it himself.


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Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    Hi Brett,

    Here’s my JVZoo “Payment ID”: Payment Id: {edited}



    Jake Steinbrenner

    You also recommended CPA Income Boss by Sam Mann the other day. How are these two different? You didn’t review Income Boss just recommended so I’m unsure which might be more suitable. I’m not too interested in the POF strategy off the top of my head.


      Yes two CPA products in the same week. But both are good and both teach CPA which is a solid way to make money. So both deserved ‘approved’ status. If you already have Sams training and have no interest in advertising on POF then you can probably skip this one. Though honestly Im not so sure why you would just exclude POF. The ads are low cost and there is a ton of traffic there.


    Brett, are there any OTO’s? This kind of low-price offers usually have upsells.


      Im very sure there are OTO’s. Honestly though I dont know what they are. I got my review copy only 6 hours before it launched and it took me almost all of that time just to go over the FE training and interview with Tom. My suggestion is if you feel the FE offer is a good fit for you, pick it up, and then consider the OTO as a completely separate purchase option (which it is)



    The approved link for Hidden CPA Loophole redirects to the JVZoo front page and I can’t find the product there even if I search for it.

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