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Creator: Mario Brown
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Lets a total newbie build an asset.


Not for people afraid to take action (but thats not really a negative about the product)

Today I’m doing a review of a new training called Automated Webinar Profits   Often people seem to think that those that make a lot of money know some kind of secret or trick that they just cant figure out. They spend a lot of time looking for that secret but never actually find it. […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I’m doing a review of a new training called Automated Webinar Profits


Often people seem to think that those that make a lot of money know some kind of secret or trick that they just cant figure out. They spend a lot of time looking for that secret but never actually find it. Well Im going to tell you right here and right now why some people make a lot of money and some people make much less, and this applies to any niche, and any industry not just the IM / MMO niche. So here it is:

Smart people, successful people, those that do very well build assets that pay them over and over even when they are not working. They work once and get paid multiple times.  People who can never seem to get above ‘average’ in terms of business or income do not do this. They sell their life away one hour at a time. They either work for someone else (who is smart enough to be making money off their labor) or they have a business but are little more than paid employees of their own business. People selling their hours are always limited by the number of hours they can work. The only way they have to earn more is to work more, and no one can work 24 hours a day (and even if that was possible who the hell would want to). Smart people who build assets are not limited this way. They work once and keep getting paid, over and over, even when they are not doing work anymore. They have no limits because they are not just selling their hours.

This is why I became interested in Automated Webinar Profits. At its core it is about building an asset. The automated webinar. Now I will admit for a while I was a bit bias about automated webinars, I thought they where kind of ‘fake’ or something. But really that’s only true if you try to pretend its live. If not an automated webinar is kind of an ‘infomercial’ which is constantly selling a product for you over and over. You make it once, put it to work for you, and that it, there is little more to do than get paid when a sale is made. Sure conversions might be a little bit lower than if it was an actual live webinar but running a live webinar is still just working. Your still just selling your time. Contrast to an automated webinar that works for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and even if conversions are a little lower, you still can end up making a lot more simple because of volume.

In Automated Webinar Profits Mario teaches you all about creating, setting up, and promoting automated webinars. He teaches you how to use free software to set up your automated webinar and he teaches you how to use paid systems. For traffic he explains ways to get free traffic and he also teaches my favorite paid traffic method Facebook ads.

The training is well done, clear, and easy to follow. Mario seems to have a natural talent for teaching. It starts slow and continues though the process giving you everything you need to know in order to duplicate his results in nice easy to digest bite sized chunks.

One thing I want to be very clear about though is that Automated Webinar Profits is not some get rich quick scheme. If your looking for a way to have cash instantly rain down on you, well then you are going to be disappointed. In fact you are going to be disappointed with the entire online business world (and probably all business in general). You will actually need to take action and you will actually need to put in the effort.  However if you are an action taker. If you can think forward and understand that putting in the effort first and getting paid over and over for that effort is the smart thing, much smarter than selling your life away an hour at a time, then Automated Webiner Profits might be something you will want to consider. Its a great training, by a very successful online business man, and because it works for both selling your own products and selling other peoples products, its an excellent way for a newbie to build up their first online asset.












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    Hello Brett.. Just bought from your link. But i think there is problem with your mailit agency access.


    Just put some money in your pocket Brett, again. 🙂 This looks good. Does this program involve OBS ?

    Leslie Chong TH

    Thank You Brett for the Recommendation & Bonus. By the way, the agency access do it have a limit?.

    Roy Harper

    Thank you, thank you & thank you a million times for this. When your MailIt product launched I was having serious eye problems, and was uncertain I’d be able to continue marketing. Long story short, I didn’t buy then but after successful cornea transplant surgery I’m anxious to advance my business and was going to buy MailIt today to get away from low open rates at GetResponse. Holy Moly, this came at the perfect time AND the added bonus af Agency Access gives me a real and valuable asset to offer using the training from Mario Brown. Thanks for an amazing early Christmas gift Brett Rutecky!!!


    Hi Brett,

    thanks for the review!

    Is it actually possible to create automated webinars with Profit Canvas, too?

    Or will we HAVE to use one of the leading tools on the market like Webinarjam, etc.?

    As far as I understand the training’s a case study but are the necessary tools and tech tips mentioned as well?



    hi Brett is the bonus still available?

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