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Today I’m doing a review of a new training course by Mario Brown called “FB Video Ads Mastery” First to get started, take a moment to watch my interview with the course creator Mario Brown:   It does not take much thought to figure out what FB Video Ads Mastery is about. It’s a course […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I’m doing a review of a new training course by Mario Brown called “FB Video Ads Mastery”

First to get started, take a moment to watch my interview with the course creator Mario Brown:


It does not take much thought to figure out what FB Video Ads Mastery is about. It’s a course that teaches people (its designed for newbies) how to get profitable traffic with Facebook ads. Specifically with video ads (because they work the best). I’m going to go over what I think of the course in a minute. But first I want to cover why I strongly believe that Facebook ads are something everyone should be considering (besides the fact that I personally use them).

Ok so I hear it all the time. People just getting started, or fairly new, keep telling me that they have some kind of huge traffic problem. Which of course is not true. There are tons of ways to get traffic. However people often gravitate towards free traffic. They look for things like SEO tricks, and social media, to give them free traffic, and while these things can work (I get traffic from both personally) there is nothing that can provide the kick of instant on demand site visitors in  quite the same way that paid ads can.

For some reason people tend to run for the hills when they hear the words ‘paid ads”. I could never understand this.  Every single company in the world uses paid ads both offline and online. Why? Because if you master them there is nothing, and I mean nothing, that can compete with them. When you do them right find that for every dollar you invest in ads, you can get more than a dollar in value back. It becomes almost like printing money. Put one in, get two out. Put two in, get three out.

Now thats all well and good, but of course you have to master ads first right? Yep you do , and that is where FB Video Ads Mastery comes into play. However before I get into that I want to explain the one major issue that people have with their payed ads.

Often people look for the latest page builder with all kinds of fancy features and stuff thinking that their problem is the landing page and that it should be their primary focus. The truth is that for most people their problem is targeting. The main thing with mastering paid advertising is to do whatever you can to ensure that your ad is shown to only people who are likely to be interested in your product or service.

Let me give you a real world example: I hate fishing. Now I have nothing against it as a sport. I just find it super boring. It would do no good at all for me to see a fishing ad. Yet I do sometimes see them online. Its a total waste for the advertiser and it is the result of poor targeting which is leading to inefficient and ineffective advertising. No one should be showing me a fishing ad. Instead they should be showing me an ad for hiking, of for sports bike riding, or for computer hardware, or honestly almost anything except fishing.

The problem is that the advertiser does not know if I like fishing or not.  They are shooting out tons of ads in a ‘shot gun’ tactic hoping that some of the ‘pellets’ hit their target audience. This is all well in good if you have a 6 figure advertising budget, unfortunately though most of us are not that lucky.  If your not a multi-million dollar company what you need is a sniper rifle, not a shot gun. You need to target the perfect people to see your ad and only show it to them. This of course begs the question. Who knows all about most people on the internet? Well Facebook does of course. Facebook knows so much about people its scary. They know what you like. What you don’t like. Where you went on vacation. How old your kids are. Where you live. How much money you make. What you do for fun. Heck, chances are they know what kind of food you like to eat for supper. That’s why Facebook ads are so important, and why I love them so much. They are ideal for people just getting started, who have a low budget, because Facebook ads are a sniper rifle that allow you to finely target your best potential audience, not a shot gun where you spend gobs of money and hope you get lucky.

Now as I said, I use them myself. I use Facebook ads to target new potential customers through list building. I use them for targeting existing customers when I am running a special or have a new product. I even use them to target affiliates when I am doing a software launch. Because I use them I wanted to go through FB Video Ads Mastery not only to review it just because I wanted more information on them myself (its always good to keep up to date on anything your using).

I have reviewed a few of Mario’s training courses and one thing I notice every time is how well suited he is to being a teacher. Not only is the members area of Video Ads Mastery clean and easy to navigate but the training videos themselves are done quite well. They are done ‘screen cast’ style with Mario showing his screen as he speaks and explains things. Most of them also have a window on the lower right corner where you can see him through his webcam sitting at his desk as he teaches you. I like that it provides a bit of a personal touch to the training. From a technical perspective the videos are high quality, the audio and video are clear and crisp. As I said, Mario is a naturally good instructor.

From a knowledge perspective the training  starts off covering the basics. It gives a welcome, and some case studies / proof. Now you might be wondering why there would be ‘proof’ in a training after you bought it? Well I believe this is because Mario wants to get people motivated to go though the entire course and not just watch the first couple of videos. I honestly believe he wants people to take action and  by showing you real results from the start he is hoping to get you in the mindset to do just that.

After the initial welcome to FB Video Ads Mastery  he explains list building with Facebook ads, using them for affiliate promos (something I really liked), custom audiences, re-targeting, and he even has a section on keeping your account safe and making sure that it does not get banned by Facebook. Honestly for me a lot of this was a review, but then again I am pretty well versed in Facebook ads already. There where still a few things that I took away from it though. If your just getting started however and want to harness the power of highly targeted and profitable ads, but are a bit leery because you find it confusing this is going to be a fantastic course for you.

So what do I think over all? Well, by now you should understand that I really advocate Facebook ads (and you should understand why). I know that a lot of people run for the hills when they hear the words ‘paid advertising’. The irony though is that its always those same people who are complaining that they cant get traffic.  Perhaps instead of running away and then wondering why they cant get traffic they should accept the fact that paid ads are not a bad thing. Advertising is a staple of any business, offline or online , and by running away from paid ads instead of learning how to utilize them effectively they are in many ways creating their own ‘traffic problem’.  FB Video Ads Master is solid investment for anyone who is ready to elimnate their traffic problems forever. Its taught by someone who uses ads very effectively in his own business, it allows anyone to get started with only a very small budget, and its something people interested in running a serous business should seriously consider.






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