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Creator: Tom E / Stephen Gilbert
Type: Video Training


Easy to follow training that centers around using free tools to provide services you can charge for


Very misleading product name

Today I’m doing a review of the new Arbitrage Sugar Daddy training. Tom E is a marketer who has been teaching and selling arbitrage products for quite some time now. You might have heard about his Arbitrage Underdog software that has helped a lot of people make their first online money. This is a long […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I’m doing a review of the new Arbitrage Sugar Daddy training.

Tom E is a marketer who has been teaching and selling arbitrage products for quite some time now. You might have heard about his Arbitrage Underdog software that has helped a lot of people make their first online money. This is a long standing software that has been updated, improved, supported, and sold for multiple years.

For anyone who does not know what arbitrage is. Arbitrage is a fancy of saying ‘farming out’. In essence you get hired for a job or project and then you farm out the work to another person who actually completes the job. Your profit comes from the fact that you pay the worker you farm out to less than what you charge the client that hired you. This in a nutshell is all arbitrage really is.

Now there is something very important about Arbitrage Sugar Daddy that I want to make very clear right from the start. While it has a catchy name, the truth is that Arbitrage Sugar Daddy has nothing at all to do with arbitrage. The training teaches you how to provide the services yourself that you will be selling to clients. Because your doing the services yourself it is the exact opposite of arbitrage and I think I can say that while its catchy, Arbitrage Sugar Daddy might have the worst name of any product I have reviewed (because it is misleading).

The fact that this is not about arbitrage is not necessarily a bad thing though. There are some down sides to farming out work. For example what if the client you have needs a revision, and update or a change? Well you could simply ask the worker to make these changes. This will incur an additional fee of course, but that’s no big deal since you should have accounted for that possibility when you quoted a price to your client. The real problem is when your worker is no longer available and cant do the updates or changes your client requires. Then your stuck. This is the issue that Arbitrage Sugar Daddy seeks to solve, and it seeks to solve it my instead teaching you skills that you personally can sell to your clients.

The front end product teaches you four skills that you can sell.Ā  They are: Facebook Marketing (which frankly is another poor title because its mostly about making cover photos and images for Fan Pages). Flyer and Poster design (a great service for offline clients). Instagram Marketing, and finally how to make Kindle / E-Book covers.


You might have noticed that the things they teach you all center around graphics work. That is largely because the training focus on using a free online graphics creation tool to create the graphics work that you will sell to other people. This again is not a bad thing as graphics / design work is something that is very often in demand. Also since it uses a free graphics tool, which by the way I tested (and its quite good and easy), there is no additional costs involved beyond the purchase price of Arbitrage Sugar Daddy.

The training is broken up into 6 modules. Each module has a video, which tends to be short and to the point, as well as text that explains the concepts in the module. For the modules that teach a specific skill set there is also instructions on how to find people who want to buy that kind of work and even a sample proposal that you can use when bidding on a job. Because the training is to the point and without fluff I think that most people will be able to go through the entire course in about 30 minutes which is about how long it took me.

So what do I think of Arbitrage Sugar Daddy? Well as I said it has nothing to do with arbitrage. It instead teaches you in demand skills that you can sell to clients. You can find these clients via sites like Craigslist, the freelance sites, offline in your local area, or you can even sell these skills on Fiverr. The training does center around using a free graphics tool and at first that kind of felt cheap to me. But after giving it some thought I realized that this can actually be a good thing because many people don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on Photoshop, and even if they did Photoshop is quite difficult to learn (where as this free tool is very easy to use).

I think if your interested in learning graphics skills that you can sell to clients as well as how to sell these services to clients than Arbitrage Sugar Daddy is something worth considering. But beyond that, even if you have no interest in selling graphics work, this product is low priced enough that it might be worth picking up just to learn how to do the graphics work. For me personally, just learning about the free graphics tool was worth the few dollars they are asking for this training.







Bonus: Even though Arbitrage Sugar Daddy is a very low cost product I still want my readers and subscribers to get the best value for their money. So I got free access to the “Snap Affiliate Profits” affiliate marketing training for anyone who picks up Arbitrage Sugar Daddy though my link. This is a good training for anyone wanting to make money with affiliate marketing (particularly in the MMO space).


Im also adding in my “Cash In With WSO” training. This is an unreleased training course that explains step by step how I started my business with WSO’s (Warrior Special Offers). How I initially earned $2-$3,000 per month with them, and how I expanded to build a 7 figure business.


WSO’s where the catalyst without which I would not be where I am today. With my bonus training you can know exactly what I did, and how I did it so you can follow in my footsteps.

These bonuses alone are worth MUCH MORE than the price of Arbitrage Sugar Daddy so click here to get it now and send your receipt ID to to get access instructions to both of these valuable extras!

 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.


    Gary Stenzel

    Thanks Brett! I had already purchased it before reading this so I was kinda “sweating it” to read your review. LOL. Now I feel better.
    Sorry I didny use your link, I got it from the first one that promoted it in my email. I wish now I had waited a few more minutes. LOL.

    Dan Strobel

    I tried to purchase Arbitrage Sugar Daddy thru Mike from Maine while I was on my 11am break @ work, but when using my iPhone the green Checkout button kept cycling & never let me get to paypal. So I went to Tom E’s email & my payment went right thru – looked like the same Warrior Plus page only there was no hesitation in taking my payment.

    Fast forward to my 1pm (central time zone) break & I couldn’t believe my eyes an email from Brett with a review of the Arbitrage Sugar Daddy with some bonuses I needed, so I tried to buy Arbitrage Sugar Daddy again but the same problem with the Warrior check out button & page.

    So I waited till I got home & used the iMac & my payment went right thru. I have had problems with the Warrior Plus checkout before with my phone but never a problem with JVZoo – that’s strange.

    Thank You Brett, for making me an offer I couldn’t refuse with a couple more of your great bonuses!

    Ron Mais

    Bret, what do you think of the OTO’s are they worth the extra “dough”?


      Ill be totally honest, I did not even look at the OTO’s on this one. However the first one seems worth considering, having more skills to sell is always better than having less skills šŸ™‚


    Brett, thanks for the honest review, as always. I really thought the training was more than worth the low cost. I’m looking forward to your bonuses and sent you an email at ads-bonus addy yesterday but haven’t received a response yet.

    Dave Castle

    Thankfully I’ve taught myself to wait and see if Brett get’s a review or even a comment out on things that cross my desk.

    Also and because of that mind set as I have been refocusing a becoming a product producer also I have been thinning out the herd of emails I am subscribed to and if they do nothing but email me those darn “me too” no content buy from me emails I have been unsubscribing.

    If they are not adding value and are only there with their hand out off the list I go. Actually it is quite refreshing to have 3-400 fewer emails each day… try it! You sure won’t miss them as they were not enriching you life or furthering your business only maybe making you ask what another copycat email….

    Thanks much Brett
    Dave Castle

    PS. this was just purchased for the bonus.!

    Randall Hamilton

    will i need the oto’s in the arbitrage sugar daddy to make this work for me?

    Tony Murphy

    Hi Brett,

    I picked up ASD thru your link to get the bonuses you have.
    I sent the email with receipt to the email you requested the info
    get sent to. Please confirm receipt at your earliest.

    Thanks again,



    Hi, Brett,
    I too have not received a response to sending you my Sale ID. Please expedite the bonuses, as they sound really good.

    Jacqueline Ettelt

    Hi Brett, thank you for the review and more thanks for your bonus offer.

    I purchased 2 days ago with your link and sent the receipt ID twice to you. But I havenā€™t received a response yet.

    Please check your emails, I purchased more for your bonus than for the product, like very often.

    All the best,

    Ricky Aren

    I too had already purchased it before reading this.
    Sorry I didn’t use your link, I got it from the Warrior Forum from the first one that promoted it in my email. As I normally buy products from your email recommendations how about sending me your bonus ?


      No worries .. if I give that bonus away again Ill let you know šŸ™‚ Or optionally you can just pick it up a gain and consider it as buying my bonus (Sugar Daddy is low cost enough for that to be realistic)


    Thank you for this very good review (and even more grateful for the offer of your bonuses – I am totally new in this game). Just to give you and idea … what is OTO?
    From New Zealand

    your mom

    This product sucks bretty boy AND so do you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Wow what a brilliant, well thought out, and intelligent comment. Thank you for that well articulated insight. I have no doubt that with the level of intelligence and maturity you showed today that you are destined for greatness!


    Thank you for this very good review

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