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4/ 5

Creator: Yair Dolev


Solid training that teaches a method I know for a fact works


Yair talks a little fast in the training sometimes

Today Im doing a review of the new Simple CPA Machines training. I have known Yair Dolev for a while now. Something you have to remember is that Yair is only 16 or 17 years old but he is smarter and more mature than a lot of people I know that are twice his age. […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today Im doing a review of the new Simple CPA Machines training.


I have known Yair Dolev for a while now. Something you have to remember is that Yair is only 16 or 17 years old but he is smarter and more mature than a lot of people I know that are twice his age. One thing that I know that Yair is very good at is making money with CPA offers. I have reviewed some of his other CPA products before and I have seen his results live on Skype chats where he has logged into his accounts and showed me what he can do.

While I know that Yair is really good at making money with CPA offers there have been a lot of CPA related products lately and honestly I was not sure that the world needed another one. But I thought I would at least check it out.

To my surprise this training is actually quite different than most others. Most other CPA products are going to teach you how to use some obscure traffic source to get people to your CPA offers. This one however uses one of my favorite traffic sources, Facebook ads.

I personally spend a decent amount of money on Facebook ads myself (normally several hundred dollars a month) and while I usually have good results after going over this training I’m starting to think that I might have been doing them wrong. You see normally I run Facebook ads to my reviews for products I promote. I like them because with Facebook I can target my audience perfectly by location and by interest, and because I can get clicks at a very low cost (normally a few cents each). Low cost, highly targeted clicks is the thing that every advertiser dreams of and about 90% of the time I can get a fair ROI by sending them to my product reviews.

However I’m realizing now that I have probably been leaving a lot of money on the table.

What Yair teaches in Simple CPA Machines is sending the traffic to a squeeze page that leads them through a funnel and ends up with them being on your CPA offer (it would work just as well with affiliate offers, Yair just prefers CPA). Honestly I feel a little silly that I did not think of that myself. When Im sending people directly to my review they dont know anything about me. They dont know me, like me or trust me (yet). But by getting them into his funnel Yair can build up a relationship with them before he sends them to an offer. This results in higher conversions and of course your also building a list so you can send them ‘reminders’ about the paid offer and promote to them later. Its not hard to see how this method is better.

In fact as I was watching this training it occurred to me that a I actually have seen someone do this (I cant believe it did not click in my head then). Now as I said Yair prefers CPA offers for the monetization, probably because they tend to last longer than affiliate offers, but I saw someone crush it on an affiliate promo with this exact method.

I while ago I did a promo for a product by Alex Jeffreys. I really wanted to win that promo and gave it my all. I even teamed up with my friend Mike and we both gave our own amazing bonus to the offer. When it was all said and done I had made over 500 sales and Mike had made over 250. That’s 750 sales between us. Guess what. We did not win! One guy did more sales than both of us combined. I just had to know how this happened so I found him on Facebook and grilled him for some info. Of course first I complimented him as a nice way to introduce myself.


He ended up being quite talkative and told me exactly what he did. He was using Facebook ads. I didn’t get it. I was using Facebook ads as well how did he do so good? So I asked him for clarification.


While I was having my ads point at my review blog, this guy was having his ads point to a squeeze page. He was getting them into his funnel first, building a bit of a relationship with them first then sending them to the to the offer as well as doing follow up emails (something I could not do because I was not getting people in my list), and also retargeting. Sure he was doing it with an affiliate offer and not a CPA offer for monetization but he was still in essence doing what Yair is teaching in this training.

Given that I know Yair ‘knows his stuff’ and that I have seen someone do this kind of promo first hand I have no problems accepting that the methods that this training teaches works.

The training itself is given in video format. While the information is solid I do think it could have been presented a bit better. There was nothing major wrong with it but there where a few things I thought could have been improved on. First of all Yair has a bit of an accent. Its nothing major and I did not find him hard to understand but one thing he did do was sometimes talk a little fast. It seems that a lot of people outside of the USA who speak English tend to speak a bit fast sometimes. Anyone who has any British friends will probably know what I mean. This is not terrible but there where a few times where I found myself thinking ‘slow down bro’.

Also the training is divided up into modules. But the modules are just given generic names like “Module 1”, “Module 2” etc. I really would have liked them to be given names that identify what the training in that module was about. That would have made it a lot more easy to skip around or to revisit specific videos if you want. This again is not a ‘deal breaker’ or a major thing, but it was something I thought could be improved on.

Despite these things I still found this to be very solid training on a method that I’m very sure works. It covers everything from getting started, to selecting an offer to promote, to setting up the funnel, to creating your ad.

Ill be honest. I’m going to be changing the way I run my ads and will be using Facebook to send targeted traffic into a funnel. You will of course need a bit of ad budget to put this training into action but the cool thing about Facebook is that if done correctly you can pay a lot less per click then you do with other platforms. Also because Facebook knows so much about its users you can really laser target your audience. Because of this you should be able to get started on a budget of as little as $10-$20. In fact most of the ads I run have a $10 budget. Once you start making a RIO on your ad you can just increase the budget, scale up and let it pay for itself.

Simple CPA Machines uses one of my favorite traffic sources in a way that I have seen work first hand. Its newbie friendly because you dont need a product of your own to promote (though if you have one you can for sure use that for monetization). It has made me start to rethink my own Facebook ad strategy and I strongly suggest that anyone looking to make money online at least take a moment to consider it.


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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    Thank you Brett, I’m glad you did this review before the actual launch, because I had an email yesterday from Yair promoting this product and I was giving it some thoughts about getting it today…
    I also like FB Ads and I need to learn more about them, I just had one campaign for a new FB Page declined. It all looks good to me, but I just cannot crack their code, I’m trying to avoid any claims, avoid making money online stuff or sending traffic to affiliate offers and despite all that I’ve managed to get my Ad declined…so basically I need more training and this training seems to fit the bill and the price is almost ridiculous…thumbs up..

    Yair Dolev

    Thanks for the great review Brett!

    Glad to know you liked the course 🙂

    I’ve added a quick start here guide with action lists and changed the module names to help people out.

    If anyone have any question feel free to email me at


      Yair, thanks for responding to Brett’s suggestions.

      Video without supporting documentation can drive people crazy.
      (Although it’s a fast way for the vendor to create a product.)

    Robert Hebel


    I always read your reviews, articles etc., and I learn more everyday. You are aware of what I do a little anyway I will look into it as I’m a one man show and I’m getting better every week. I just want to say thanks for always giving great reviews and being honest in what you do. Almost forgot and most of all being helpful..

    Robert Hebel


    Firstly for confirming what I already thought would be a great product…your PM’s are very interesting and even though Ive said before your reviews are the best!

    Also thanks for the free plug in…very generous. When people offer me PLR to buy a product through them, I know what I am getting…PLR. Nice to see you being honest about that mate!

    Keep up the great work and hopefully see you at the top mate!


    Just bought through your link – for 3 reasons.

    1) Good honest reviews.
    2) The “gift” – great psychology!
    3) Last (but not necessarily least) – NOT wasting my time with crappy plr bonuses! 😉
    Priceless – as they say on the MasterCard commercials.

    Dean Hall

    Brett, great review, appreciate the pixel plugin, very generous!


    thank you Brett! great review as usual and great surprise bonus!


    Thanks Brett for another great review! I did get this through your link. I have just started using your Notification PRO and tell me if this makes sense: create a squeeze page inside Facebook using Notification PRO with the Notification PRO button as the sign up method to get their email. Thanks for your feedback.


      That is a very good idea Jon. Also as an aside Im glad to see your thinking out your plan and getting ready to take action!

      gil baller


      A very good idea. I would like to talk to you. Are you on Brett’s Facebook Group.
      Thank you,


        I am not in Brett’s FB group (although I need to be). You can find me on Facebook (Jon Elkin). I look forward to connecting.


    ” In fact most of the ads I run have a $10 budget.” Do you mean $10/day, or just $10 in general?


    is it is really possible from that 10 to make 200 or is it after all of the list building, and retargeting. i just wanted to know before i brought it.


      Is it possible to make $200 from $10? For sure it is. Does this guarantee that you will do it? No. There is no guarantee in life. Just a FYI the list can likely be worth a lot more than $200 dont just forget about that aspect.


    I understand exactly what your saying. So should I be building a list while doing this? Because i have never made any profit online, and i just wanted to see something and grow on it. I had cpa monopoly, his previous product, and it didnt work for me, so i was hoping this would, and this time instead of affliate offers, i would use cpa offers.

    Can this work for cpa in the MMO/im niche


    Ok I understand… I saw a product by the same of fred’s list money machine. Have you seen this product. I was thinking about using that information to build my list



    Thank you for the review and the retargeting plugin. Maybe I am missing the obvious, but how do you use the plugin?



    Hey Brett. Another great review. Thanks. Two part question about this. A big part of FB ads is targeting. Does Yair cover any targeting in the course? And if so, is it 100% IM / MMO or can it be applied to other niches? Thanks again.


      He covers it to some degree, though it is very hard to be specific about targeting in a general training course because what you ‘target’ is going to vary on the niche. This will work in just about any niche, not just the MMO niche.

    Tony Hilsden

    Thanks Brett for the review(s)… have a small off shore team working on my FB and social media presence…. a program like this might be very beneficial… promoting through CPA,, But I hesitate as I like to have control as well, but cant do it all !!
    Appreciate the opportunity to run the re-targeting gift through our WP platforms…. ha ha …so much to do!!!


    I’ve got it and I was quite impressed by the confidence of this young kid. I did years of fitness training facing every day groups of 20 or so athletes shouting instructions, but I still feel this strange thing when I make a speech or record a video, but this guy is a natural…The videos were well recorded, the content is more or less ok it depends on your expectations. But I have to say it is pretty good for both newbies (to have a good overview of the whole IM cycle) and for advanced IM guys (to brush up and review their own strategy).
    What I liked the most is the type of the email sequence that “Yair” is using. I like the fact of preparing the reader for the next email…
    I also like the fact that this course made me look at the FB rules…I have to admit I don’t like reading and I have never actually read FB rule and TOS…..that is probably the reason I get my Ads disapproved quite often…
    For the price I’ve paid, I’m pretty happy with the course…and thanks Brett, I’ve previously downloaded your plugin, and I like the fact that it puts the pixel on all pages because I used others where you can put the pixel only on specific page/post. may be when you have some time you could record a video on how to effectively use it as I have tried it myself and I still don’t have my FB Custom audience active…. I suppose because my Ads have never sent enough traffic to my pages??? as it says custom audience bellow 20…..???? have a great weekend everyone…


      Your custom audience is not ‘active’? How many people are in it? Facebook does have a minimum, I think you need several hundred at least until you can start running ads (Im not sure the exact number)


        Thanks Brett for taking your precious time and reply to my comment. I believe the minimum is only 20 to start being active. I suppose you don’t really need to know this…in your case when you build your custom audience it shoots straight away to well over 20 visits because of your popularity, and that’s why you have never seen this message (Inactive, audience needs to be at least 20). sorry for steering away a bit from the main subject here, which is Yair’s product. I’m glad that I’ve got it..Great value and thanks for the review.


          I do know for sure that if your audience is that low Facebook wont let you run an ad to it anyway though saying that its to small and no one will see the ad (unless they recently changed this)


            Indeed….. and I believe that the reason it is so small is because the Ad I’ve placed to send traffic to the page where the pixel is, didn’t convert very well….I just have to work harder on getting traffic, somehow to my page so that I can create a decent custom audience….thanks again Brett for your understanding and goodwill



    Do you still use the cost per impressions method in your FB ads or have you moved onto CPC? I read an older article of yours saying you preferred the cost per thousand impressions method. I actually have purchased Yair’s course for CPA and wondering which way you think might work best for what he teaches, CPC or CPM


      I use both. Very often now I post to a fan page and then ‘boost’ the post. I like this way now because its simple and fast. Its especially good because you can now target boosted posts. This is basically a CPC model. When running direct Facebook ads, not a boost post I use CPM.

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