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3.5/ 5

Creator: Joshua Zamora


Software that automates the process is where the real value is


Training felt like it was to 'lite' to be a paid product

When I did this initial review, I revealed the tactic that Video Traffic Genie teaches for free as part of the review. I did this with the permission of the product vendor as part of a deal I made which allowed my readers to get the training for free and purchase the software upsell directly […]

by Brett Rutecky
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When I did this initial review, I revealed the tactic that Video Traffic Genie teaches for free as part of the review. I did this with the permission of the product vendor as part of a deal I made which allowed my readers to get the training for free and purchase the software upsell directly without having to purchase the front end training.

However this was a limited time, special deal, which has now expired. Because of this I needed to delete my full review so I don’t continue to give away the Video Traffic Genie tactic for free.

If you missed this getting the training for free and the ability to purchase the software OTO without needing to buy the training front end then I would strongly suggest you signup for my email list so you don’t miss out on future specials that I negotiate with product vendors. Click the link below to sign up.

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 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    Thanks for this review Brett, and moreso for keeping them honest with your critique/comments-
    Josh likes his ‘recurring fees programs’, so I’m glad he played ball:)

    Just bought this thru your link, knowing now that there’s a lifetime usage, not a monthly fee-


      It’s you guys that give me leverage. Since I have a following of people that trust me, that gives me leverage to push the product vendors to do what I want, and what I want is the get the customers the best possible value. So the more followers I have, the more leverage I have to use to negotiate with the product vendors.


    Yo Brent.. Well done… Still think you should do the “Rutecky Approved” stamp on all products..I am convinced it will be an industry standard.. as very few people have the experience of programming and IM experience to pull this of…Again Cheers Stevee Ps.. Happy New Year..


    Another high value review Brett. I agree with your opinion about the training, I think it is not a training at all, more like a piece of information.

    I think it should just be sold as a software product, rather than info product with software as oto upsell.


    If only I hadn’t jumped the gun! I bought the product BEFORE your review. That’s a $27 license learned.

    I need patience… can you sell me that?

    Thanks for all you do,



      If something launches, and I dont have a review out for it, but you are considering buying, dont be shy about messaging me and asking me if I am going to be doing a review. I try to get them out by launch time, but sometimes, when I have to do a little extra (like I had to in this one) they come out a little late.

    wai kei

    Hey Brett,

    I bought after reading your review.

    Talk about crappy programming.

    When I tried to install the software, the program froze and I had to shut down the PC completely and turn it on again.

    Anyway, after restarting the PC, I took the precaution of running as a administrator and it works fine.

    Another issue I have is the “Genie” background. It’s hard to see the content with this background. Would be better with a plain sort of background.


      So because Windows now is a horrible operating system that often requires programs be installed as an administrator that means that somehow the software is at fault and has ‘crappy programming’. With respect it sounds like your making a snap judgement without understanding what your saying. Your issue is with Windows, which has become one of the worst operating systems out there and not with this software. You need to be very careful when degrading something in public and make sure you have the background to say things correctly.

      As for the ‘genie’ background, given that I pointed this exact thing out in my review, and the fact that the background kind of clutters the interface was made known to you prior to your purchasing, I really don’t think you have a right to complain about that at this point. Its kind of like someone telling you that a resturant has great food, but outdated decor, then knowing that you go eat there, only to start complaining that the look of the restaurant is outdated. Honestly most people would just say you where looking for a reason to complain, since you where aware before hand.


    Hey Brett,
    I have a question. Once I went to the sales page the oto software says $27/month for one computer install and $47 lifetime for unlimited installs. You said in your review that the software has no recurring fees. Which is correct ? Will the $27 one computer install be lifetime also and not monthly?



      I said in my review that I convinced them to change the price from $67 charged bi-annually to a one time fee that was lower, which I is what happened. $47 is lower than $67 and the $47 price is one time not bi-annual. The $27 per month option for one computer makes no sense to even consider buying when you can pay $47 one time and have unlimited installs. I’m sorry but I don’t understand what is confusing?


    Hi,Brett! The link you provide gets you to the software indeed but still with recurring monthly prize.You say in the review that you talked Joshua into one time payment for the software and this is not the case.Do you know something about this?Waiting for your answer.
    Best regards:


      So your telling me that you dont see the one time purchase option on the right hand side of the sales page? I just looked and its right there. If you cant see it let me know what browser your using and Ill send Joshua a message.



    Great going again. I have a question. If i buy a expired domain that the software find; that will mean I will have to set up a site on that domain to get the traffic…right?



      You can set up a site on the domain. Or you can redirect the domain to another URL, this can be direct to an affiliate link / offer, or to some other site if you like. (domain forwarding is something you can do without needing hosting)

    Michael Onthank

    You ROCK Brett…Thanks!

    Al Kirke

    Thanks Brett for your reviews.


    Hi Brett,

    through your link to purchase the software, it is USD 49.95 now (not bad compared to the original price).

    But when I tried to download the software, or their other resource, I faced

    “Resource Limit Is Reached

    The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later.”

    This is just the temporary server error right ?



      Yes, this is due to the massive amount of traffic that affiliates send during a launch. You have to understand that in a launch, a server gets hit hard. Im sure that will have it taken care of shortly.


    Good going on the negotiations.
    Bought through your link – of course.

    Now (surprise, surprise) their site it experiencing –
    “Resource Limit Is Reached” problems
    In other words a typical Zamora launch. ;0

    When will these guys learn?

    At any rate it sounds like a genius concept and looking forward to downloading the software and giving it a shot…


    Well, I haven’t seen this mentioned, but guys remember you have NO control over the description that would take you to the targeted site. So if the description is lame – or lacks a good call to action – your newly registered domain can be a waste of time and money!

    Again, this is NOT going to make many of you (us) rich.



      Nothing is going to make you rich Marian, if your looking for something that your going to buy that is going to make you rich then I strongly suggest that you save your money, quit IM and do something else because you are in the very wrong mindset (Im saying that to try to help, not criticize FYI). Software and training are tools to help you, but you have to make you money, they dont do it for you any more than a hammer is going to build someone a house.

      As for the description being lame, or not having a good call to action, your totally missing something here: if this is the case, then dont buy the domain and look for a different video. Sure you have no control over the description, but you do have control over what you choose to buy. … I have no control over the quality of the used cars that are available on the car lot, but I can choose not to buy one that is obviously a clunker.



    GREAT review. You saved a bunch of us time and money and helped us make a better decision. Probably helped with the refund rate, too, which helped Joshua guys out. May want to inquire about this and other IM things so requested to join your FB Group. Thanks again for your refreshing, honest review!


    I appreciate the negotiated lower price and elimination of the recurring element but your logic is appalling and Joshua should be embarrassed to have not stood his ground.

    Who on earth believes that the value of something is based on it’s cost to develop or cost to operate? That’s kindergarten level thinking. The perceived value of ANYTHING is based on the benefits it brings to the user. A glass of tap water is worth a million bucks to a person dying of thirst in the desert. If this software generated $100,000 a month would you refuse to pay $67 twice a year because there was no effort involved in maintaining it? What absurd logic.

    Nevertheless, a very valuable review; and a valuable negotiated change in pricing and terms. Thank you.


      Your comparison with a glass of tab water dying in the desert is not a very good one, your talking about a person who’s life is in danger and who has no alternative supply. That’s hardly the same as most people considering buying a software. As to who on Earth believes that the value of a product is based on its cost to develop. Everyone in the world does. A car costs more than a motorcycle because it costs more to manufacture. A house costs more than a garage because it costs more to build. A gold necklace costs more than a silver one because it costs more since gold costs more. While you are correct that perceived value is an important aspect of pricing, saying that the cost to manufacture something is not directly related to its price is idiotic. Pricing is directly related to cost to product, this is common sense, not absurd logic.

      Software, and this concept is not a man dying of thirst in the desert with one person alone selling water. Software is an open market, if you over charge someone else will jump in and undercut you. So no, if this software generated $100K a month (with is false thinking anyway since software is a tool and tools dont make you money) I would not pay $67 a month for it, I would instead write a similar one and start selling it at a better price and steal all the $67 a month peoples customers.

    Mick Menesse

    Thank for the informative and honest review.
    Something that does trouble me is that if the videos were so profitable and traffic rich I doubt the original owner would have dropped the domain in the first place unless of course these had picked up popularity at a much later date.


      There are lots of reasons. People get married, get new jobs, become wealthy and retire, they move, they take a different carrier path, they could die. There are plenty of reasons why people in essence ‘vanish’ online that have nothing to do with the profitability of their domain name or video. The internet is a big place in essence anything that can happen in the world, is likely to happen to someone online, given that so many people are online.


    Thanks Brett, your the best.


    What a clever idea !! great concept.
    Thanks Brett for the review, Oh! that is a new one! skipping the FE, get the oto, then have it discounted! wow, you must have very good negotiation skills…Thank for making this deal to benefit your subscribers, much appreciated…
    I think it’s worth mentioning one thing though: if the video owner decides to edit the description and updates his link with a new URL, after you have purchased the domain name, then you would have bought the domain for nothing, but the chances for this happening must be very low and even if this happens you would have probably made enough money already from the video before the update. Also, the cost of the domains are so low, so this should not be an issue and just write it off as a loss like in any business, and move on to the next one and have several domains to multiply your income.
    Great software, great deal, thank you.


      Yes you are right, this could happen. Though as you said its unlikely, since if the video owner was active they probably would not let their domain expire in the first place. There are lots of reasons videos and domains can get abandoned. People could quit online, people could get a job, win the lotto, get married, they could die, there are many videos who’s owners are never coming back. Also so long as you stay cash positive its all good. Ie. if you spend $9 on a domain, earn $50 and for some reason , even though its very unlikely, loose the video, so what, your still +$41, just move over to a different domain.


    To be honest, I’m sick and tired of sellers selling only half the solution at a low price, and holding back the ‘meat & veg’ to make it a worthwhile purchase as an OTO. Keep coming across this and have decided to remove myself from all the lists of sellers doing this in 2016. Thank you for another great review.



    This is what makes Brett Rutecky different from the rest.
    He has the balls to get down to the nitty gritty and quiz the product creators
    when things just do not appear to be right with a product.
    Always has the buyer and his followers concerns at heart.
    Thanx Brett

      Larry K

      I agree! Brett is the first person that I come across that calls a spade a spade!
      I don’t purchase anything ,,,until I read his reviews.

      I no longer rush to buy things and ,,,I save myself from throwing good money to bad.

      What’s really amazing is how Brett also takes the time to reply to people!
      Brett – thanks so much! You are a rare breed !


    I unsubscribed from Josh a long time ago. It got to the point where it was apparent that the only thing Josh was concerned with was setting up a recurring income stream for himself.


    gil baller

    I’m on vacation, and wasn’t going to check your reviews this week, boy I’m glad I did.
    Thank you for all you do for your followers.


    Strange,, I bought the front end yesterday and the whole deal was less expensive than what you have listed here. The OTO was $47.. what’s up? And I still see it’s for 6 months.. ? Or is it? There still seems to be some confusion because if I can get this for a one time payment I will get this through you and get the money back on the front end. Can we get it for the $47 as well? Thanks.. Fizz


      Its one time pricing as it says above the buy button. The price was $47 one time, they are raising it over progressively.


      I will be buying this.. the $2 is no big deal.. the thing that had me a bit confused is the $67 price point you mentioned was the price of the 2nd OTO. So I hope we get the right software. I heard the site was down so I’ll buy it later today.. I hope it comes up soon. I already have gotten a report that someone I know has bought domain that could be a good one because it has good traffic and the traffic isn’t going any where so they they have fixed that and will be testing it out. I hope they do well with it.. Take care..



    I read your review, and I hope you don’t think this is a stupid question, but I really do not understand part of how the software works.

    1. I understand that the software will identify broken links that could possibly have expired domains.
    2. My question is, how do we get access to change the description link to redirect link to our affiliiates when we donot own the youtube video. Wouldn’t we have to have the person who set up the intial youtube password and username to make any changes? I’m just not understanding.


      You dont get access to the description. You buy the domain. For example, lets say I have a video that says “Learn more at” .. now I have since abandoned the video an my domain for whatever reason. You can now pop in and buy the domain, since its now your domain that the video links to, you can redirect people anywhere you want, or show them anything you like. Hope that helps.


    Thanks for the review, Brett. I always look out for your reviews nowadays because I see that you really add value to the reviews that you do. And honestly, it is really different from others that we get online nowadays.

    Keep up the good work.


    Yes thanks Brett for negotiating a deal with Josh ,better business this way no recurring payments


    Thanks for this review Brett, I was sceptical about buying from him because I’ve been done before with a product that apparently no longer exists when I went to download it. I think I’ll save my money based on your review.


    It’s no wonder that we admire you and your professional evaluations of products – you simply deserve it!
    So I’ve just purchased the software through your link, with the Lifetime license – and many thanks for all your efforts for us!


    Hi Brett

    Have to ask as do not use windows at all, whether this works on a Mac?


    Hi Brett,

    I’ve just purchased the software from your link. Guess what? I jumped in at $51.95.

    Thanks again for your time to review this product & negotiations on getting the best discount possible for your customers/readers.

    Nice to be a member of CanvasPro too :)))
    Have a great day & take care

    Mike Hynes

    Hi Brett,
    Greetings from UK. Just purchased through your link. Thanks for your review & the deal you got us. Much appreciated.

    David F

    Any idea yet what you will be reviewing next?

    Harold Nusbaum


    Sorry for what may appear to be a stupid question, but your “APPROVED” link takes me to the standard $47. p/month sales page. Where do I go to get your OTO offer page only?

    Harold Nusbaum


      When you click my link you see two pricing buttons, on the left is the normal $47 per month, on the right is the one time price for $57 that clearly says its one time pricing in red text above the buy button. I just double checked and its still there for me. Are you saying you dont see this option?


    I guess the one time payment for life time access is expired. I used your link and it took me to a monthly subscription.


      When you click my link you see two pricing buttons, on the left is the normal $47 per month, on the right is the one time price for $57 that clearly says its one time pricing in red text above the buy button. I just double checked and its still there for me. Are you saying you dont see this option?


    Ugggh. I missed the training. Planned to listen to it yesterday, but it was my birthday and I had a house full of folks here. Oh well! I will not miss the next one.

    Lea Wheeler

    Garbage. . .the program has been milked dry and that’s why it went back on the market three months later.. . . I sat all day – 7hours – to find just one video; I had lists
    and lists of keywords/ideas- NOTHING! Thousands of hits not one expired site and I don’t have time to check every site at WhoIs to maybe grab a site six months from now, in-case the owner doesn’t renew!. If this programs was all its made out to be the authors would be making a killing and wouldn’t need a few thousand in sale from a second showing.

    I actually believe that this is also true of a lot of programs that go on sale. Now, if I can’t get the program running in the allotted grace period for refunding, I refund. That simple.


      Strange I found a video in just a few minutes. Perhaps I got lucky? IDK. As for that comment about ‘wouldn’t need a few thousand’ .. that’s just a silly comment. Who ever said the need a few thousand extra (its probably close to a few tens of thousands extra) .. but just because they dont ‘need’ it does not mean they dont want it. I dont NEED to sell software myself. But I do, because I want the income from it. No one ever says “Oh I have to much money” .. even Bill Gates goes to work every day 🙂 Either way though, sorry you have not had much luck, and if your not happy you should for sure request a refund.

      Ben van den Berg

      Hi Lea,

      The exact same experience I had. 99,9 % of the videos the system ‘finds’ for you has URL’s that are not available. Also in the sales video they tell you it’s awesome when you find a video with thousands of views. The point is that it doesn’t really matter. What matters is the number of views the video get’s today on average. In the FB group there are many many complaints about the software not working at all and if it works bringing no results. Admins only react in a patronising way telling people they use the wrong keywords etc. Well I’m in internetmarketing for years now and I know a bit about KW’s I dare to say.

      Also when you find a good video with let’s say 100 views a day you are very lucky if you get 1 or 2 clicks from that. And if te owner of the video changes the URL in the description your asset has gone, The video isn’t yours!

      Whan I posted some critical notes and suggestions ti improve the software I found an email in my inbox with ‘refunded’ They just remove everybody with a critical note like most of the internet marketers do.

      Or will you allow this post on here Brett? 😉


        Why wouldnt I allow this post on here Ben? We are about honesty on this blog. I write my experience (but of course my experience is not when thousands of people where using this), if your experience is different than not only will I post it, but I will thank you for taking the time to give us all some extra insight 🙂


    Hi,I would like to subscribe to your mailing list but the link above leads me to a blank page, no subscription form.

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