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1.5/ 5

Creator: Tlynn Griffith
Type: Web Based Software


Very basic video / photo editor


Way over priced, to little value

Tonight I’m doing my final review of Video Hero PRO I was asked to review Video Hero Pro by my friend LuAnn and while I really think LuAnn is a great person and all she knows that I’m totally (and bluntly) honest in my reviews. I really don’t want to make her upset or made […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Tonight I’m doing my final review of Video Hero PRO

I was asked to review Video Hero Pro by my friend LuAnn and while I really think LuAnn is a great person and all she knows that I’m totally (and bluntly) honest in my reviews. I really don’t want to make her upset or made with me but as always my first loyalty lies with my readers. So I just want to say, in advance, LuAnn: I’m sorry if this review upsets you, its nothing personal.

Ok so here we go: First, what exactly is Video Hero Pro? Well its a web based video and graphics editor. What is the advantage of having these kinds of software be web based? None really. But they decided for some reason that the world needs web based editors.

From the very beginning I was less than impressed with this software. As soon as I got to the members area I did not have much hope that this would be a professional quality product. The members log in screen is horrid. It looks like a throw back from 1999 or something.


Now it may seem like I’m starting off by picking on them because I don’t like their site design and that may seem petty. However I have reviewed a lot of software and in my experience when something does not look professional it tends to not be professional. Still beauty is in the eye of the beholder so I wanted to test this software and give it a chance to show me that it is a quality product.

Unfortunately from the beginning I had a problem. Actually even before I logged in I had a problem. You see the vendors of Video Hero Pro emailed me my review access log in credentials several days ago and since I get a couple hundred emails a day the email got lost in the clutter. I remembered my username was my email address but I could not remember my password. So I hit the password recovery link to save myself from having to sort through all those emails to find my password. Unfortunately the password recovery link does not work at all.  Every time I clicked it it just seemed to submit the signup form, which then brought me back to the signup page with a notice telling me the info I entered was incorrect. Of course it was incorrect, I did not enter any signup info, I clicked the ‘reset my password’ link. Ah well, so much for that, in the end I had to sort through my Yahoo mail account to find my password and log in.

Once I got logged in I noticed a few things right off the bat. First this is built on top of WordPress. Now I can see using WordPress for a membership site or for a download site, but build a SaaS on top of WordPress is just silly. There is no reason to do it in any way and it just makes the entire software seem cheap and poorly done. This however is an over all theme with this software. It just feels cheap and low quality.

The second thing I noticed was a big message that tells me two important things.


The first important thing is that I should watch the training videos before I start. Well I did. The problem is that they are not so great (there are two of them). The audio is very low and the quality is poor. They where drawn out and boring. They did not explain things well or in enough detail and can best be described as some guy doing a screen share and muttering for 8-9 minutes. In the videos as with the site over all they seem to be keeping with the same theme of low quality.

The second thing I noticed is that you can not download any of the video, audio or graphics that come with this software. You see it comes with a whole lot of intro / outro videos, stock graphics, and a couple hundred audio tracks. These would be great to use with something like Explaindio or Easy Sketch, or even with a more high end software like Camtasia  Unfortunately this is not allowed. You can only use these assets with the Video Hero Pro software.

The problem with this is that the Video Hero Pro software is far from a professional quality video editor. In fact its not even a mediocre quality video editor. Its functionally is basically limited to uploading an existing video and then adding things over the video such as graphics, audio or text. You cant do any real video editing such as splicing, trimming, audio / visual editing etc.  While this does allow you to add graphics and text over a video that’s basically all it does as far as video editing (lets you add things to an existing video). What this means is that you will need to edit your video first in an actual video editor before using this software. But that’s kind of pointless because any real video editor is going to be able to do everything Video Hero can do anyway. So you really wont need it.

What this means is that the only real value to be had from this software is in the massive library of assets that they include with it. These as I said are things like into videos, outro videos, cliparts, audio tracts etc. However the value is sapped away by the realization that you are not allowed to download these assets for use with a quality video editor. You must use them with this software only. Given that the software is devoid of any real editing ability it makes the assets included far less valuable.

Now I started thinking. Perhaps some people just want to do very light editing. Perhaps some people will just want to add audio tract to their existing video. For some people who just want something quick and are not to interested in professional quality results this might be ok right? I mean not all videos have to be polished perfect. My review videos are quickly made (though even in them I do more editing than can be done with this software).  But then I looked at the price.

The price of this software ranges from between $27 and $57. But its not a one time price. This is a monthly service. $27-$57 for this thing? Are they kidding? Nope. Now I understand that this is a hosted software and because it deals with video there is going to be a lot of bandwidth and disk space usage. But really that’s just an example of why there is really no need to have a web based video editor. Honestly I would thing this was a poor value at $57 one time. I would think it was of questionable value at $27 one time. But having these be monthly fees is just insane.

So by now you probably noticed that I was not at all impressed me the site, the software, or the pricing. This software is over priced and underwhelming. If you want to make videos get a real video editor. For example I use AVS Video editor. It can be had for less than $60 (one time payment). It can add text, graphics etc over videos just like Video Hero Pro can (only the interface is much better) and it can do a whole lot more that Video Hero Pro cant.


 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    Are you offering any bonuses with this Brett? Because your review wasn’t the most complimentary then in order for me to buy you’d have to throw in a solid bonus – some PLR on how to blog successfully or something like that


      Well of course Im not offering any bonuses. I told people NOT to buy it (notice the REJECTED button at the end). I think your confused about how I do my reviews. Unlike most people I dont promote everything I review. I do real reviews, even if that means telling people something is not worth buying.


      ??Why would you BUY this if he rejected it, and if you have to have Bonuses then you are just a FREEBIE seeker and not into the real product in the first place or you would have Watched the video on this product and saw that it is not that good.

    Joseph Taska

    Brett you should review video box pro which has been sent out by EVERYONE in the affiliate market…except you I unfortunately bought it from Todd Gross…. It has so many problems in the software and nobody answers me with a solution… This is a stain on the industry… no support and a terrible product that needs fixing…. maybe you can help
    Joseph Taska


      I had not reviewed it because I have been super busy with my own upcoming software release. Im not sure how I can help honestly. However I can forward your email address to Todd Gross and tell him your not getting support requests answered.

        Joseph Taska

        thanks brett please foward for me thanks

        Raheel Ahmed

        Hey guys, Its Raheel Ahmed here. The software development lead of Team {link removed} and the developer of video box as well. If any one facing issues regarding video box please add me on Skype for instant live support skype id : rahealahmed

        Thanks 🙂

      Roman Yarosh

      I unfortunately bought it too


      Just curious as to what problems you are having ?

      And have you heard from them ?


        This review is about Video Hero, please lets stick to the subject of the post. I approved the original comment because I wanted to let the poster know I was trying to help him as best as I can. But I would prefer to avoid a detailed conversation about a subject that has nothing to do with Video Hero Pro. Thanks for your understanding.

    Jim P

    So nice and refreshing . as always, to see an honest review. Bravo…
    Jim P

    Brendan Carron

    Hi Brett. I am glad you felt same sa me that thought monthly price were put off.

    I thought good one to have GiF creator in those package but have to think about return on investment value.

    I wil check another review from your’s on Video Hero PRO.
    I will pass it over for now. I like her cartoon characters welcome login and on salespage. Thats cool.

    Lu Ann will take our comments on board and will figure out in time being.

    I always enjoy your text page on honest reviews from any products.

    Thumbs up!!

    Brendan Carron


    Hello Brett,
    Thanks for the honest and thorough review. I took an initial look at this as they offered it to prior customers at a discounted price. But the JVZoo terms set off a red light for me.

    “This product is created and sold by Tlynn Griffith ( Griff ), the product’s vendor.
    This product has a 0 days return policy and will be handled by the product vendor ”

    Software with a NO return policy signals to me that something may be wrong. Especially, when it comes from someone who doesn’t have a strong reputation in the software creation business. How is a customer supposed to know how and if it even works as described? If it doesn’t with no return or refund possible then I have no recourse. . Obviously, in this case it doesn’t.
    I am so happy you are there in our corner to do these reviews.

    Thank you

    Colin Koh

    Bravo Brett for helping Joseph Taska 🙂


    Exactly what I thought..
    thanks for the review Mr Brett


    There is a good general principle here. If a product is not specific to IM, you will get far better value by buying a product aimed at the general market than one aimed at IMers. There are often free products out there that can do a better job, but they don’t come as part of the shiny object stream, and so many IMers will miss them. Frequently all the heavy lifting in video, graphics, etc is done by open source libraries anyway – these vendors are just supplying a veneer over the top.


      There is nothing wrong with using code librarys .. every single developer in the world uses them (and many of us also share our own). If you think that developing a software using librarys is somehow ‘cheap’ you are very much mistaken.


    Thanks for your honest review.


    Can you give us a link to the video editor that you DO use please? Thanks.

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