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Creator: Joshua Zamora
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Syndicate your videos or posts to dozens of places


Inital setup may take some time

Today I’m doing a review of a new software called SyndLab First watch my interview with Joshua, he does a very good walk through in it.     So what exactly is SyndLab? Well it is a syndication software. But I guess that begs the second question “What is a syndication software”? Let me explain: […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I’m doing a review of a new software called SyndLab

First watch my interview with Joshua, he does a very good walk through in it.



So what exactly is SyndLab? Well it is a syndication software. But I guess that begs the second question “What is a syndication software”? Let me explain:

Syndication is a very common tactic that has been uses since the beginning of the internet. There is two kinds of syndication. Syndication sites like Yahoo which pull in other content and aggregate it into one location. This is not what SyndLab does. SyndLab is kind of the reverse of that actually. Its where you push your content to other location in order to maximize the chance of it being viewed. As I said this is an ‘age old’ tactic, and it makes sense as well. The more places you have your content, the more likely people are to see your content (and your links or whatever call to action you have in your content).

In the old day this was done by contacting popular, well trafficked blog owners and basically begging them to publish your content on your site. That really sucked. Fortunately social media changed everything. Social sites are very popular, have lots of visitors and let you post your content to them as often as your like without even requesting permission. But doing this is still quite time consuming, that’s why SyndLab comes in.

SnydLab is a software that automates the process of reposing your content to the most popular social sites. Your content can be links, it can be videos, or it can be entire articles (like this one), its up to you. Either way, no matter what kind of content you have, SyndLab automatically republishes it. This gives you back-links and also gives you the maximum chance that people will see it. Again as I said, the more places your content is, the more people will see it. That’s just common sense.

In my interview with Joshua he stated that SnydLab can syndicate content to 21 different services. However in my testing I noticed that it actually only has 15 of them.

I asked Joshua about this discrepancy and he stated that there will be 21  by launch time, and that the other 6 are private bookmarking sites (that I assume he is creating).

I’m going to have to totally discount those 6 sites though as they are not integrated at the time of testing. Also if they are new, I have no way of knowing if they are valuable or not. Im also going to totally discount Evernote .. because frankly who frigging cares about posting content to Evernote. So that means, at the time of testing, there are a total of 14 different locations that SyndLab can automatically syndicate your content to. I’m going to be honest, I was a bit of a disappointment to see that Google + was not included, however Joshua said that they removed their API so it was not possible. Fortunately most of the other big name sites are integrated.

So now that we know what SyndLab the next logical question is what do I think of it? Well first off there is training built into it, but it is very easy to use. In fact when Joshua was doing his demo in my interview I noticed that the hardest thing about demoing it was that there was not a lot to do to use SyndLab so there was not a lot to show. Probably the hardest thing about it is going to be setting up your initial accounts. This is not hard to do in the sense if difficult, SyndLab makes it easy, but it will probably take anywhere from 15-30 minutes if you plan on syndicating to all the sites that SyndLab supports. Fortunately you only have to do that once though.

In my testing I posted to a few test accounts on the sites that SyndLab supports and I did notice that one of the scheduled posts failed. Not the entire schedule, just one of the social sites. I believe this is because they are doing some last minute fine tuning just before the launch though.

Over all I think SyndLab is a useful tool. I’m sure we can all agree that having your posts, articles, or videos on as many places as possible where it can be seen by as many people as possible just makes sense. More people seeing syndicated content equates to free traffic (especially if you have a link or call to action in your content). Because the system works, and automates a time tested tactic I feel comfortable saying:






Bonus: There are several free bonuses that Joshua has provided vendors to give away. Honestly everyone who buys SyndLab is going to get those regardless of who they buy from.You can see them below, I wanted to give something unique for my blog readers only keep reading to see my special bonus!

Now for my special / exclusive bonus! One of my favorite ways the get traffic, readers, and views is from Google. When it boils down to it Google is probably one of the only free traffic sources. Its totally passive and its totally free. If you do things the right way you can get a lot of people to see your site or content. In fact organic SEO traffic is my second highest traffic source, and has gotten me over 35,000 views to this very blog in just the 5 months we are into 2017



As my special bonus for anyone who picks up SyndLab through me, I’m going to give free access to my SEO training that explains how I can get all of this free traffic without any kind of crazy plugin or without doing any manual back linking. More importantly though this training explains how you can do it as well. Its actually quite easy, once you know what to do!

Click here to get SyndLab and my special SEO / Ranking training bonus, I have added it right inside of JVZoo so you can get instant access.




 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.


    Razaq Olaniyi Sunmonu

    Brett, for your reviews I am in love with you because of your honest and frank reviews, please keep it up.
    But there is something I observe in the SyndLab interview and your blog article above. Josua fails to mention where to get the content? or is the content included? And I was expecting you to help us ask that question during the interview session you had with Josua.
    Apart from this the SyndLab is awesome, please help us clearify the content issue if not included please advice Josua to include how a beginner and seasonal entrepreneur can get unique content. ( image and articles )
    I know spreading your content across the web is equal to free traffic that is why I can vote for SyndLab of Josua. And the pro price is awesome and welcome!


      “Josua fails to mention where to get the content?”

      Well lets be fair, SyndLab is a tool for syndicating the content, expecting it to come with content is kind if like buying a saw and expecting it to come with lumber 🙂
      Fortunately content is FREE for anyone who wants to put in a bit of effort. Anyone can make a video these days, anyone can type an article these days. Do yourself a favor, but in that little bit of effort, having original content is worth it.

    Gary Chevers

    Hi Brett,

    I’m trying to get in touch with you to ask you a couple of questions. But, your contact page only has the blanks. I can’t see what needs to go in each one. Thanks.

    -Gary Chevers


    what about the duplicate this a no no?
    I heard from another affiliate that they were going to add
    integration with Spin Rewriter…Any Thoughts?


      As far as I understand it, dup content does not apply to social shares. Its more of a thing to stop people from copying one blog post and pasting into their own.


    Hi Brett, just wondering what’s the difference between what Syndlab does and what we can do with IFTTT? Can’t we use IFTTT to do what Syndlab does?


    Recently syndlab 2.0 is also launched, please explain more… why both syndlab and IFTTT are different? as IFTTT is also a social syndication tool which automatically syndicates to various social networking sites


    I’m trying to buy the software but there is some error at the payment page.
    Brett, do you have any contacts with Joshua Zamora to get this fixed? I will be more than glad to purchase from your link.



      Well its hard to help you with “some error” when you chose not to say what “some error” actually is. I do have contact information for Joshua, but as Im sure you can understand I am not in the habit of giving out peoples personal information to random site visitors that I do not know.

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