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Creator: Joshua Zamora
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Platform is built on a proven tactic


The OTO could be a bad thing (if to many people buy it)

Today I’m taking a look at a new platform called SyndBuddy First, before reading my overview / review take a moment to watch my interview with creator Joshua Zamura   I call SyndBuddy a platform because that’s what it really is. Its a platform and not a software. A software is a tool that normally […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I’m taking a look at a new platform called SyndBuddy

First, before reading my overview / review take a moment to watch my interview with creator Joshua Zamura


I call SyndBuddy a platform because that’s what it really is. Its a platform and not a software. A software is a tool that normally solves a specific problem, automates a specific problem, or makes a specific aspect of your life easier. SyndBuddy is actually different. Its platform, a network that people can use to get social likes, posts, shares, views and much more.

I think network is a very good way to describe SyndBuddy actually because it is a network of people.  Its a network based off of an old, and proven tactic that people have been using since probably the beginning of the internet (and certainly as long as I have ever been online, which is much longer than my IM carrier). The tactic is basically “you scratch my back, Ill scratch yours”. It’s the idea that if people share each others content everyone gets more traffic and credibility. You see this all the time actually though might not realize it.  Guest posting on blogs, link exchanges,  banner exchange, one person mentioning another channel in their YouTube video, people posting to other peoples groups (with permission), we even do it in the IM space (backend affiliates bonuses). The idea is simple, if I give you a little, and you give me a little, we both end up better off.

The point of SyndBuddy is to get peoples content, links, posts shared, liked and viewed, by real people (not bots or click farms which is uncool). The reason is because these social signals will make your content look more important to the search engines and of course more shares equals more views and in the IM business more views equals more money.

The way SyndBuddy does this is with a network of users and a credit system. Each person on the network has a specific number of credits. Think of this as a sort of money. When that user shares, likes, watches, etc they earn credits. When someone shares, likes etc their content they spend credits. This is just what I was talking about earlier. The time tested and proven ‘you scratch my back, Ill scratch yours’ tactic that so many websites, YouTube channels, and groups have used to get noticed by more people. Only its much easier, its tracked, and most importantly since SyndBuddy users are on a network of like minded people its easy to find people to make this arrangement with (unlike on your own which can take forever willing to do this with you).

I really like this concept because its a proven to work one and I really like the fact that Joshua built a platform to facilitate it.  However there is one thing that concerns me. That is the OTO, which is a monthly fee, and which gives the buyer a monthly allotment of credits without having to do any actual sharing of other peoples content. The reason this concerns me is because the entire point of the SyndBuddy tactic is a give and take. However with that OTO people can take without having to give. I’m not so sure that this is the best thing for the network. Its kind of like cheating. Also if to many people buy the OTO SyndBuddy can end up in a situation where more people have credits to spend than those that want to earn credits. That would be super bad for a system that requires both people wanting to spend and people wanting to earn in order to work.  Fortunately though its unlikely that many people will want to invest in a monthly OTO so its unlikely to happen. Ideally you would want to have the OTO so you can get free credits, but not have to many other people buy it as well.

Despite this once concern, which probably wont be an actual issue in practice, I really like SyndBuddy. Often I see people in the IM space try to make a product by inventing a problem and then inventing a solution to the problem. This is not the case with SyndBuddy, in this case Joshua took a very valid, and well used tactic for getting social signals, shares, and traffic and built a platform around this tactic to make it easier to facilitate. Good job!





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    Aleksandr Ivanchin

    It look to be awesome platform.
    Similar to SocialAdr, but much-much better.
    Thanks for the review, Brett

    Kenneth Durham Sr

    Hello Brett

    Just got SyndBuddy through your link and did not see the bonus in JVzoo, am I early?


    What do 2k cost?


      In the time you have spent waiting for me to answer you could have clicked the approve link, went over to the sales page, and found out for your self. Sometimes Im astonished at some peoples lack of motivation to put in even the tiniest bit of effort to help themselves.

    billys tzampos

    Hello Brett

    I bought SyndBuddy 2κ
    Is amazing programs SyndBuddy and Autonars
    Thank you very much for your bonus

    Salvatore Zingale

    Okay went for it and I think SyndBuddy is an exceptional online tool. Plus since I am already a SyndLab Pro member, so this a perfect complement to help with social expansion.

    The Autonars Bonus is another fantastic value too.

    Relative to Autonars, if I already have agency access to some of your other products, am I supposed to be using that already known email and password, when signing up, so it ties together correctly?

    And a BIG THANKS Brett, your reviews are great!

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