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3.5/ 5

Creator: Joshua Zamora
Type: Cloud Software


Solid concept, lots of automation


Does not work on Facebook groups

Today I took a look at a new cloud based software called Sociible First watch me interview with the creator of Sociible: When I first heard about Sociible and watched its demo it really reminded my of my JackJacker WordPress plugin. Honestly my first thought was, ok, here we go, another jacking software that is […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I took a look at a new cloud based software called Sociible

First watch me interview with the creator of Sociible:

When I first heard about Sociible and watched its demo it really reminded my of my JackJacker WordPress plugin. Honestly my first thought was, ok, here we go, another jacking software that is not nearly as good as the one I wrote. I say not nearly as good because my JackJacker plugin is unique in the fact that it not only jacks other peoples websites it also jacks the websites meta data, which means that when you share the jacked site to social media it really looks like the original un-jacked site. This is something unique, that no other product of its kind does as far as I know and one of the main reasons my plugin is so popular.

However I have known Joshua for a long time and I obviously like the concept of jacking software (I wrote one after all) so I figured why not reach out to him, ask him some questions, and see if there is anything that makes his platform better than the software I created. Ill be honest, Im a bit egotistical, and some part of me kind of wanted there to be nothing that makes his software better than mine.  This however was not the case.

When I wrote my JackJacker software it was the only one of its kind. The only one that was able to jack meta data and really make the jacked site look like the original site on social media. But Sociible does this as well. Their developers have figured out how I do it and they do it to. Thats not all though. Sociible goes way beyond my own software as far as functionality and automation. It will automatically find content for you to jack, it will automatically post your content to social media at a set schedule for you, it has way more monitization options then my own software has ever had, and its a cloud based software unlike the WordPress plugin I wrote.

It is, as much as it hurts my pride to say, a better software. It has all of the benefits of my own software but with a lot more functionality, features and automation. Now you might think that this makes me angry that they took my idea and made a better version of it. But the truth does, it does not. My Jack Jacker plugin is a great tool, one that thousands of people have downloaded and used in their marketing business, but now there is a even better tool, a tool that can help people even more, sure it hurts my pride to say that someone created a better version of a software that I wrote years ago, it makes me glad to see that a concept that I had years ago has been used to create a software platform that can really help people in their business.





Bonus: I got some very cool bonuses from Joshua for anyone who picks up Sociible though my link. But first, before I show you them I also want to mention the special discount code I got from him. Use coupon code “BRETT4” at checkout to get $4 off the advertised price!

You will also get these special bonuses!

And of course just because I love to over deliver you will get free access to my unreleased VIDEO JACKER WordPress plugin. Something I have not sold, and that you can not even buy (you can only get it as a special bonus). 





But not only that, you will get full rights to it. You can use it yourself, you can give it away as a lead magnet, you can even sell it!


Click here to get Sociible and all of these awesome bonuses!


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Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.


    Charles van Veen

    Thank you for the review Brett


    This is probably scam. Social media has killed the blogging industry. There is no such thing as free social media traffic (for example facebook algorithm change). You don’t believe me? Look at Similar Web !!! I have analysed hundreds of websites with Similar Web. These websites don’t get any free social media traffic. Brett, you have created amazing tools, thanks a lot. Please stop promoting these tools. Am I wrong? Yes, maybe. If yes, please post a tutorial how to get traffic with jacking tools. Please, no shiny objects any more.


      Umm yea you are very wrong. But thats not what concerns me, what concerns me is you are the worst kind of wrong person. You are the kind that is cynical because of your own lack of understand on how little you know about the thing you are wrong about. No one gets free traffic from Facebook anymore .. lol? I got 448 free site visitors to this very blog this week alone from Facebook (without ads). Social Media is one of the most important traffic sources online. Really, and Im not trying to say this, but your comments here are so wrong they are borderline stupid (and Im not saying that to attack you, Im saying that because its just a fact). Really what you should do is spend less time thinking you know what you are talking about and more time actually listening to people who do. Hope that helps 🙂


        You’re rude and hurtful. But I like that. I appreciate honesty. I would love to listen to you. How about a DETAILED guide on how to make money with Superjacker and Jackjacker Gold?


          So you start by insulting me personally and calling me ‘rude’ and then you continue to ask me to do something for you and give you fee training. Ah well, I guess the world needs all kinds of people 🙂


    Hi – Clever SAAS system & looks robust. FE offer is tempting & thanks for code discount. Thinking of getting this as your bonus looks good…well maybe as there is no explanation on what the WP plugin can do! I tried searching for Info but the serps return a similar sounding plugin that doesn’t look like the same logo above. Thanks & I look forward for clarification as the offer suggests agency license?


      The offer is not ‘agency license’ (as I normally use it). I dont have a demo of my plugin, but it is a free bonus, I did not intend for people to buy Sociible just to get my plugin bonus, its intended to give extra value to people who want Sociible anyway (as a thank you for them buying though me).

    paul h

    i like this product very much an am considering buying it. However Brett, maybe you can offer some advice. If posting multiple times on social media sites particularly fb, using this product, how to avoid being flagged for spam? The way I see it a person would need to be able to post hundreds if not thousands of times for this to be effective? Any of your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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