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Creator: Austin Anthony


make videos fast, that rank fast


not for making 'polished' videos

Today Im doing a review of the new Profits Play software.   So what exactly is Profits Play? Well first Im going to be upfront and tell you what its not. Its not one of those fancy video builders that is designed to make sharp, crisp looking, highly polished videos. Instead its designed to quickly […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today Im doing a review of the new Profits Play software.


So what exactly is Profits Play?

Well first Im going to be upfront and tell you what its not. Its not one of those fancy video builders that is designed to make sharp, crisp looking, highly polished videos. Instead its designed to quickly make very basic ‘slide show’ style videos that rank high and rank fast.

There are two ways to use Profits Play. First you can use the ‘Autopilot mode’ where you simple enter your keywords your targeting, enter your URL that you want in the description (this is where you want traffic to go to), select the number of videos you want to make and then press go.


The software will then try to find relevant images in to use to make the slideshow video. It will also add text as well as a music background track.

While this is a very fast way to make a bunch of videos its also not a very flexible way. You have no control over the images or the text that are going to be used in your video. Also it always uses the same background track, which frankly is not so good. While I understand that they need to pull the images automatically since this is the ‘auto pilot’ mode I wish they would have had the option to select from a few different background tracks.

The preferred way to build your videos is going be to use the ‘Advanced mode’.


With the advanced mode you can upload your own images for the ‘slide show’ video and add your own background music.  While this takes slightly longer however will still let you make videos super fast.

Here is a video made with this software in Autopilot mode:

Here is another one in the Advanced mode:

So why exactly would you want to make these kinds of videos anyway? I mean as I said at the beginning of this article they are not well polished super sharp videos, so what good are they?

The answer is simple. Youtube videos rank fast and they rank high on Google and you can put a link in the description (an affiliate link will work, but better is a link to a review or bonus page)

One thing Im pretty good at is getting my blog posts and website to rank high in Google. Just about every product I review is on the first page and often I’m in the top 5 or so results. However just about every time there is a video that has out ranked me, or if I happen to be #1 the video is right below me. Take a look at the image below:

1You can see Im ranked #1 for the product “Ad Hero” however right below me is a generic 2 minute and 2o second video. Both my review and that video have affiliate links on them however there is one big difference. The review I made took me hours, the video that the #2 guy made was spit out very fast.  I put in a ton of work , he made a basic video without any real effort. Also while I have finally outranked him, for quite a while I was #2 and he was #1.

You have to understand, Google owns YouTube. Because of this they naturally are going to give extra weight in their search results to YouTube videos.


The way I think of Profits Play is like a shotgun. A shotgun shoots out a huge spread of pellets in the hope that at least some of them will hit the target. With a shotgun you ‘hedge your bets’. You know that not all of the pellets are going to hit, but you can be reasonable sure that at least some of them will.  As opposed to a rifle which sends out a single bullet that either hits home or misses all together.

Creating a high end video or a very detailed review is like firing a rifle. You either hit or you miss. There is no in between. Creating fast and easy slide show videos with a system like Profits Play is a shotgun. You know not all of them are going to be great. But you can be reasonable sure that some of them will hit the bulls eye.

In fact here is a basic tactic for making videos with Profits Play:

1) Go over to and look up the upcoming launches.

2) View the affiliate / JV pages. These will often have product demos as well as product shots that you can take screenshots of and use for your slideshow images

3) Head over to a free music site like and download some royalty free background tracks for your videos

4) Use Profits Play to quickly make videos for all of the launches coming up, put your affiliate link in the product description (make sure you cloak it) or a link to your blog / review site if you have one.

This is going to allow you to quickly have videos that rank high in the search engine results that link to your affiliate link or to your website. Sure your not going to get a ton of traffic and sales from each one of them. But because you have so many of them so fast it all ads up. This tactic is very similar to building niche / keyword specific websites.

Ok so what do I think of the software?

Well I will be totally honest. The interface while not difficult to understand could have been refined a little.  It’s not that is bad, its just that its not as ‘polished’ as I would have liked. The tutorials where made by the developer of Profits Play and while they explain the software well he does have a bit of an accent and the audio volume is a little low. Over all I would rate the interface and the software its self as acceptable.  Not bad, but not excellent either. It does work as described though. When I tested it did make my videos as it should and automatically uploaded them to my YouTube account.

I normally dont review OTO’s however:

This time Im going to make an exception. Why am I making an exception? Well because Austin gave me access to them without me asking and because he told me about them when he and I where chatting about this product. So I cant just pretend that I don’t know what they are and that I don’t have an opinion on them.

The first OTO is 5 extra licenses that allows you to create accounts for your assistant or for people who works for you. These are personal licenses. You cant sell or give away those 5 extra licenses. Personally I was a bit unhappy by that. If I buy something it should be mine an I should be able to do what I want with it.  I think if people buy 5 extra licenses they should be able to do whatever they want with them. Yet to be fair I understand that they dont want people to start underselling and competing with them.

Also included with the OTO 1 is their YouTube tracking add on to Profits Play which will allow you to track the rank of any YouTube video. This is a cool little feature and I dont think its unreasonable to ask people to pay a little extra to get it. More costs more after all, and this functionality took more time to develop and test. Its not unfair to ask for some extra payment for it.

Finally with OTO 1 you get  additional back linking functionality.You see Profits Play will automatically build back links to different blogs etc. However with OTO 1 you can add on your credentials to sites like Twitter, Delicious, Diigo, Xing etc and it will build backlinks to your videos on those sites under your account automatically.


OTO 2 is a training upsell. In this training they promise to teach you step by step how to make money with Profits Play.


Im going to be totally honest about this training. I was not to impressed. The speaker again has an accent and is a bit difficult to understand (at least to me). There are 4 modules with a total of 9 videos that have a combined content of about 1 hour and 10 minutes. The content itself has a lot of basic info, such as niche research and finding cpa offers etc,  that is either widely know or can be had from other sources for a lower price. If your a total newbie you might consider it but personally I did not think there was enough ‘substance’ to justify the $47 price tag.

So what do I think of Profits Play over all? Well while there are things that I did not particularly like about it over all I do like the concept and I do like what it does.

I know for sure that YouTube videos rank fast and rank high. I know for sure that its much more easy to rank these kinds of videos than it is a website or blog post. In fact I was chatting with my friend about this product last night and he showed me how he was able to rank one of his test videos #2 on Google and #1 on YouTube using this in only 3 hours for an upcoming product launch. This video then has a back link to his blog in the description which will no doubt get him additional traffic. (he could have used a cloaked affiliate link if he wanted as well)

With Profits Play you can make videos fast. Just fill in some settings and the software will then automatically create the videos, upload them to your YouTube account, and post some back links to your YouTube video.

If your looking to make really professional looking, highly polished videos then this is for sure not for you. However if your looking to quickly make videos with minimal effort that rank well and that each send you a bit of traffic that all ads up to a lot then Profits Play is worth considering.



 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    Hi Brett,

    Thanks again for your honest review. Do you know if Youtube will ban your account if you’re uploading tons of videos to your account in such a short timespan?



      Yes they might. Profits Play actually covers this though. The system will only let you upload a max of 10 videos per day. This is to insure people dont get over excited and upload to many to fast. Austin and I spoke about this in the interview but I forgot to mention it in the text. Sorry about that.

    Joseph Taska

    Would like to see what a video looks like after the software creates it…. It was an important part left out…


      Well that was left out, but thats not an important part because as I said these videos are NOT suppose to be great looking, if your looking to make good looking videos this is not what you would use. However I have added a video to this review that was made with this software.


    Thanks for the review. If you tube ban for 10 vids . How about using the outsourcing license will that be ok? Or should I use different ip? Thx


    Sorry I meant over 10 vid on one license


      YouTube does not ‘ban for over 10’ .. 10 a days though is just a number that they feel is guaranteed to be safe. You can use the outsource licenses but you need to have them post to other YouTube accounts (Austin talks about this in the interview)

    Donald McDermott

    hey Brett… first I want to say I stopped looking at other people’s reviews; most are JV partners so… what can you expect. I really am grateful for the work you do.
    Ok… the question> so I have a few clients, I did professional videos of them – I want to rank them and drive traffic to an offer or their site. Can i use these “mass” of videos to get better ranking for the somewhat professional stuff I did? Not sure I want to have the clients see a lower quality video. Thoughts on how to make this work???



      No I dont think this can help you with that. If your already making high end videos then you really dont need this.


        But Brett we can use this as a kind of video ranking or backlinking software for our existing high quality videos by uploading our own instead of using their crude and rather ugly-looking image-generated vids. Surely there is enough value in this even if doing away with the video creation element?


          I did not see any way to upload your own software in this. I dont think you can do that. Ill double check though and make sure I did not miss an option like that and if I did I will update this comment.

          **UPDATE** after responding I realized what you might have meant. You are correct you can use the back linker separately, just enter your YT video links and it will build back links to the. For some reason when I read your comment I thought you where talking about uploading your video to the software when of course you meant upload it to YouTube .. duhh .. my brain shut down for a second.

      Steven Bell

      Their back-linking functionality isn’t directly related to their video generation process. It’s a separate screen where you can enter any You-Tube URL, so maybe try your existing ones? I’m going to do that with mine and see if it works any better than some of the other systems I’ve been using.

      Here’s an idea about using a mass of videos though…let’s say you have a specific client who does photography and you have a high quality video about their business with their name, brand, etc…portrayed. What I think you’re getting at is whether you can put out a mass of videos pointing at your professional video without de-valuing the brand when the junk videos show up in the search rankings next to the professional video.

      Simple – you make junk videos about some aspect of photography in general, like lighting, editing, or the type of equipment they use, without mentioning your client or their brand by name. Then say “for a photographer who does this (or has this type of equipment/capability), visit…” and put the URL of the professional video in the description.


        You have the correct idea for sure. It not about wowing people with your video , its about getting your link in front of their face. I spoke about this in the IM niche because that is the niche Im in and I have seen people do this kind of thing with quickly produced videos in the IM niche, but your correct this will work in other niches as well.

    Tim Dutch

    Thanks for the great review Brett.
    You know, I’m always wondering with those kinds of products, if everybody is going to do the same thing it won’t work anymore. For example, if everyone is going to do the Muncheye launches, then only one or two videos will be ranked in the first search results.
    So, maybe the software works fine, but if everybody is going to use it in the same niche it won’t work anymore 🙂
    Of course, I understand that there are many niches, but yet…

    Steven Bell


    Thanks for the detailed review and for being, as far as I can tell, the only person to actually show what the end result videos look like. This actually is a solution for something I do – monetizing mass produced videos on You-Tube with AdSense and cloaked affiliate links. Kind of a numbers game I’ve been wanting to scale up. I went ahead and ordered the software and first OTO through your link. After I go through the training and do a few projects I’ll be back with comments.

    Best Wishes,

    Steven Bell


    Hi Brett
    Thanks for your honest review but have to say that I am not keen on this mass produced ( and in my view – spammy videos ). They just do not gather any momentum and anyone who is looking for a decent review will quickly go back and look for something that has more meet in the content – something like your own reviews. It would be much better to have your kind of reviews and submit them to youtube.
    I appreciate that Austin is saying that your account may be banned and we are trying to save your account to be banned – Wow that is so magnanimous !
    I can just imagine the day in not too far in the near future when Google are going to come down hard on these kind of videos.
    To be really honest there have been other softwares that did this – I always discarded them, simple because I would not watch them ( or trust them) so why would I create them myself.

    I appreciate you have reviewed it and approved it , and I respect that , but I guess I would disagree on this occasion, and I read your reviews regularly and have a high regard to your opinion.


      My intent is to give people the best information that I can to help them make their purchase decision. If you feel like this is not going to be something that would do your business good then you should for sure pass on it. I approved it because it works as described, and because I have personally seen these videos ranked, but I tired to be upfront and honest as to what it is and what you can expect from it (especially as far is the kind of video it makes)


    Oh, great. Upload tons of shitty videos to YouTube for launch jacking. Sounds like a great business plan. You’re a real hero for giving such an honest review of this revolutionary piece of software.


      Well that would not be a business plan. But the first step in your business plan could be “Make a few hundred dollars through launch jacking to earn income to invest in getting your first software product created”


    Hi Brett, thanks for another in-depth review. I bought this before your email arrives, though. I agree with your ratings and I think it’s a great product for someone who’s really a beginner in video making but want to get into it.

    Next time I will check your blog first before buying anything. Thanks again Brett, really appreciate your reviews.


    Hi Brett,
    I usually read your reviews and note that you call Austin Anthony your friend .I will not buy any product from Austin Anthony because when I did buy from him i.e.”Super Affiliate Machine “purely for its keyword research that part did not work past the first month. It is still for sale!
    I have written to him but no reply has been received .This was many months ago and his product is still completely useless.
    Perhaps you can get your ‘friend’ to address this issue.Thank You .
    I like you and your reviews but I think people should know who they are dealing with and the type of support they can expect when they buy a product and in this case don’t expect any.


      Super Affiliate Machine is not for sale as far as I know. Also Austin was the marketer for SAM he was not the creator or the vendor. I will send him a message for you though. However as I said he is not the vendor of this product. Austin does not create products. He is a marketer, people hire him to market products. Cutting him down because the SAM support is not living up to acceptable standards is like cutting down a TV channel for running an Olive Garden (a chain restaurant) commercial because you ate there once and the waitress was rude to you.


      Hey Nige,

      Austin here. First off, SAM is not for sale anywhere.

      We deal with every support e-mail we get. If there is an issue, we fix it. If you have issue with SAM, please contact us through the support desk. I normally don’t give out my personal e-mail in a public post like this but I will make an exception here. Please use this e-mail below to reach me and i will take care of the problem you have with SAM.
      E-mail: austin [AT]

      Please replace [AT] with @. Thanks


        HI Brett ,Thank you for your comments but ….
        Quote from website sellin SAM …Hey there, Austin E. Anthony here in partnership with…(picture here) SEO genius & expert Developer, Taqi Askari)
        Now in my mind if you are a partner then you are jointly responsible to the people who buy the product from you.The example you quote is not a similar situation at all.
        As Austin has commented here I will certainly try to sort out this situation with him as I would like SAM to work as it should .
        Email to Austin has now been sent


          Your complaining over semantics even after Austins role in that launch was made clear to you and after he is going out of his way to help you.


            I think to continue this argument is futile but I do want to say that I am very pleased that Austin has offered to help.He has replied to my email with the promise that one way or another we will resolve the issue in question.Great ! That is all I ask .

    Wayne Cosgrove

    are there any oto’s, if so how much


    is this the same as socivids as i purchased socivids so how dose this product compare to socivids in your opinion Brett.


    Brett are you giving out any bonuses with this offer that will complement this offer


    Hi Brett,

    Thank you for your review of this product, very helpful as always.

    I purchased the whole shebang after watching your interview with Austin and I made a note of what you mentioned about the tutorials not been as clear as they could be.

    Unfortunately, I’m quite deaf, with or without my hearing aids, so I’m struggling to follow all that Austin says. I’ve emailed him and asked if he could transcribe them into .pdf format also, but I’m now awaiting his acknowledgement.

    I have to agree with your sentiments regarding Schmoe. We’re all just trying to make a dollar or two from the internet. If it does this and works, move onto better things!


      I highly doubt he is going to transcribe the video training because one person asked, frankly I wouldnt. You where warned about the video quality on the training before you decided to purchase. So before you go and hit that refund button keep in mind. You know exactly what you where buying.


    I thought this was a good solid review of Profits play, I agree the interface is pretty easy to use.
    I purchased the software before I came across your review and went for the 2nd upgrade straight away, decided against the 3rd after reading this.

    Unfortunately I can’t comment on if it actually works for me as in ranking videos as all my videos have been pending for over 6 hours and I haven’t managed to upload any and no reply from support 🙁


      Make sure you have your YouTube account linked up correctly when I first tested I forgot to do that as well (I did not report it as a bug because it was my fault). Also let me get the vendors over here to help you.



      Have you heard back from the vendor? I am having the same problem and have emailed the support email address, but have not heard back from them.

      My account certainly appears to be linked, because I see it under my Youtube Channel and was able to select it when I created my project.

      Getting close to asking for a refund.


    Hi Brett, great work much appreciated!

    I’d like to ask if I have some videos already, can I use Profits Play to automate the upload procedure to youtube – to do the heavy lifting – eg. can I link or select any video and use the upload section by-passing the quick video part – and would that be a useful feature, or are there other plugins that would do that better?

    I’ve read and looked at your review, didn’t see anything address my query exactly.

    Thanks again for your great support.



    the scarcity timer is a load of crap as i let the timer run out and is still the same price i hate garbage like this as it tells me they are just after sales and more make money online line rubbish…


    Hey Brett, thanks for the clear information on Profits Play. I would like to make a simple suggestion to change the mp3. Once the video is uploaded to YouTube, you can edit it and change it to any of the 150,000 options that they provide. You can also edit the links in the description box there also. This makes even the auto mode more flexible.


    Could you use this to help rank an amazon store like from viral stores or fresh store builder? If so how would you? If not what do you suggest?


    hey I was wondering if anyone has made any money with this?

    also is it a guarantee to make money? seen as they rank your videos? even if its just 1 or 2 dollars, i just want to make some money online

    steve hodson

    Hi got 5 videos pending in autopilot mode nothing seems to be happening YouTube account is linked up ?


      Please be aware that my blog is not their support system. Im 100% sure they dont monitor my blog for questions. If you need assistance the best thing to do is use their support link in the software.

        steve hodson

        hooray all pending videos have uploaded and look great.
        just one question when starting a back linking campaign how do you obtain the link for your you tube videos the share link dosent seem to be the right link.


    No disrespect meant to Brett since his reviews are always appreciated. But, PP is another Precious Ngwu production, at least in part, so that definitely puts a cloud over the length of time that this app will actually work properly. My guess is that, once the refund period passes (the sales page already appears to be gone), things will start to go south shortly afterwards. Sorry, but his reputation is deservedly poor.


      Your opinion can never be disrespect 🙂 Even if you said “Bretts a jerk” I would not take it as disrespect because its your opinion. However you are very much mistaken about this being a Precious production, he did not write it, he does not own it, and its not being sold under his name. Precious did do some affiliate recruitment, and because of that Im sure he is being paid a portion of the sales, however saying it is a Precious production is like saying the casting manager (person who sets up auditions for the actors) is ‘producing’ the movie. Its a bit of an exaggeration.


        Which is why I said “in part”. He is on the affiliate page, although I don’t remember seeing him on the actual sales page (no surprise, that). Austin has had decent products in the past, no idea what he has done the past couple of years, though, and I know nothing about the other guy.


    Brett – thought you, and anyone trying to purchase this should know, their website is giving a page not found error.

    I also haven’t been able to get the software to work reliably. When it does create videos they are less than 20 seconds long, no matter what I try. For me the software has been worthless.

    I have bought a number of products based on your great reviews, but I think you may have been wrong about this one 🙂


    I have contacted support, 3 times. They have responded each time, hours later, which is fine. But their responses have been very generic, like “Videos takes a little while as profitsplay uploads many other videos at the same time, i see that your videos are published now”. The 17 sec videos did publish 18 hours later. I am going to ask for a refund, I very rarely do that, but this one is crap – sorry.


      I dont see anything wrong with that response, I mean what more do you want. However if you want a refund don’t say sorry 🙂 if you are not happy you for sure should ask for one.


    I had some problems with the software, but more importantly, I had no idea beforehand that Precious Ngwu was involved with the team, and I wouldn’t have purchased if I had known. Even if he’s not the main guy, I’ve already received webinar emails from him (I unsubscribed), and I do not trust anything he’s involved with.



    I made just 1 video and now it says: “Can’t create a project because you already created 10 videos today, please wait for tomorrow and try again”

    Why is that?


      Well as Austin says in the interview you are limited to 10 videos per day to prevent spamming YouTube. If you feel that you made less than 10 in the last 24 hours and are seeing this message in error then the best course of action would be to contact their support. I do not own this software and am not a part of the team that created or operates it.

    Michael Finlayson

    Hi Brett,

    I have to admit that I really wish that I’d come across your site before purchasing Profits Play!!! When I purchased I was too busy to have some fun with it, I finally had the chance to get to work with it today only to find that all that had been sent to me were the paypal receipts for the front end and 1st OTO. I had a look in my JV Zoo account only to find that it wasn’t in my account. Whilst I’ve sent an email to the email address on my paypal receipt it’s not one to inspire confidence. I’ve been trying to find a support address but to no avail, what I have discovered is that assuming is the website then al that shows is a copyright statement, this has not been the most inspiring of days.

    Sorry for the moan!!!


    Mike Finlayson


      ProfitsPlay(dot)io is not the app website, its profitsplaysoftware(dot)com. Im not sure how JVZoo messing up has to do with them or how them giving you a support email in your receipt ‘does not expire confidence’. I would think that its unfair to blame them for a problem with JVZoo (which they don’t own or manage) and its a good thing that they give you a support email address in your receipt ID.

        Michael Finlayson

        Hi Brett,

        Thanks for correcting me on the correct website! I thought that I could finally get somewhere. Unfortunately things still aren’t going my way as my email address isn’t recongnised, I have no JV Zoo receipt number so they can’t search out my details for me, I’m asked to contact support which is something that I would like to do, it’s just that they don’t provide a way to contact support.

        It’s only a good thing when they provide a support address if someone takes the time to answer it.

        I found the contact email for Austin earlier in the thread, I got in touch on the 7th, he gave his support a shout on the same day to get it sorted, I’ve not heard anything since. I appreciate that technology is most definitely not perfect and that things go astray, I sent Austin an email on Friday, if he’s going to reply I would guess I would get something back by Tuesday if I hear nothing then I’ll get in touch with Paypal as I can’t afford to give money away.

        I have to admit that I am bitterly disappointed. Given the people who promoted this I wasn’t expecting what’s happened to me, and yes I know that these things can happen, but as a result I have lost all faith in the product.




          If you lost your log in and you lost the email with your receipt ID thats really not their fault.
          Perhaps they can look up your account with your PayPal email address. If you paid with PayPal ask them if they can do this for you.

    Gordon Ferrell

    I bought Profits Play last week from your link, and now I can’t access the product
    through the link on JVZoo. When you click on access your product it goes to the
    OTO page, then when you decline the OTO, it goes back to the JVZoo receipt page.
    I sent an email to the Profits Play support email and I am waiting to hear back
    from them. I’m posting here to see if anyone else has had a similar problem. The
    website for Profits Play does not seem to be working.

    Gordon Ferrell

    Sorry, I did not see that last comment from you before I made my comment.

    Keith Faunch

    Devils own job to get a refund! See below starting from the earliest email ….

    Paypal advise that they will look to resolve this matter within 30 days. A little different to the few days that you state!!

    Not very impressed.


      Well Keith I try to be blunt and honest so I will be here again. If people would learn to just ask for a refund instead of filing PayPal disputes then there would be much less problems.

        Keith Faunch

        Hi Brett,

        I did ask for a refund from Profitsplay on 5 occasions. It was Austin Anthony who told me to open a dispute with Paypal, not my preferred route. He stated that Paypal is causing them problems. That may be, but it’s me that waiting for the refund.

        Ken Bech

        on the Pay-Pay issue………………
        I purchased this product Aug 27th with 2 OTOs. I cannot load or run this product. I have sent multiple emails to the support desk and received 1 reply which did not help.
        I have sent 3 emails to Anthony as well and the first reply was a directive to the support desk to resolve the issue.Nothing heard at all from the support desk..
        My next 2 emails, requesting a refund, to the support desk and Anthony (giving them the opportunity to resolve the issue outside of PayPal) were not acknowledge at all.
        My only choice is to contact Paypal this weekend.
        Merchants should not be able to claim a 30 day refund and ignore related support requests for a product that does not work!


          I totally agree, if you have actually used your purchase and are not happy with how it works you should be refunded. I also agree that you are probably at the point where a PayPal dispute is your only option. It sure sounds like that.

    Mike King

    I have tried this software and it is rubbish. Almost a scam- does do anything except publish a poor quality video. Does not produce any links – AVOID


      To clarify: Mike meant does {not} do anything. Mike as I said in the review this is for sure not for making fancy videos, its for posting quick and dirty videos that have your link in the description. Im sorry if you where unhappy though, I always suggest people who are unhappy with their purchase (after actually testing it) request a refund. So I will suggest the same for you.


        Hi Brett.

        Thanks for your review. Good to see there are people out there doing honest appraisals and not just flogging a product for the commission.

        On that note, I agree with Mike King – this is rubbish software.

        I have requested a refund and have been given the run around by Andrew. It’s been nearly 2 weeks since I requested a refund and I have had to take this to PayPal dispute (waiting until 27th Sept) for the outcome. Apparently there is an issue with PayPal giving refunds – according to Andrew. But I can’t understand why this is the case.



          PayPal can and will put an entire hold on vendors accounts. This can happen when you do very well and it can happen when you do very bad. For example when my last software launched it was so popular and sold so fast that PayPal got nervous and froze my account until I called them and then deposited a lot of my own money with them for PayPal to hold indefinably. A bad seller getting a lot of complaints can also cause this to happen. Now I dont know which, or even if, either of these problems are the cause of this vendors issues, but I do know for sure that PayPal has no problems with taking customers money, putting it on hold, and not even letting refunds happen. I do also know that this can happen even when vendors are doing everything right. The sad truth is PayPal does not care about the sellers or the buyers and they can make things difficult. Andrew is not lying about that. I know from experience.


    Hi Brett, can you not approve my previous comment? I’ll have to edit the images first because I realized I have my transactions IDs and email there. Thank you.

    Or just delete if you have already approved it. I will comment again with revised images.


    This guy appears to be a bit of crook. His email address is bogus and he does not answer from

    Some have used the words, scam artist and that’s just what it appear. I asked for a refund and I think it going to be a long battle between Paypal, Austin & me.

    I would never have purchase this but you seem “chummy’ with this guy and I trusted your judgement.

    That being said, you need to be more careful in future – remember the expression: Beware of Greeks bearing gifts!


      Thanks for the feedback and I am sorry you had a bad experience. But also lets be fair. How can I know 100% for sure how someone is going to be as far as customer service. Simple I cant. Why? Because in any review I am not a customer. Vendors will always be extra nice to be no matter if I know them or not. The only thing I can do is what I do, review the software. I make no review of the vendor personally ever for this very reason I said, I cant possible do that with accuracy. I always suggest people watch my reviews and base their purchase decision on the merit of the product and nothing else.


        The company has replied and I certainly don’t blame you. I love your reviews and this just happened to be an unfortunate experience for me.

        This will perhaps explain the problem:
        First off, apologies for the delay in processing your refund. A limit was placed on our PayPal account that doesn’t allow us to process refund.

        We have spoken to PayPal about this but they are yet to lift the limit.
        PayPal has informed us that they will ONLY process the refund request that goes directly through Paypa.

        Please login to your Paypal account and go to your profits play transaction, then click on dispute and fill in the box next page “I have requested refund from the profits play team but they have informed me that PayPal won’t let them process refund except directly through PayPal”

        Once this is done, PayPal will then process the refund. It might take few days for them to process it but they will refund you.

        Again, I apologize. As you can see, its not our fault. Paypal is just making life difficult for us 🙁

        Sometime Paypal can be difficult to work with!

        All is forgiven and rectified.


    Hey Brett, I happen to be one who actually DID get the software (after I paid for it) and DID play around with it, for a couple of weeks! NOBODY, is going to instantly know how to effectively work any given software! Money is precious and I’m far from rich, however, I am very patient, when I REALLY WANT or NEED something to work! At first, I admit, support got to know me on a first name basis! I thought “this software is monkey nutts”, however, after many trial and errors, almost every video I now kick out is hitting the #1, #2 or #3 spot on YouTube (within 24hrs.!!) for it’s keyword! The only drawback, or, problem I’m experiencing is, “duplicate length”, of the videos. Your allowed, I believe, 1 MP3 per advanced mode session, now, if you want to crank out, say, 10 vids, every one of those vids will be the exact same length of that 1 MP3! I was warned of possible dup. content by YouTube on my first upload, They automatically deleted a video because of this. It would be a nice added feature to be able to add up to 10 different length MP3’s for less of a duplicate, or, spammy appearance. Researching and using seasoned affiliate marketing beta testers should have revealed many of these problems provoking refund demands, but, of course, it’s up to the developer to listen to them (the seasoned marketing experts) and correct the flaws, before, jumping the gun (because of a deadline) to release an average product, beta tested by average folks. Thanks for your Reviews!


    Hey Brett,

    I don’t know whether you are aware but the Profitplaysoftware is down due to domain expiration .

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