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Creator: Andrew Darius
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Automates a proven tactic to get more fans.


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Today I’m doing a review of a new Chrome extension called FanInviter.   FanInviter is actually a very easy software for me to review because it is so simple to use and it is designed to do just one specific thing. In order to understand what it is designed to do you need to understand […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I’m doing a review of a new Chrome extension called FanInviter.


FanInviter is actually a very easy software for me to review because it is so simple to use and it is designed to do just one specific thing.

In order to understand what it is designed to do you need to understand that when you have a fan page on Facebook there is a difference between someone liking your posts and liking your page. When you make a post to a fan page your fans will see it (well actually some will, but that’s a different story). However if people share your posts, or you boost your post it will be seen by people who are not your fans. These people can then like the post you made which is great. But what you really want is them to also like your page, so they can continue to see your future posts. Unfortunately most people will see your post in their timeline (after someone shares it, or after you boost the post) most of them will never actually visit your fan page, which means most of them will never even get the opportunity to like your page and you will never get the opportunity to have them see your future posts.

This is a real problem. So much so that Facebook tried to implement a solution. Facebook lets you invite people who have liked your posts to like your page as well. In order to do that you simply click the button that shows next to each persons name when viewing who liked your post.

Now that seems like a good solution, and it would be, if it was not so darn time consuming. You see Facebook, being the every mind boggeling platform that it is, does not want you to just click the ‘invite’ button over and over. They want you to invite people slowly one at a time, over time. This means if you have a post that people shared, or that you boosted, that has a lot of likes your going to spend a long time clicking invite, waiting, clicking invite again, over and over. In fact if you wait just ten seconds per invite and want to invite 100 people thats 16 minutes just to invite people from a single post. If you have several posts it could take you quite a while.

I know I personally have better things to do with my time than clicking a button, waiting, clicking again, over an over. Fortunately so does Andrew Darius. So he created a better solution. He created a Chrome extension that does it for you automatically. With FanInviter you simply click invite all and the software will invite each person who likes your post to also like your page automatically, while waiting the appropriate amount of time between each invite to keep Facebook happy.

I decided to check it out. So I installed the FanInvite on Chrome, went to my fan page, and clicked “Invite All” on one of my older posts that had 29 people who liked it, and then went about my business. When I came back a bit later (I actually forgot about it for a bit because I was doing other things) FanInviter was all done and had invited everyone for me. But did I get an actual likes? Well here are my results.

Now 9 new likes might not sound to awesome but you need to keep in mind, I only invited 29 people from one single post, and it was an older post. What this means is that even on a old post, 31% of the people that FanInviter invited to like my page did like my page. Thats a pretty good conversion ration. It also shows me that not only does FanInviter work as a software, but it also works as a tactic. If your running a fan page it is a very viable tactic to make a post to it that people are likely to share, or to make a post and boost the post then invite everyone who likes the post to also like your page (so the continue to see your posts in your timeline). Sure you could do this manually. But that takes time, and frankly kind of sucks. FanInvite totally automates it for you.

One thing I have said over and over is that good software is a tool and good tools make your live easier somehow. FanInviter fits the bill, it takes a proven tactic (that was designed by Facebook) for building your fan page fans which would normally be time consuming, and automates it. Saving you time and making you more productive is definitely making your life easier. Because of this I feel comfortable in saying that if your using Facebook fan pages, or want to, FanInviter is something that is for sure worth considering.







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Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.


    Gohar nAWAZ

    You are right it does save a lot of time. Thanks for the powerfull review.


    VERY powerful tool. My only problem… nobody ever likes my posts, so nobody to invite 🙁


    Will this work on pages controlled from the business manager or just with personal fan pages?

    Robert W

    HI Brett, looks simple enough to be a good deal. Picked it up with your link. How do we get the bonuses? Thanks!

    Barrington McLean

    If I purchase the Pro Version can I get a refund for the Front End?

    Barrington McLean

    What use will the Front End be to me once I get the Pro version? My understanding of upgraded is one is still using the front end but synced to the upgrade that is not independent.


      As I said, the price of the OTO version is NOT what is listed, that is the price of the upgrade from the basic version to the OTO version. The OTO cost takes into consideration that you already paid some when you bought the FE. There for you cant refund the basic version after you buy the upgrade because you would not have paid the proper price. Im not sure how else to explain how an upgrade works.

    Barrington McLean

    Thanks! Well appreciated!

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