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Creator: Cyril Gupta
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Easy to use and the results are nothing short of remarkable.



Tonight I’m doing my review of a new software called CrediResponse.   I can sum up what CrediResponse does in just one sentence: “When someone comments on your Facebook fan page, or a post on your fan page, CrediResonse automatically sends them a Facebook instant message”. Now if that does not sound to exciting to […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Tonight I’m doing my review of a new software called CrediResponse.


I can sum up what CrediResponse does in just one sentence: “When someone comments on your Facebook fan page, or a post on your fan page, CrediResonse automatically sends them a Facebook instant message”. Now if that does not sound to exciting to you, don’t worry, it did not to me either when I first heard about it. In fact I almost did not even test this because it just did not sound interesting at all.

But then I started thinking to myself:

One thing I do a lot is post to my fan page just to boost the post. My fan page does not even have many fans, however I have been boosting posts ever since Facebook started allowing you to target people that are not just your fans in the boost. Doing this is a quick and easy way to run an ad. Simply make the post, hit ‘boost’, select your audience demographics and budget and your done. Nice and easy. Its also something that I teach in many of my training’s (since I do it myself).

Now normally when I boost a post, I do it for one of three reasons. To get people on my list, in which case I have a link to my squeeze page in the post text. To get people to one of my reviews, in which case I have a link to my blog in the post text. Or to get people to join my Facebook group, in which case I have a link to my group in the post text. Either way though I always had a link in the post text, which makes sense, because I want to use the ad to drive people somewhere.

Well I started wondering, what if instead of having a link in the post text, I instead told people to comment on the post and I would send them the link. The idea here being that people would first have to make the ‘micro commitment’ of making the comment, which should result in better conversions. Also since people are engaging with the post, it would get more organic views. This is because Facebook naturally shows posts that get engagement more organically than posts that do not.

Of course the only way to see if this would actually work is to do it myself. So thats exactly what I did. I made a post to my fan page telling people that they could get a free training and that all they would have to do is post a comment on that post to get it. I then used the CrediResponse software to automatically send them a Facebook instant message thanking them for commenting, and a link to my Facebook group with instructions for them to join it to get the free training.

The results where nothing short of astounding:


At the time of writing this (I just took that screenshot about 20 seconds ago) I have paid $2.32 for 640 people to see my ad. However because people are commenting on my post in order to get the freebie, and because Facebook likes when posts get comments and shows those posts organically, I have also gotten another 629 people to see my add 100% for free. 34 people have commented on the post, and over two dozen of them have taken the action I wanted (joined my Facebook group). In summery I have gotten the traffic I paid for, plus an almost equal amount 100% for free, and added a lot of people to my group (I could have sent them to a squeeze page or somewhere else, I just wanted to build my group) for the price of a medium coffee at the local quick stop gas station. Not bad at all:

But how does this compare to other boosted posts I have ran? Ones with links right in the post text, that do not use the CrediResponse system. Well the price per engagement I’m paying is roughly 1/5th what I normally pay. The conversions are almost 3x what I normally get. Also normally I get almost no free viral traffic to the post (because no one is commenting, so there is no engagement, so Facebook does not show it to extra people). Basically there is no comparison, doing posts, and boosting them, is much much better this way.

The software itself is super simple to use.


First you approve the CrediReponse app. Which is easy easy as pressing the ‘approve’ button in the pop up that it shows. Then you select the fan page you want to link to the system by simply clicking on it in a list. Finally you find the post on the fan page, click ‘edit response’ and type in the response you want people to get when they comment on that post. I can honestly say that I don’t see anyone having any trouble with this at all.

There was one minor bug when I was testing it, where it was not tracking the statistics correctly, but I jumped on a Skype call with Cyril, pointed it out to him, and he had it fixed within an hour. Very cool, and a result of the fact that like myself Cyril is not just a marketer he is also a software developer.

So you probably can guess what I think about CrediResponse. I really like it. Its super simple to use and after having tested it myself I can very honestly (and knowingly say). That it works super well. Honestly I can’t think of anything bad to say about this. What I can say though is that this is something I will for sure be using moving forward and something you should strongly consider investing in.









Bonus: Cyril has provided me with a really nice bonus pack for anyone who picks up CrediResponse though my link:


Click here to get CrediResponse and all of these bonuses (right in the software members area).




 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.


    Michael Rytter

    I was waiting for this ever since you posted about it yesterday and that you were in the process of reviewing it…!

    FYI…don’t know if it is something on my end or yours, I didn’t get any mail from you about it today…and I really looked! (I finally just came here to check., LOL!)

    Thanks Brett!

    Mike Rytter


      You will get a mail shortly, it has not opened yet 🙂

        Michael Rytter

        Purchased it and the lifetime upsell…..REALLY looking forward to this…..GREAT WAY to give out discount coupons on our products when we have a special…at the same time increasing interaction!

        As well, I know from previous products, Jay Venka keeps up with FB changes and his support ROCKS!


        Thanks man!
        Michael Rytter

    Alexander Arauz

    Quick question Brett. Is there a way to limit the exposure for those they leave multiple comments?


      Not quite sure what that means ‘exposure’. I guess I dont understand what bad thing is suppose to happen if they comment more than once and get the response more than once. In my test though it really did not matter because people did not do that.

        Michael Rytter

        I can answer that, Brett.

        YES. There are multiple ways you can limit it. For eample, one of there is a check box so that if they comment multiple times on the same post, they only get messaged the first time. Another checkbox control is page/site wide, so that if they comment on other posts, they only get messaged once.

        Hope this helps!


          Yea I was just referring to not understanding why you would not want to give the person the message a second time. Like what would be bad about it? For example in my test I gave someone a link. Not sure how it would be bad to give them the link a second time. Or even if your doing a coupon, why would it be bad to give them the coupon code the second time? I was more trying to understand what Alexander was thinking and trying to do. I should have answered his question though first.

          Thank you very much for the info 🙂

            Michael Rytter

            You’re welcome! And sorry for jumping in….just really enthralled (READ: overexcited! LOL!) with this…. it REALLY simplifies multiple VERY time consuming tasks for us!

            Thank you for your review!


              No need to be sorry! It was great info you shared 🙂 And yea this is pretty cool, especially for the kind of stuff you do. I can see all kinds of discount / coupon / special posts in your future 🙂

                Alexander Arauz

                Thank you both very much for helping me with my question. On my pages I have multiple posts where people have back and forth conversations…and I was just worried that if they kept getting a message from my page, it would be detrimental to that conversation which helps with reach.


                  Yes I can see how that would really suck!
                  When I did my test I made it post specific, not universal for the page. So people get a specific response only when they comment on a specific post.

    kami ilmane

    Simple but very effective.
    I agree with you totally Mr Brett. I’ve tested this for Cyril a couple of weeks ago, and I was really impressed.
    what I really liked, was it’s simplicity. It’s cloud based with no plugin to install, but most importantly No need for those messy fb apps, fb app secret..etc..
    I have tried in the past other software that can do more or less the same, but some of the responses were awful, machine generated and based on some algorithm which you cannot sometimes control, ending up with irrelevant responses, which can then lead to FB closing your account because of complaints from your visitors. In contrast, with CrediResponse yout fans will get the exact content that you have specified in the response to the post comments.
    Good to know that you have boosted the post and FB were ok with it


    Hi Brett, Oto2 of this software solves my problem. Is it possible to just buy the oto2 directly and ignore the frontend/oto1?


    What if I SHARE someone else’s post. Does it work the same way? Or is it only for a new post I ctreate? AND if I use a post with 1,000 comments or so already will it send a response to them or ONLY new responses forward?


      Not sure what sharing has to do with anything, but if your asking if you can make it auto respond to posts other people make, the answer is yes, provided the post is on your fan page. It only responds forward as it is triggered by the action of the comment happening.


    Thank you because I “share” a lot of posts onto my pages. I like Golf for example so when I find a nice post I share it on my I Love Golf page.

    Jim Park

    When you send a IM to a person you’re not friends with, doesn’t it send the message to an “approval box” that gets missed most of the time? Does this software bypass that filter?


      No it does not, because once they comment on your fan page, your fan page has a connection to them. FYI: Its your page that is sending the message, not you. That ‘approval box’ is only for people who message other people they have no connection with.


    Hi Brett, My concern with Facebook, always, is to get some comfort that this kind of tool will not get my account banned. I see how this could be abused. Any comments about this? And, can you suggest a way to stay on-side with the use of this marketing tool?

    I would think FB should have no issues if used within certain constraints. Also, since it is a cloud app, the hosted CrediResponse app itself is at risk of being banned, or am i been too cautious? Thx.


      If your worried about getting banned because of abuse there is a very simple answer: DONT abuse this tool. Tools do not get people banned, what they do with it gets them banned. If you take personal responsibility for yourself you dont have anything to worry about.

      As for the software being banned, it has already been reviewed and approved by JVZoo (it had to be in order to get access to the API functions that make this work)


    Brett, if I have a post with 1,000 comments on it and I use this software to reply to each one does that mean I just sent 1,000 messages? If so, this software is going to work out extremely expensive and would run into thousand of dollars just replying to comments.


      Yes that is 1000 comments. Do you have any posts with 1000 comments? Also not sure how that makes this ‘extremely expansive’ they do not charge you per comment. Its a single fee.


    Does it work for Likes as well? Or only comments?


    Hi Brett, I have 2 questions:

    1) Were the messages sent from your personal account or from your fan page?
    2) Were these messages sent as real messages or as “message requests”?

    I am trying to understand if there is a risk that people don’t see the message appear in their inbox…

    Thanks for your feedback.


      From the fan page. They are real messages, FYI: A ‘message request’ happens when you try to message someone as yourself who you are not friends with.


        Thanks Brett! Great.

        (Yeah of course I know when a message request occurs. Question 2 was in case of the messages not being sent through the fan page and then I would have had a doubt… Now it is okay!)


    I admit I didn’t read the entire sales page, but “who” charges for comments? Facebook or CrediResponse? Is there a charge each time a comment is made, across all comments on all pages? Thanks.


    Brett, do you know what software they used to create the VSL for this product?

    Colin Glover

    Brett, I was wondering how this would link in with your Group Traffic Profits which I have got?


      Well if you watch the demo video you can see me using this to boost a post, and build my Facebook group (and getting much better than normal results). Not sure how that can be any more clear if you actually watched the video on this post and went through my GTP training.


    Got this a little late, but going to use it the exact same way you described in your review.
    Thanks Brett… Your review is like a training 🙂

    Jack Schoenberger

    Brett, got the software. Quick question on the bonuses. I downloaded them but could not find a readme file or other information on licensing details of the white label products or details on the resellers license for FB Leads Discovery.

    Would signing up on JVZoo to resell FB Leads Discovery and/or sell the whitelabel products be basically the same process as you gave a video example for in your Clickback training (the bonus for buying TweetMachine 2.0 through your link?)



      Given that the bonuses are provided by the vendor you should probably direct questions about them to the vendor.

        Jack Schoenberger

        Sorry. Guess I was confused by the verbiage ”
        Bonus: Cyril has provided me with a really nice bonus pack for anyone who picks up CrediResponse though my link:”
        I will contact Cyril.


    I have wanted this question answered by the vendors but I have not gotten a response for over two days since I contacted them on through their sales page. I wish you can have an answer since you can communicate with them better because they know you more.

    My question is, is it possible to increase the package of the number of responses that you will get after buying and initial package and has used up your response quota for your package?


    Hi Brett, do you know is there still anyway to get the one time price for front end?



    Hey! can I use this service for my FB group at all or does it just work for a page??

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