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Very fast and easy to use


Template based means you dont get 100% flexibility

Today Im taking a look at a new cloud based software called AdReel   AdReel is a cloud based video creation software, and lets be honest, that is nothing new at all. There have been several cloud based video creators that have been released over the last couple of years. Some of them have been […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today Im taking a look at a new cloud based software called AdReel


AdReel is a cloud based video creation software, and lets be honest, that is nothing new at all. There have been several cloud based video creators that have been released over the last couple of years. Some of them have been very good, some of them have been very bad. AdReel however is kind of unique in that it has a very strong point about it that also happens to be its greatest weakness. Let me explain:

In the graphic above you can see me about to create a new video. Im actually on step 1 in the video creation process. This step is selecting the template that I want to use. You see AdReel is 100% template based. You dont actually create a video from scratch, you edit an existing video template.

Each template you can chose from has different elements that you can edit. All of the templates have varying amounts of text you can change (from between 1 and 5 lines of text normally) and most of them also have graphics elements that you can edit. All of them allow branding with your company logo. You get 25 templates to chose from on the front end purchase, with more available as an upgrade offer.

After selecting your template you next select your background audio track:


You have multiple options here as well. You can decide to use the audio track that they selected specifically for that template. You can upload your own audio, or you can select from one of several stock audio tracks that they provide. I found the audio that they provide to be pretty good. There are a lot of selections, many more than I could capture in the screenshot above. Also I really like that they have a preview / listen button so you can hear the track before you select it.

Next you edit the elements in the video template by entering your own text and uploading your own graphic. The amount of text you can add or graphics you can insert is going to depend on the specific template you decided to use.  This is very basic and straight forward. Simply type the text you want in your video and upload your graphic.

After that is all done you simply press the render button and your video render job goes into the ‘render queue’. In my tests the videos where rendered very fast, often in only a minute or two. However I want to be clear that when I was testing there where very few people using the system. When AdReel goes live its likely that the rendering will take considerably longer given that there will be hundreds if not thousands of video jobs in the queue. The good news though is that you can leave the AdReel site while your video is rendering. So after you create your video and add it to the queue just do something else for a little, check your email, watch a YouTube video, head over to Facebook for a bit, whatever and when you come back it you should be all set.

AdReel’s greatest strength is the fact that it is super easy to use. Its greatest weakness is the fact that being template based it is not as flexible as other video creators. However, depending on the user this might not be a weakness at all. Sure other video creation software on the market offers a lot more flexibility because they are not template based. You build your video from scratch. However building a video from scratch requires something many people (including myself) simply do not have: artistic talent. With AdReel anyone can make a high quality video in just a few minutes. It really is as easy as selecting a few templates, uploading your graphics, entering your text, and pressing ‘render’.

The videos themselves are perfectly suited to the creators name of ‘AdReel’. You would not create a explainer video with AdReel, or a VSL (video sales letter). The templates for sure seem to be designed with videos ads in mind, or at least video promotional posts, specifically for Facebook. This is why they all have ‘text slots’ where you can enter your own custom text and why the audio is more musical than speech. Its because Facebook videos auto play ,  but do so with the audio muted. Since  the templates in AdReel have text you can still get your message across even if the viewer does not unmute the  audio.

While I  know for sure Facebook ads are a great resource and I also know for sure that video ads are the best kind of Facebook ad (at least in my experience) that does not mean you have to spend money on Facebook ads to utilize AdReel. Besides paid ads you can also use them for promotional posts to your timeline, fan page, or  Facebook group. If you work with offline clients and run ads for them you can also use AdReel to make their video ads and charge them a fee for the service. Beyond that you can do Fiverr gigs where you provide videos for people as well.

While AdReel is for sure not the first video creation software on the market (and for sure wont be the last) with its ability to allow anyone, even a total novice to create high quality Facebook optimized videos in just a few minutes I feel confident in saying that this is something well worth considering.





 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    Hi Brett, its 100 or 200 copies? You write first “sell up to 200 copies ” and then “Profit Canvas 100 license Agency access bonus!”


    Hey Brett, just bought through your link – but no bonus link found at


      I was not aware that they are making 3 purchase options so my bonus is only on one of them. Just shoot me a support request with your receipt ID and Ill get you sorted out.


    Thanks for the great information in your review, Brett. As always you have included much of the pertinent stuff and I feel better informed than I had by simply watching the sales presentation for the product alone.

    One thing that I am always concerned about with a template based product is not knowing exactly how many templates are offered with the initial offering. It seems that the common product launch these days gives a few templates with the offer, the has one or more OTO’s which actually give a much larger number of templates, which they will say that are necessary of you really want to have all the options a wise marketer would want / need in order to do the job properly.

    Sometimes this may mean that I will be asked to pay double or more of the initial asking price, or even a monthly fee to be drip-fed new templates on a monthly basis.

    So I’m asking if you know and can describe what OTO’s are going to be forthcoming after I make the initial offer purchase? Also how many templates come with the basic and commercial versions, ($47 & $67 options)?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts / comments about this.



      “One thing that I am always concerned about with a template based product is not knowing exactly how many templates are offered with the initial offering.”

      There is no valid reason for you not to know how many templates are offered on the front end because I tell you in my review. Its 25.

      As for the OTO’s I do not review OTO’s because I strongly feel you should base your purchase decision on the merit of the offer you are presented with. Either its a value to you or it is not. What you are offered later does not matter.


        Thanks Brett,

        Sorry I missed the “25” number you shared… will have to attribute to old age.

        And thanks for the OTO reply as well.



          No problem. I missed a sign on a gas station pump the other day that said “Cash only” and spent 10 minutes yelling at the thing because it wouldnt take my Visa card .. lol 🙂 Point being, we all miss things sometimes, even when they are right in front of us. No old age required 🙂


    What about those of us that already have agency access to Profit Canvas ?
    I got your agency special offer a while back for 400 profit canvas licenses.


    Olá Brett I believe that the product with its recommendation is always the best although it is selling as an affiliate, its indications are always fantastic, I already have profitcanvas a year is fantastic this tool, now I will have my agency so dreamed ProfitCanvas along with this your indication Fantastic show I live in Brazil and I’m your fan


    Hi Brett,

    I already have Profit Canvas but I want the Agency version so I bought Adreel through your link. Thank you for providing such a useful bonus that I can sell now as my own. I can even use Adreel to promote Profit Canvas itself 🙂

    Again thank you.


    Bought this yesterday and going through it right now..
    It definitely makes it sooooo easy to quickly create video ads.

    Thanks Brett for the Agency bonus.. I have not claimed it yet though.

    How do I claim the bonus if I am already a Profit Canvas user?

    David F

    The price right now for the Ad Reel Pro is $67. Is that about what it was when this product launched and do you know how long they intend to cap the price at $67.

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