Super List 2.0 [review]

Today Im taking a look at a new training called Super List 2.0 by Alex Jeffreys


So what is the super list? Well its a 7 module training course that explains email marketing. It covers things from building your email list to using it to make profit. I like this training because it is detailed, offered at a very affordable cost, and is offered by a real expert in this field.


Email marketing is the cornerstone to making money online. Its also a strange animal. While its easy enough that anyone can do it. So many people do it wrong. I know a lot of people who cant seem to build a email list. I also know a lot of people who do get a bit of a list but then cant seem to make money from there list (there list is not responsive). Doing email marketing the right way can be hugely profitable. Doing it the wrong way is a total waste.

I have reviewed training by Alex a few times and every time Im pleased to see that he not only provides excellent training at a quality price but he also over delivers. This time is no different. Besides getting a 7 module training course from an expert in this field for under $10 there are some really cool bonuses as well.

If your interested in making money online then you should be looking to not only build a list but to build a ‘better’ list (as in one that is responsive to your emails). Being able to get training from a proven expert is well worth the price of a coffee and bagel at Dunkin Donuts. It does not matter if your affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, or selling your own products this is a video course you dont want to miss out on.






Special Bonus: I always want to make sure my readers get a better deal than anyone else gets. So I’m adding my own training to this offer. When you purchase the Super List through me you will also get access to my own training video which covers exactly how I got started online and also shows you how you can emulate it yourself. Look at what one of my other readers said about this training:






I could sell this all by itself if I wanted to, but you get it free with your purchase. Simply send me your receipt ID for your purchase of Super List (though my link above) and I will forward you access to my bonus training!

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  1. Steve Matsukawa, 26 October, 2014

    While the Alex Jeffrey’s training is good, you would truly be missing out if you pass up Brett’s training. I was able to go from 0 to 900 with Brett’s excellent mentoring. Brett will show you the exact steps to making money on the Internet without any fluff.

    Get Alex Jeffrey’s training if only to get Brett’s, it’s the real deal.

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