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In this article I want to talk about 3 ways that you can make the most out of the Post Promotions software.

#1 Don’t over due the mass post: Post Promotions comes with a mass post tool. This tool lets you post to up to 50 Facebook groups or fan pages at once. Now a lot of people who use Post Promotions focus on that. The think its the best feature and right away they think that they need to start posting to 50 groups at a time as much and as soon as possible. Well nothing can be further from the truth. Let me explain:

First please understand that posting an advertisement, CPA offer or affiliate link to dozens and dozens of Facebook groups does not make you a marketer. It makes you a spammer. This is not what you should be doing. Before we even get into how to use the mass post tool correctly I want to make it clear that you should not be posting to CPA offers or affiliate links at all. If your looking to send traffic to these kinds of offers you should be making posts to presale / review pages not directly to the offer. Your post should bring value to the person clicking the link, not just try to sell them something.

As for the posting itself. Some people think that because they are members of 500 Facebook groups the best thing to do is going to be to post to as many of them as they can as often as they can. This is not a good thing though actually. You see other people besides you are members of lots of similar groups. So when you post something to dozens of related groups at once they get tons of notices that you made a post. They see you making the same post all over the place all the time and it makes you look like what you are, a spammer.

This does not mean the mass post tool is a bad thing. You just have to use it in moderation. Remember it is a very powerful tool and as such it can be easy to abuse it. Here is what you do. When using he mass post tool you can set up pre-made groups of places to post to.


Use this feature to moderate your postings. For example lets say you are a member of 70 marketing groups. Create a collection of 10 of them and label it ‘Marketing: Monday”. Create another collection of 10 different ones and label it “Marketing: Tuesday”. Do this for each day of the week. Then when you want to make a mass post only post to the group for that day of the week. This way your posts will naturally be staggered throughout the groups and you wont be spamming people who are members of multiple groups so much. Remember you need to get your message across without bugging or annoying people.

#2 Use the Facebook post contests: I hope by now everyone has accepted that your fan page fans dont often (if ever) visit your actual fan page. I also hope that people have at least a basic understanding of edge rank. But for anyone who is still a little behind here is a quick over view.

Edge rank uses a variety of factors to determine which post should show up an users timeline. The two biggest factors are if the user has interacted with the person making the post in the past and how popular the post is with people who have already seen it. Popularity is determined by likes and comments. If you think about it this makes perfect sense. First if a person has interacted with you in the past, its a safe bet that they will be interested in seeing your future posts. Facebook calls this ‘affinity’.  Second if a post is getting a lot of interaction its a safe bet that other people will enjoy seeing it.

So how does this relate to Post Promotions? Well Post Promotions has a feature that lets you run a contest on Facebook timelines. The way people enter the contest is they have to like the post. So you make a post, telling people they can win something, and that all they have to do for a chance to win is to like the post. This does two things. First it increases your affinity with people who like the post, making it more likely that they will see your future posts. Second it increases the perceived importance of the post in the eyes of Facebook, making it more likely that other people will see that post. Basically it gives your post a much better chance of going viral while at the same time building up your ‘affinity’ (relationship) with your fans, which makes it more likely the will see your future posts (including your marketing posts)


The timeline ‘like to win’ feature is honestly one of the best tools included with Post Promotions. Unfortunately its one that very few people use. Mostly because they are to focused on trying to spam groups (see #1)

#3 Use the other networks: Post Promotions is a great Facebook marketing tool. However dont forget that its not just limited to Facebook postings. It can also automatically post to Twitter and LinkedIn. Dont have accounts with these networks? Create one. Since Post Promotions can post to all three networks at the same time it takes no extra effort at all to post to Twitter and LinkedIn as well. Just create your posts as normal and get some extra juice from the other to networks for free.

Ok I said 3 ways but there is actually one last thing I want to mention:

Post Promotions lets you repeat posts. If you have a post that will stay relevant, for example a link to a free report or something set it to auto repeat every 7-10 days or so. This way the post gets in front of fresh eyeballs without you having to do any extra work!

So to summarize:

-Don’t be a spammer, use the mass post with moderation and stagger your posts.

-Run like to win contests

-Use the other networks as well. It takes no extra effort

-Set posts to repeat automatically




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