ClickBack Rewards new retargeting feature

New retargeting feature added to the ClickBack Rewards software

In this video I want to show a new feature I just added to my ClickBack Rewards software. With it you will be able to run retargeting ads to anyone who has visited your contest.

If you do not have ClickBack Rewards click the link below to check it out.


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  1. gil baller, 03 April, 2015


    You have done it again, for us….Thank you

    Gil Baller

  2. Patrick, 03 April, 2015

    Thanks Brett! While I haven’t had a chance to try your update out, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your adding to an already great product.

  3. JR, 03 April, 2015

    Thanks Brett,

    Making my way around clickback rewards, a lot to take in but you make it easier in the way you explain in videos. Some really great stuff!

  4. Rod, 03 April, 2015

    Many Many Thanks Brett this is why I always buy your offers.
    A good easter egg and was not hard to find !!!!!!
    Happy Easter to you ,your family and all who read this blog,

  5. Brett Rutecky, 03 April, 2015

    Thanks Rod… you to 🙂 !!

  6. Michael Rytter, 03 April, 2015

    Your stuff just keeps getting better and better!


  7. Lynda Rayner, 03 April, 2015

    Thank you,
    You have fast become one of the few guys that I trust in the IM World. Your efforts are very much appreciated!

  8. Charles Grooms, 03 April, 2015

    Brett, as always your on Target! Thanks for the upgrade to your existing software.. awesome re-targeting feature.

  9. christian, 03 April, 2015

    Brett, thank you for the update.

    Question: so the pixel fires off at the contest entry page right?

    Just want to make sure it doesn’t fire off on the unique share links the users are given.


  10. Brett Rutecky, 03 April, 2015

    You got it spot on. It fires off on the contest page.

  11. Dave, 03 April, 2015

    Hi Brett

    Just looking at buying Clickback rewards and wondering if it has to be a video that is uploaded, or can it be an image instead?


  12. Brett Rutecky, 03 April, 2015

    If you want it to ‘play’ in Facebook you need a video otherwise it will link to the web version. Other than that you dont need a video though.

  13. Kevin Rochow, 03 April, 2015

    Hi Brett

    Thanks for the great new feature.

    In your video you did not enter any visited domain for the tracking code?

    If I were to just use ClickBack in Facebook, would this feature work?

    Cheers and have a happy Easter everyone.

    Kevin Rochow

  14. Brett Rutecky, 03 April, 2015

    Entering a domain is not required. The tracking code being on your domain will add the people to your custom audience. (I put all my retargeting in the same custom audience)

  15. John Lowe, 04 April, 2015

    Hi Brett

    I really like your software but, correct me if I’m wrong it doesnt work on foreign languages right?

    Like the Call to Action to share its already edited and its in English right?

    I’d need the whole contest in another language other than English

  16. Brett Rutecky, 04 April, 2015

    If your talking about the text that tells people to share etc.. that can be changed when you set up your contest.

  17. John Lowe, 04 April, 2015

    Great! I’ll buy it then..another thing I just remembered is that I bought through your link the Digital Millionaire Mastermind and sent you an e-mail somewhere here but I never got an answer, I bought it mainly for the bonus you offered which was like a special training


  18. Brett Rutecky, 04 April, 2015

    Be assured I answer all emails I get. Use the contact form to send me your receipt ID. Posting a comment is NOT the best way to reach me.. especially for a bonus claim.

  19. John Lowe, 04 April, 2015

    Sorry Brett I didnt mean anything wrong, I know for a fact that you’re a serious and honest person and thats why I follow your blog and buy your products, I’ll send my receipt to the contact form which is on the “Contact me” tab at the top menu of this page.


  20. Marco, 04 April, 2015

    Hi Brett, I just purchased the Click Back rewards software, reading the post by John Lowe that asked for the different language issue, I’ve similar ones because I’ve to use Italian. So, could I edit everything in my own language (texts, buttons, ect)? Looking for your courteous reply, Marco. Happy Easter!

  21. Brett Rutecky, 04 April, 2015

    You can add your own text, you can upload your own buttons, the only thing you cant change is the optional text (such as the word ‘expired’ when the timer ends , or the words “Your odds of winning”) but all of the contest text / instructions etc can be changed and the buttons etc can all be changed.

  22. Marco, 07 April, 2015

    Hi Brett, thanks for your update, btw what do you mean when you say “the only thing you can’t change is the optional text”? I can choose to show or not the “graphics” where I find these “not editable texts” or these “graphics” will always show-up by default? If it is the case, then I think it’s not “so professional” on my part to offer to my prospects/customers 3/4 of the material in Italan language and 1/4 in English language that they don’t understand. Looking for your courteous reply, thanks in advance. Marco

  23. Brett Rutecky, 07 April, 2015

    You are welcome to your own opinion of course. Thanks for the comment. Just a note though, if you are a customer of CBR this is not the proper place to get support. Please use the contact from inside of the software.

  24. Heddi, 01 February, 2016

    Hi Brett

    Can you tell me where I can get the Click Back Software from?

    thank you

  25. Brett Rutecky, 01 February, 2016

    Or you could click the big yellow button that says “Get Started Now” right under the video in this post your commenting on.

  26. Kayol Hope, 28 January, 2017

    This is an excellent upgrade feature to the ClickBack Rewards software.

    Thanks Brett!

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