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Posted September 26, 2015 by Brett Rutecky in Reviews

Today Im taking a look at Click Magnet 2.0

There is one thing that every email marketer I have ever spoken to wishes they could do. That one thing is put a marketing video right inside of an email. Unfortunately due to technical reasons this is just not possible. However Email Click Magnet does the next best thing. In fact what it does is actually really clever.ย  Let me explain:

What Email Click Magnet does is take your video, your settings, and some very familiar graphics such as a video loading animation and a video buffer animation and creates a custom animated .GIF graphic for you to put inside of your emails. To the use it looks just live a video player. Because its an animated graphic it looks like a video is actually loading. It has a a loading progress indicator, a buffer bar, it can be set to play few seconds of your video, and then ends showing the โ€˜loaded videoโ€™ with the familiar play button over it. When people click to play the video they are redirected to any website or URL that you like.

Will people click on it? I have no doubt they will. In fact I have no doubt that the will click on it more so than a normal text link. This is for three reasons. 1st it just stands out more, its much more obvouse then a text link. 2nd video is the content of choice on the internet people just love to watch video online 3rd people are trained to click to play videos by YouTube and this does look genuine.

I can think of several uses for this that will make you money. For example I can put this into an email then make it redirect people to a presale or review page that has the full video on it set to auto play. If you don’t have a presale or review page you can actually send them right to a sales page that has a video on it, like a demo video.

You see normally when you send an email out you get X number of opens, from that only Y number of people who open the email will actually click the link in it. By getting more clicks you are going to quite simply make more money. Period. I have no doubt that this will get more clicks.

Now to be honest I would not use this for every promotional email you send out. If you did your list would just get acclimated to it and it would start to loose its effectiveness.ย  Save this for the best promotions, the ones you really want to get clicks to. Also keep in mind. People are going to be clicking this and expecting to see a video, so what ever sales page or presales page etc you send them to should have a video on it, preferably one that auto plays, so that people dont feel disappointed. They where expecting to see a video and they should not be let down.

One thing I always tell people is that you should not buy a product based on hype. You should buy it based on what value it brings to your online business. A product, specifically a software product, is a tool and all tools should perform a specific function that you can quantify its value. For example a carpenter might buy a nail gun since its faster than a hammer and thus can get more work done in less time (increasing efficiency and income). Well in the IM / Online business software products are the tools of the trade but your choice of tools should be no different. The ones you select should provide a definite advantage.

Email Click Magnet is such a tool. It provides a definite advantage, more clicks, which of course leads to more money. Its useful for anyone who sends out any kind of email marketing, be it to affiliate offers or to your own product offers.

I think Email Click Magnet is a solid investment and a great tool and I suggest everyone click the link below and strongly consider picking up a copy. Its a great product at a great price. One thing I always ask myself when doing a review is would I buy this? The answer is for sure: Yes!

NOTE: If you decide to pick this up please try coupon code “save10”. I say ‘try’ because I do not know for sure how long it will last since its limited by number of sales and not time (I believe). But make sure you at least try it to save $10 off the normal purchase price.





 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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    Gary Jenkins

    Hi Brett,

    You must have been reading my mind. I just gave up on trying to create a animated gif to use as a opening splash image for a video. That turned out to be a lot harder than I expected.

    With the $10 dollar coupon its like a no brain-er.

    One question about the bonuses you’re offering, will that come with Agency access?


    Brett: If we pick up the profit canvas bonus can we later upgrade to the agency license?


    Had a lovely Saturday coaching the little ones Football. to make my day better, I just got this awesome software through your link, I think it’s great for making emails more appealing…but the cherry on the cake is your bonus, I Just can’t wait to get picked up for the beta testing, I’m an impatient man, I want things to happen like yesterday, so thank you Brett for great bonus, I will be sending you my receipt.
    All the best my friend.

    Tim Brydges

    I’m losing my mind, can’t find the link


      Do you mean the big green button that says “Approved: Click here to learn more”?

        Mike Quinn

        LOL! You are a hoot Brett ๐Ÿ™‚

        Wow this is a genius offer! I couldn’t resist and just purchased.
        Profit Canvas is such a great idea. Can’t wait to get my teeth into it – ha ha!
        Thanks again Brett and have a great weekend!


    Where do I send the receipt to please


    Hi Brett,

    Yet another no-brainer.
    Thanks very much for your generosity.
    Will forward my receipt and look forward to
    Profit Canvas also.


    I just purchased through your affiliate link. I sent my receipt / invoice number to you through the contact form on your blog here.

    Looking forward to the bonus. ๐Ÿ™‚


    Brett, followed your approval recommendation and purchased.
    Just sent email with details

    thank you
    and keep your pro and con reviews coming


    Hi Brett great review I always look to your reviews before I buy Sometimes the hype on different products looks great but after reading your reviews I decide it’s not for me. This one however is and I’m glad I found your review site it has save me heaps.


    Great review! I just purchased through your link as your bonus alone makes this a “no brainer” for me. I appreciate your generosity!


    Hello Brett, the bonus is too good to pass up this offer.
    and, we send the id of Jzoo by email.

    Digital Success

    Hi Brett

    thanks nice review and been wanting this baby for a while

    really appreciate your generous bonus : )

    first purchase through you !

    yours in appreciation

    Digital Success


    WOW! After going back and forth with the support desk, finally I was able to purchased the product. Thanks Brett for the awesome review this morning and thanks again for being awesome and give us an AWESOME Bonus. I will be sending the receipt so that I can enjoy using E-Mail Click Magnet as well Profit Canvas for my Business. To be honest, this was a no brainer choice!

    All the best my friend,

    Robson Mastermindswins


    Hi Brett,

    thank you for the no brainer, and the $10 bucks off! Where do I send you my # I cannot find the link below but I hope I am within the 24 hour period, your video is still UP!

    Thank you once again


    Shit I just miss that bonus. ๐Ÿ™


    Is your bonus still available? It’s 10:59pm pacific right now and I thought you mentioned that it’s available for 24 hours.


    But Bret I can’t see the ratings here. Have you removed it?


    Has the bonus expired?

    Pradeep Kanuganti

    Hey Brett

    Great review…just saw the sales page, price is going up to $97, and read ur review and purchased for $27 with ur $10 coupon code through ur link, thanks…

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