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3.5/ 5

Creator: Ray Lane, Dexter Paglinawan
Type: Video Training


Good training by a video expert


Members area is a bit cluttered

Today I’m taking a look at a new video training called Unstopable Live Profits (first watch my full interview with creator Ray ‘the video guy’ below)   When I first came across this product launch I thought, because of its name, that it was a training about how to do live videos on Facebook. This […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I’m taking a look at a new video training called Unstopable Live Profits

(first watch my full interview with creator Ray ‘the video guy’ below)


When I first came across this product launch I thought, because of its name, that it was a training about how to do live videos on Facebook. This is what initially got me interested in it. I have been doing Facebook lives and have been getting great results with them. Tons of views, and also clicks from the links in the video description.

However after speaking with Ray I came to understand that this is not about doing Facebook videos. It’s actually about ranking videos on YouTube. The question I had though was: well where does the ‘live’ part come in?

The answer was simple. This training teaches you how to do live videos on YouTube so you can take advantage of the fact that YouTube live videos rank better and get more views just like live videos on Facebook do. Now I know what your thinking, doing a live video sounds scary. However Ray actually teaches how to stream a pre-recorded video live. With this you get all the advantages of a live video, but don’t actually have to do one live.

So what kind of videos can you put on YouTube live to make money from? Well there are actually two different ones.

The first is premade videos , advertisements for offline business. The way that works is you use the tutorials in this training to rank your video for specific keywords that would be of benefit to local business in your area. For example you might rank for “Divorce Lawyer in Harrisburg Pa”. Then you contact a business in that niche and offer to sell them a link in the description of the video for a monthly fee. In this way your video can generate consistent income for you via the monthly fees you charge. Depending on the niche your video ranks for you can easily charge anywhere from one hundred dollars a month to several hundred dollars a month. Professional services tend to pay more as the lead is worth more to them and smaller stores / restaurants tend to pay slightly less. This is something that I know for sure people do, and that Ray has personally done himself. If you choose to use this method to monetize the videos you rank with this training Ray even provides a whole package of premade videos in different niches for you so you can hit the ground running without needing to make your own videos.

The second tactic is to rank videos to promote digital products. This is similar to ‘launch jacking’. The goal here is to get your video quickly ranked so you can make money as an affiliate for the product you are promoting. Doing this method you will have to make your own video. Also you will have to make videos more often as the majority of your sales will happen during the initial launch or shortly after. However this method is easier in many ways since you don’t have to contact and contract with a local business. Also since digital products tend to pay a 50% commission or more you can earn a decent bit of money even from a video that does not get a ton of views.

The training is made up of videos that where created by both Ray and Dexter. Rays videos are frankly higher quality, he is after all the video guy. Dexters videos are still good though. He does have a bit of an accent however its not terrible. I found the videos to largely be clear, easy to follow and to the point.


The members area was something I was not super impressed with. This training comes with a lot of different things. It has the main training, bonuses, as well as software training that teaches how to use OBS (a free streaming software) to do the live broadcasts (which can be done with prerecording as I said). It also has extra bonus content. The problem is that everything is on one page. There are no menus or anything. They put all of this content one oneΒ  really long single web page. To me this makes it a bit cluttered and I don’t believe its the ideal way to deliver this much content. Also it kind of feel like they are being lazy in doing it this way. I guess we can forgive them on this though, after all they are selling a video ranking training here not a course on website design (which they seem to need themselves)

Despite this one shortcoming I think that this is a product well worth investing in. I have been doing live videos on Facebook for a while now, and it was Ray who taught me how to do that. In this training he teaches you how to do them on YouTube and how to get your videos to rank for your target keywords as well. After the success I have been getting with Facebook live I’m personally excited to start trying YouTube live also. Because of this, and because its being sold at a very reasonable price,Β  I think Unstopable Live Profits is something that is for sure worth considering investing in.








Bonus? Hey isn’t this the part where I’m suppose to give you a bonus if you buy through my link? Sorry none this time. Why? Because instead of tantalizing you with a bunch of extra software that will just clutter your hard drive I’m going to give you some solid advise and tell you that if you pick this up, spend your time going through the training and taking action on what you learn. The thing that is going to make you a success is taking action .. not a bunch of hype bonuses!

Though I’m not going to give some bonus you don’t actually need for buying though my link, I will give you something extra as a special thank you just for stopping by and taking the time to read this review to the end. Click here to check out my Google ranking training and see how I consistently rank the posts on this blog on page one of Google for my target keywords.



 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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    kami ilmane

    Good to see here both.
    Thanks for the review Brett and thank you Ray for taking the time going through your product. All the best and good luck with the promo and the launch


    hi bret , why you don’t ad a search box on your site ? , i was trying to look somewhere, to know more about your squeezematig software but i coun’t find nowhere,
    with a search bar will be easy to find things around.


    Thanks Brett, your the bomb!

    Joseph Blazej

    Thank You Brett, πŸ™‚ Awesome review and training!


    i love all bret’s products , they’re awesome

    David Diamond

    Good to see you covered why you don’t have a search button on your site in your valuable “Bonus” training videos. I was actually going to consider adding one to my site but now will not, thanks for the insight, you are not only a good programmer (I own quite a bit of your software) but you are one of the smartest reviewers, if not THE smartest out there. Cheers mate. David from Oz


    Hi Brett,

    Since you have done a review back in 2014,can you do another review on their second release from Cyril Gupta, email jeet 2??

    I appreciate your true kind review , but for this case if they never give you a review copy , will you buy one and do a review? I really want to hear only from you , your personal perspective on using email jeet 2.



    Looks like Paul has pulled this off the market. I guess it sucks to be me.

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