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3.5/ 5

Creator: Yair Dolev
Type: Video Training


Solid training, great for the newbie


Have to watch intro over and over

Today I’m doing a review of a new training called Super CPA Profits.   (sorry I was saying Simple CPA Profits in the video, its actually Super CPA Profits, a bit of a tongue twister there)   Ok so as you probably guessed Super CPA Profits is a video training course that teaches people how […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I’m doing a review of a new training called Super CPA Profits.


(sorry I was saying Simple CPA Profits in the video, its actually Super CPA Profits, a bit of a tongue twister there)


Ok so as you probably guessed Super CPA Profits is a video training course that teaches people how to make money with CPA marketing. Now real quick for anyone who does not know what CPA is: CPA stands for cost per action. What this means is that a company is willing to pay you a specific amount of money (the cost) for every website visitor that you send to their site which takes a specific action. A good example of this is a program Netflix use to run. The would pay you $2 if you sent them a site visitor that signed up for a free trial.

Normally the action that company’s pay for are similar to this. They want people to sign up for a free trial, take a survey, or fill out a opt in form. and they are willing to pay you for everyone you can get to do this. Your job then becomes only to send low cost, targeted traffic to the CPA offer. Because your job is only to send traffic you don’t need a website, a product, or a bonus page. This makes CPA offers an attractive way of making money for the newbie to internet marketing.

The key of course is to be able to get the targeted traffic at a low enough cost so that you can make a profit from the CPA earnings. This is something that Yair is an expert at. I first met Yair about 6 months ago and when originally told me how much he was making with CPA offers I honestly did not believe him. In fact I told him I wanted him to do a live Skype chat with me and share his screen while he logged into his accounts and showed me live proof that he is making money with CPA offers. Here is the thing, he agreed without hesitation and did exactly that, he showed me live via Skype chat that he really is a expert CPA marketer and a master of getting low cost traffic to CPA offers.

This new training teaches you everything you need to know to get started with making money using CPA offers. It covers a basic overview, explains how to select the best CPA offers, and then goes on how to use a unique (yet viable) traffic source the right way to send low cost traffic to your offers.

The training is divided into 4 main modules. Each module has several videos that are short and to the point yet full of actionable information. I personally like that the videos are to the point. For myself I get bored then the training videos are long winded and full of fluff. The one thing I did not like about the videos though is that each one has a little into animation at the start. By the time I go to the 4th or 5th video I was not only sick of being forced to watch that intro but I also could not help that it was wasting my time by making me see it over and over. However despite this one small annoyance I found the videos as well as the content of the videos to be excellent.

So who is going to be able to benefit from the Super CPA Profits training? Well honestly, if you already have an online business that you should probably focus on that and not jump into something totally new. However if you are just getting started and looking for a quick way to make your first bit of money online CPA offers and the Super CPA Profits Training is going to be well worth considering. You are of course going to need an ad budget to get your traffic. However you can get started for between $15 and $50, which laughably low cost to start a business.

Of all the ways to make money online CPA offers is one of the least painful to get started in since it does not require a website,  product, email list, or affiliates. If your new to the internet marketing world or have not been able to make at least your first couple of hundred dollars yet I recommend that click the link below and at least take a  moment to consider Super CPA Profits.


 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.


    Bill Giam

    Hi, would u like to do a check? I think the link to purchase this product is not working. Regards


    Hey Brett. This product is by the same folks who created CPA Monopoly which you reviewed very positively. In fact, more positively than this one.

    Would you suggest that CPA Monopoly is a better choice for someone looking to get into CPA Marketing?


      Yes Yair was involved in CPA Monopoly as well as in this training. He has done a few CPA trainings (because that’s where his expertise lie) Given that this is the newest training by Yair it makes sense I think to get it since its his most recent.


    The approved link is coming up as a 403 error…


    Hi Brett. The Simple CPA Profit is open but I can’t connect to it? Let me know what I’m doing wrong?


    Got it! Brett, are you including any rebranding instruction to your bonus plugin?


      Sorry no re-branding instructions, though its not that hard, you can either do it yourself, or get someone on Elance to do it for you (should only take 1/2 hour of a good WP guys time).. or you can just leave the name as it is and sell it as your own if you like.


    Thank you Brett, just got it.
    Thank you for the bonus
    I’ve already got a couple of clients for the plugin.
    All the best


    Hey hey.. Does the course teach about Mobile landing page buildout for mobile traffic… . OR.. Desktop landing pages for desktop traffic? Do we explore mobile apps, apk installs, traffic reselling, popunder/over landing pages…???


      No, none of these things have anything to do with CPA offers or CPA marketing. As I said in the video review, you dont need a landing page with CPA marketing (which is to a large degree what appeals to people). So it would make no sense to teach about making landing pages in a training that is based around a marketing type where landing pages are not needed.

    Mike Winston

    Hi Brett,

    I was wondering if the training also involved how to properly join CPA sites, I’ve heard it’s fairly difficult for new marketers.

    If it doesn’t, do you have any suggestions as what offers teach you the art of joining CPA site?

    Thanks much, as always your reviews are always enlightening.

    Mike Winston


      This training does not cover signing up for CPA sites so much as some of the other trainings I have seen. This is more about the real important things, getting low cost traffic and using the traffic for maximum profit. The only people who think signing up for a CPA site is ‘hard’ is those who are trying to be black hat. CPA sites are going to want real information about you before they let you promote. This is understandable since you will be sending traffic to their customers and they want to know that you are not a spammer or a shady person. Often people have a problem following the rules and then they say things are ‘hard’. It really does not have to be. When you signup for CPA sites, enter real information, answer any questions they ask honestly, and you will be fine.


    pah another fake affiliate review


      What exactly is ‘FAKE’ about my review?

      Just because a product is a good investment, and I say its a good investment, does not mean its a ‘fake’ review. It might just mean, oh I don’t know … that its a good product. All reviews that are not bad are not ‘fake’. It sounds to me like you just want me to say everything is bad. Sorry that would be fake. Because not everything is bad. Oh and just a FYI: I make no secret of the fact that the when I feel a product is worth buying I include an affiliate link. Websites cost money, and also I test everything I review, I deserve to be compensated for my time. Each product I review takes hours of my time and many times I end up telling people that they should not buy. So yes, on the ones I do approve I include an affiliate link, sorry if that offends you.



    Bill Giam

    Hi, I have purchase Super CPA Profits through your link. Which email should I send my receipt to claim for the bonus? Thanks


    Hi Brett,

    I have to politely disagree with your assessment of Super CPA Profits.

    For example you mention “The training is divided into 4 main modules. Each module has several videos that are short and to the point yet full of actionable information.”

    I watched the videos twice, and found that there was a severe LACK of actionable items. They were VERY poorly constructed, horrible grammar throughout, an amazing number of misspelled words on the slides, and a complete lack of getting to the point. The person narrating the videos (Dan) was trying to be WAY too hip and cool, and didn’t give me ONE actionable item – that wasn’t a hidden attempt at an affiliate program. What I’m speaking of there is a link to a free tracker called Prosper 202, and instead of simply providing the link, Dan had a fancy link.

    Now granted, I didn’t pay a fortune for the program, and I certainly can’t complain about the price that I did pay, but I did expect a much more professional presentation. My opinion was Dan is nowhere near ready for prime time!

    I respect your opinion, and appreciate the time that you took to review the program; but based on what I watched, I’d only give this program two stars at the most.

    Thank you!


      Thanks for your comment, however:

      1) Dan did not narrate all of the videos, Yair did several of them, It makes me think that you did not watch them all. Or if you did, you did not pay enough attention to even realize that there where two different speakers.

      2) Yair is not a native English speaker. Im willing to bet that he speaks (and writes) English better than you speak or write Hebrew. Also hes ‘poor grammar’ has absolutely no bearing on the quality of the information. With respect I think your focusing to much on petty things that do not matter as opposed to the important things. This might be a part of the reason why Yair is making multiple 5 figures a month with CPA and your trying to figure out how its done. While I can understand that its better to be grammatically correct and it looks more professional. Things like this are moot since the real thing you bought was the training. Would you prefer poor content that has better grammar?

      3) I’m not sure what you mean by they don’t give you actionable items, they tell you exactly what to do, telling you what to do, is by definition ‘actionable’. Perhaps you did not understand that part because you where to busy being the ‘grammar police’? That comes back to what I was saying, when you focus on things that matter little in the big scheme you miss the important stuff.

      4) He did not put in a link to be ‘hip’ or to be ‘fancy’, or to hide an affiliate link. In fact you just said yourself it was a link to a free tracker. Affiliates don’t link to free stuff. Because there is nothing to pay the affiliate on a free download. If you had thought about that you would see how silly it was for you to say he was trying to hide affiliate links by shorting them. The reason he shortened the URL is likely so that he can track the number of people that are clicking it and see how many of his customers are taking action on the training.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment though, it is much appreciated.


    Brett have you actually tried the course?
    I have personally been trying on and of the traffic source for 4 years. It was prior to that pretty good. But since 4 years a go I think it is mostly fake traffic.
    I added another $50 to my account and tried 4 campaigns and got 3%, 2%, 1% and 0% optins with 200 clicks each. Which is about my avg for the past 4 years.
    While I have not tried their other courses it seems they are just reselling their course constantly with every crappy traffic source available.
    It sounds like monopoly was based on bing which is at least a real traffic source.
    Has anyone had good results with monopoly?


      I think the real question is did you try their course? Or are you just talking about past experience? I will agree, I think that the CPA thing has been covered well now. I dont think I will be interested in any more CPA products, there are enough out there.

    Steve Marchant

    I just bought this. Quite honestly the delivery is totally amateurish – but it still represents value for money as what can on expect for $10. There are two otos and two downsells.

    Why amateurish? Well, the videos are thrown together. There is no script that would have been easier enough to do. The young kid doing the voice over says things like “I’m just doing this on the fly” or “and lets see, an example from Forex would be … well actually I don’t know anything about the forex market”.

    My worst gripe is that at the end of seventh video he says, “stay tuned, in the next video we will cover writing ad copy and how to create a bridge page” – Well in video 8 there is 15 minutes of less than concise info covering ad copy but zilch about bridge pages. Nothing. Not even a mention.

    At the end of video 8 the guy says ” and in our next and final video we are going to be covering creating bridge pages as well as landing pages and that will be it for this course”.

    Well guess what? If there is a ninth video there is no link to it – it is nowhere to be seem. As I said – amateurish in the extreme.

    That said, I have bought the OTO 1 downsell for another $10 hoping there will be some more info there.

    There is NO actionable info in this video series. No defined blueprint. But plenty of vague instructions on an intriguing CPA angle with one or 2 nuggets. For $10 I personally won’t complain although some people are on such a shoestring budget that they would feel ripped off as one person’s value is another person’s rip off.

    Bottom line -the viewer will have to take this info and run with it as there is no blueprint.


      Thanks for the comment, and your assessment, but this part really stuck out for me:

      “the viewer will have to take this info and run with it”. Yes you have to take action on your own. If your expecting someone to build a business for you then you are going to be constantly unhappy. All training , be it online, or in a classroom is going to be ‘information that you have to take and run with’. No one will do it for you. That’s up to you, and frankly that’s the difference between someone who does well and someone who does not.

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