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Creator: Stefan Ciancio
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Solid training, confirmed results


None really, but you need to actually take action

Today Im doing a review of a new training called Rapid Traffic Masterclass. First watch my interview with creator Stefan Ciancio Ok so what exactly is Rapid Traffic Masterclass? Well its a training that teaches you how to get traffic from social media. Now when people hear the words social media the first thing that […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today Im doing a review of a new training called Rapid Traffic Masterclass.

First watch my interview with creator Stefan Ciancio

Ok so what exactly is Rapid Traffic Masterclass? Well its a training that teaches you how to get traffic from social media.

Now when people hear the words social media the first thing that comes to mind is usually Facebook, and sometimes Twitter or G+. Since these are some of the biggest social networks they are the ones that most training focuses on.Β  However Rapid Traffic Masterclass is a bit unique in that it focuses on Pinterest (which is currently the 20th most popular site in the USA, and the 49th most popular site in the world).

So how exactly is it using Pinterest? Well it uses Pinterest to drive, free, targeted traffic to your website. Thats a key thing to remember. You don’t send traffic to your affiliate link directly (which does not work anyway). You send traffic to your website. So yes, you will need a website. But don’t worry Rapid Traffic Masterclass teaches you how to set one up and gives you tips for getting content on it quickly.

When starting to investigate the first thing I wanted to know was that Stefan is actually doing this and that it actually works. Now I will admit, I trusted his word and I believed him when he said he was doing this, but I cant exactly call myself an ‘honest reviewer’ if I just take peoples word for it, even people that I trust. So I asked him to show me some Google analytics for one of his sites so I could confirm he was indeed getting traffic to it. What I was looking for was not only decent traffic, but also consistent traffic over multiple weeks. This is what I was shown:


The first thing I want you to notice about this is that it is recent. It shows the last 30 days prior to November 23rd (which was the day I asked him to show me his results). Also while most people are going to focus on the couple of exceptionally good days where traffic spiked it is important to take note that even on the ‘normal’ days this site is getting at least over 1000 visits, and often around 2500. That is quite a bit of traffic. 74,000 people a month coming to your site is nothing to sneeze at.

The training in Rapid Traffic Masterclass is presented in standard video format, with Stefan showing you his screen and explaining what you see.


There are four modules with several videos ranging from 10-20 minutes in each. The training is very clear and easy to follow. Stefan starts slow beginning with an overview, niche research, setting up a website with content (for those that do not already have one) , and then continues with setting up a Pinterest account, building a following, and finally of course using Pinterest and the following you have built to drive traffic to your site. Over all I can say that the training itself is well done. There is nothing left out and all someone really has to do is go through the videos in order and follow what he explains step by step as he teaches it. It really does not get any easier than that. If I had to pick one thing I did not like about the training its the fact that the modules are given generic names “module 1”, “module 2” etc. But that of course is no big deal at all.

Training is a hard thing to write a review about since I cant demo a training the way I can a software. Because of this I normally interview the creator when I am reviewing a training. Usually I have a few minutes of friendly chitΒ  chat with the product vendors before I start recording the actual interview (its nice to be friendly).Β When I was chatting with Stefan pre interview he said something that kind of got my attention. He said it in passing while we where talking but it really jumped out at me. What he said was that in 2017 he plans on Pinterest, Pinterest traffic, and the techniques he teaches in Rapid Traffic Masterclass to be a major part of his business. To me that says a lot. I really like it when vendors sell something that they actually use. I really like when they ‘walk the talk’.

One thing Stefan did say both in the interview and in the training is that while the name of this product has the word “Rapid” in it this is not some over night get rich quick scheme. You will actually have to put in a bit of effort to follow the training and take action. If your not an action taker, someone who is willing to put an honest effort into a system that is proven to work, then you can go ahead and close this page in your browser right now because Rapid Traffic Masterclass is not for you. However if you are someone who is willing take action on a proven easy to follow system then this is something that is well worth considering.









BONUS: Stefan has allowed me to give away some really cool bonuses to anyone who picks up Rapid Traffic Masterclass though my link. You can see them below, and you will get them right inside of the members area if you grab this though me. However I really do not want you to allow the bonuses to distract you. This training teaches a method that I know 100% for sure gets results, as I have seen it work myself, also the training is very detailed and step by step. So while you will get the bonuses, I prefer you focus your attention on taking action and following the training. I want YOU to succeed!


Click here to pick up Rapid Traffic Masterclass and also get the bonuses above (in the members area).

 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    Brett, I am getting a red screen from Google with “Deceptive Site Ahead” and the warning that the site might (gasp) ask for my credit card or something equally dangerous. I went on to the page anyway and will be buying the product but you might want to pass the word on to the developer that this is happening.


      Yea poor Stefan, he got hacked. We can forgive him though, it happens to the big sites even, and he is a traffic expert not a server expert. Fortunately I know a thing or two about this kind of stuff πŸ™‚ Im in the process of helping him right now. Should be all good in a bit, sorry for the trouble.


    I have a question Brett,

    A bit off topic about retarketing.

    Do you have to be a part of a paid ad platform to do retarketing, like facebook and Google?

    The question is can retarketing be done without doing paid ads with just some code or do you have to be doing paid ads?



    Okay Brett Thank You.


    Hi Brett,

    I am just wondering I have never seen you give a 5 star, what does it take to make a “5”?


    PS – when I try to get to the site, I get a Forbidden message so can’t even order now. I’ll try again later.


    Has the site hack been cleared yet?


    Brett fyi the jv page is still showing the Big Red Warning from Google.


    note: we had a major hack (few dozen sites, 3x in 3 weeks) with spillover onto computers that visited them – happened a few months ago. I feel Stefan’s PAIN. πŸ˜‰

    Jenelle Livet

    The red screen is back. Interested in this so let me know when it is fixed
    Thanks Brett


    Hi Brett!

    Can a deaf guy learn from this video course? Is there closed captioning in the videos or pdf files? I already have a website, and a pinterest account (actually 23 websites lol). My main goal is to get traffic after getting all my wordpress websites setup. It took me months to do all that, so now I’m ready for the next step πŸ™‚



    So with all OTO’s, what is this going to cost. Do we need the upsales?


      Not quite sure honestly. And no you do not NEED the upsells, purchasing them is up to you, they do add value, but I would never approve anything that required an upsell purchase.


    Hi Brett
    Will the offer be at 15 even tomorrow as the timer mentioned 11 hours left.As I was out with no easy access to PayPal today so if you could just let me know please. Thanks

    scott lichau

    Hiya Brett, just tried to pick up this product and jv zoo was billing me at 52 pound sterling and the price should be around 12 pounds, is the site still having issues?


      Yea that’s for sure not correct. Might be a conversion error on the check out page caused by either JVZoo or PayPal. You can check back in a bit and if you still have the error tell me and I will let Stefan know.

    Eugene McGrath

    Great Training and well laid out product

    Only gripe so far is he made out it was easy to get google ad sense approved and that when you entered your information you were automatically accepted, if you don’t have legal pages,your own domain,your own website email address and several good blog posts you will not be approved, but none of this was mentioned in that video and he just continued the video as if there was no approval.

    Apart from that great course and value for money

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