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Today I’m doing a review of a new video training called Instant E-Com Profits. A few months ago was when I really became aware of Shopify. I mean before then I had known about it a little bit but I never really looked into it to much. Well one day I was having a chat […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I’m doing a review of a new video training called Instant E-Com Profits.

A few months ago was when I really became aware of Shopify. I mean before then I had known about it a little bit but I never really looked into it to much. Well one day I was having a chat on Skype with another online marketer that I have known and respected for a while now and he mentioned that he had been looking into Shopify as a way to diversify his online income. In fact here is a bit of our conversation:



After this conversation I decided it was time to take action. So I went over to Shopify created my first account and set out to build my store. Unfortunately I quickly realized that I had no idea where to start. Not only was setting up the store confusing, but I had no idea where to get products from. First of all what should I even sell? Bet beyond that did I have to buy them and store them in my basement? I did not want  do that? Do I use a drop shipper? If so where do I find company’s I could trust? After all of this how do I get traffic to the store? Not knowing these things left me frustrated and confused and I’m sorry to say I ended up doing the worst thing that anyone can do. I did nothing. I decided I would come back to Shopify later. But of course later never came.

I figured other people probably have questions about getting started just like I did and for that reason I became interested in Shopify training products. I personally know more than one marketer who makes additional income with stores you just need to know how to do them the right way. Because I wanted to know myself, and because I’m sure other people will want to know I agreed to take a look at the Instant E-Com Profits training course.

Before I start talking about the training though I do want to point out one thing. The vendors of Instant E-Com Profits have all kinds of ‘proof’ screenshots on the sales page. But these things never impressed me. Anyone with Photoshop can make a screenshot that says anything they want. I needed actual proof. So I contacted one of the vendors, Mike, and asked him if he would jump on a Skype chat, share his screen, log into his Shopify account live for me and show me some of his results. I recorded part of this call, you can see it in the video above, and below is a screenshot of the actual Skype call.


In the last 90 days they did over $19,000 in sales and in the last month it was over $12,000 in sales. This is from just one of the stores they have.

Ok so now that I knew for sure that these guys are not just making this stuff up, that they actually do what they teach I was ready to dive into the training itself.


The Instant E-Com training assumes you know nothing about Shopify and starts right at the very beginning with explaining how to set up your store. It then continues with how to find products for your store that you don’t actually have to stock or buy yourself. It then continues to explain tactics to drive both free and paid traffic to your store. In short everything you need is covered.

While the videos are detailed in their explanation they are not long winded and full of fluff. I was pleased to see that they get right to the point. I personally like this since I’m a ‘to the point’ kind of person myself. Also they where clear and easy to follow with step by step instructions and actionable content.

One place that I did think the training was a bit lacking was in the section about adding products. I thought that this could use a little more explanation. When I mentioned this to Mike he did not argue, did not get mad at the criticism like so many other vendors have done, he instead thanked me for the feedback, asked me for clarification on what I did not understand and about 3 hours later he added another training video that covered what I had questions about. Very cool.

One thing I will say about this is that I think that the instant part in ‘Instant E-Com Profits’ might be a little misleading.  Lets be honest here. Your not going to buy this training, push a button and instantly money is going to appear in your bank account. When Mike was showing me personal account I noticed a graph that showed his sales history and though I only caught a glimpse of it, it seemed that it took a week or so for him to start making sales. I’m guessing that’s the time it took him to get everything set up initially.

That’s what I want to point out about this training. I know that people make money with Shopify, I know for sure that these guys know how to do it since I have seen their accounts first hand, also after going through the training I believe if you follow what they teach you can emulate their results. However you must actually follow what they teach. If your looking for a instant push a button and money magically appears product, this is not it (and  FYI it does not exist anywhere). However if your willing to put in a bit of time, to take action on your purchase and follow the steps that they teach in this course than Instant E-Com Profits is a good investment for anyone looking to start their online business or diversify with a new source of online revenue.

 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    Thanks for the review Brett, appreciate your time and I’m sure your subs are going to love this!


    Thanks Brett, as always: Great review!


    Thanks for another honest, informative review. This looks like something that is actionable that could results in actual results, maybe not instantly, but results nonetheless.

    Dr. Jack Agnew. JD. PhD

    What about upsells? If they are offered, details and current price please.


      Sorry Jack I normally dont review OTO’s since I spend so much time making sure the FE offer is good. I do know what they are though: Though I have not reviewed the OTO’s I do know they are:

      Speed Study Package: $47 (this is additional training as well as case studies)
      Outsourcing Blueprint: $97 (this teaches how to outsource everything so you dont have to do it yourself)

      Be assured the OTO’s are optional, I would not approve a product if the FE did not bring its own value.


    Thanks Brett for your insight on this product. I think you are right on task with the bonuses distractions more often than not. I may take a second look at Shopify also…what are the OTO’s?


      Sometimes bonuses make sense, if its a product on how to build a list for example it makes sense to give a list building software (if I have one). But sometimes bonuses are just a distraction that might keep you from taking action, in that case they are a bad thing.

      Though I have not reviewed the OTO’s I do know they are:

      Speed Study Package: $47 (this is additional training as well as case studies)
      Outsourcing Blueprint: $97 (this teaches how to outsource everything so you dont have to do it yourself)

      As you know though, these are optional, I would not approve a product if it was not a good value on its own without requiring the bonuses.


      I just reviewed a sample video module they have up for display. If the rest of the video training is at that pace(fast), hard to understand(accent) and fuzzy video. I can see where it may be difficult for a newbie to follow and understand(accent). I tried to follow as if I knew nothing and it was extremely difficult for me on this free video module (“Watch How We Set Up Highly Targeted Facebook Ad Campaigns That Sells For Our eCommerce Stores!”). I can see where a person would have to watch each video module several times to get each method down. That can be very frustrating. My take…


        I dont know what ‘demo video module’ you are talking about since they dont provide this on the sales page (that I am aware of). Mike is the speaker in the video, and though he his a slight accent (he is not a native English speaker) I dont think he is difficult to understand at all (and Im quite picky about accents). Thank you for your feedback though.

        While I cant show the training without permission, here is an excerpt from a public interview Mike did. He clearly has an accent but I personally dont think its difficult to understand him. I post this snippet here so everyone can hear it for themselves and decide if Mike is hard to understand prior to purchase:


          When anyone clicks away from original offer, you receive this free module offer option –
          In exchange for your email address.


            Ahh I see. I really still dont think Mike’s accent is bad. That of course is my opinion though. This freebie video does have some static in the beginning though, I can hear it in my desktop, but not on my laptop so I think its probably something with their video host. I will let Mike know.


              For some reason in the video we sent there the microphone got disconnected and the quality was bad, I’ll make sure to check out what I can do about it, but the rest of the videos are higher quality.

        Norman Burr

        OTO#1: Speed Study Package: Onetime Payment Of $47:

        With the Speed Study Package”, the creators will show you step by step their Exact $1k+ A Day Scaling Strategy PLUS Give You Multiple, Over The Shoulder Case Studies So You Won’t Make Any mistakes.

        The creators will reveal strategies top sellers use (including USP) to just jump over all the competition and get 10 more orders 10 times faster.

        OTO#2: Outsourcing Blueprint: Onetime Payment Of $97:

        With this Upgrade, the creators are going to teach you EXACTLY how they outsource EVERYTHING, you will get DFY outsourcing videos and learn how they only work 10 minutes a day on the shop and have an entire team running it for $2 an hour.

        This will allow you to scale faster and put your efforts on creating more shops or just doing more things.


    This sound promising. I’m definitely going to give this a try…I just hope its not like others I wasted my money on.


    Brett, thanks so much for your honest review. I look forward to these as I have purchased my fair share (probably more) of poorly developed software or training programs. Having a professional give honest reviews is not only refreshing, but rare. Having purchased E-comm expert academy, I will most likely pass on this offer. But I did want to put my 2 cents in for anyone thinking about buying your recommended products. Brett is the REAL Deal. You won’t regret following his recommendations.


    Hi Brett, Is this easier than Ecom Experts Academy, which I already have, Is it more helpful and informative?

    I want to get in while the price is low but obviously not if I don’t need it!

    Also, is it possible to pass either or both of these products to virtual assisstants to set up?

    Sorry to be bothering you but you are the one guy I know who is honest and really helpful. 🙂


    Sorry Brett, I missed the post where you said the Instant Ecom Profits OTO2 is an explanation of how to outsource.

    Any advice re outsourcing for the Ecom Experts Academy?

    If you have the patience to answer this – Thanks!


    Brett, will you be using this training to put up your own Shopify store and for driving traffic to it?


      I have a new software coming out in 3 weeks. After that I will for sure be following the training and putting up my first store. I would not tell people to buy something that I would not be willing to use myself.

    Les courcha

    Hi Brett Thanks again for a great revue I have a question and it might seem a dumb one but I have been bitten a few times A few years ago I purchased a training program for setting up an online shop for amazon but after trying to set up the account with amazon found that you could only setup the account if you lived in the USA and as I live in Australia I was stuffed before I started. . WIll this work outside the USA


    How does this product compare with the ecom experts academy product?


      Well perhaps the most important thing is that is for sale, where as E-Com is not accepting new customers 🙂 .. but beyond that if you already have E-Com experts it would likely be best for you to take action on that purchase.


        Oh I am sorry I should have been more clear. I didn’t have the ecom experts academy training, I just wanted to know how this one compared to that one


    Hi Brett
    Tried to make purchase through your link now and see that offer is closed. Can you help het in touch with vendors so I can come in?


    Tried buying through jvzoo but the product could not be sold, any other way round?

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