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Creator: Mark Thompson
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Solid training about my favorite way to make money online

Tonight I’m doing a review of a new product called Funnel Stak   This is only the second product that I have ever reviewed by Mark Thompson. The first was for a software that he release which I did not like one bit. Mark, needless to say, was a bit upset by the fact that […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Tonight I’m doing a review of a new product called Funnel Stak



This is only the second product that I have ever reviewed by Mark Thompson. The first was for a software that he release which I did not like one bit. Mark, needless to say, was a bit upset by the fact that the first time I reviewed one his products I marked it REJECTED without hesitation once I realized it did not live up to my standards. Because of this, when I was given the opportunity to test Funnel Stak I reminded Mark that I don’t hold back in my reviews and will say what I think, good and bad. He agreed, and I went to work reviewing the training.

Funnel Stak is a video training course that teaches, as you could probably guess from the name, how to create product funnels. This is something that people who are selling their own product need to be doing not only to get maximum value from each customer, but to actually get customers in the first place. At this point I hope I don’t have to explain to people that having and selling your own product is the #1 thing you can do if you want to make money online. However just having your own product is not enough, you need to know how to sell it, and how to sell it effectively. (incidentally if your thinking to yourself right now, ‘but I don’t have my own product Brett’ do yourself a favor and read the entire review and pay special attention to my bonus at the end).

There are two big mistakes that people make when trying to sell their own product.

The first is they try to sell their product ‘cold’. By cold selling I mean that they try to do something such as send Facebook ad traffic directly to their product sales page. This frankly is a terrible idea. First of all its totally wasteful and second of all it’s very ineffective. Quite often I have heard from people who would say something like “I got lots of clicks but no sales”. Well the reason is that they send their traffic directly to a sales page and not into a funnel.

When many people think of a funnel they think of OTO’s and up-sells that customers are offered after they make an initial front end purchase. But that’s only a part of the funnel. In fact its the middle part of a funnel. A proper funnel is started long before then and is designed to build trust and relationship with the potential customer.  Once you build a relationship with the them it will be much more easy to turn a potential customer into an actual one. The people who make money online effectively understand this and have refined this process to nearly an art form.

The second mistake people make with their funnel is related to what most people think of when they think of as the ‘funnel’. This is the sales funnel. The up-sells and the OTO’s. But its also more than that. Most people understand that it’s profitable to have some kind of up-sell or OTO that they present to the customer. What some people don’t understand is what kinds of OTO offers to make. How to effectively present them to the customer and make them a value instead of just a nagging message for them to spend more money. We have all bought products that had 50 crazy up-sells that we didn’t even want anyway. This is a prefect example of a person who does not know how to properly set up a sales funnel.

Another issue that people have when setting up the sales funnel is making the mistake of thinking that the sales funnel ends when the initial purchase is over. This is a huge mistake! The sales funnel does not end with the initial purchase. Once you understand, and know how to continue your funnel for an extended period of time you will see a massive increase in your profits.

Funnel Stak is a training that is designed to teach people how to avoid these and other common problems with selling your own product. While anyone can go to eLeance or Freelancer and get a digital product created its the people who understand the complete selling process ‘the whole picture’ that really make the ‘big’ money online. Understand this is the difference between the people who cant break 6 figures a year and the people who seem to effortlessly do multiple 6 figures (and sometimes even more).

The training is presented in video format. With Mark showing you his screen and recording himself speaking. Both the audio and the video are clear, crisp and professional.

Funnel Stak itself is broken up into 5 modules, with each module having between 3 and 5 videos. The videos themselves average about 10-12 minutes each with a few being longer or shorter. While I was pleased to see that the training in Funnel Stak is not long winded, boring or full of filler / fluff, the one thing I did notice is that each training video has a logo intro.


While this is something that many people might not care about it has always been a pet peeve of mine. I feel like having an intro on each training video in a course is a waste of time. I mean I don’t need to be constantly reminded that I’m watching a Funnel Stak training, I’m in its members area after all. Fortunately though the into is fast, only lasting about 5 seconds so in this case its not to big of a deal.

Besides this minor annoyance the only other thing that I did not particularly like is the fact that the members area is built on top of a WordPress site. As a developer I always felt that this was a bit cheap. More better suited to someone just getting started with their business than to a well established vendor such as Mark. However once again I’m aware that this is just my personal bias being that I’m a developer. I will say though that what ever theme or plugin Funnel Stak is using for its members area, it definitely is a higher end one. The members area is very well done and super easy to navigate, unlike some others I have seen built on top of WordPress.

Though there where these things small things that I did not like, which frankly will be of no consequence to someone who is not as picky as I am, I really liked the training. It’s easy to follow, starting off with basic concepts and continuing on to more advanced tactics. While the main training focuses around people who want to sell digital products (my personal favorite type) there is a relatively brief section about selling physical products as well.

So what do I think about Funnel Stak over all? We’ll as I have said many, many times now. Selling your own product is the number one thing you can do to make money online. It is simply the most profitable and fast way to start an online business. However its not enough to simply have a digital product. You need to know how to acquire potential customers, how to earn their trust, how to convert them from potential customers into first time customers, and than ultimately how to build a long term customer relationship with them. In short you need to know how to build a real, start to finish, funnel. This is something that must be understood if you want to make ‘real’ money online, its what separates the serous business people from the playing around people, and it’s something that Funnel Stak does a good job of teaching.

If your serous about build a real business this is going to be a something that I can comfortably say is worth considering:






 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.


    Ankur Shukla

    I wanna buy this from your link just for your bonus 🙂


    Hello Brett,
    Thank you for another solid review. I had purchased this prior to your link arriving in my email. I know that you do not review any related OTOs, but the software in the first OTO of this product is very impressive. It allows you to “see” all of the related links to any sales offer. That particular OTO is currently selling for $47 for a personal license.
    Thanks again,


      Your correct I have not even looked at the OTO, though I am glad to hear that they have a valuable one. What you are describing here is in fact a good example of a proper OTO that gives extra value it seems.


    The biggest problem I have found with all these funnels are that it turns into a rabbit hole that leads one to spending more and more money for the same product.. I got an offer the other day and it was cheap enough so I bought it and I got some 10 yes 10 upsells for the same product I was so furious I cancelled my original order and unsubscribed from their list..

    I hate upsales especially when it is nothing more than trying to get more money out you forthe same product with out adding substantially more value to the product… If your going to sell what you think is the greatest money making product on the market then just sell it for what the consumer wants to pay for it instead of trying to trick the customer into spending more and more for the same product with out adding value…

    I also do not like the way promoters claim this is free or it will only cost a little and you will be in the green, HOG WASH….

    I have been ripped off so many times with so called money making programs that all lead to the same thing…. Suck more and more money out of your wallet and they keep saying just buy this or pay to join here and all your money troubles will be over and all the time you do not get any where or any money being put back into YOUR wallet….


      Your attitude is super negative and assuming people are trying to ‘trick you’. Never considering that vendors break up their product so that people can buy just what they need and spend just what they can afford. Ie. they are allowing you to tailor your purchase as you specifically want it. Granted that not all vendors do OTO’s for this reason, but the truth is that many do. Also your talking about OTO’s which as I said is only a small part of a real funnel. A real funnel starts before the potential customer even makes a purchase. If you don’t understand that than you really need this training. Finally with regards to a product that has 10 OTO’s that you don’t want or you feel like your a ‘rabbit in the hole’ never forget this one magic trick. Close the browser tab. Its really that simple 🙂

        Larry K

        Brett – Maybe I wasn’t clear. I don’t have anything against Oto’s but those should be disclosed right up in the sales pitch!


          Why should they be? That makes no sense, why should someone tell you about something you will be offered later before you are even able to buy it? Also vendors did do that the next thing people would complain about is that the sales copy made them thing they where getting the OTO’s when they where additional prices, it would just be confusing. I hear people complain about OTO’s all the time and I can never understand them. Do you also yell at your waitress if she asks you if you want desert before she gives you your check? Or the kid at McDonalds who asks you if you want fries with that? I honestly just dont understand peoples grievance. You are presented with a FE offer, either you believe its a good value or you dont, nothing else matters at that point (including OTO’s), once you buy the FE offer, if you dont want to see what else is for sale, close your browser tab. Perhaps Im missing something here.

      Larry K

      I agree with the above post totally! When marketers try to sing the up-sell song and dance to me, I will ask for a refund especially when there is no transparency with mentioning up-sells to begin with.

      Then, I unsubscribe to their lists, and never purchase from that vendor again,
      Once a person appears to be a shady marketer….chances are the pattern will continue. I won’t reward deceptive markets with sales.

      Thanks to Brett for helping us stay one step ahead of the sleazy marketers!


    Thank you Brett, for being so generous in offering the agency license to ClickBack Rewards SaaS software as a bonus.

    This is certainly a “No Brainer” and I am glad to hop on this opportunity because all your Softwares are top notch and high quality that can be sold as evergreen products in the
    internet marketing community.

    Thank You

    Bill Joyce

    Very cool review and the bonus of Clickback is a wow. Thanks for that and the webinar.
    See you then


    Well, this is good news. And I’m glad Mark sucked it up and asked you to review another of his products. I do find it a bit weird that this site (or any of his training sites) would be set-up on WordPress, when I recently bought a lifetime license for his FreshMember SAAS platform, which is supposed to be about as good as it gets. Not entirely offputting, but as an observant person, I often wonder why a marketer would send out such a (subtle) signal of, I suppose you could say, “micro-hypocrisy”. One week they are saying their SAAS membership platform is “the shit”, but the next week they launch a training product hosted on WordPress. Things that make you go hmmm, I guess. (<; Anyway, thanks for the review and for saving me money on VideoDek the other day!


    Thank you for your honest review. I really don’t need another funnel training program but I love watching you and Mike and your saas software is worth the purchase price alone.
    Regarding up sells, as long as they add value to the front end then I don’t see an issue. In fact I have often bought a product just to get the upsell. A simple Google search will normally reveal the upsells in advance.Thanks


    No brainer here. I bought the funnel program just to get your special bonus.

    Bill Dampier

    Bought it solely on th strength of your review.

    On anoyhrt topic, I had occasion to use Squeezematic the other day for the first time in sevral months. Grat program. You shoulld do a re-launch/


    Scott White

    Hey Brett,
    Great review as always. I have been thinking about getting Funnelstakk but have too many irons in the fire right now as it is. Hope if I do get it later you are still offering the bonus. And I don’t blame ya I wouldn’t let Ankur have the bonus either 😉


    Your bonuses as whitelabel license, Brett?


      No white label means you can change the name etc. My bonus is not white label. its reseller access, you cant change the name (since I do the support for you), and since you use my sales page / members area / hosting etc.


    Brett is there any other products of your available or coming up with agency rights??
    I dont really want this product but I was going to email you about your agency rights, then your email with agency bonus for this landed.

    You must have read my mind lol

    Stefan Swanepoel

    Hey Brett.

    Loving the bonus you include. Will I have access to use your bonus software as well as liscense rights?


    While I might be able to guess from the name, what is the ClickBack Rewards SaaS software?

    Greg Smithhisler

    Brett, I came back to your site to purchase Funnel Stack from your link because the review is excellent and your bonus is the best I’ve seen. However, the videos are gone and the mention of the bonus is also gone. No longer available?

    Sam Nichelson

    Bummer I literally just bought this right after getting linkmaster. I was gonna message you first but I guess I got my answer. I was kinda looking forward to getting the software. I guess better luck next time. When did the promotion end?


    Hi Brett,
    I bought the Funnel Stack via your link on Sunday the 10th and I sent you the receipt, but I have never received an answer.
    I bought Funnel Stak especially to have your software.
    Thanks for your answer

    PS: I haven’t received any email reminder and I’m on your list too.

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