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You need to take action

Tonight I’m writing my full review of the new eCom Experts Academy training. I have gotten a lot of emails asking me about this training course. Most of the emails asked be about the income claim in the header of this products sales page. This is it: and I figured we would just get this […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Tonight I’m writing my full review of the new eCom Experts Academy training.


I have gotten a lot of emails asking me about this training course. Most of the emails asked be about the income claim in the header of this products sales page. This is it:


and I figured we would just get this out of the way from the start. Question: can you make $270,000 in two weeks? Sure you can, you can also win the lottery, survive a fall from an airplane without a parachute, or find a 50lb gold nugget in your back yard. You CAN do this things because they are possible since all of these things have been done before. Does this mean its even remotely likely that you will do these things? No, and its not likely that you will earn that much money that fast. Just because one person got super lucky does not mean anyone else ever will again.

So does that mean that eCom Experts Academy is a bad product and you should pass on it? Not at all. Let me explain.

One of the very first people I met in the IM space was my acquaintance Martin. I actually met him a few years ago when I was still freelancing and he hired me to do a project for him. Though I dont freelance anymore every once in a while Martin and I will have a chat about IM, about our business, or just about making money online in general. Well a bit ago he and I where talking about diversification. How one of the bad things about IM is that all of your income comes from one main source, which is not very good for security. He mentioned that he was trying to learn how to use Shopify and though he was just getting going he was quickly having some success. In fact here is a bit of our conversation (hope  you don’t mind Martin)



After this conversation I did what most people would do. I went over to Shopify. Realized I had no idea how to get started, got confused and decided I would ‘circle back’ to that later. Which of course I never did.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago and my other friend Austin asks me to look at his new eCom Experts Academy training on Facebook. A training course that teaches step by step how to make money with .. you guessed it. Shopify! It was like the guy was reading my mind or something. It was also a good opportunity. I could get a two for one. Review a product and get free Shopify training. But of course I put it off until very late last night.

You know what now that I have been going over the training for almost a full day I wish I would have not waited. The training itself is quite good. Its composed of several modules with each module having multiple videos in them.


The first module explains exactly what Shopify is (its an eCommerce platform to sell things online). The second module explains step by step how to set up your store. Starting from the third module it gets really good. The third module answers one of my biggest questions and one of the biggest things that prevented me from getting started. Where do I get products to sell? How do I ‘source’ them from other vendors? This in my mind is the most important module because it answers the most fundamental and difficult question for people just getting started. It then continues with more advanced training such as building a recognizable brand, optimizing your store and using Facebook to generate sales.

Thankfully the videos in each training module are not super long. They get right to the point and and are easy to understand. I was also really happy to see that they dont all start with some 2 minute logo animation like some other training videos do (which in my mind is just a waste of time).

After spending a day going over this training course I can honestly say that I am a lot less confused about Shopify. I actually feel empowered and have an “I can do this” attitude. Where before I was putting off opening my own store because I did not want to do, because of eCom Experts Academy I can honestly say Im excited and ready to take action. I think thats about the best endorsement I can give. Truthfully I wanted to learn about Shopify myself, put it off because  I did not know how to get started, and this training really helped clear everything up for me.

So you probably have guessed by now that I totally endorse this training. While I dont think any of us are going to make $270,000 in the next two weeks I do think anyone who follows the training and makes a real honest effort to take action on the training can expect to make a decent amount of money. Thats the one condition Im going to give on my approval. You need to take action. Its not going to do you any good if you buy this course and never complete it or never follow through with what it teaches. This is not a get rich quick scheme. This is about building a real e-commerce business. However if you are ready and willing to take action and build a business I think eCom Experts Academy is going to be a solid investment that is worth considering.






 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

About the Author

Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    Thanks Brett for another honest review. Sorry you had to spend all day on it. Do you think the additional help with the OTO is worth the $197? If they do all they say it seems like it is worth it.


      Im sorry but I dont review OTO’s (I spend so much time on the FE that frankly I often dont give time)


        Just wanted to reply and say I bought the OTO for $197 and I think the extra knowledge is well worth it. This is not a bonus, as in some add on you don’t need, it is extra features and training. You will get Done For You Themes, Fulfillment (shipping option), Apps, and the Facebook page. I hesitated for hours but finally bought and am glad I did.


    As Always, Brett… an honest critique of an opportunity that ‘may’ help those of us trying to breakthrough online. I love the potential here and will be giving it a go “immediately”. Thanks mate!


    Thanks Brett,

    Like you I was looking for another income source and I think that this could be it. Knowing nothing about eCommerce,do you build your store with WordPress or is Shopify a whole new platform?

    Does the course tell you to concentrate on one store and niche or to build multiple stores? Do we need to add daily content to these stores or are they more set and forget?

    Thanks in advance,



    Just bought this after reading your review. I received an email this morning about this, and I was not really sure, even if I really wanted to try some “real online work”, not just IM. The sale page is really good, I was almost sold. Then, I received your first email, about the review you would deliver “tonight”, so I decided to wait.

    I think this can be a good diversification, as you mention in your text. I will really put the effort in this to make it happen. Finally, something real, with real stuff. Opening a store on a big Avenue, without the lease…wow! This could really be something good. Thank you again for your honest review. I always appreciate reading you.


    Don Bonnell

    Good review Brett, I picked up this course and it is a take action or die situation.

    As new to Shopify I appreciate the step by step set up videos and explanations. So often courses just assume that you know something.

    One question that I had going into the course was “why pay to be in Shopify when you can use other platforms for free?” –they answer this in the first 10 minutes of the course.

    As Always thanks for the great review


    Hi Brett,Thanks for another thorough review but I am assuming this is mostly applicable for US residents and not the UK as the sources for products may not be as good or as plentiful.
    Am I right or am I missing something ?


    Is this a good stand alone product or do you need the upsell? I heard its $200, what is the upsell.


    Hi Brett, I totally agree with you and really thank you for not distracting folks with bonuses.You understand what’s important, quality over quantity.

    I am going through the training on this course and I for one think it’s a quality product. Why would I need 3,5 or 7 shiny objects to distract me. Don’t get me wrong, I think the products offered in bonuses are great on their own merit but I also think we as IM-ers especially us who are new to the industry get distracted way too easily.

    We need to use our tunnel vision and focus on something good, get it to work for us and then move on to something else and grow our internet income.

    I believe you are truly trying to help people succeed online.


      Hi Brett, thanks for the awesome reviews. and Otis thanks for being frank and to the point. I for one is new to IM and do get distracted quite easily. Reading these post acts as a reminder to focus on what is important which is the task at hand. Putting on my tunnel vision right now!!!

      Thanks a lot guys


    Hi Brett,
    There is any other cost for store to be live online?



    So how much of an initial investment/ outlay for inventory will be needed to get a store up & running. I have a concept for a store, and have very little idea where to go for wholesale products, and what sort of initial minimum wholesale buy would be required.

    I realize the minimum wholesale investment will be different for each type of product and store niche.– just looking for a general idea.

    Also, when I looked Shopify over in the past, it seemed a large % of the example stores were clothing stores. In your opinion, can the Shopify model produce the same sort of success as FBA with stores focused on products other than clothes?

    Thanks for your answers.



    Hi Brett,

    I just found you a few days ago, and am so glad I did. Thank you for what you do.

    Here’s a question I’ve not seen answered about this product and about shopify: Why make your shop through shopify instead of sending your products to Amazon? If you get your product “popular enough”, Amazon will do all sorts of big-company advertising for you. You don’t get that through shopify, right? What are the benfits of shopify over Amazon?



      I believe its more about freedom and flexibility. With Amazon you have to follow all of their guidelines that dictate how you run your business. With Shopify its your business, your store, your way of running things.


    Wow! Sounds like some good training. So what’s a reasonable start-up cost according to Austin? I read the sales page and looked at Shopify. The monthly plans look reasonable. My concern would be the fees up front for drop shipping from the product source such as minimum amounts up front, etc. And, you have to have a way to ship such as Fulfillment by Amazon.

    Ian Carter

    Yet another thoroughly honest review. Thank you, Brett. This is definitely something I should take a closer look at.

    Greg Smithhisler

    Brett, I REALLY appreciate your honesty! When someone with your experience, skill set and online success says “Realized I had no idea how to get started, got confused and decided I would ‘circle back’ to that later” (how familiar that sounds) I know I’m tapped into an honest review and I don’t feel so alone when I can’t figure something out.

    Your site is now the first place I check after the sales page. THANK YOU!
    P.S. I’ve got more unexplored/unused bonuses than I can shake a stick at–thanks for the honesty there, too.


    Hi Brett,
    Thank you for your brilliant review. As someone totally new to this, would I pick a variety of different products, for example, gardening, electronics etc or would my store just stick to one?
    That is what I’m finding confusing.

    Thank you,


    Do the products have to be physical or can they be digital

    Brian W.

    Finally got in, thanks to Austin and his awesome customer service. Evidently they had a DOS attack on their server so people weren’t getting their login credentials. My lack of patience yesterday, not knowing about the attack, almost caused me to refund. Austin made it all good, as usual, and I am starting the training. What I have seen so far is very good and the excitement for this is building. Definitely glad Austin set me straight and kept me from making a horrible decision. Great review as always, Brett.

    Ray Holt

    Well, unfortunately I found one big negative of buying from these guys.. They don’t reply nor honor their refund. it has been over two weeks and at least five very kinds requests. The last time this happened to me was another program where Devin was involved. Just be aware of promises not kept.


      Send me your receipt ID and the reason for the refund request and I will forward it to them myself.

        Tai Ly

        Hey, for real though, I don’t know how you can really endorse these guys. I’ve had the same thing happen to me over a span of 3 weeks trying to request a refund, each time they were telling me to wait, or PayPal was having technical issues, and now they totally ignored me. How can you say you are being honest in your review and endorsing these guys?

        I definitely didn’t expect to get rich quick but I did at least expect them to honor their 45 day money back, no risk guarantee.


    Hey Brett,

    I was just a little late and now have found that they have closed their doors! I am very upset about this. Is there any way you could contact them and see if theres a way to still grab the FE product? I see that I can still by the oto for 197 but how can that be that I can buy that but not the FE product? I would love to get hold of the guys and hoping they can make an exception here. Any advice or help will be appreciated!

    Richy Burns


    Hey Brent,

    I bought the course based on the honest review from you as always. As I have some personal matter to attend so I know I will not be able to work on the Shopify any sooner, hence decided to ask for a refund.

    Like Ray Holt, I have sent my refund request since 13 Aug, follow up email for 3 times now, but not able to get any reply from their support. I understand this is not your problem and I not blaming anyone here, but just wonder if you can also help me on this matter?

    Many thanks in advanced.



      Hi Brent,

      Just doing a bit research online and found the review on this product here at WSO: {link removed}

      It looks like not just me having a refund issue.

      Hope you are able to help or else I will just have to go through the Paypal dispute as suggested in the WSO forum.

      So sad to see the product owners of ecom expert decides to destroy their own name in the market for such a little money.



        Ill be blunt, so dont take offense. But the Warrior forum is a joke, only its not funny. Keep in mind I review products not people, I cant possibly review how their support will be later. However I will send them your email address and let them know they are not getting answers from you. As for filing a PayPal dispute. People seem to think that they file a dispute and then PayPal gives them a refund. Thats not the way it works. PayPal will ALWAYS side with the vendor of a software or training (unless the vendor does not answer). Be assured if a person gets a refund after filing a PayPal dispute its only because the vendor permitted it.


      You know I always like to be totally honest so I will be totally honest with you. What in the world does having ‘personal matters to attend’ have anything to do with this training or this product? Nothing at all. So because you have something else to do for a bit you suddenly decided to not go into business for yourself? Are you kidding? What is a shame is people who buy training or software then put in no effort at all to actually use their purchase. many of these people then jump on the next product a few weeks later only to fail to take action again .. all the time wondering why they are not getting anywhere. It boggles my mind.


        Hi Brett,

        Thanks for your help. I got my refund.

        You can have your personal view on things. I will rather not elaborate further on my personal matters to attend because whatever I am going to say, in your eyes will be an excuse.

        I know how much time I can allocate to work on besides my full time job. The Ecom system does not sound as easy as its sales page and hence the model does not suit me.

        Finding a business model that suits me takes time (to evaluate) and I am not shame to admit if I am keep looking for the one that suits me.

        Saying so, I appreciate your help and your words of wisdom because I know you are blunt, with good intention and want your readers to be successful.

        Thanks again,


          The Ecom system does not sound as easy as its sales page and hence the model does not suit me.
          Darn you mean you might actually have to work? If your looking for an instant way to make money without putting in a lot of effort then I strongly suggest you quit wasting your time. It does not exist.


    There is a webinar this afternoon – I believe it’s Ecom Experts Academy. Not sure. Is this re-opening for a bit?


      I was wrong. The webinar was not a re-opening of ECOM Experts Academy.

      Brett, or anyone, does anyone know when Ecom Experts Academy (or a similar very good training course about Shopify) will be available? I need a great Shopify course.

    Devin Zander

    HEY nothing wrong with taking action haha :p


    Hi Brett,

    could you please help me and explain me where the difference between

    1. eCom Experts Academy
    2. eCom Premier Academy

    is? Should one do both or one is enough? I am confused!

    thank you so much !!!!
    with love,


      #1 was the first training that had an OTO for more training
      #2 is basically #1 with the OTO included (and at a higher price), so its basically just buying #1 and the OTO as a FE purchase.

      I dont believe either of these are for sale anymore, but I be mistaken

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