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3/ 5

Creator: Yair, Dan, Mustafa
Type: Video Training


Solid information if your interested in CPA marketing. Good actionable content.


The narrator in the videos has a fairly heavy accent.

Hey guys I have gotten several emails from people asking me to do a review of Commission Vance. So what exactly is Commission Vance? Its a video training course that uses teaches you how to use PPV ads to make money with CPA offers. Now before we get to much into the review let me […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Hey guys I have gotten several emails from people asking me to do a review of Commission Vance.


So what exactly is Commission Vance? Its a video training course that uses teaches you how to use PPV ads to make money with CPA offers. Now before we get to much into the review let me first quickly explain what PPV ads are and what CPA offers are.

PPV stands for Pay Per View.  PPV ads are used to support browser plugins, tool bars and free games. The user downloads the game , toolbar or other software and agrees to see pop up ads in exchange for getting the toolbar or game for free. Advertisers can then bid to have their ad shown to these people. While this type of advertising can seem a little ‘dirty’ you have to understand that these people are agreeing to see the ads, also they are being ‘compensated’ for looking at the ads by getting the free toolbar or plugin. In fact this is very similar to how so many iPhone and Android apps which are free are monitized. You get the app for free, and in exchange you agree to look at an ad every once in a while. Really its a fair trade off.

CPA stands for Cost Per Action.  Cost per action is an affiliate commission model where the affiliate is paid for every person they send to a website that takes a specific action. For example, XYZ website might pay you $2-$3 for every person you send to their website that signs up for a free trial. You dont get paid for just sending the site visitor, the site visitor has to take the desired action for you to get paid. Because of this a) you tend to get paid higher ‘per action’ and b) the key is sending targeted traffic to the offer, not necessarily a ton of traffic.

This training is being sold by three people Yair, Dan and Mustafa. Yair and Dan are handing the marketing aspect of the product and Mustafa is the one who made the actual training videos. He is also the one who uses the methods he is teaching. That is he is teaching tactics that he personally uses himself (I have seen his results).

I’m going to be totally honest. When I first started going over the training I was a little turned off from the start. Mustafa has a fairly heavy middle eastern accent (I think its middle eastern) and until I got use to it I had a bit of trouble understanding what he was saying. However I stuck with it and after a bit I noticed two things. First the accent quickly became more easy to understand (as I became acclimated to it) and second this guy really knows what he is talking about.

The courses start fairly basic covering the concepts of what both CPA and PPV are so that you have a solid foundation for the more advanced training. Once the basics are covered it gets into more advanced stuff like selecting what CPA offer to promote, setting up your PPV ads for maximum exposure, and optimizing your landing pages to get the most out of them. There is also a ‘bonus’ section that gives you free access to scripts and other resources that he references in the training.

So what do I think of this product over all? Well as I have said I have seen Mustafa’s results. I have no doubt that he makes money doing what he teaches. The only down side to this course is that he has an accent that takes some getting use to. However if you can push past that and focus on what he is teaching you will find that the information is good quality.

This does not use free traffic as PPV ads do cost money. However you can get low cost , targeted clicks with PPV ads. This is important to make CPA marketing work. You cant just send a bunch of random traffic to the CPA offer. They have to be interested in the subject of the offer. Since PPV often use toolbars that are inside of the browser you can target people who visit specific sites. For example if your in the weight loss niche and are promoting a weight loss CPA offer, you can target your ads so they are only seen by people who visit weight loss related websites.

So who is this good for? Anyone who is interested in CPA marketing who does not mind putting in the work to build a real CPA business and who does not mind spending some money on PPV ads.

I want to be very  clear and honest about the ‘spending money on PPV ads part’. There are three traffic sources for PPV ads that they cover in this training. The first two require at least a minimum budget of $1000 to get started, the last one requires a $200 minimum budget to get started. You will need at least a $200 PPV budget.

UPDATE: While the main training course/ videos do mention the three networks I origionally spoke about Yair has informed me that there is an additional training included which lists 5 more PPV networks, some of which allow you to get started for as low is $20! This is great news! Thanks Yair!

If your not willing to put in some work or have no ad budget then this might not be for you. However if you are willing to put in the effort to create a real business and are willing to commit some money for PPV ads then Commission Vance is a solid training course to get you started.


 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    Youtube has a video on Commission Vance stating that the “leadimpact” network that is the basis for Module 3 and the PPV network needed to use this program is a $1000 initial buy in. Is this true. The hype on this product is that you can start with budgets as low as $20.

    Would like to know before purchasing as $1000 to start is way out of my league.



      I had a look at Lead Impact, and their signup, that sure looks to be the case, here is a direct quote from their signup page:

      “Get started with our online account setup and management tools. The minimum deposit to start a LeadImpact account is $1000. We’ll have you up and running in as little as one business day.”

      There are three networks that they talk about, one has a minimum deposit of $200, if you can’t afford to invest that amount at least then I would pass on this (at least for now).


      Brett & Yair



    Hey Brett,

    Would you recommend Mustafa’s training over Gauher Chaudhry’s?


    Yair Dolev

    Hey guys, talked to Brett and he told me to post it here, just want to mention few things.

    You can start with as low as $20 and $50 and work your way up there to better networks, but such high investment isn’t required, we also have a video talking about free traffic sources so if you’re really low on budget you can start with that.



    The reason why I have not yet tested out any PPV networks is that I found it required a minimum of a few hundred dollars initial investment so I am curious to know what network allows you to start at such a low investment.

    PPV is mostly only good for email submit offers. I wouldn’t promote anything that requires a sale to convert.


    Why do you think this was removed from JVZoo after just two weeks? If it was good and selling, I would imagine he would keep it up. Seems like another fly-by-night junky IM product.


      Your jumping to a big conclusion by saying that its ‘junky’ just because it has been removed from JVZoo. JVZoo is an affiliate network, one that costs the seller 5% of their sales price to use (on top of the affiliate commissions). There are many reasons it may have been removed. On major one, is because they are selling it themselves primiarially now and dont want to pay JVZoo 5% of every sale they make. While I appreciate your comment, saying what something ‘seems like’ based on something so obscure as they are no longer using a specific affiliate network is little more than gossip. This is not a gossip site.


    hello guy’s ;
    i’m The creator of the training 🙂
    if you need any help with PPV/LP optimization/Tracking please let me know…


    I purchased when it first came out, i can’t even access front end activation + I bought the 2 upsells, can’t even contact seller, disappointed

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