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3.5/ 5

Creator: Ray Lane
Type: Premade Videos


Very professional quality videos that are going to be perfect for anyone advertising for offline / physical business's


None really

Tonight I’m writing my review of Instant Spokesperson Just a few minutes ago I was looking over my notes for Instant Spokesperson and getting my thoughts together to write this review and I had a hard time trying to figure out how to categorize this product. Normally I put products onto one of three categories: […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Tonight I’m writing my review of Instant Spokesperson


Just a few minutes ago I was looking over my notes for Instant Spokesperson and getting my thoughts together to write this review and I had a hard time trying to figure out how to categorize this product. Normally I put products onto one of three categories: Software, Training, WordPress. But Instant Spokesperson does not fit well into either of them. So for one of the first times ever I get to use the ‘Other’ category I created when I first set up this blog over 2 years ago.

Ok so if Instant Spokesperson is not a software, a training, or a something for WordPress what the heck is it exactly? Well its videos. Its high quality premade videos designed to be advertisements for local business’s. Here is an example of one of them.

This one is just a demo. There are many different videos in many different niches and in my opinion they are all very well done and professional quality. Thats not surprising though, they where made by the ‘video guy’ (Ray Lane) after all.

The question then becomes what are these videos good for? How will people make money with them? Well the first and most obvouse answer is if you have an offline business you can use them for ads for your own business. The second is to use them to run ads for other peoples business’s. Local business’s, especially professional services, will pay top dollar for advertising and with Instant Spokesperson you can run video ads for a large variety of professional services from dentists, to electricians, to lawyers. In fact that is why I became interested in this product. Because I know that professional quality video ads will be very valuable for anyone who owns or works with an offline business.

The only real question is where are you going to advertise with these ads? Well I personally suggest Facebook. I use Facebook ads a lot and I can say 100% for sure that video ads convert much, much better than normal text ads with a graphic. People love video, especially on Facebook.ย  Also Facebook is perfect for local business because you can target people specifically in that business’s service area. A great tactic would be to run a video ad and then have information about your business (or your clients business), such as website, phone numberย  or even office address in the video description. By being able to target only the service area for the business you are advertising and by using the the power of video (which always gets better results) your going to be able to get highly targeted leads for a cost that is very hard to top.

So what do I think of this over all? Well as I said, video ads especially targeting the local market on Facebook are an amazing opportunity for any local business but especially for local professional services. But to get the best results your videos need to be high quality and well made. You have to look like a professional if you expect your ad to get great results. If you own a local business’s or if you work with local business’s (or even if you want to start doing it) then Instant Spokesperson is going to be a great resource that is going to make you, your ads, your business (or your clients business) look like a million bucks.





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    Joseph Blazej

    Awesome, Thank You Brett So Very Much! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Maria C

    Can’t see a Bonus video Brett. Did I miss it again?


      If you purchased while it was still listed on this review then please send in a support ticket with your receipt ID to my support desk. If you came here and the bonus was not shown then sorry yes you missed it ( always remember my bonuses are valuable, in demand and because of this limited, the early bird gets the worm ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    Rob G.

    As always, thanks for your reviews. Just wondering if you could add a little more about why you didn’t rate the product higher? Seems like the IS videos are high quality videos and don’t cost a lot, so what else would it need to be rated higher. (I am NOT connected in any way to the product..) Just wondering if I am missing a similar product you like more..

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