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Tonight I’m reviewing a new WordPress plugin called WP Tweet Machine. I have had access  to this for a while, and have been playing with its settings as well as watching it doing its work (Ill explain this in a moment). However before I get much into my review I think it would help if […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Tonight I’m reviewing a new WordPress plugin called WP Tweet Machine.

I have had access  to this for a while, and have been playing with its settings as well as watching it doing its work (Ill explain this in a moment). However before I get much into my review I think it would help if you had a look at a walk through demo that the vendors created as I feel its very worth watching.


So what exactly is WP Tweet Machine 2.0? Well you can probably guess its a Twitter auto poster by its name. Now before I get into a detailed description of what it does I want to make something clear: While I generally focus on Facebook as far as social media goes Twitter is super popular and has a massive following. Its the 10th most visited website in the world and has around 317 million active monthly users. Sure thats not nearly as many as Facebook but its no small amount either. One thing about Twitter though is that it is a very fast paced environment. Much more than Facebook, and frankly that is one of the reasons I personally never devoted much attension to it. Its so fast paced that it takes up a lot of time to use it effectively and I did not want to devote that time.

The fact that Twitter is fast paced and requires a lot of time investment is the problem that WP Tweet Machine is designed.

It automatically finds relevant content from YouTube, Images and RSS feeds and tweets them for you. It also does automatic retweets / follows for you (which is a great way to build an initial following). This way you can not only build your following automatically but you can also ensure that your feed constantly has good fresh content to engage, retweet, and further build up the number of people following you. In short as its a automatic Tweet machine.
WP Tweet Machine is a WordPress plugin that uses the proper Twitter API, it also works automatically on the schedule you set for it (you can have it post a lot or a little). While this is very cool it also means that you will have to do a bit of work to set this up initially. Your going to need to set the CRON job on cPanel that this plugin requires to do its scheduled auto posting. Your also going to need to create a Twitter App ID and Key (its free to do). If your very new to how things work online or very non technical this can be a bit of a chore. Fortunatlly its ‘end of the world’ hard, and WP Tweet Machine has some very good tutorials built right into the plugins support section.

The tutorials are easy to follow and step by step. While I want to be upfront and let everyone know that there will be a bit of work to get this set up, I also do not believe its going to be so hard that people wont be able to do it. If your a total newbie just take your time and follow the video tutorials. Also I want to mention that I really like that they put the instructions in the plugin. Its a personal pet peeve of mine when software vendors do not build tutorials into their software and I was glad to see that WP Tweet Machine has them readily available for anyone who needs help.

Building up your following in Twitter automatically and having it auto post content for you is very cool. However WP Tweet Machine 2.0 has a new feature that is much cooler. It has the ability for you to capture peoples emails and add them to your list with a single button push. This system works similar to log in with Facebook where people simple click a button in your tweet and then Twitter will send you (or your autoresponder) their account email address.

While this is going to be a great way to build your list I do want to be very clear here. Using this feature is going to require a bit of extra work on your part.

First of all since this uses Twitter Cards, which is essentially their ads system, you are going to have to create a Twitter ads account. You are also going to have to provide a payment method (a credit card) to Twitter. Dont worry though, you wont be charged since your only doing this on your own feed, and Twitter does not charge for these cards on your own feed. You just have to provide a payment method initially just to use the ads / cards functionality.

Second of all your going to have to create a privacy policy. What your policy says is not so important, but you must have one, and you must link Twitter to it. This essentially means your going to need a website or blog page with your own policy on it.

Finally, though you don’t have to do this I strongly suggest you read Twitters ad TOS. Twitter is super strict and if you don’t want to get shut down you need to be sure you are following their rules.

While this many seem like a lot to do, the benefits make it worth the effort. Being able to automatically add people to your email list from Twitter can be a very power tool. This is especially true since WP Tweet Machine can build your feed, and add content to it, on total autopilot.  Basically once you get everything set up, your Twitter account can be come a fully automated source of new, targeted emails for your business.

So what do I think of this over all? Well as I have said, good software is a tool. This is for sure a tool. Its a tool that will require a bit of effort to set up however once you get it set up its totally hands free from that point on. It can not only build your Twitter following, it can automatically post relevant content to keep your following engaged, and it can be used to build your email list. Because of this I’m going to say that the set up effort is probably well worth it and WP Tweet Machine 2.0 is something you might want to consider.







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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.


    Ben Yost

    Brett, I have had a twitter account shut down before because of auto posting (nothing big time, but they did not like any auto posting). Is it the Twitter cards that make the difference or is it – “use at your own risk”, type software?


      Well Twitter cards are built right into Twitter, and this uses the proper Twitter API. Likely the issue you had with a previous auto poster was caused by it not using the proper API functionality. I personally dont see Twitter providing a functionality then having a problem with people using it. So given that this uses the functionality that Twitter provides I think your probably safe (provided of course that you follow their other rules regarding content etc).


      Hey Ben, I’ve been using IFFT for over a year and it auto retweets for me. No shut down. I think twitter is too busy trying to shut down conservatives, so just stay on channel for your niches and no problems! The danger would come from making it look TO UNNATURAL. It is not normal to tweet out 40 tweets a day. Twitter might see that as ADHD or some kind of psycho-stalker. Lol… Use like you would if YOU were having to do the work manually.


        That makes sense, I have heard people say stuff like this for auto posters on Facebook “XYZ” software got me in trouble. The truth is that 99.9% of the time its not the software, but its what people are telling it to post. But of course its easier to blame a software than to accept that its your fault for not reading or following the posting guidelines / rules.

    Brian Pattison

    Sorry Brett,
    just got in before I recieved your email, but thanks for the review. Very interesting as always.


    Kayol Hope

    Hey Brett I had picked up this awhile ago through your list and just wondering if existing customers get a free upgrade to version 2? I normally wouldn’t expect that kind of thing from a vendor although given api changes, I would think it fair if the previous software gets rendered unsupported therefore a valid question?


      The previous version is not invalid as far as I know. I did not review it, and no I don’t believe people who have the old version get the new version for free.

        Kayol Hope

        Oh, if the previous version still works and is compliant with api updates and other changes by Twitter than cool. You didn’t review the first version but I remember back in April of this year receiving a special limited time offer exclusively for those on your list. I ended up picking it up and loved it.


          Honestly I don’t remember reviewing or doing a bonus for the first version, but I review a LOT of products. In fact I actually test many times more than I actually write about (I have to test several to find the few good ones), so my brain might be getting mushy .. lol 🙂

            steve and jane

            i had old version how do i get a discount or upgrade to wtm2.0

            how do i upgrade the old version at my wordpress?

            or can i have both in same wordpress and not worry about upgrading it ?


              You will have to deactivate the old version, though I did not try both versions on the same site, being a WordPress developer myself I find it unlikely you can use both on the same site.

    Roy Harper

    Just an FYI, the Q&A on the sales page state the previous version will continue to be supported and there are no free or reduced price upgrades. I also bought the previous version and jumped all over this version for two reasons:
    1- Better features in Version 2.0 and
    2- Brett’s bonus adds unfriigin’ believable value to a product with high value standing on its own. The ability to build list(s) with 2 products for the price of one is major benefit. Then, for those purchasing thru Brett, Agency Access to Click Back Rewards solves another problem for marketers, having something to sell.
    My view, Brett delivers yet another early Christmas gift to his list! Thanks again Brett Rutecky!!!


    Any explanation why you praised this product but give only 3 star rating? Just because of setup?

    If you tested really, did you managed to create and thrive Twitter account?


    Hi Brett,

    I really like the potential of this software but I’m not sure if can help me in my business model.

    I’m currently trying to set up a business which will sell “hot” (ie: real-time) leads to local businesses such as carpenters, plumbers, etc.

    Do you think that I can set this software up some way that will draw those people who might be needing their heater (or whatever) fixed RIGHT NOW?

    Thanks and I appreciate your help.


      No not likely. And honestly your model is kind of flawed as well. How are you going to get ‘real time leads’? I mean you cant store them because if you do they are not real time. For people who need something ‘right now’ what you should be doing is setting up niche and geo specific websites targeting specific keywords. For example “plumbers in Harrisburg pa” this way when people search Google, your page shows in the results. You then monetize by selling space on the sites you rank.



        Thanks for your candid response. Actually, the business model you suggested was how I am going to go about attacking this. I just didn’t go into detail.

        I appreciate your honesty in telling me about Tweet Machine2.0 as it pertains to my business model, as well as your suggestions on how I could improve my business model.

        Thanks again and you can bet that I’ll be following you for any future products that you may come out with.


    I notice the the mma example site from the video is no where to be found. Did it get shut down?

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