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3.5/ 5

Creator: Mark Hess
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Super easy to use


No tutorials in plugin

Watch the video below to see my full walk through and review of WP Traffic Up: Review Video Summery: WP Traffic Up is basically an on exit intent pop up with a twist. Now before I explain the twist I want to get something out of the way that your probably thinking. On exit plugins, […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Watch the video below to see my full walk through and review of WP Traffic Up:

Review Video Summery:

WP Traffic Up is basically an on exit intent pop up with a twist. Now before I explain the twist I want to get something out of the way that your probably thinking. On exit plugins, be them pop ups, or whatever are not so exciting. But here is the thing. We are in this business to make money. We are not in this business to get excited by super hype software that turns out to be garbage. One thing I have said over and over is that good software is a tool, and a tool either solves a problem, or in some way makes your life a lot easier.

WP Traffic Up solves a very big problem for anyone who has a WordPress site. Whats the problem? Its the fact that 50, 60, or even as much as 80% of your site traffic is going to bounce away after viewing just one page. Its a harsh fact but its the truth. No matter how your getting  traffic. Be it from SEO, from back links, from ads, it does not matter, normally at least half and sometimes as much as 8 out of 10 of your visitors are going to visit your page and leave often in only a minute or two.

One exit pop ups are the standard solution to this. The way they work is that show a pop up, often in a ‘light box’ when the browser starts loading a new page. There are a couple of problems with them though: Sometimes they trigger when someone is just browsing around your site, they are small so you really cant put much in them to engage the person about to leave.

WP Traffic up is an on exit intent plugin. It triggers when it detects someone is about to leave your page, but not when they are clicking links inside your own site. But what is really cool about it is that it does not trigger a pop up. It actually pulls in any URL and show the page on that URL to the person about to leave.  The URL you pull in is up to you. It can be a special offer, a squeeze page, or even an affiliate promo. Its up to you. Why is pulling in a full URL better? Because it gives you more flexibility, and there is room for a lot more content to engage and entice the person about to bounce away.

While a plugin like this might not have the hype appeal of some get rich at the push of a button BS software, it is for sure a very useful tool for anyone running a WordPress site. It gives you one last chance to engage or capture a site visitor that is about to bounce away and be lost. Also it does it a lot better than the tired old ‘on exit pop ups’.  Given that such a large percentage of your visitors will likely bounce away this is going to be a tool that ou definitely want to consider investing in.







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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    1. Doesn’t this work very similar to some functions of your link master or jack jacker plugins ?
    2. Does it work in mobile/tablets ?


      No this, JackJacker and Link Master are all totally different things. As I said in the review video, this triggers when someone moves their mouse outside of the top of the browser. There is no mouse on a mobile device 🙂

        John G

        This is a really slick plugin. The sales copy mentions this is to combat the changes in Chrome and Safari. I tried the demo pages on mobile android and Iphone, but it does not seem to work.


    Thank you for the detailed review. I purchased through your link and found the OTO to be worth the investment to use this plugin on client’s websites and add custom logos to the transition screen. I also found the feature to delay the loading of pages with auto play videos to be very important. Otherwise, you will hear the video play before exiting the page.

    One minor drawback, if your visitor is exiting a page with a video playing on that page, the audio will continue to play on the offer page.


      I mentioned that to Michael (the guy who actually wrote the plugin) he is already doing an update. I thought he uploaded it to the members area already (which is why I did not say anything about this in the review), but he might not have had time to since he is traveling right now. Ill shoot him a message again and see whats up with it. But either way I know that minor thing is going to be corrected.


        Thanks again. The fact that you have the option for different exit results on any page or post makes this a very handy tool.

    David F

    I would love to see a page using this plugin so I can see how it works. Can anyone provide me with a url to such a page?

    Fred Ferguson

    Got it Brett… no hard thinking required for this one. Three things are certain in life… #1 Death #2 Taxes, #3 Exit Pops have to evolve to continue to work. Oh I almost forgot there’s a fourth one – #4 Nothing Lasts Forever!

    David Gruder

    Seems like a very valuable plugin, Brett. I purchased the FE and Pro through you. Not being a coder like you are, I am wondering whether Mark Hess might be able to add a capability for mouse-free mobile devices that would open a new window to the selected exit website. Is something like that even possible?


      I highly doubt that is possible. Something to think about. In general about 50% of a sites visitors will be on a mobile device (some less like this blog which is about 39%). The thing is everyone talks about the importance of mobiles .. but what they forget is that if 1/2 your site visitors are on a mobile .. that means, yep the other half are not 🙂


    Does it pull FULLY FUNCTIONAL PAGE or just snap shot? I mean, links on that page and all stuff will it be working? (Like buy button, if I display some affiliate offer?) …
    I wish it could have place also for retargeting code, if someone seen that offer-pop up, and second , I wish it will rotate urls/pop ups offer (by recognizing if person was already see some offer), to show new…


      Yes the page is fully functional and the page you pull in can have retargeting code on it. As for wishing it would do this, or wishing it would do that, we can do that with any product and its a pretty unfair game to play. I wish my car got 65 miles to the gallon. I wish my internet speed was 500mbps. I wish my computer was faster. I wish …


    Like it! 🙂

    I’ll be honest, OK so I’m not the sharpest with a lot of this stuff….but I’ve been looking long and hard for good pop-up/opt-in/exit type technology, a lot of stuff out there, is either way more complex than it needs be, clearly past its “use-by-date” or outright conflicts with other plugins, so far….this new one looks First Class!

    I think this approach engages better with site users! An affordable and productive investment. To be honest, I’ve bought a couple of “Mikes” plugins before and found both to be at the “higher end” of things….except in price! Good stuff!


      Yea I noticed something about Mark Hess, his stuff tends to be largely hype free, and just useful tools. The person who actually wrote this was Michael, who is a very good developer as well 🙂


        I’m a huge fan of Mark and Michael. I use Michael’s WP Link Shield 2.0 for all my link cloaking needs and have purchased several of Mark’s WP offerings as well and was never disappointed. Therefore I was only too happy to pick up the PRO version of this plugin. It’s already working on my site. I bought it before your review, Brett, but I really appreciate the time you took to review it.


    FYI, Seems buggy – CTA on popup page interferes with payment path. Details below:
    1. I clicked on the green ‘Approved’ CTA from this review page
    2. I was sent to the product FEO sales page
    3. I moved mouse outside of page and was shown the exit popup
    4. I clicked the CTA on the popup page and was sent to warrior purchase page but saw a suspicious big red ‘X’ in upper right corner.
    5. I clicked the purchase button on the warrior purchase page and got hung on a blank white page.
    6. I went back to this review page, clicked on the green ‘Approved’ CTA again, and was sent to the FEO page.
    7. This time I did not move mouse outside of window but instead just clicked the purchase button and was sent to warrior purchase page. This time no red ‘X’ was visible.
    8. I clicked the purchase button on the warrior page and was successfully sent to payment page instead of the all white hang page that I saw previously via the exit popup path. I bailed out in order to retest the exit popup path again starting from the green ‘Approved’ button on this review page.
    9. Again I ended up on the warrior purchase page, saw the red ‘X’ and dead-ended on the white page after attempting to purchase.
    10. I’m leaving comments here rather than on the product owner’s page thinking you would be interested and would also would also be able to relay this info to the owner. For folks who purchase this tool, can you confirm that updates will be delivered via email?



    Product looks good and I appreciate your review.
    One question, one comment/question.

    Question: I wonder if it provides the ability to recognize and not bug a repeat visitor? Some of the better exit pops give you control over this.

    Comment: 5 OTOs? Really?


      I dont believe this will recognize a repeat visitor. Something to keep in mind though, if 80% of your traffic bounces, then that means only 20% are ‘repeat visitors’ and most of those people are not going to be reading the exact same post, the will be interested in new posts. This is one of the reasons I suggested you do per post exits and not site wide exists. As for OTO’s .. so what? Who cares if there are 500 of them? Dont want to see the OTO’s? Just leave the page 🙂

    Lee Parratt

    3-5 OTO’s are reasonable, we as marketers expect them. However, one in the past year had 15 which was annoying since you want to access the product, have to glance at each page and click on exit until you reach the access button.

    Thanks for the review Brett – your reviews and video training are the best I’ve seen.

    I will be putting this product to use immediately.


      Im not sure about W+ because I have never sold on that network. However in JVzoo your purchase is in JVZoo as soon as you buy it. No need to reach an ‘access button’. Though I never sold on W+ I cant believe it is much different, I find it hard to believe that an ‘access button’ needs to be clicked to access you purchase (because what would happen to people whos browsers close) .. in short you dont NEED to look at any OTO’s.

        John Charleson

        “..in JVzoo your purchase is in JVZoo as soon as you buy it; no need to reach an ‘access button’…”

        Sure is; this is a great way to personally review the F.E. product prior to considering the OTO’s.

        “… on W+ I cant believe it is much different; I find it hard to believe that an ‘access button’ needs to be clicked to access your purchase…”

        It’s true; I had the exact above experience on a purchase from W+.
        J.V. Zoo purchases are much easier to access overall.

    Lore Trujillo

    I bought Zero Bounce four months ago, is it the same think as wp-traffic-up? ore does wp-traffic-up something better ore something more?


      No they are not the same thing. Though I guess they can be used to solve the same problem. There is a clear demo here of Traffic Up so you know how it works, and since you have Zero Bounce you should know how that works. So I think you can see the differences and should be able to decide for yourself if you need both plugins.

        Lore Trujillo

        I was asking because zero bounce, worked fine the first weeks, but now it is not working at all, the support doesn´t find a solution.
        Thanks anyway Brett


    Brett the above link is going to IM IncomeLab / Not Found page.

    Is this offer expired?


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