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Today Im taking a look at WP Mega Theme: I came to know about this product a little late. By the time I got to it, it has already been launched. I would have liked to get a review copy of this but its almost impossible to get a review copy normally after a product […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today Im taking a look at WP Mega Theme:

I came to know about this product a little late. By the time I got to it, it has already been launched. I would have liked to get a review copy of this but its almost impossible to get a review copy normally after a product launch because the seller has no way of knowing if your really going to review it or if you just want a free copy. So since I couldn’t get a review copy I did the next best thing. I bought it. (I paid full price and wasn’t sly by using my own affiliate link)


Ok so how does this work? Well after you make your purchase you are sent to a ‘members area’ where you can download any or all of the plugins or themes. I can actually see the need for the members area because there is so many things in this a zip file is just out of the question.

The download area is divided into two sections. Themes and Plugins. The first thing I looked at was the themes. I thought they where good looking themes. Next to each one is its claimed value and also a link to preview it and download it.


What I was most interested in was the claimed value of each theme. I wanted to see if they are really ‘premium’ themes. I checked the first two themes and sure enough I was able to find each of them for sale on a premium theme site, for the claimed values. I paid just under $19 for my access and the first two themes are valued at $69 and $80. So right there I have gotten 6x my money in value. Oh and there are so many themes. Some of them better than others but all of them above average and professional quality.


The second section is the plugins area where you can download plugins. A few of the plugins I saw would not be useful to me. Such as the Google maps plugin and the ad sharing plugin. But there where several that I was really excited to see. I have already downloaded and installed the SEO plugin (no one ever complains that they have to much SEO on their site). I also am really interested in the membership site plugin. The very first one is a database backup plugin. This one I will be using for sure. Backing up your WordPress database is something everyone should be doing (and something that I have been neglecting because its a pan). But now I can do it quickly and easily. Nice!




So I guess the big question here is was I happy with my purchase? Answer: I sure was. I think for this super low price it is a great value. They have earned my money and made me a happy customer.

Click the link below to learn more and grab your copy, it is a dime sale so the longer you wait the more the price will go up.




 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.


    Daniel Bean

    I concur with you Brett. I had checked the preview of the handful of themes that appeared on the sale page and sure enough I was able to find them sold by either iTheme or Build and the value a single theme far exceeded the price of the whole package. I even proceeded with the Pro version because it simply made sense considering I had purchased premium themes in the past at a cost much higher than both the front end offer and the OTO (Pro). Once again thank you for pointing this one out earlier.

    Jonathan Hamon


    When you say this ‘Besides the things that Im going to be using for my own personal sites whats really cool about this is I have total rights to do whatever I want with these. I can modify them, sell them, give them away in PLR packs or as gifts on my squeeze pages. So I get value in two ways.’ is this because these all seem to be using GPL


      It’s because the sales page tells me that I have unlimited rights to use them. I have no reason to think this seller is being deceptive on this.

      Daniel Bean

      It’s NOT GPL but rights are granted.

        Daniel Bean

        I was wrong the first theme I downloaded is indeed GPL.


          Most WP themes and Plugins are going to be GPL as WordPress strongly suggests this license for WP developers. Does anyone have a more clear understanding of what rights are granted with GPL? I amended the article and removed the part that said I can do whatever I want with them just to be safe. But I would love to hear some feedback from someone with more knowledge than I have.

          I will say this though. Even if we cant resell or give these away, Im still very pleased with my purchase for the value it brings me personally.


    I have a different opinion about these themes and Plugins. They are actually themes and Plugins from wpmudev and ithemes. They have a GPL license but when I asked their support, you can’t give away those like these but you can install it on a client’s site. The whole licensing stuff was not so clear to me but the support guys tells me that it is not allowed to give away or resell these themes.

    One another thing is the support. You won’t get support from wpmudev or ithemes unless you purchase a from them.

    I would love to hear thoughts on this. If it is legal, then anyone can purchase a 1 time membership and give away all of the plugins and themes from ithemes and wpmudev free of cost. Just a thought.


      My understanding is that if it is GLP it is free to use / modify / etc. However I will be honest I did not look into the licensing for this product and if I did any interpretation would just be a non professional guess. I took the sellers word as I have no reason to doubt it at this point. I will email the sellers support however (since Im a customer) to confirm that I have the right to do whatever I want with them.

      Something to keep in mind though is that some of these are on wpmudev, some are not, and for the ones that are, its quite possible that wpmudev also got it from a different party and added it to their site. I dont know this for sure, but I will contact the seller to confirm the licensing.

      In the mean time I will edit the article to remove the paragraph that says that “I can do whatever I want with these” .. just to be on the safe side. Thank you so much for your feedback.

      Daniel Bean

      Interesting. You saw the GPL licensing with the themes? I will download one and check.

        Daniel Bean

        I just downloaded the first one Hallowed 2.0 and the author did include the GPL notice in the CSS file (Style.css). This theme is from iTheme.

    Jonathan Hamon

    I think this is a bit of a gray area in terms of licensing. My understanding (and I’m not a lawyer) is that if they are GPLV2 then you need to leave and distribute that license with the product in this case a plugin or theme and yes you are right when you say you won’t get support and updates from ithemes, wpmudev, studiopress etc but will probably fine that on the WPMEGAPACK site as they have already indicated that they will be providing support and updates for a minimum of 1 year.

    Would be interested in hearing on what response you get back from them.


    For now Im going to keep my review amended and not mention reselling these. I still think its a great value just for your own personal use. The SEO plug in and the backup plug in for personal use are worth the price. The rest is just gravy.


    GPL is free -as in free beer… You are allowed to resell and install themes on clients sites-as long as you provide a copy of the GPL- license with the install or sold theme. I believe you can also give GPL thmes away as a bonus.
    WooThemes and other famous themes anyone can sell but beware some GPL themes don´t have GPL graphics. E. Brian Rose created a Very, Very controversial product about selling and giving away wordpress themes. Some theme creators got upset… But hey ! They are building themes on the base of an open source platform… Rather hypocritical IMO. So Matt is not the first IM´er to create “WP Clubs” and the like. Also..FYI… Once a wp creator has done one theme ( yes it does takes some time) it´s not that difficult for them to switch out the graphics, colors etc. I´ve seen it many times with the Asian themes being released all the time. It´s not that hard to figure out … Just a quick look in the coding.
    Hope this makes sense – Whether you like it or not 😀


      When I was first looking into WP theme development (I never really took to it) I came across several tutorials that said its common to start with an existing theme. Thank you for clearing up the GPL license. I figured we where really in the clear to do whatever we like with these, but its always better to be safe and ask someone who knows.


    The problem with all these themes and plugins (hundreds of them are listed in this package!) would be the support. I can’t really imagine how can anyone support all those customers with different themes installed and wanting to change/fix anything for them. For the “price” they paid…

    I know from my own experience. Any quality theme needs quality and flexible support! I don’t think you’ll be getting it from this package.


      Well the sales page says you get updates for 1 year. I have no reason to think this is not true. However as for support in the form of questions. Yes I agree there wont be any of that really. But then did you really expect it for the price?


    I am not a lawyer. But this is what happened.
    There was a product profitmarketer. If my memory serves me right, it was from the same guy who has this product. They offered a bunch of themes from wpmudev and ithemes and when I asked ithemes support they told me that it is not allowed to resell the themes. But can be installed on client’s sites. What is happening here is a reselling I guess.

    Not to mention, you won’t get official support. If this is legal then anyone can offer mega pack like this. All you have to do is to purchase a monthly membership with sites like wpmudev and ithemes and download all of their Plugins and Themes and put it on an hosting account. It won’t cost more than 300 or 400 bucks to offer all of that as a product to your customers. And you keeps all of the profit:)


      I could be wrong but as a profitmarketer member I was of the understanding that they bought rights to offer the themes to their members but did not offer support.
      I don’t think they did anything underhanded like just join a membership and then offer those themes up, I THINK (again, not 100% sure) they made a DEAL with the theme vendors to offer them.

      However, I had problems with the first theme I tried when I joined profitmarketer – a woo theme – and when I went for help they said “We don’t offer support.” At that point I felt the whole “We offer many free themes” promise was, well, not 100% honest. To me if you say you “offer themes” I would also expect some support. Maybe that is wrong of me but that’s how I felt about it, that I was kind of bamboozled into thinking the themes would include support. It was never promised but …

      Now, profitmarketer shortly after I joined, had a change where Mike Johnson split off and formed wpsocial. Fortunately I was allowed access to WPsocial and I find that valuable. Now finally after a year or so profitmarketer has made a new alliance and may be back on track as well to provide some good stuff. So in effect, I now have 2 memberships so I’m glad the way it worked out.

      I still won’t use the themes at profitmarketer though if they don’t provide support. I do think they provide support on their plugins and software because they created those. As to how good the support is, I am skeptical but not sure.


    And of course if you want updates you just keep your membership with wpmudev and ithemes open. it won’t either cost you more than few bucks a month. Still you makes a killing:)

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