Covert Store Press [REVIEW]

Its no secrete that I was never a big fan of TeeSpring on Facebook. Not that it was a bad idea just that I felt that it was a little over done. However this does not mean that TeeSpring is a bad idea at all. In fact I always liked the idea of TeeSpring in general. Design a cool shirt, sell it, and get paid. No need to worry about printing the shirt or doing the delivery. Its drop shipping for tee shirts. Nice.

Today Im doing a review of Covert Shirt Store by IM Wealth Builders

In case you dont know who IM Wealth Builders is they are the creators of some top shelf WordPress themes and other products. Their newest theme Covert Shirt Store is no different.

Covert Shirt Store is a very cool WordPress theme that lets anyone build their own TeeSpring shirt website. With it you can transform any bland WordPress installation into a instant business. Simply install the theme, add your shirts from TeeSpring and boom your in business. Since its TeeSprint you dont need to do any printing or any delivery.


What I really like about this theme is that its not just a product. Its basically a business. Because the theme lets you quickly build your own web store and TeeSpring does all the fulfillment work for you anyone can get into the lucrative tee shirt business with almost no investment. Perhaps one of the best uses of this would be to select a niche (or several niches) and have a site (or sites) dedicated to that niche. You could do things like Sports Bike Motorcycle Riders, Expected Moms, Funny Shirts, Dad T’s,  Political Shirts, National Pride / Military, and so much more. There are tons of niches you could make shirts for and because it is so easy you could have lots of them each bringing you in steady income. In fact not just steady income, once you set up the site it would also be largely passive income.

This theme not only builds a store for you but it also has very cool features like automatically putting your most popular shirts on the top of the page to increase conversions. It really is a top of the line theme from some of the best theme developers in the business.Honestly if I where to list all of the features of this, the review would be 5 pages long. Perhaps the best way for you to see how cool this is would be for you to see the demo yourself.  Click the link blow to watch a demo video, it is very well worth it.



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