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3.5/ 5

Creator: Neil Napier
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Easy way to get a ton of video content for your fan pages


PC only, does not work with groups

Today I’m doing a review of a new desktop software called VidPush So what exactly is VidPush? Well honestly when I first heard about it over a week ago, it was described as a system which takes your YouTube videos and posts them to Facebook as native Facebook videos. While this is kind of cool […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I’m doing a review of a new desktop software called VidPush


So what exactly is VidPush? Well honestly when I first heard about it over a week ago, it was described as a system which takes your YouTube videos and posts them to Facebook as native Facebook videos. While this is kind of cool because native Facebook video are larger, more prominent, and tend to get more traffic than links to a YouTube video it really was not exciting enough to make me want to really look into it.

Then a few days ago I was speaking to the product vendor and I realized that this is actually much more than what I thought it was. Its actually a tool that lets you find relevant videos to your niche and post them automatically to your fan page. Let me explain how it works.

First thing to take note of is that this is a desktop software that runs on your computer. This is actually a good thing and a bad thing at the same time (Ill explain that more in a bit). It also uses the proper Facebook API so what your going to need to do before you get started using this set up a Facebook app.

Though there are instructions built into the software I did not read them. I had set up several Facebook apps and I figured I would be fine. However when I was starting to test this I could not get it to work. No matter what my Facebook app kept giving me an error in the VidPush software. After about an hour of wasting my time, I finally decided to read the instructions, and wouldn’t you know it my app was up and running in a few minutes.

After setting up my app on Facebook I then had to authorize it to my account in the VidPush software. This is as easy as simply pressing the authenticate button, logging into your Facebook account and then approving the app.


However every time I would log into my Facebook account I kept getting an error that said I was not logged in. I would then be shown the Facebook log in dialog box again. This would repeat endlessly in a loop and I could not get my app to authenticate. I finally over came this issue by clicking the ‘remember’ check box when I logged in. Once I did that I no longer had any issues at all and was able to authenticate my app in the VidPush software.

I don’t know if the trouble I had with this step was a issue with Facebook or with VidPush itself. However I did feel like I needed to mention it, and how I got around it both for completeness and also in case anyone else has this same issue.

Once your app us set up on VidPush your next step is to select the fan page you want to use with this. The front end / basic version of this software allows you to link up to 5 fan pages. The upgraded version allows unlimited fan pages.Β  For my testing I selected my “Brett Rutecky” fan page.

Your next step is to head over to the setting page and enter your VidPush settings specific to the fan page you select. I say specific to the fan page because each fan page you link to the system can have different settings.


The main settings to be concerned with here are the keywords that the software should search videos for, if it should automatically post videos it finds to your fan page and if so how often should it do it. You can also enter some text that you want added to each post (such as a link to your blog or website). For my testing I had it search for videos related to internet marketing and add them to the posting que, and I have it set to post from the queue to my fan page once a day (I don’t want to get to crazy and post to often). I also entered some call to action text and a link back to my blog that will be automatically appended to my video posting.

If I wanted to be done here, that could be it. The system will now find videos related to my keywords and post them to my fan page at the interval I set with my text and link. Its important to note here that this does not just post links to the YouTube video. That would not be so good. It actually downloads the video, and then uploads it to my fan page. What this means that instead of just posting a link to YouTube, Im actually posting content to my page as a part of my page, and I can have my own link as well if I like. Something to keep in mind though is that this is a desktop app which runs on your computer. What this means of course is that if you want to auto post your going to have to keep your computer on, and have VidPush running (likely minimized in your Windows tray).

Initially I thought that this would be better as a SaaS instead of a desktop app. That way people would not have to keep their computer running. I spoke to the vendor about this and his reasoning made prefect sense. If it was a SaaS there would inevitably be someone who abuses the system, posting bad videos or links to Facebook and likely get the SaaS domain blocked. This happened to me on some of my own Facebook software actually. The sad truth is that there is always a ‘bad apple’ who ruins it. By making it a desktop app this problem wont happen since everyone will be individually be responsible for their own postings and wont be effected by others. So while it being desktop might seem like a let down, its actually done to protect the users and is a good thing.

If I don’t want to wait for the system to do its auto post, or if I don’t want it to auto-post at all I can use VidPush to manually search for videos.


In the screenshot above I changed my settings keywords and am searching for ‘funny animals’. These kinds of results would be good for someone doing any kind of e-com related to animals, such as pet supplies etc. You could use the videos to build a following and then post the occasional promotional link. The search is very fast and returned 12 pages of relevant videos in just a couple of seconds. One thing I do think could have been improved on is the fact that the search always uses the keywords that are in the settings. I think it would have been nice to have a search box to type in additional or new keywords to overwrite the default settings.

After doing your search you can click the video to view it on YouTube. You can click “add to queue” to add it to the automatic posting queue, you can post it immediately or you can click delete and you remove it from the search results.

So what do I think about VidPush over all? Well first of all I want to get one thing out of the way that I know a lot of people are going to ask. Is this legal? The answer is I have no idea. Im the guy who just got a $25 fine over the weekend forΒ  letting his kids feed the ducks at a town park. I obviously have a hard enough time with local ordnance. Interpretation ofΒ  international intellectual property law is for sure out of my area of expertise. What I will say is that if you are uncomfortable with what VidPush does then pass on it.

I also want to point out that this desktop software runs on Windows only, and if you have a iOS computer you will need a Windows emulator to use it. Also this only posts to fan pages, it does not post to Facebook groups.

If you are comfortable then this will offer some big benefits. Keep in mind the 80/20 rule. 80% of your posts should be content, 20% should be promotional. What this means is you need a lot of content to post and finding this content or making it yourself can a big job. VidPush can make it a lot easier to find relevant content for your pages as well even automate it if you like. In short this will not only get you content but it will make the searching and posting a lot more easy. As I have said a good software is a tool that makes your life more easy and for anyone using (or wanting to use) fan pages on Facebook this will for sure do just that.







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 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

About the Author

Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.


    Cyril Jeet

    So I made this quick tutorial to help anybody who has trouble setting up an FB App like Brett did

    There’s a more detailed tutorial here


      I admit a big part of the reason I had trouble is because I was convinced I didn’t need instructions.


      @Cyril – Whats the chance of adding a “Creative Commons only” checkbox to the app? I think you would see your sales jump with that. Many of us have concerns about posting non-CC videos, and manually checking for those makes the software a lot less useful.


    In my opinion, this tool WILL get your Facebook account banned, heres why.. I have my reservations about this app.
    1: does this tool/software sourcing creative common videos as it was NOT mentioned in the sales video OR your review? (as the software is in fact downloading the videos and posting them on Facebook (your fan page). As I know, Facebook says – upload videos you own or have permission to use.
    2: If someone decides on using the manual vid search and reaches out to the video creator and asks for permission, then this tool wouldn’t make sense.
    3: Unless its your own video or creative common video, this is in violation.

    What is your take on that Brett?


      Well your opinion is for sure wrong, since you say WILL in caps, which is a definite statement, one that I know is wrong since it didnt get my FB account banned. You need to be carefully about having a opinion and presenting it as fact. Opinions are never fact. Also as I said, I will not make an opinion as to legalities, because I am not trained in the law. I thought I made this clear in the review, sorry if I didnt.


    How well does this work with pages that are new and have low numbers of fans? How much reach can it get without fans?


      For a new fan page, I would spend a few dollars to boost the posts in order to increase reach. Also do some sharing yourself. Getting started is always a little tougher but its not super difficult with a little effort.


    Hi Brett

    My biggest problem with this software is that it uses other peoples videos without permission and unless you were to ask every video owner – this kind of automatically downloading and uploading seems very un ethical and at a push FB will probably not allow it – eventually – I am guessing, but also running into all sorts of legal issues. Unless you were posting CC commons videos which are not that many in many niches.
    The only way I can see using this software is for transferring videos from youtube to Facebook for clients or your own videos – otherwise the only winners are going to be the sellers of the software.
    Don’t get me wrong – I am guessing there will be a ton of people just downloading niche videos and uploading ( or curating Videos but without proper attribution) and probably make some money from them – but it’s still a short term proposition in my book

    For my pennies worth – If you are going to use it for your own videos then you may as well upload them yourself without software ! The only thing that this kind of software will eventually do is spam the FB pages with videos or worse get the apps shut down – I only see it as a spamming tool – I simply can’t see people asking permissions from the video owners to put their videos on FB

    Thanks for the run down


      As I said in the review, I have no idea of the legal implications, I have no legal training what so ever, if your uncomfortable though, you should pass on it.

      One thing I will say though, is that even if there are legal implications on your local area, I don’t think its likely that someone on YouTube is going to ‘lawyer up’ pay $300 an hour in legal fees to sue anyone because someone is using their ‘funny cat’ video. Especially given that the video comes from a site that is by its very nature designed to be social and shared with others.

      VidPush does not search private or unlisted videos.



        I’m surprised you would say you have no ‘legal training’, when in fact, common sense should be a big indicator as to the legality of using this tool for uploading videos you, yourself didn’t create!

        If you were a Youtube creator, with a decent size following and were making money from said videos, how would you feel if you found out joe-smith-the-internet-marketer was hawking your videos, along with videos from other Youtubers who were in your ‘niche’ and making money off of them?

        I’m sure you’d be pretty irked, wouldn’t you?

        {links removed}

        Would be interested to hear your thoughts once you know more about it.




          Well as for how I personally would feel, Im fine with it. In fact feel free to download any of my public videos and post them to your fan page. I consider it a fair trade for the exposure to my brand. I think you will find a lot of people will think along those lines as well.

          PS) About 99% of the people on YouTube are not making money from their channels. Even people like myself who make money from videos, dont make them from the channel itself, its my brand that I make money from, so if your going to spread my brand for me, I say more power to you πŸ™‚

    Ken Lare

    Isn’t their an issue with intellectual property if we are grabbing popular videos? Or does the software attribute the video to the original author? Or am I worrying over nothing?

    kami ilmane

    Hey Brett,
    Great review, thanks.
    I was beta testing this software for over a week and it has worked faultlessly. After posting using VidPush, I could see the difference straight away in my video posts reach, compared to when I was posting just a YT link. FB and rightly so, want to keep us on their platform, so they reward anyone who tries to keep traffic in. However, we just don’t have the time to search YT, download the videos then upload them again to FB so that we get higher reach…Doing this on a daily basis and for every page is just not possible…well until now, with VidPush. I really like the software, that is exactly what I was looking for…. When Cyril offered the beta version for testing, I jumped on it straight away.
    I would have bought anyway, as I can see its potential. It would have been worth every penny-
    Beside the main features ie: search YT and upload the videos to FB, I love the flexibility and the variety of the options available within the software such as:
    Auto-search YT turned On or Off,
    Auto post to pages,
    Save post to draft state,
    Option to add the video keywords as hash tags to your page,
    Option to remove or leave the links from the video description,
    Option to setup the minimum gap between posts,
    Option to select the video resolution,
    Option to add your own content under each video including your own links, call to action..Etc..,
    Option to find the top videos
    Option to manually post a particular YT video by supplying just the video url.

    Cyril has done it again, he has just produced another simple yet powerful software…
    You guys should get together to produce super software for marketers..

    Thank you again Brett, for the review as it has just confirmed my thoughts about this product.
    All the best, Kami


    Brett, the sales page says the basic only supports 1 page


      There are 2 options on the FE, Basic – Elite, the Elite is 5 pages, the obvouse choice is the Elite, and frankly the basic version is there simply to give value to the Elite version.

    David F

    Before I learned of this software I purchased a product that came out about a week earlier and which also auto posts youtube videos to Facebook. I picked a popular video and posted it giving full credit in the description to the youtube video and with a link to the youtube video.

    It lasted all of about 10 seconds on the FB fan page I posted it to (which was one of my fan pages). About an hour later I got an email from Facebook indicating the video had been removed due to copyright issues.

    I then discovered that FB had on its own disabled the app from even working with respect to that particular FB fan page. Fortunately, I can still upload my own videos to that FanPage.

    I’m glad I did not spend a lot of money on it.


      Thanks for the insight, I think its going to depend on the kind of video. It its a video that has value such as a training, the creator is probably going to get upset, if its a video that is just for entertainment, probably not. If in doubt you can always message the owner of the channel. I bet you would be surprised by the number of people who are going to be ok with using their videos, for example anyone can feel free to use any of my public videos. Im glad to give you the content in exchange for some free exposure.

    Lon Naylor

    I really like the tool for dual posting my own videos. But…Uploading someone else’s video (even with a Creative Commons license that requires attribution) is called “freebooting” and it’s becoming a rather big deal for video content creators.

    Facebook seems to be turning a blind eye to this practice (at least for now) because they are trying do out-do YouTube in the video arena. In fact, FB is using all kinds of questionable tactics to achieve this goal.

    Is it LEGAL? I’m not a lawyer either so I won’t say. Is it ETHICAL to profit from someone else’s work without their consent?

    I’ll leave that up to people’s own ethics. Just something to be aware of.

    Excellent tool for “good”…but personally I won’t “be evil”. πŸ˜‰


    Hey Brett,

    You said “Anyone can feel free to use any of my videos they like”… Is this as a bonus offer for picking up VidPush through your link only?

    kami ilmane

    I’m not sure what is the problem here?
    if I don’t make a video private or unlisted, it means that I’m willing to share my video with the public. If I do that, I’m expecting the public to share it. which may include downloading the video.
    I personally don’t see a problem with people sharing and downloading my videos from a public sharing platform especially if they decide to leave the video description and all their links? In my eyes, you actually doing me a favor by promoting them and providing my videos with more exposure…
    If I want to restrict access to my videos, I will use a dedicated video hosting platform, or I just make my videos private/unlisted on YT.
    I have some of my kids videos on YT and they are unlisted because I don’t want the general public to view/download them. But If I make them public, I will expect the public to view/download them. Simple
    I don’t know about the law by my conscience is clean, we have these public platforms to share knowledge/ideas and help eachother…I mean if you make money using my video, so what? Good luck to you and honestly I will feel so happy because I just helped another person to better his life and that’s great isn’t it??


    I purchased the elite 5 fanpage version. I just got an error that says I have to upgrade to Pro to use auto post. I looked back at the demos before purchase and it portrays auto post as part of the front end product. Have I just been deceived again?


      No I did not look at the sales page. I never do. If I look at the sales page I might succumb to the hype of the marketing material and it might effect my judgement. I review software and thats the only thing I look at, the software. Also there is no deceptive marketing here, their sales page clearly says what you get on the two price levels. Sure I reviewed the ‘elite’ version, but since its available without an OTO, it IS a FE offer. If you bought the lower version, which clearly says its for 1 fan page, then frankly you screwed yourself out of a desire to save five bucks or so. Its not fair or proper to call them ‘deceptive’ because you a) didnt read the sales page which clearly says what you get on each price level, or b) chose not to take the slightly hire priced version which is clearly the better offer.


      Sorry I did not understand what you where talking about in your original comment, that was my mistake. The auto posting, are you talking about the scheduling? That should be in the FE. Or are you talking about something else? I have Skyped both Neil and Cyril to ask them what is going on.

      Cyril Gupta


      Due to a planning and designer miscommunication we had that screenshot listed on the FE. It has been removed. Brett kindly brought this to my attention.

      I have considered and I will be giving anyone who wants it, the posting feature as a part of the FE, along with 3 exclusive new features as some sort of amends.

      You can create a support ticket at and refer to my mesasge. We will get you sorted.

      This might take 2-3 days as we are during a launch and have to integrate these features. But it’s going to be worth it.

      Thanks for your telling me about this.

    Jim Redmond

    Did you notice that you cannot set up a video to auto post to FB with the basic or the ultra edition? Todd shows the feature in the sales video but, forgets to mention the feature is not part of the deal unless you purchase the $67 OTO.
    I know you are a good guy and maybe would not find the auto post feature helpful but the sales page is deceptive. If you look at Neil’s JV page, he makes it clear that you need to purchase the $67 OTO to get the feature.
    Thank you, Jim R


      I did not see the sales page until it was already live. I review software, not sales pages πŸ™‚ If the sales video says this is included though than I agree that is no good at all. Im not sure if it is deliberately deceptive or if it was an oversight, either way though I would suggest you send in a support request and call them out on it. Im also going to send Neil a Skype message doing the same thing.


        Are you talking about the scheduling? That should be a part of the FE.

          Jim Redmond

          I was speaking of the auto post feature. Where Todd enters a keyword, YT videos are found and then posted to the FB page automatically. From what I gather (from the sales page video) the user decides how often to post and the software works without further involvement. Without this feature it seems the only benefit to the software is making the YT video appear to be native.
          Thank you, Jim R

      Cyril Gupta


      Due to a planning and designer miscommunication we had that screenshot listed on the FE. It has been removed. Brett kindly brought this to my attention.

      I have considered and I will be giving anyone who wants it, the posting feature as a part of the FE, along with 3 exclusive new features as some sort of amends.

      You can create a support ticket at and refer to my mesasge. We will get you sorted.

      This might take 2-3 days as we are during a launch and have to integrate these features. But it’s going to be worth it.

      Thanks for your telling me about this.

    Trey Koehler

    I went ahead and bought the Ace OTO so I can get the auto-post, shadowing, and unlimited channels. I thought about putting in a ticket, but it was Cyril’s honesty that sold me, and felt that he should be rewarded. I enjoy your website Brett, and I will keep checking in here for your awesome and honest reviews!

    All the best,


      Yea everyone makes mistakes, I figured it must have been just that, an honest mistake. Cyril is a good guy and by owning up to his error and taking steps to make it right I really feel he just proved it.

    Dean Olmstead

    OK, I love this software Brett. Does what it says it is supposed. Some additions would make it perfect, but I like it. What I don’t like? Their support. I have emailed them twice because I want to move the license to my main PC and they still haven’t responded. This software should be able to be installed on more than one PC. But the lack of support is why more and more I am steering away from JVZoo products to companies that I know are going to be around for awhile.


      Support is something I cant test unfortunately. However your doing the right thing about speaking up on unsatisfactory support. Let affiliates know your not happy and let them pressure the vendors to give better support (like Im about to do in a email I’m going to send to this vendor)

        Dean Olmstead

        Thanks, Brett. You’re one of the good ones and one of the few sites reviewing IM products I can trust. And I’ve been at this awhile.

    Derek Brown

    Purchased software on 3/30/16. Installed software. Script error! Software will not load. Contacted supposed support and send them a screenshot of the script error and told them the software will not load beyond this point, so I have a piece of software that DOES NOT WORK. Their answer back was, and I quote “we do know about that feature and we do our best to fix it.” FEATURE? The software not working is a FEATURE!? I replied that this was not an acceptable answer and asked if/when I would get a working piece of software. Today is 4/3. I have heard nothing else from them.


      Your focusing on the use of their word “Feature” without considering that for the vendors of this product English is a second language and they simply made an error in the usage of the word. Publicly degrading someone who does not speak English as a primary language for choosing the wrong word in their response is not to cool. Instead you should focus in the fact that they answered you, acknowledged that there is a issue for a small percentage of the users, and are working on a correction.

      3/30/16 the day you bought was a whole 5 days ago. 2 days of which where a weekend. So really what your saying is that you feel the need to humiliate people for not speaking English fluently and also for not editing what is likely multiple tens of thousands of lines of code fast enough for you over a weekend.

      FYI: It worked fine for me when I tested, and for many many others, however its impossible for a developer to for see all of the different possible computer configurations and possible conflicts (which is why EVERY software company in the world needs to do patches and updates)

      I think it might be best if you just request a refund.


    When the videos are posted to the FB fan page, do they autoplay when the user scrolls the FB page to where the video is? I’ve seen these native videos in my main FB newsfeed and when I see a video autoplaying before my eyes I’m attracted to it.

    That’s what I want to do on my fan pages but looking at the VidPush sales page, it looks like it doesn’t do that.

    Gloria C.


    We just bought the software and it doesnt want to sync with our facebook pages and ask us to creat a new, we already have ten active pages. Can you please contact the developper and ask them to fix the issue. After reading many post about the company we are affraid that all this is a scam.

    Please help.


      Well in the time you spent reading ‘many posts’ YOU could have contacted the developers. Kind of makes you wonder if your using your time as effectively as you can doesnt it πŸ™‚

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