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Wow .. I dont even know where to start


Not a single one that I could find

So I finally got my review copy of Arbitrage and I spent the last couple of hours testing it out. After buying this software the customer is taken to a members area where they can view the tutorials, get bonuses and of course download the software. The landing page suggests that you take a bit […]

by Brett Rutecky
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So I finally got my review copy of Arbitrage and I spent the last couple of hours testing it out.

After buying this software the customer is taken to a members area where they can view the tutorials, get bonuses and of course download the software. The landing page suggests that you take a bit to watch the tutorials before you do the download so that you will know exactly how to use the software from the start. Well that’s exactly what I did. The tutorials are very well done and do a great job of clearly explaining how to effectivly used this product. Also I was pleased to see that they include additional tips and tactics, things that most people would not think of, but when used will lead to maximum profitability.


Having been pleased with the quality of and feeling empowered by the training videos I downloaded and installed my review copy and went to testing it.

After testing this thing I have one word to explain how I feel, ‘excited’. Honestly I never realized how many gigs there where on CraigsList. Not only that but I could not believe the huge pricing differences between what company’s are willing to pay and what can be had on

For example the very first test I did was a search for ‘logo’.ย  I stopped the search after it found 125 business’s advertising that they want a logo created. This was about 1/5th of the way through the search. The price range that business’s wanted to pay was between $50 and $200 for the logo. At the same time this software found hundreds of high ranked providers on Fiverr wanting to make logos at a cost of $5 to $10 (some want you to buy an extra gig for multiple mockups). Many of these providers even offered unlimited revisions. So now all I have to do is contact the people on CraigsList, get the job, and then outsource it to the guys on Fiverr and I have a profit of up to $190.


Just think about the power of this. I mean even if you haveย  to contact two or three people on CraigsList to get the job who cares, the profit margin is so huge that your still making some serous cash for the minimal time your putting into this. If you spend a lousy 2 hours doing this whole process and making $190 profit that’s $85 an hour pay. No one in their right mind is going to scoff at $85 an hour for work you can do from home whenever you feel like it.

That actually leads to the other thing I realized about this software. You can do it as much or as little as you want. It can be a full time business. It can be a side job. It can be just a once in a while ‘I need some extra cash this month’ sort of thing. Because there is nothing to set up, no prep work to do, you are in total control over how you want to use it. You litterly are in business whenever you open up the software.

Honestly Im really glad that I came across this because this might actually be one of the best money making products I have ever found. Its based on a solid concept. Charge higher than you pay your workers. I mean that’s what every business does. It also does about 90% of the work for you. This really is very cool.

Now I mentioned that this is a desktop software. While most of you know that I prefer hosted software because its easy to update this software does automatically check if updates are available and if so installs the updated version every time you open it up. I know this happens because it actually happened during one of my tests. I think this is an awesome feature that I was really glad to see implemented.

So whats my final thoughts? This is killer. Its a total money maker.

The price difference between what people are willing to pay for work to be done on CraigsList and what people charge on Fiverr is huge also there are hundreds of people looking for work in dozens of different subjects (which can be delivered digitally). Basically the market here is very large with a lot of income potential.

The software works very well and automates 90% of the work you would need to do. The training is top shelf and easy to follow and even includes instructions on how to ‘close the deal’ with the CraigsList buyers.

Finally given that there is no prep work or setup required, that your ‘open for business’ anytime you load up the software its totally flexible making it ideal for everyone from the stay at home mom looking to make some extra ‘mad money’ to theย ย entrepreneur type looking to create a full time income.

This one is a huge winner and I dont only approve it. I highly recommend it.





 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.



    Your right about Arbitrage Underdog, this has to be one of the best softwares for making money EVER released as a WSO. Another thing to mention is the support, if i send a ticket i get a response the same day, and not just some generic one either, they actually read what you say and answer your question with detail. Great thing about this software is there is just so many uses for it, people want all sorts and post on CL looking for the solution, you just need to find the answer and charge them so that your making decent profit. I cant give this product or the guys behind it enough praise.


    I find the concept very solid and Brett is very up front about its abilities. I trust Brett due to the fact that he is a very honorable person and does not beat around the bush.

    I like dealing with a person who does not talk up a product simply so that he/she will make money by doing so.

    If you do choose to purchase this product, do it through Brett’s link, he is giving away training that is very useable and is priceless.


    Do we get a free upgrade do you know if already bought the first version? I hope so.


      Honestly Im not totally sure. The best bet would be to contact them and ask. I would hate to say the wrong thing either way. I was going to send Tom E a Skype message to find out but its late in the evening and he has his status set to ‘do not disturb’. Shoot him a support request, from what I hear they answer really fast.



    This looks really good and I’m tempted to try it out. I purchased a Craigslist Arbitrage software, called “Buyer Arbitrage” from James Renouf in Sept of 2012. It never worked well! It scraped leads that were over a month old. As you know, an old lead on Craigslist is No Lead. I just tried it out now & to my surprise [not]; it doesn’t even load up.

    The only reason that I brought him up was to show that this type of software must be continually updated. Craigslist changes their format often. Any software that scrapes it – would have to be updated a lot. Do you think that Tom E will keep it updated? It’s a little pricey at almost fifty bucks – which will certainly be worth it if it performs.

    It gives me peace of mind to have an honest marketer like you, Brett – to tell us the truth about the various softwares, etc. Thanks for being here!


      Oh yea I know that Tom will keep it updated. How do I know? Because the software actually did a automatic update while I was testing it! Its funny that you mentioned the format changes because after the update happened I did not see anything different about the software so I Skyped Tom to ask him what it was about and he told me it was to account for a format change in the CL URL structure.

    Daniel Bean

    Great review Brett including the pre-review much earlier in the day. I was concerned about one issue though and I may be completely out in the left field or darn naive but knowing that they sold 3000+ copies and will most likely sell another truck load with the re-launch wouldn’t that crowd the market of arbitragers thus reducing your margins (increased competition) or downright killing the market?


      I dont see that being a problem, the market is HUGE.

        Daniel Bean

        So there is plenty of fish for all the would-be fishermen out there? Thank you for the prompt reply. I just re-read about the training “bit” after reading Ray Jones’ comment and I will buy based on your recommendation and that training.

        Thank you Brett.

    Ray Jones


    I bought the first version. I also bought the Black Hat upgrade, BUT I have not really tried it out to any effect due a bit to procrastination and some to not sure HOW to fully work it. Any training available would be a godsend so are you able to include prior purchasers into your training somehow?


    Hi Brett,

    has some OTO?


      Yes there is an OTO. My understanding is that the OTO is for a software that does more in depth searching which results in more potential jobs. I think this is more for people who will be looking to make full time income (or at least a large supplement) with this software than the person looking to just make some extra cash once in a while.


    Hi Brett,

    I think Tom is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met.

    Anyhow, can you tell me how much is the OTO?

    Also, can you tell me a little about the OTO?

    Lastly, if the OTO is purchased, does that make
    the main product useless? The reason I ask this
    is because I’ve seen this happen before with a
    product I purchased in the past.

    Looking forward to your training.

    Thanks and you rock too Brett!


      I normally dont review OTO’s however here is what I know about it. I believe the OTO is $67. From my understanding it does more in depth searches. Given that its a ‘better’ version of the FE product then yea it probably makes the FE useless. However you need to think of it like this, the price of the OTO version is not $67. Its $67+$47=$114 (since you have to buy both to get it) .. so dont think of it as your loosing your FE .. think of it as the FE price is just a part of the OTO version. Also my understanding is that the OTO version is more for people looking to make full time income and really is not needed for the person who just wants to make a little extra money once in a while.


        Unfortunately, it’s hard for me to see it that way if the FE becomes useless.

        That being the case, to me it makes more sense that maybe he should have sold the best software for maybe $97 and offer some sort of training for the OTO.

        Also, if people only purchase the FE, will your training only be for people that want to make a little extra money once in a while?

        And if they purchase FE & OTO is there a difference in the training you will be providing?

        Sorry for so many questions. I will be purchasing, just wanted to hopefully be able to make an intelligent decision.


          Ruth dont be sorry for asking so many questions. Everyone should ask questions (if they have any) so they make a good buying decision.
          If he sold the best software for $97 for the FE offer then all the people who really dont need that version would be getting screwed over. Because they only really need a version that he was willing to sell for $47 and now its not available to them to buy. Just think of this. There are 2 versions of this software. The first costs $47. The second costs $114. If you wish to buy the $114 version you get it by first buying the $47 version and then by paying the additional $67 that you ‘owe’ on the price of it. Hope that helps.

          As for the training. Its going to focus on efficiency and profitability. For the once in a while person its going to be good because it will teach you how to spend less time getting that ‘once in a while’ cash. For the person trying to make more full time income it will be good because it will teach you to maximize your profitability. So it will be good no matter how you plan to use this product.


    How do we claim your bonus? Do we email you? What is the email address you want us to send our receipt to?


    Hey Brett,

    Sorry, but I have one more question. When I purchase the upgrade, can I install it on more than one computer? Can my partner and I use it on separate computers or do I have to purchase an additional license. I certainly hope not, as I already don’t like the way it’s being sold (I really tried to see it your way Brett ๐Ÿ™‚ but I honestly believe it’s a great product and still worth it once I start profiting from it.

    Out of curiosity, have you used the software to make some money if you don’t mind me asking? I’ve always wanted to do some offline marketing, but was never sure how to tap into it without sitting on the phone all day.

    As soon as I hear back, I’m off to purchase because I’m really looking forward to your training.

    Thanks again Brett!


      Ruth, my understanding is that you can only install it on one computer, but Im not 100% sure, as I have said I dont review the OTO’s normally, I have not seen the OTO sales page for this product. Still I doubt it. If you think that this should be included in the purchase then your expectations are unrealistic. While some sellers give multi license away it should never be expected. I cant buy a DVD from Walmart copy it and give a copy to my brother either.

      Also Ill be honest you are going to have to contact people to secure the gigs for yourself, so if you dont want to make phone calls or at least do emails then this might not be the best thing for you.

      One other thought, if you dont like the way its being sold. Then dont buy it. Unless you are totally comfortable with a purchase you probably should not make that purchase.


    Brett, just because I don’t like the way the product is being sold, doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s not valuable. And I certainly don’t mind contacting people or making calls. I just wouldn’t have time to sit on the phone all day because I have a small brick and mortar business.

    Like you said, some do offer multi license and if he doesn’t, that’s fine. I would get another license if needed. Again, I just wanted that information to be able to make a sound buying decision.

    Thanks again and sorry for so many questions.


    Thanks Brett, all taken care of ๐Ÿ™‚



    what is your bonus if I buy through your link?


    Hi Brett,

    Just wanted to say thank you for your thorough review, and the resulting answers you have given to the questions, this has given me confidence to go ahead and get involved.



    just seeing this and wanted to take it considering the discussions so far but the link is showing forbidden error. how else can i get it?


    Ken, I contacted Tom E. His web server crashed and his host is working hard to get the site back up. The link should be working again shortly.


    I don’t see your training bonus in the review above. Are you still offering additional training?


      Sure thing Tom. Just shoot me a message with your receipt ID and Ill send it over to you then. Also Tom E liked my training so much that he asked me if he could include it in the members area (though Im not sure if he put the link in there yet)


        OK thanks for confirming the training. Also since you are a programmer can you recommend a software macro maker that would semi automate the Craigslist search by state and keyword? In other words have the macro enter the state Alabama and search for a logo design for example.


    Is this software windows only? Or does it also run on a Mac?


    Hi Brett,

    I stumbled upon your site by coincidence (and onto this review). Im from the UK and wondered…

    1. Can I use this on UK Craigslist?
    2. or would I use this on the Amercian Craigslist?
    3. Or both?



    Hi Brett. Do you have any contact info for the guys that put this out? I bought this and the OTO but their support email bounces, their support url is a page not found and they have no other contact info through their site. Thanks.


    It must still be messed up because I cannot set up to get into members site and it is like my emails start to come in and vanishes caught a glimpse of one even sent support my gmail address but have not heard back going to keep trying


      Did you try entering a support ticket?


        yes i have sent several support tickets it let me download the program to my desktop but it just wont let me log in members area instead of giving me the place to register when i go to jvzoo it gives me the log in page like i have already registered and i really need this training to fiqure it all out i have got couple emails from tom or his auto on other stuff but not from support with info to be able to sign up sorry to bother you maybe i will eventually get through to somebody


    If I purchase this without the oto upgrade, can I still upgrade to it later. I know it might be a higher price, just want to know if it is available down the line. I am a newbie taking slow.

    First time on your review site. I like it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Donna C


      OTO stands for One Time Offer. Some sellers might break the rule for you, but others like myself will not normally. Im honestly not sure if this vendor will or not. You will have to contact them. Just a FYI its normally better to take an OTO and refund it later if you dont need it rather than risk not being able to get the deal later.


    First off, I just found this site. I’m very impressed by your honesty. I am looking to make decent money with an online business. First off are you still offering the bonus training?

    Lastly, is it really possibly to make 200 per day, or is this unrealistic?


      With Arbitrage .. I believe you can make $200 per day IF you work at it. The think to keep in mind is that there is no free rides (even on the internet). You can make as much as you want. But it depends on how much effort you put in. My bonus training has now become a standard part of Arbitrage. The vendor liked it so much he asked me if he could include it for everyone.


    I really love this idea. Seems like the sky is the limit. I wanted to ask you, is this a hard concept to learn.? There must be many people trying to sell to these Craigslist leads. How do we separate ourselves


      You have to keep in mind that there are thousands of leads though. Its not hard to learn. In fact my training has new been integrated as the standard training. The owner liked it so much he asked me if he could include it ๐Ÿ™‚


    hi brett,
    i wish to buy the arbitrage underdog reloaded thru ur link…its still available right? does it include your training even i’ll buy the basic version only?

    hope to hear from you…

    best regards


      Yes it is still available for purchase. My training is actually included inside of the members area for this now. The creator of Arbitrage liked my training so much that after my promo was over he asked me if he could make it a part of the package.


    I have the product and listened to your training — you mentioned how having a website could help โ€“
    1. Would this be a one page site
    2. Also do I need pictures of logos, book covers etc on the site? If so, where can I get them? Thanks


    Thanks! Appreciate your time!

    Justin McMillin

    Hi Brett,

    I absolutely love your trainings and reviews! Top Notch! I purchased the AUR Black Label through your link and Your right, where do you start your review on this?

    It’s absolutely amazing how they have combined one the oldest and simplest offline business concepts there are together with online modern technology. Brokering! I’ve been looking for something like this for years. Absolutely Love It!

    Anyway, I have to wait a full day to get a response from their support so just thought I’d ask you in the meantime, I’m assuming the downloadable software is completely incompatible with a Chromebook?

    J McMillin


      Yes I believe its Windows only software. And yea .. this reminds me of a good friend of mine who is in the construction business. Well actually he is in the ‘new’ construction business (his words). He has built entire homes and does not have a single employee outside of his office. He just subcontracts everything and because he gives the subcontractors steady work he gets great bid prices. The difference is his profit.

        Justin McMillin

        WoW That’s Terrific! The “New” construction biz. So true. My area of expertise was once Landscape Installation Construction and we own rental property so I can definitely relate.

        Ok no prob I’m going to buy myself a new windows based laptop. Just bought the Chromebook a few months ago too, dangit! Oh well, looks like we know what one of my kids will be getting for xmas..Ha

        Thanks for the super quick reply!

        J Mc


    is this product still viable and being used? i was thinking about getting this but didnt want to be getting something that will go out of date soon or is not being used


    How do purchase this product and what is the prices


    Justin McMillin

    Hey Brett,

    Took your advice and hired Fiverr to create my logo and website. I’ve been hard at adding the images and content to my site for a good month since I ordered AUR. (Part time around full time work and life)

    Anyway, a few questions for you since I know you have experience as a freelancer.

    Once you look at my site (still needs alot of editing b4 I put AUR into action) would you recommend I add a “Shopping Cart” page? My web developer offered that option to me.

    Also, I’ve been researching pricing for the services I am offering on my site. The problem is they are all over the place. From $20 for a logo up to $500 or more for a Full Web Site.

    Maybe you can give me some suggestions on pricing for each of the services I am offering..

    Thank you


      I cant suggest price because its going to depend on your market, costs, and expectations. I personally would not put a buy now button on the page though. My goal would be in getting people to give me their contact information. Its going to be much more easy to close a deal if you call the prospect up first. Then once you talk to them and get them to commit to your service you can just send them a PayPal invoice.

        Justin McMillin

        Perfect, no problem. Just wanted to get your input so I can be a little more clear about my goals.
        Happy Holidays!


    Brett, great videos on AU Black Label. One of the videos mentioned a pre written email swipe file for contacting clients. In the video you had posted it somewhere but I cannot find it. Do you have a link to that?

    Thanks in advance and keep up the great work.

    Wendy Yohe

    Hi Brett!

    I purchased AU Reloaded this week and I’ve really enjoyed your training. Thank you for offering it.

    I have my own digital media company (based in PA) and I saw immediately how I could use AUR to gain leads for my business. Not sure why I never thought to use CraigsList and Fiverr before, it’s such a “no-brainer”.

    My goal for 2015 is to create a full time “location independent” income online and I think AUR will be instrumental in achieving that goal. Toward that goal, I’ll also be picking up your “How I Make Money Online” training soon. I want to get AUR up and running first.

    I’m really enjoying your site and appreciate the honest and entertaining information.

    Thanks so much! =)


    Hi Brett,

    Is the software still good to use?
    I can imagine everyone bought the software everyone using it
    probably all people captured the jobs already..


      I doubt the market is saturated. Quite frankly a lot of people who bought it likely never even used it or put in any real effort. Also the world is a BIG place .. there are lots of jobs out there ๐Ÿ™‚

    Michael Rytter

    Hey Brett….Wasn’t gonna look at this at first (I suffer from the “SQUIRREL ! Hey, There’s a SQUIRREL” syndrome! LOL)….but read your review and JUST HAD to look! WOW…bought both….couldn’t not! This will add to our biz in sooo many ways!

    But, that said, thank God we already have a full time online business that can support my SQUIRREL addiction! (Everything I see you approve always looks better to me than what we are already doing/successful at!)

    One more thing, (a bit off-topic, I’m sorry….NOT! LOL!) Should I be preparing a mock-up of the T-Spring back-end software (but for signs instead of shirts) I asked you about for our group lessons? And should I do some market research to see if there is a viable market that needs it, or will you do stuff like that in the videos? Or…. would something like what I need be too big in scope for what we are doing in our little course? (I think you said about 25 development hours)….


      Shoot me direct emails about things we where talking about outside of the scope of the review. Talking about other things not related to this blog post can just get other visitors confused. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚


    Hey Mr Brett, Kami here,
    I see you’ve been very busy answering all these questions.
    top man, truly awesome support.
    I’ve bought this and the black edition about six months ago, I saw the potential but I just never had the time to dig in and start using it, may be this is an opportunity for me to dig it out and start using it, which brings me to my query. you’ve mentioned above that you are offering training, any chance of getting on board?
    I’m currently on your 4 week product creation video course, and I have to say that your training is top class. Thank you


    I agree the product is worth the investment. However, I noticed the sales page shows a software run from July of 2014. Tom should have updated his sales page.

    I have the product from last year, so I know it’s good.


    Brett, yet another great review, and I would have never known about this had you not sent me an email about this review. Just purchased it including the Black Label Edition. Wish I had as much energy as Tom does. Pretty entertaining character. Can’t wait to get on this and put it to the test. Thanks for the heads up.



    I purchased the software a while back. I think it is a great idea but I have sent out at least 70 emails in the past 6 months or so and have not gotten any jobs off it. I have had responses but they always go with someone else who is cheaper or they found on fiverr etc… It may be do to the fact that there are over 3000 of these sold and they are getting way to many responses for web design or logos etc… Again not trying to dissuade anyone just giving you my experiences.

    Also my emails were always written well, easy going and coming at them like I was there to help. So i know it wasn’t my emails that were the problem. I’ve seen testimonies from other people saying they sent out an email or 2 and made a grand more power to them if that is the truth, just haven’t seen that in my experience.


      Out of the 3000 or so sold probably 500 actually use it in truth and the world is a BIG place. I highly doubt saturation is the problem.Also keep in mind that logos / web design is NOT the only thing you can do. Finally check out the training I added to this product, its under training -> advanced. In it I give a lot of info that will both make you look more professional and that will help you get more jobs.

    Gary Kaminski

    I really considered purchasing this as a way to get more customers, not so much for the arbitrage advantage. Then after doing some of my own due diligence I found that there is really not that many people posting inquiries on Craigslist for design gigs these days. Which is my forte. Those that are, generally want you to come up with the price, or are looking for a cheap way to partner, or trade for services. I believe its getting pretty rare these days when people have not Googled, at the very least, to find Fiverr or Elance. Craigslist to me means someone is really looking for the low cost bottom deal on my kind of service.

    There are a couple of other problems I also see with Craigslist arbitrage. One, it’s primarily a website designed to connect local people with physical goods and services. That means running out and picking up the stuff. Secondly its totally unregulated, No customer feedback or ratings and the use of PayPal at your own jeopardy.

    Now if you’re dealing with Fiverr then you’re in my end of the game and you have to worry about giving people a $5 product for say, the expectations of $100 priced one?

    I’m not saying that this doesn’t work, just that there is so much more to consider when working an arbitrage system than being a simple middle guy collecting the lions share of the profits.


      You did your own research? Not many people looking for ‘gigs’? So you checked every city in every state in the country and found there are not many gigs? Thats a lot of research my friend ๐Ÿ™‚ Use of PayPal at your own jeopardy? Not sure what thats suppose to mean. While I respect your opinion, quite honestly it sounds like you making ‘guesses’ about things you have no real experience in. Still I want to thank you for taking the time to post your comment, its much appreciated.

        Gary Kaminski

        I researched most of the major cities listed in my state for one and some outside. It was a pretty good sampling. If you can point me to a search in my interest producing a multitude of quality listings somewhere else I’ll stand corrected?

        Thereโ€™s no payment security or accountability within the Craigslist system. That wasn’t the way the system is setup and in fact they warn you on their site not to extend payment to people without first having met them in person and to avoid amazing deals. CL is really geared to work as a cash transaction model. So how does PayPal fit in? Do you have protection against buyer or seller fraud when Craigslist itself does not honor it?

        You are also making a presumption about my concerns, it has nothing to do with skin in the game although I realize that you have some with this product.


          Most of the major cities in your state is {most of 1/50th of whats available} so less than 2%, that is not a ‘pretty good sampling’ by any standard. CL not having a payment system has no bearing at all since payments are accepted via PayPal. Also this does not explain your original statement at all: “Use PayPal at your own jeopardy”. As for this product, honestly Im not afraid to say if something is bad (if you browse around this site you will see that quickly), and I openly accept other opinions, but as I said, it sounds like you dont have much experience with online transactions etc. This is not a bad thing though, everyone who works online is new at one point ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks again for your reply and comment!

      Mike Lopez

      I thought u purchased it and used it and didn’t like it. WTF. Apparently not. Your first 2 sentences said everything. Buy it and try it out before you knock it. This literally does all the heavy lifting for you, and the only drawback is ur imagination.


    hello Brett i saw you talking about training in early post. is it still available because i just bought the program and i am a little confused how to use it thank you


      My training is now a part of the official Arbitrage training. Log int your Arbitrage members area and look under “Advanced Tricks’ .. near the bottom of the page, for a link to the training I created for this software.


    Hey Brett,
    I’ve just stumbled on Arbitrage Underdog Reloaded and I have one question…….
    I’m in Europe so if I buy this can I post to any of the USA’s or Canada’s or Australia’s Craigslist sites from inside the Software?……..because I’ve read that Craigslist will only let you post to their site in the country you live in, and as this method requires you to post ads offering your service using the same keywords as the person looking to hire, this would be a major issue.
    Your help would be greatly appreciated so that I can decide to buy it.

    Paddy O'Donnell

    Hi Brett, I am considering investing in this software, however i am extremely weary of getting burned through some sort of scam ? Is this 100% legitimate? Also I was wondering if the software is still being uptaded at present and if not could you recommened any other similar software ?

    Thank you very much



      I marked it as approved and I recommend it to people. Do you actually expect that I might answer your question saying “Oh yes never mind, Arbitrage is actually a scam”? Arbitrage was first created in 2013, it has been maintained and updated for the last 2 years. I have no reason to believe it wont continue to be.

    Gil Banks

    Hey Brett,
    I have a question that has been stuck in my head for a long time.
    Lets say I was to find someone on Craigslist wanting a logo for lets say $150. Why would he just give a stranger like me $150 without any proof that I am a logo designer, or any proof of who I am. If I was in his shoes and someone wantd to take the job, I wouldn’t just hand him the money. I would like to see some proof of his work and who he his.
    What can I do about this situation?


      Did you watch the training provided in Arbitrage. I contributed several video to the training, in the ‘advanced’ section. Some of this talks about that, build a website and talking to clients etc to show them that you a real person / business.


    HI Brett,

    GREAT review. i am living in Malaysia. is this workable out of the States.
    Thanks .



    Your responses here have been timely, lucid and very helpful, not to mention courteous. I appreciate the input you have provided here, having scanned the forum thread for new and interesting pieces of information pertaining to the AU software system/training. Thank you for being here for all of us.. ๐Ÿ˜€

    – Tahkwuh


    I’ve looked over your offer here and wanted to get it but alas the payment area is not working. It looks like they have a special going on but I’ve tried twice but can’t pay and I’ve checked my paypal and it works.. they must be working on an upgrade or something, but I’m sold on the product to say the least.. it looks like something I can do for the long-haul and that is what I’ve been looking for. Thanks for the review.. all the best.. Fizz (I’ll be back soon, thanks)

    Christawn Petty

    Everyone keeps bullshitting talking about the power of the product and what it does, ok cool, I saw the training and description videos. WHAT I WANT TO KNOW IS, WHO HAS ACTUALLY MADE GOOD MONEY WITH THIS?, BECAUSE NO ONE HAS ISAF ANYTHING ABOUT THERE FIRST GIG, OR HOW MUCH MONEY THEY MADE AT ALL


      There are dozens of people giving testimonials that they have made money with this. Also this is not a new system, it is something that has existed, been updated, and has been helping people for over 3 years now. I think I will respectfully suggest that you do LESS YELLING and more action taking.

    Aussie Joe

    Hi Brett, Good read you have here mate.
    I am 98% ready to purchase this software but would just like to know 2 simple things.
    Im pretty sure I have read all the questions and answers and it was not addressed on this page. So sorry in advance if you have have already answered it.

    1. I do all my business with a macbook Air, Is there a possibility to run this software on a laptop and also would there be any or many running this on a mac. or should i invest in a pc to run this software

    2 When running the software what kind of internet speed is ideal for running it

    Your input would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks mate.


      1) Honestly I dont know, I dont have a Mac. This is an old review but I kind of think I remember this being Windows only. I would not get a new computer
      2) This is a subjective questions, what kind of patience do you have?


    Is this still a good buy in April 2016?

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