StoryMate [review]

Today Im taking a look at a new software called “StoryMate”

Before I jump into StoryMate it might make sense to take a moment or two and explain exactly what Facebook and Instigram stories are. Basically they are Facebooks response to SnapChat. SnapChat is an app that lets people share quick little videos that have a short life span and get auto deleted. A while back Facebook tried to buy SnapChat but the owners declined their offer. So Facebook responded by creating stories on both Facebook and Instagram (Facebook owns Instagram) and SnapChat declined. So Facebook came out with Stories and has been going out of their way to make it a active feature on their platform. Honestly, to me, it almost like Facebook has a vendetta against SnapChat for refusing their offer and is using their weight to bring them down. Thats bad news for them, but good news for you as a marketer.

Why is it good news? Because of what Facebook is doing to make Stories a popular aspect of their platforms. They are giving Story posts more reach than normal posts. They are showing them right up top on the news feed and they are making sure that people who use Stories are rewarded with more engagement than they would normally get. This poses a great opportunity for the smart marketer (like you) to take advantage of Stories to get more people to see your posts then ever before.

Now, normally when people use Stories what they do is post a video of themselves, showing what they are doing that day, where they are at, etc. This nice for most people, but it is not so great for marketers. Marketers want to engage someone who sees their posts and they want to monetize the post with a link or call to action to get traffic, build a list, and make sales. You can technically do this with a selfie style video and your cell phone, but honestly thats only going to work if you have a big name and a recognizable face. If you are not fortunate like that (as most of us are not) then you need some way to make quality, engaging videos , with calls to action that you can use to take advantage of Facebook and Instagram Stories. This is where StoryMate.

At its heart StoryMate is a video creator that lets people create 15 second videos (the max length for a Story) that are designed specifically for marketing and specifically for Stories. Making these videos is done by editing a template. The system comes with 25 pre-made templates that look great and are super easy to edit.

Once you have your video created you can then download it and post it to Facebook as a Story, or you can use the free mobile app (available for iOS and Droid) to post your video to either Facebook or Instagram. Of course you can also have text in your post and that text can have links so you can use your Story to drive traffic to your squeeze page, sales page, or affiliate offer.

Over all I found the platform super easy to use and did not have any problems. The one issue I noticed, that I really did not like is the fact that when viewing the videos you created, the system shows the default background graphic for the template you used to create your video even if you change the background graphic in your actual video. This might sound like Im nitpicking here but I can see that being a real pain once you get a lot of videos in your account because its not possible to find a video at a glance just by looking at the thumbnails. I felt like this design error was just lazy developing or perhaps a big oversight, and it is the reason that I gave StoryMate a rating of 3 stars for ‘execution’ instead of the 4 stars it would have gotten.

Whats really cool is that StoryMate also comes with some extra features as well. It has a link cloaker so you can cloak the links you put in your posts. It also has a cool image editor so you can edit the images you use in your videos right inside of StoryMate. Also Luke will be doing a ‘value webinar’ (not a sales pitch webinar) for StoryMate customers where he will teach people how to make money with this platform. Whats even better is that Luke offers a double your money back guarantee. If you use the platform, but in effort, and follow his training, and still do not make a profit with StoryMate he will give you double your money back! This is a big claim, but I believe Luke will actually do it!

Despite the fact that I did not care for the video previews I found StoryMate to be an easy to use, functional software that lets people take advantage of a real social media marketing opportunity. Also with Lukes double your money back guarantee you really cant lose because worst case you double your money. In fact the only way you can lose is if you do nothing, or do not invest in it!







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