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Today Im writing my review of a new software called Spazeship   Ill be honest, when I first heard about Spazeship I was not to excited at all. There where  two main reasons: While I like the idea of quiz software for lead generation it seems (because I know for sure it works) it seems […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today Im writing my review of a new software called Spazeship


Ill be honest, when I first heard about Spazeship I was not to excited at all. There where  two main reasons: While I like the idea of quiz software for lead generation it seems (because I know for sure it works) it seems that many of my followers don’t like it to much. Also, and perhaps most importantly, because there have been many other quiz systems released. Truth be told, the first thing that came to mind when I head about Spazeship was “Oh .. yay another quiz software, just what the world needs!” (I hope the voice in your head while you read that had the proper level of sarcasm). But I decided to at least give it a look to be fair. So I asked for review access and dove into it.

Quiz software has been used for a long  time with a lot of success. No mater if its for fun, if its serous, if its just for entertainment, people like taking them. Thats a fact. It’s also a fact that people who go though a quiz are likely to opt in at the end to see their results. This is because they have already committed themselves. They have already taken to time to take the quiz, and because of that they are often willing to go that extra little bit and enter their info to see their results.

But there is a problem with most quiz software.  Its a real pain in the back side to use. Not that the software itself is normally hard or anything, just that thinking of a quiz, creating questions, creating possible outcomes, getting graphics for it, is a pain. Honestly even with the best quiz software its a lot of work to make a quiz just because there is a lot of stuff to do. I think that’s why people in the IM business often don’t like this kind of product. People know using a quiz for lead generation works. Its just so darn time consuming to make a quiz, and lets be honest in the IM space we want results, we want them quickly, and we dont want to do a ton of tedious work.

Buy with Spazeship you don’t have to do a ton of work. In fact you don’t have to do any work actually. Let me explain:

Though I have tested several quiz software in my time Spazeship comes with something that others I have seen did not. Something that is very important. Done for you quiz’s!



There are 15 of them available on the front end purchase in different niches. Whats great about these is that they are not just graphics or templates. They are complete quiz’s with the graphics, questions, answers, and outcomes all done for you. All you do is enter where you want people to redirect to after they opt in (to see their results) or enter any offer details you want to show them and thats it your done. Everything is done for you. Personally I like done for you and easy.

I used one of their templates for my test and initially there where some bugs. Now I could have wrote it off at that point. I could have ‘rejected it. But I really felt this had potential, its based on a proven tactic and its largely ‘done for you’.  So instead of moving on I worked with the vendors and helped them to identify and fix the bugs. Once that was done I ran a quick test, for 24 hours and got some decent results.

Out of 243 visitors 101 of them not only completed the quiz but also opted in to see their results. Thats a 41.6% conversion rate which is quite good. Of those 101 people nearly half also clicked the offer I presented them with at the end of the quiz. Truth be told these results are actually better than I thought I would get.

Ok so what do I think of Spazeship over all? Well I know that using quiz’s for lead gen works well because people like taking quiz’s and people who have gone through a quiz are very likely to enter their info to see their results. I also know that despite the fact that there has been some good quiz software out there creating a quiz with all the questions, and answers, and possible outcomes is a real pain and a lot of work. Spazeship removes that work and makes it super easy. In my test I used a premade quiz and was done in about 4-5 minutes and got great results.






 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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    Can you embed quiz/results in a WP Blog page or post? Or HTML Landing Page for that matter? They seem to concetrate on paid FB traffic


      You can, but whats wrong with paid traffic? Its some of the best traffic there is. When you getting leads for under a dollar its kind of hard not to make money.


        I created the QUIZ in the APP and then I copied the QUIZ url and created a NEW url using Brett’s WP plugin ‘link-master’ with ‘ internal ‘ settings and when I share this NEW link — it looks like the QUIZ is inside my own website when looking at the URL in the web browser… handy work around suggestion about embedding query on web page.



    You may get leads from quiz’s but how interested are they in whatever niche you are trying to sell. They are opting in to find their results not because they want more info on Internet Marketing or losing weight so how valuable are these leads?


      Well I generally think its sensible that if people take a quiz centered around a specific niche they are probably interested in that niche. No one takes a ‘losing weight’ quiz unless they are interested in losing weight.


    Hey Brett,
    First off – love your sincerity and honesty. very refreshing to see a ‘genuine’ presence on the internet.
    My question – I am developing a print on demand business and was wondering if you think this software would work to poll people on photos with different quotes overlaid; for example a sunrise with two different text overlays side by side ?


      This really isnt ideal for a poll unless the poll has some kind of ‘results’ to display based on the poll answers. Also does not record the answers that people give in the dashboard for you to get the data so its not going to be good to run a poll where you actually want feedback.


    I clicked your link to check this out but it goes nowhere. The sales page is gone. Is Spazeship still available? Is it still working for members who bought?

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