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Today I’m taking a look at a new web based software called AdBuddy   So what is AdBuddy? Well in a single sentence: Its a cloud based graphics software that is designed and optimized specifically for creating graphics for Facebook ads. I’m going to dive into it in more detail in a second however first […]

by Brett Rutecky
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Today I’m taking a look at a new web based software called AdBuddy


So what is AdBuddy? Well in a single sentence: Its a cloud based graphics software that is designed and optimized specifically for creating graphics for Facebook ads. I’m going to dive into it in more detail in a second however first I want to point out the reason I became interested in it in the first place.

One of the things I hear people complain about over and over like clockwork is that they have no traffic. Frankly its super frustrating to hear that so much because traffic is one of the easiest things ever. In fact anyone can get as much traffic as they want, any time they want. Facebook ads can be highly targeted, by niche, by location, by age / sex, by interest. With Facebook ads you can get all of the targeted traffic you could ever want. No one has a traffic problem!

The problem they have is that for some reason that quite frankly I simply do not understand people run as soon as they hear the words ‘paid traffic’ as if its the plague. What truly blows my mind is that these same people will spend $27, $37, $47 or more over and over again on some stupid ‘free traffic’ gimmick software or training (that never actually works) when they could have spent that money on Facebook ads, something that is guaranteed to work 100% of the time since with Facebook ads you only pay when you get a click, that is, you only pay when you get traffic.

I want you to let that sink in a moment. With Facebook ads, if you’re paying per click, you only pay when you get traffic, what this means it always works 100% of the time (or you dont pay)! Despite that fact so many people still run from ads and instead insist on spending  sometimes hundreds of dollars on stupid gimmicks that rarely if ever get the results they promise. I really don’t get it, but I will say something that might save you some time: AdBuddy, this review, and the bonus I am about to offer you is for people who can accept that paid traffic (when done the proper way) is a massive asset to anyone running an online business. If you can’t accept that then truthfully I think the best thing for you to do would be to stop reading this article, go buy some shit insta traffic garbage, waste some money, and keep wondering why your not getting anywhere. Feel free to think about it for a minute .. Ill wait 🙂

Ok still here? Good. Now lets get into the nuts and bolts of AdBuddy.

As I said AdBuddy is a graphics software for creating ad graphics. Why is this important? Because of the way Facebook ads work. Once again, if your paying per click (which most people wanting traffic will be doing) you only pay Facebook when someone clicks your ad and you get the traffic. This is good for you but it also poses an interesting problem for Facebook since they only get paid when someone clicks the ad.

The problem is that Facebook only has a finite number of users in your target audience. Sure this number is very large because of Facebooks size but it still is finite. Also if your targeting the audience chances are someone else is as well. So who does Facebook show the ad to? Simple, it shows the ad to the person who is getting the most clicks, since that is how they get paid. Think about this for a minute, since Facebook gets paid per click they have an incentive to show the ad that people are responding to the most. Does this mean that if an ad is doing well no one else can get in on that niche? No. However it does mean that if an ad is not getting a lot of attention Facebook will want to make up for the lost per click income by charging more per click. What all of this amounts to is that ads that get peoples attention and get good results end up paying less per click and ads that get less attention and get less results. This is why the design of your ad is so important, and its also where AdBuddy comes in.

Being a graphics program AdBuddy has all the features you would expect. You can add custom images, shapes, text, backgrounds, etc. Its fully drag and drop, you can resize, re-position, and rotate the elements on your design. It has a zoom feature and an undo feature. Basically it has the things you would expect in a graphics program. Nothing is missing, but lets be frank, nothing here is revolutionary, its things that are expected in a graphics editor.

Since graphics editors are not rare by any means, in my mind the real benefit of AdBuddy comes from the templates. You see giving most people a graphics program is like giving most people a canvas and a paint set. In the hands of an expert something amazing will get produced, in the hands of most people, well the results are going to be less than astounding. This is why templates are so important. With templates you have a professional starting point and all you need to do is make a few simple edits to get a great looking ad. AdBuddy has lots and lots and lots of templates!


These templates are professionally designed and created to get great results as Facebook ads, by people who actually do Facebook advertising. With the templates in AdBuddy you can quickly and easily create a high quality ad even if you have no design skill or experience with Facebook advertising. I like it!

The software itself works as it is designed to. I made several test ads with it (both from templates and from scratch) and though I tired I could not find a single feature that did not work properly. At one point I thought I found an issue with exporting the graphic you make as a JPG file (it allows you to select from PNG and JPG) and I reported the issue to the vendors. However on further investigation it turned out to be a problem with my computer. Because of this I feel comfortable in saying that AdBuddy is, as best as I can tell, a bug free software.

There was one thing I did not particularly like and that is the size of the graphics you can make with AdBuddy. You get two options, 1200×628 and 628×628. I not only did not see any templates of different sizes but I did not see a way to create a graphic of different sizes from scratch. Now this is fine and sensible since these are the two sizes of graphics used for Facebook ads and this was a software designed for Facebook ads. The thing I do not like though is that I kind of feel the developers of AdBuddy sold themselves short and ‘niched down’ a little to much. AdBuddy is a very easy to use and functional graphics editing software, if they had not restricted the system to these two sizes it could have been used to make all kinds of graphics and not just Facebook ads. Sure ads are what it is designed for, but given how functional and easy it is, why not let people make other kinds of graphics as well? This is not a problem with the software so much as a problem with the developers thinking to specifically when creating this. They made a great tool, I think they just did not think ‘big’ enough.

Over all AdBuddy does what it is designed to very well. It allows people to make great looking ads for Facebook. Is this important, it sure is, because good eye catching ads get the best results. Should you be using Facebook ads? Well if  you already have all of the traffic you can handle then no. If not then yea you should be and quite frankly if you refuse to use them then you really have no one to blame for not having traffic beyond your own stubbornness.

Given that  AdBuddy is easy to use, functional, bug free as far as I could tell, comes with a ton of great templates, and is a tool that helps people do something they for sure should be doing, I can say this one is:










 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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    Wondering what the OTO’s are and the pricing for them?


      I do not review OTO’s generally because I strongly feel that a purchase decision should be based on what you are being offered to buy and not what you will be offered after you buy. Either the offer you are presented is, in your opinion, a good value for the money, or its not.


    not very clear… i prefer when you show the software at work


      Well showing a graphics program would not be very exciting, most people have seen and used graphics programs. In this case I felt it was more important to explain why people would need AdBuddy as opposed to just showing them how to use a program that is quite similar to others that they have seen (perhaps dozens of times). As I said in the review, the value here is in the templates, not on the program itself (since you likely already have a graphics program). Thank you very much for the feedback though!

    Jean-David Roth

    Thank you for this text. A very straight to the point and clever review. I better understand now how these facebook ads can be taken advantage of.

    Steve Matter

    Brett, I bought Adbuddy through your link but don’t see the webinar bonus link in JVZoo.
    Thanks, Steve


      If you do not see it, then you probably did not buy though me. This can happen if you have multiple tabs open and are checking a product out by multiple affiliates.

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